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I have never played this game, in fact, it...
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I have never played this game, in fact, it is the only metal gear game that I haven't played.

Why does everyone say that the story is awful? It is not like I expect amazing plots from MGS but I always see people bashing this game's story in particular.

What did Kojima do?
Basically, it has a ton of retcons.

People don't like retcons.
The story isn't awful and in many ways its much more comprehensible than MGS2 but like >>323277293 said people went full retard over recons and the actual amount and length of cutscenes in the game.

Personally I enjoyed the game
>nice gameplay
>decently fun bosses
>the multitude of weapons
>The entire Shadow Moses level that culminates in Rex vs. Ray
because the story is literal shit at the beginning.
it gets good quickly, but drags on a bit in some parts.
lots of references and some major retcons and there's a bit that will make you think everyone in the MGS universe is blind and autistic, but otherwise a flawless game.
the gameplay and overal vibe of the game is exceptional, however storywise, it has lazy solutions of longstanding mysteries

and its sense of humor/ comedy is the equivalent of late adam sandler movies
It's just this sub making mountains out of molehills.
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The basic plot is alright, the way it was delivered is awful, poorly written, poorly paced.

I think the game's biggest fault is that it's just really boring. The bosses are boring, the new characters have no personality, the old characters don't do anything.

I enjoy the gameplay in MGS4, I think it's the pinnacle of the series honestly, even more so than MGS5, but there isn't enough actual gameplay to enjoy it. The whole thing peaks in the second act.

It becomes a series of hallways with cutscenes in between them after the first two acts, completely dumping the idea of sneaking through a battlefield.

I like Solid Snake being too old for this shit too. Some people weren't really pleased with Snake being an a grumpy old guy but I thought it was charming.
If you can't handle retcons, MGS is not the series for you. Every single MG and MGS title has retconned something in some way, even MG2 retcons MG.
>The bosses are boring
Outta the B&B Laughing Octopus was easily the best of the 4 but Crying Wolf and Psycho Mantis weren't terrible, Raging Raven was a shitter though.

The Rex vs. Ray and Snake vs. Ocelot battles were enjoyable.
It's a weird feeling game. There's a deep undercurrent of self loathing below the surface of this game that's really reflective of Kojima's attitude at the time.

I don't think it's bad though, it gives an otherwise bland entry an identity of its own.

Yeah but they have zero personality. At least FOXHOUND and Dead Cell had characterization, they were cool freaks, not boring freaks.
I liked the story, I think it did an OK job of tying things together. My only gripe is perhaps that they didn't explain fully where Solidus came from or where he went after 2.
I also felt less like I wa waiting around for gameplay to happen in the cutscenes than in MGS3. I think there might have been more playtime for my first run than MGS3 even.
Nobody hates Old Snake, he's cool, but I personally think Kojima jumped the gun by turning Snake into a grandpa, especially after MGSV. Imagine a MGS where you play as Solid Snake in the year 2020, trying to build an army to stop Metal Gears or something. Then things like an iDroid and walking Gundams would actually make sense.
Seconded, also the very concept from B&B are literally just mashups of synonyms of cobra unit names and FOXHOUND names. People like to say the Cobra Unit was boring as shit for having no characterization, but they not only were just cool in concept, but not telling us about them gives them a level of mystique similar to what The Boss has.

B&B on the other hand are rehashed in concept, have lame abilities, and terrible tacked on backstories.
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I personally enjoy how MGSV retconned MG2 retconning MG1.

It's like pottery.
Yeah that was pretty enjoyable to me too. A lot of people didn't like MGSV's twist and thought it was a cop out or saw it coming, but I felt it was pretty cool for how it fixes MG-MG2 issues.
Punished 'Venom' C3PO
>a fallen droid
The only thing I really didn't like was how hard previous characters got sidelined and no one noteworthy emerged. Taking upwards of an hour to get your cutscene in full swing is also very awkward as a viewer.

Other than that I thought there were some good gameplay compromises like the octocamo being the greatest fucking invention I'd ever seen after Snake Eater's menu battles.
Solidus explained it himself. He was a near perfect clone of Big Boss that was created sometime after les enfants terribles.
As for what happened to him in the end, the body that EVA had stolen was actually Solidus. You can tell right away from the eyes because he is missing the opposite eye.
I think what people wanted from the game was an ending featuring solid snake invading your base or something like that.

All we got from Les Enfants Terribles was Eli and he turned out to be boring. Especially since Episode 51 got cut out.
Oh yeah, that' true. I forgot that he was dead and they took hi body.
I don't understand how he could have looked older than them if he was born later though. shorter telomeres I guess.
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jumping the shark.png
1 MB, 1280x719
the final scene here ruined the lore of the series forever and it became obvious that kojima never had the full picture in his head when making the first 3 games and then quickly threw something together because konami forced him to do it

also the shitty forced cheesy romance bullshit between meryl/Johnny and Otacon/Naomi/Vamp
it makes it even more stupid and pointless when they already had a good subplot with Raiden/rose going on

the cutscenes feel so long because the pacing is slow as fuck and half of the time old Snake is coughing and stumbling to stretch the cutscene even longer

Basically, the whole story is Solid Snake getting shit on from every direction, while watching Ocelot kill people left and right, only to hear at the end that he was trying to help and dindu nuffin

fuck this game
I don't care about all the bullshit exposition Big Boss spouted. Seeing him make peace with his last remaining clone made that ending.
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