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Shit on your favorite game
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Shit on your favorite game

Praise a game you hate.
That's a cute frog.
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Oh yeah? How about this here duck?
F-Zero GX has shitty character designs and some of the tracks are fucking lazy cylinders where you don't even have to steer because you'll come around full circle. I won't even bother with Black Bull.

Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a unique take on a tired platformer formula. The graphics are better than Tropical Dong and the soundtrack would bring David Wise to his knees.
Red Dead Redemption is depressing as fuck.

Final Fantasy X-2 has probably aged better than X because it was self-aware and more gameplay oriented.
Despite etrian odyssey 3 having amazing music all around, it has the worst (least good) normal battle themes in the entire series and one of them is repetitive and plays for four fucking dungeons

xenoblade looks pretty and has cool character designs

He's alright too but he looks like a cuck desu.
Banjo-Kazooie is absolute trash. I don't understand how anybody could play it now and unironically call it a masterpiece:
>character designs are just low detail, deformed humanoid animals with either just pants or a coat and not both
>ripping off Super Mario 64 all over the place, as that game comes out and does wonders with flight, camera control, combat, interaction and physics all in a 3d environment, Rareware jumps on the bandwagon and makes a hackjob with all the same basic shit (even stealing the minor gameplay mechanics like ground pounding and high-jumping)
>Every level is find dead ends, get collectible and turn back and find another. Masterful level design Rareware.
>that flatulence people call music, just listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPUn5biib1c all you can hear is farts birds and a single out of place instrument at a time
>Again, ripping a page out of Super Mario 64, it has just one intro cutscene at the beginning explaining the whole story which is just rescue girl and beat the bad person, who doesn't even impede your progress with boss fights. They rip off Bowser's schtick and don't even fully follow through with it, just trudge through level after level until you beat it.
Thank god this series is dead, we would probably see the bear in outer space next, or NEW Banjo Kazooie.

Hyrule Warriors is comfy.
Xenoblade looks like total shit, boring side quest, and an unbalanced late game.

Bravely Default class system was neat on paper.
Elite Dangerous can easily become extremely boring depending on your chosen method of making money.

Final Fantasy 8 has the best minigame aside from Blitzball of course
Max Payne: The faces look perpetually constipated, the final levels have a difficulty spike, and the in-engine cutscenes are janky as fuck. The voice acting is b-movie tier and Max is a stereotypical noir cop

Oblivion: The stealth can be pretty damn satisfying.
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Spyro 1 has some really goofy voice acting, and most of the dragons you rescue don't have anything interesting to say. Having all of your available movement skills right at the start of the game dampens any feeling of progression, and the lack of side challenges makes every level feel samey. Dark Hollow, my favorite level thanks to its amazing atmosphere, is also the shortest, easiest, and most linear level I have ever seen in a 3D video game.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood had an interesting premise built around teamwork and the various abilities your allies could use. The writing was decent and pretty much the game's saving grace.
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Monster Hunter
>the grind is tenuous as shit especially for that ONE specific part that is a total ass slapper to get
>Hammer is cucked by Hunting Horn with tail cutting
>a majority of the community is full of elitist autists that are triggered by certain weapons

Sunset Overmeme
>The parkour is pretty fun
>world is colorful
>some lines of dialogue are snarky enough to earn a few chuckles
>The weapons do pride to Insomniacs style in comparison to R&C
>the devs actually take part in its community which is refreshing in games today
Persona 3 is a mess of a game that forces you to interact with annoying fucks who you won't like, lie to get further along in those relationships, and winds up being for basically no reason at the end of the game. The dating sim is half-assed, you don't get to know a few major characters unless you play as a girl in the portable version and fuck them, and the schedule you have to maintain is incredibly tedious and can cost you a good portion of the game if you're off by even a day. You also don't even get any good Personas until over halfway through the game, but even them you have to keep cycling or else you're shit outta luck.

Pokemon X and Y brought in a ton of great Pokemon, sacrificing quantity for quality. The new features that were added, such as Pokemon Amie and easier EV training, were interesting and added a lot more fun to the games. If you like running around in circles hatching eggs all day and want that as your entire postgame, you'll love this game. Best breeding mechanics of the series so far.
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Undertale is at best a 9/10, it could have used more openly gay characters.

Zelda was good when it came out I guess.
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>tfw want to play MH online
>tfw wont for just that reason
Nights into dreams is only like, one hour long.

Earthbound has a really good health system with the ticker.
Wew lad

Deus Ex

The stealth is fucking stupid, and 3 shotgun blows will not down an MJ12 soldier.


It's pretty comfy and I honestly like how the cities look.
back in my day trolling meant something
The only good cities are Windhelm and Solitude. Solitude should have been bigger, at least slightly bigger than Windhelm.

Bomb disposal is fucking terrible, and so is the underwater part. It's by far some of the worst fun I've ever had in a video game.

Assassin's Creed 3

The game looked pretty fucking comfy in winter, and I have a soft spot for native americans, even though that shit was dropped fast in the game.
The plot to ff7 after they added all the compilation stuff doesn't make any goddamn sense at all. Once you start to get down in the weeds of things like how jenova is supposed to work, you realize there's no consistency in anything or anyone's behavior.

Silent Hill 4 had that head thing, that was pretty neat, and the portals looked kinda cool.
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Fable wasn't as full of content as it was suppose to be.

Undertale's music is pretty good.
I am coming back to MH with MH4U. Use to love that shit on psp, bought a N3DS just for it.

You need to play with people you actually know... Online communities are always shit mate.
The walking animations looked stupid when you were moving in 3rd person

It made a really cute girl that basically created the Source Filmmaker Porn industry.
Persona 4 is the worst fucking jrpg ever. It's just about some edgy teens putting on some fake mask and playing pretend in some stupid tv world. The main character is a MANWHORE and he should be trans bi sexual binary 8-bit. Undertale is better.
Half of the covenants in Dark Souls are useless and Blightown is awful.

Smash 4 has... uhhhh... ummmm... pretty graphics?
>undertales music is pretty good
Pretty much the only thing I like from that game as well.
MGS2 has god-awful lipsyncing and its facial graphics are ugly as sin.

Sonic Lost World at least tried to switch up the tired old Sonic game formula with ideas that ultimately didn't pan out as they intended.
My friends plan on getting back into it with MHX when it gets an NA release. My friend is a Souls shitter so unless he has a way to roll through attacks he isnt happy. So with the Hunting styles (Bushido) he should be content enough to enjoy playing.

yes I told him about evasion, his timing still a shit
Everyone was an edgy shit in Revengeance.

Peace Walker had a decent story.
Postal 2's higher difficulties (POSTAL, Impossible) are the very definition of artificial difficulty and completely change how you're supposed to play the game which makes it not fun at all.

Hotline Miami 2 continued having a god-tier soundtrack just like the first game.
Mother 3 becomes too easy with buffs and debuffs, also wthe egg of light had basically no relevance despite being a major plot point earlier in the game.

Golden sun had impressive graphics for the time of its release.
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I guess Earthbound, having a useless bicycle, shitty fast travel and spawning the overrated dogshit Undertale.

Look at him lol!
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>he didn't ride the bike the bike around after dropping paula off at house and being miserable in both the fact that the game is over and that you'll never do anything as amazing as ness did

Also I do agree, that duck is rather spectacular.
KOTOR 2 was an arguable graphical downgrade from the first one.

Dark souls 2 has no level restriction.
Skies of Arcadia's encounter rate was through the fucking roof, to the point where it felt like I wasn't going anywhere after a while. Thankfully, the GCN remake fixed it a bit, but it still felt excessive.

Crash of the Titans' titan-controlling mechanic sounded kinda good on paper. Unfortunately, it was attached to a Crash Bandicoot game.
Pikmin 2 is almost brainless if you play mostly with Purple Pikmin.
I guess Bayonetta's action scenes are actually pretty amazing.
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