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Healer is a manly job.
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Healer is a manly job.
I play healer until I let someone die, in which case I uninstall the game and never touch it again in a panic.
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make love not war.png
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Sure it is, anon.

Sure it is.
Only betas and cumsluts get push around by the faggot tank.
post more manly healers
Only cumsluts play healers.
I play healer because sassing out shitty tanks is more fun than actually playing the video game.
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Anon, healer is for girls. Armor is for pussies.
Damage is what real men do.

Healer is the best role.

If you're with a good party, they barely need you.

And if they do need you, its one of the easier jobs to do anyways.

I always roll healer just because you basically get carried through instances
>Not being a heal tank with a sick blunt weapon.
>Not being a strong woman who is both slutty and in control of her team
>Not being the paladin all the boys want
What kind of a role is a tank that also buffs the party? Paladin?
That's the manliest role
Take the shots for your puny friends while also pumping them up
Why do I have to be a sperm sucker to enjoy playing a healer? Decorative robes look nice and you have an important job.
This priest looks fantastic.
People like you give healers a bad name.
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let's love her.jpg
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I'm sorry anon, but the healers did that to themselves. And it's not necessarily a bad name. There's plenty of enjoyment in it on both sides, I hear.
>not killing more dudes than the braindead tank
>not being more important than the buffer
>not outsniping the sniper with your pistol
>not having a badass helmet

Are you even trying anon?
I want to rape a bitch boy healer. I want to slide my hole over his bitchy little cock and ride him to death.
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Did she piss her panties?
medic is easily the most openly-gay character in tf2 though. I mean not saying that makes him any less manly, but, idk man.
>playing tank
>new to the game, don't even play MMO's, no idea what the fuck I'm doing
>get to a decent level through sheer grinding
>start looking around for parties to run dungeons with
>find a group, become the MT because there were no other tanks online
>doing a shit job
>healer is giving me shit the entire time
>apologizing profusely because I know I'm garbage
>afterwards the healer kept following me around and running dungeons with me
>basically telling me how to play and what to do
>he would buy me stuff to make sure I had the proper gear
>tfw I became a submissive tank to a dom healer
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>tfw no qt healer bf
you meant to say gf right?
If I meant to say gf I would have said gf.
Male healers best healers.
>tfw no manly healer to shove his heal rod up my ass
Shota healer with tall, muscular female warrior is best
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>game has gay marriage
>the girly crossdressing healer is straight
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>tfw tank
>tfw can take anything
>tfw healers get all the attention
Dude fuckin' hawt
>stereotypical group
>healer is a fucking slut as usual
>uguu :3 tankyman let me heal you ^^~
>healer probably from germany too
>playing debuff/buff class since no one cares
>active dps players constantly getting in trouble
>healer focuses too much on healing dps players that the tank is left to stand on his own
>tank does what a tank does
>go weeks with same group
>every time I wind up having to use some minor healing spells to keep tank alive while healer gets gangbanged by dps
>one day tank finally notices me saving him
>he whispers if this is the first time
>I explain that it's not without blaming the healer
>lol yeah they're a bunch of idiots and it is what it is, but thanks debuff anon, uh hey you never speak up much why is that?
>explain I don't really care for chatting and just want the job done
>lol well you're number 1 in my book

is this what being noticed feels like?
No nigger.
There's hardly any. That's lame and I might even commission someone for it.
Simple guide to getting noticed:
Step 1: grief your own team
There is no step 2
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Moulder was here, Natasha's a whore.
It feels good, doesn't it anon?
He's from Terra Battle.
>you will never be a qt necromancer
>you will never help your tank with your hordes of the damned
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>always play healer
>soon going to a shrink to talk about my confusions about my gender identity and sexual orientation

like pottery
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>be damage dealer
>healer is brazilian
>fuck it, play anyway
>tank is a fucking pro
>armor can only do so much though
>eventually tank gets hit by a rocket, barely dodges
>has a sliver of health
>call medic
>brazilian is derping around, stabbing dudes with his shit knife
>clear out enemies, type "MEDIC" in chatbox
>still nothing
>yell to medic on voicechat
>remember friendly fire is on
>double tap, medic dead
>got kicked
Why are hue hues so lame?
You could be my necrodancer and shake your ass for me any day.
I-I want you to rattle me bones, t-tank sempai!
yeah after that I needed a full mental reevaluation to wonder why I suddenly went into a senpai-please-always-notice-me mode

jesus christ shit gets too real in mmos
>tfw always play support classes in games
>tfw trannyfaggot

Complete coincidence
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>play DPS class with support abilities
>never really talk
>healer usually gets all the credit even though I'm doing everything behind the scenes to keep us going
>finally get noticed
>get clingy and protective and overly friendly with him for a while after
>have to stop and ask myself why I'm acting that way over a friend
I know that feel. Forced into seeing a psych over it in high school. Didn't help.
>tfw too late to ever be cute even if you did make the change
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>Be strong martial healer who don't need no mana
>Hurl explosive cocktails at foes and watch them erupt in flame and noxious fumes
>Dip my sword in poison and cripple my enemies
>Distribute healing salves and body-enhancing potions to my allies
>Bring friends back from the brink of death with miracle drugs
>Get to know that lovely sorceress while we go out picking flowers
>I mean important alchemical components to brew more potions
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I was gonna post healers from Battle Realms but then I remembered they were all women.
it's never too late anon
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I'm 26. I'd, at best, just be a man in girly clothing. At least this way I can keep an illusion of respectability for the people who don't know.
I'll fill you up with my energy to help you summon, anon-chan.
*rattle rattle rattle*
I never really got clingy, but if he ever mentioned me from that point on I would just blush.
What are you worrying about? Lots of people transition even in their early thirties and still turn out pretty cute. Hell, the most people that I've seen transition in their early thirties even looked a lot younger after transitioning
No, thanks.
I wish I were cute enough to be a slut. I hate being a gross manish man.
I think I get the way I do because I never really got any affection. So if anybody shows me any, I get protective and jealous and feel like people are trying to steal them away from me even if they were never mine to begin with.
I'm scared it won't make me happy, and I'll have nobody left once I go through with it.
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Well, just follow my example and go to a shrink I guess.
I'm not really one to give advice because I myself am in the same boat but lately I feel like moping around without even doing anything is only gonna drive me to kill myself or be depressed forever
Makes sense. The unfortunate side effect is even though all you're wanting to do is protect them, they feel claustrophobic and sometimes even misunderstood. So once you get a hold on moderating those feelings, I'm sure you'll be in a gr8 position.
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beary pink.jpg
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>tfw no
>I'm sure you'll be in a gr8 position
Hopefully missionary.
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>he thinks you can't be a manly hairy slut
Low test faggot
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>not becoming a tranny mage so you can have sex with manly warriors all day
Parents made me in high school. Didn't really help. Made me feel like more of a freak. Tried to kill myself and then I had to talk about that a lot.
I try to keep them under control but I start acting like a girlfriend who got stood up without even noticing.
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>not playing the character with the best heals and one of the best stuns in the game
>not keeping your enemies in place and your team alive while you carry them to victory
>not reminding your team that the Light is always with them
do people unironically do this?
I don't wanna tell you how to live your life but I think just not doing anything about these, appearantly, deep-rooted issues doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do

I hope you get better anon, just don't give up!
yeah in hearthstone
>unironically playing a MOBA
>not having a shotgun
>not hitting fuckers a mile away with your pistol
>not being OP in pvp
you haven't lived until you've been a FPS medic
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I'll probably just hang myself eventually. It's a pretty comforting thought that one day I'll be dead and just won't hurt anymore.
>get into overwatch beta
>nonstop play Zen or Mercy
>team always wins because they're OP
feels damn good m8
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My man.
I played Mei and D.Va a lot because they're cute. Too broke to afford the actual game, but it was fun.
pls don't
dying is never good
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So this thread is about DFO right?
File: Dazzle-Dota-2.png (386 KB, 810x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know its ASSFAGGOTS but Dazzle is one of the best healers I ever played, he feels perfect.

Also I like Killing Floor medic, I fucking hate how they fuck him up in 2
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I just don't see a future for me beyond the next few years.
mei is underrated especially after the spam freeze nerf - dva is overrated, people think the ult is broken but there's always like 5 million things to block it

if you got into the proper beta (not just the weekend one), you should be able to play for another like at least couple of weeks when it comes back. I don't think they're launching it in Feb.

new players never go mercy
so the other team would typically have no mercy and that's when I knew it was going to be a quick, easy, and painless win.

also gliding around pharah feels so damn good
I'm not the other guy, but please don't do it.
Please. I've lost my best friend this way.

It's your choice, but please seek help. Not necessarily a shrink, just someone to listen to you. Meds don't really help. Vent out, cry if you have to, but don't kill yourself.

Here, I'll leave you my steam ID if you ever need to talk. You have my and other anons' support.

Who are these semon demons
if roleplaying is involved I like to play as either an old war veteran battle healer, or an old man wizard studying healing magic. I never realized so many faggots played the class till I saw them here.
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first is priest from DFO
They nerfed Mei? I was only in the weekend beta. Her ice spike thing seemed pretty solid for what it was, and she's deceptively strong up close. Plus that wall is really handy if you have a friend waiting as the robot who can turn into a turret. Block off one route so they walk right into him.
Don't worry, I don't have friends to leave behind anymore. I'm staying alive for at least a month, anyway. I pre-ordered a new game that comes out next month. It'll keep my mind off things for a while, at least.
Unfortunately I don't have anyone to really talk to. I would have called one of those hotlines but they call the police on you.and that would just make things worse.
Second is Cleric from Capcom's D&D: Shadows of Mystara game.
Then why not just live from day to day? Find something that makes you happy like a hobby or maybe a sport and just live for that. I know it must sound silly but it's how I got over my depression.
>nerfed Mei
Yeah she used to be able to gain ult % while she was ulting, multiple mei's could stack Autos (meaning you freeze forever - but wouldn't actually happen often since majority of characters don't have enough health to withstand a full freeze + ice spike + melee).

She's still great. Literally a hard counter to the annoying genji.
That's what I've been doing for the past ten years or so. Just trying to find something nice enough to make me want to live a while longer.
Cool. If I can afford it anytime soon I might get it, I liked playing her.
>tfw not a cute chubby asian girl
Sorry to hear that. I'd like to play games with you, but I'm broke as shit. If you do play an online free-to-play, then please tell me.

If you're going to do it, then I'd like you to have a friend at least. I don't want your last month to feel like shit.
why is she crying?
the burger is just that good
someone post the screencap of that one story
It's so delicious it's bringing her to tears of joy.
I don't think anything I play is free, sorry. Plus I jump from game to game a lot.
>I don't want your last month to feel like shit.
It really would be shit anyway. The worst is late at night when I'm laying in bed staring at the ceiling, and all I can do is go over every way I've disappointed the people in my life.
Sorry, sounds really rough. If there is anything I can do for you, please tell me. I'd give anything to convince you to not do it.

Please, at least give it a shot. Talk to me or any of the other anons in here. I'm on the computer most of the day, so I'll be here for you.
>trying to level Crusader solo
>every run is an excruciating slog of repeating buffs and low damage even with a Phoenix rosary
>literally no one parties until lv70
Being a solo Sader is suffering.
There really isn't anything. It's a fact of life that one day I'll try again, and since I don't live with my parents anymore, I'll probably succeed. Maybe things will improve by the time the happiness from my new game wears off late next month.
basically what happens to a majority of games with dedicated roles (as opposed to DPS on everything)

it's unfortunate no one's really come up with a better system
I hope it all turns out for the best. Here, have a look at this. Always cracks me up when I'm feeling blue.

File: 324252342234.jpg (9 KB, 185x153) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>play DPS
>be generally quite, just do my job while healer goes full "XD" in chat
>Tank says nothing and has a "lets get over with it" attitude
>help rounding up mobs with displacement for the tank
>peel mobs of the healer
>interrupt spells
>put the magic debuff on when the Mage gets his rotation going
>at the end get a "Well done" from the other DPS

Best feeling every.
The main thing to stand out in that video is that I know that song. It's a good song.
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>Playing Healer
>At boss in raid
>Tank taking an anal pounding from the boss like a good little slut
>Suddenly mobs spawn
>Tank bursts into tears "its too much" he sobbs pitifully "they will split me in half" as tears and snot runs down his face
>His tears arouse me, i flip a copper into the croud of gibbering DPS peons
>They start to squable and scramble to grab the copper, like a flock of pigeons fighting over breadcrumbs.
>One plucky DPS finally emerges, clutching his newfound wealth, he knows what to do.
>I unzip my huge manhood, at first i see a glimmer of fear in his eyes but he quickly gets to work, sucking as if his life depends on it (it does)
>"Enough" my majestic voice booms like thunder.
>I push the DPS filth to the ground and aim my throbbing erection towards the Tank who is now hardy conscious
>"Let there be light" The sheer grandeur of my voice causes the Boss to momentarily pause
>I shoot my Divine Healing Cum all over the face of the tank
>"T-t-t-t-t-thank you Master" the Tank whimpers as he slurps and gobbles up my life giving jiz
>tfw no manly healer to baste mana in said ass
That was me the whole time I was raiding in WoW. Just quietly doing my job, helping to fix things when shit went sideways. Before I quit, I ended up as the replacement raid leader and interim GL. Quit when the founder came back.
This is a lie DPS are naturally bitter and resentful toward each other.
I'm glad you like it. Talk to me about you, anon.
What games do you play? What kinda music do you listen to? What's your favorite thing in the world?
>No manly healer to fill you up with healing juice as he covers his rod with mana
>No manly healer to grab your dick and remind you who's really in charge
>healers being allowed to have a cock out their mouth long enough to whine they're not getting enough attention again

For fucks sake tank you have one job. One fucking job.
Tank faggots



>What games do you play?
Bullet hells, mostly. That and Fire Emblem.
>What kinda music do you listen to?
That jumps around a lot. Blues and sappy love songs are the ones I most listen to, I think.
>What's your favorite thing in the world?
I don't really know. I guess sleeping. It's comfortable in my bed and for a little bit just before falling asleep, and just after waking up, everything's okay. Just for long enough that I can get up, pee, wash my hands, and maybe start breakfast before it all hits me again.
File: DFO Chicken.png (736 KB, 599x832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DFO Chicken.png
736 KB, 599x832
Well, I like bullet hells too. I don't play that much because I usually get wrecked as soon as the round starts. So I mostly play back to FPS games.

I listen to anything, really. But I prefer electronic. Specially the retro trippy tunes.

Also, the sleeping thing gave me an idea. Ever heard of lucid dreaming? It's a thing where you train yourself to know when you're dreaming and do whatever you want with your dream. I could link a guide to you if you want.
you should listen to this

The main thing I found from playing bullet hells is that I'm really good at Binding of Isaac now. My favourite is Mushihimesama, though.
My dreams aren't really an issue. It's shutting my brain off long enough to fall asleep. Dreams are usually quite nice.
Listening now.
Just looked it up. You're really good if you can manage to play that. I wouldn't last a second :P

Can you recall a dream you've had? I'd really like to hear what was it like.
It's among the harder ones I've played. I play a lot of Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser as well, it's quite a bit easier. Your hitbox in both games is way smaller than it looks.
>Can you recall a dream you've had?
Not recently. The ones that stick with me are the rare bad ones. Mostly ones I had a lot as a child.
File: 1436028764941.jpg (1 MB, 1914x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1914x900
Got you, f@m

>there will never be an uncensored version
>there will never be a doujin about a slutty cuteboy healer getting gangbanged by his party

Why live?
Damage is what autistics and children do.
I know of a series about big-dicked elf boys getting fucked by various people. Here's the one I have bookmarked.
Try keeping a dream diary, if you can manage to remember them as you wake up.

Have you ever played Bullet Heaven 2? It's one of the games I've been wanting to get into and failing hard.
No, never played that one. Expect to fail a lot, though. Part of the genre, I guess.
Indeed. DPS is all about who's topping the DPS meters. It's very competitive, and rightfully so because being an underperformer may cost you a raid slot. Lots of DPS always want to get in raids and telling others to sit.

You also have conflicts when it gets to loot. Even with a DKP bidding system, there's always someone who will try to justify why they should get loot over someone else, and the others making their own justification. And that's when drama could begin:

"I've been here the longest, so I get dibs!"
"I'm always top DPS, so I get dibs!"
"My BF/GF is Officer/Guild Lead/Raid Lead, so I get dibs!"

Shit like that.

So it's not uncommon for DPS to butt heads over loot and who gets in raids (or encounters), outbrag each other in the meters, or come up with excuses why you did bad on that encounter ("I need a Boomkin to boost my DPS!"). I'm sure it happens to tanks and heals too, but it's never as intense as shit that happens with DPS.
best medic
a shame that i have to replace him with an Arcanist ;_;
I guess I'm destined to fail, then. Might as well try and get the lowest score :)

Hey, what do you tell me about anime? I've never really gotten into it, but I guess someone into eastern games might.
and here i thought this was gonna be a bara thread
I don't really watch a lot. Most of these I've only seen part of, but I liked them;
>Casshern Sins (starts off slow, gets really good. I need to redownload the OST sometime). It's about a robot in a post-apocalyptic world where everything rusts. He can't die for some reason.
>Samurai Flamenco
An airheaded male fashion model with an obsession with sentai (think Power Rangers) decides he wants to become a hero. He's terrible at it. Big genre shift partway through. It's great.
>Cowboy Bebop
You've probably heard about it. Very western-influenced. It's about bounty hunters in space. Lots of blues and classic rock influences.
>Samurai Champloo
By the same people as bebop. It's about 2 samurai and a teenage girl who rescues them. Lots of hip-hop influences. One guy fights by basically breakdancing.
>Space Dandy
It's about a dandy in space. Pretty goofy.
>Tiger & Bunny
It's about corporate-sponsored superheroes.
>Samurai 7
Pseudo-futuristic retelling of the movie Seven Samurai. Has robots and stuff. I once bought a DVD that I thought was the whole show, for $30. The packaging was so shit that I couldn't tell it was only 3 episodes. They wouldn't let me return it. Still mad about that.
It's a movie, not a series, but it's worth mentioning. Basically an extreme race in space. The main character drives a muscle car and doesn't use weapons. Some of his opponents are half-naked magical girls in a transforming robot, a guy who fused himself into his car, and a corrupt cop in a tank. Awesome animation and music.
File: DFO Justice M.jpg (91 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DFO Justice M.jpg
91 KB, 894x894
Meh. Shota and twink fags ruin them anyways.
File: 1584988418.png (932 KB, 900x1434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
932 KB, 900x1434
>tfw no big strong healer to abuse you
What about shy, modest DPS guys who are the strongest?
ok thanks
If only.
They're cute but it gets tiring after a bit.
I watched Cowboy Bebop, actually. It was pretty good. Story was catching, combat was cool, laughed a lot. Didn't like the movie much though.

I *think* I've heard about Redline. Never really knew the name.

Casshern Sins sounds up my alley. Most of my favorite games are either with a robot protagonist or post-apocalyptic.

Can't say I watched much myself. I only remember a few. You've probably heard about them.

Grimdark gorefest. It's about an unkillable vampire killing nazis and crusaders. My ex showed me a bunch of episodes once, didn't really like it.

>Ghost in The Shell
Deus Ex: The Anime. There are about three (I heard they're making a fourth) versions of it. One is a TV series, drawing and plot are awful.
The other one is a series of 7 episodes. Had to watch twice to understand what was going on.
Then there's the movie, which is a lot like the last one. Pretty neat.

>Tokyo Godfathers
A movie, actually. Three hobos find a baby and set out on a quest to find its mother. Really gets you thinking.

So, that's about it. Where do you live at, anon?
I play as a bara healer who loves having big dicked tanks pound his hairy muscular ass
saucenao says otherwise
How about 2 tanks at once
File: hello you.jpg (133 KB, 1093x913) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hello you.jpg
133 KB, 1093x913
stop it
I only say /co/mblr
Not him but I really want to make a guide to bara. Like what it is and is not, how to find and exceptions that count as bara but not the same and so on.
What is bara:
-manly drawn human men, preferably from asian artists

What is not bara:
-real people

its not rocket science
That design is so stupid, hitting him once would break all his faggy bottles.
It's simple but people will still won't understand it.
File: cleric.jpg (30 KB, 300x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 300x395
that's why alchemist are clearly DPS and what he described is a cleric
I'll make one eventually.
He can handle it Im sure, recovery spells after all
Please, do.
>play healer
>its your fault if your guys lose
>your overlooked when your guys win

>play tank
>its your fault when your guys lose
>your overlooked when your guys win

>play damage
>its everyone elses fault when you lose
>its all you when you win

>tfw no game where you go from town to town helping people with healing magic
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>Normally 1 Tank and 1 Healer
>3 DPS shitting up the rest of the party
>he doesn't have a party with a strong tank-healer core alliance
>he hasn't made an agreement to pin any fuckup on the DPS peon of the week
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Dead Days Stare.jpg
164 KB, 700x847
Our only hope is indie devs so no chance. Well, fuck... Either I learn how to draw and code, wait for someone to do it or pay.
Nah DPS players are toxic
>Keep all the volatile stuff in a padded satchel next to your open hand for quick access and throwing
>Put healing vials in cloth slots all along your arms and body
>Enemy strikes, cuts into you and smashes some of the potions
>Healing liquids get all over your wounds
>Automatic healing
Fucking genius, more like.
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> recruit healers from other towns as party members
> final boss is chaos
>soon going to a shrink to talk about my confusions about my gender identity and sexual orientation
I just chose to ignore it. I hear if you do it enough it goes away. help me pls!!
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>LF 1 tank for MGT HC pst
>LF 1 tank for SHH HC pst
>LF 1 tank for SV HV pst
>LF 1 tank for Karazan pst
>LF 1 tank for Bot HC
Oh how I miss being the most important part of the group.
Me too. I was our raid tank from when we started raiding until I had to quit.
>tfw tanking Illidan with one hand while eating pie with the other
How did a bunch of girls win anyway?
Chain-cast nagging.
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