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Switch out the two protagonists from the last two games you've played.

WIll they make it?

>Optimus Prime in Persona 4 Golden
>Yu in Transformers Devastation

I... I don't know.
>MC from Yokai Watch is thrust into the battles of Star Wars Battlefront.
>Character from Battle front just wonders what planet he is on since he is just in Japan.
The kid dies after some bullshitter playing as The Emperor (who NEVER dies) fries his ass.
>Batter in Lisa
>Brad in OFF

I mean, yeah, Im fairly certain both would be alright.
>Richard from Hotline Miami in Duke Nukem
>Duke in Hotline Miami
>chosen undead in S.T.A.L.K.E.R
>strelok in dark souls
They'll both be fine
>Max Payne in House of the Dead: Overkill
>Agent G in Max Payne 3
At least G gets to kill mutants in this situation
>Ocarina of time and majoras mask

Not much would change, though fd link vs ganon would be cool
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>Sol Badguy in Killer is Dead
>Mondo in Guilty Gear
>Genghis Khan is now trying to cleanse the Darkest Dungeon
would play
>Raiden in Undertale
>Frisk in Rising

shit's gonna be hilarious
>Caim and Angelus in the Dragonball Universe
>Kid Buu in Drakengards world

I just doomed an entire universe
Venom Snake in Kaiju-A-GoGo
Giant plant monster in TPP

Shits gonna be nuclear
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>Robin in Far Cry 4
>Ajay Ghale in Fire Emblem

I dont even know how this would work out but i'm sure Robin would be fine with magic and Ajay would just be confused and shoot everyone
>Sora in Digital Devil Saga
>Serph in Kingdom Hearts

I'd play it. I think Serph would be okay. Sora fights giant monsters and dragons, but I'm not sure how well a keyblade would work against angry angels and demons.
lil kid with a stick kicks ass down there

robot man with a sword is a warrior fucking god down there
>Ranger from Road not Taken in cortex command
>Brainbot from cortex command in the wilds of Road not Taken

>Artyom form Metro
>Protag from Undertale

Would be pretty similar desu
Batman is on Mira
Xenoblade MC is in Arkham city

I think things'll be fine
>Sole Surivior, Fo4
>Any Duelist, Legacy of the Duelist
>Serena from Pokemon X/Y
>Shovel Knight

Can't get any more tame than this shit
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>Raiden in Wolfenstien: TNO
>Blaskowicz in MGR

Raiden no worries, BJ will be fucked by that senator
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>Shinada in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
>B.J. Blazkowicz in Yakuza 5
>my waifu from dark souls 1
>my waifu from fallout 4

>Samus in Xenoblade X
>Cross in Metroid Prime
It'll work out
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>EDF Ranger in Shadowrun Dragonfall DC
>Orc adept in EDF 4.1
>Mario in F.E.A.R.
>Point Man in TTYD

Oh boy.
>Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer
>Quote from Cave Story
I dunno man, I think they r e both screwed.
>yuri lowell in detroit
>adam jensen in tales of vesperia

well, adam would wreck shit I'm sure.

>FF14 Warrior of Light in Crypt of The Necrodancer
>Candence in FFVIV

I think both will be ok
I hope by waifu you mean the same girl you made in both games, anon.
Welp, looks like nothing changed.
Max caulfield in dayz and random survivor in life is strange.

I don't know. Survivor guy kind of just exists. Max probably would get shot trying to sneak into people's bases.
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>Demifiend in DoA5LR
>Kasumi in SMT Nocturne
Somehow this feels so right.
Naw BJ is fine
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>Kazama Kiryu in Wolfenstein: The New Order
>B.J. Blazkowicz in Yakuza 4
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>Raiden in Alpha Saphire
He's fine, as long as he doesn't go to the first gym.
>May in Revengeance on hard mode
Lord have mercy on her soul.
>Big Boss in Peace Walker
>Big Boss in Phantom Pain
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2 MB, 235x240
>Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher 2
>Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher 3
>Tiger 2 in nuclear throne
>Y.V in War Thunder
>Skyloft link in xenoblade chronicles x
>Cross in skyward sword
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Uh... at least Crane will be OK in Daventree.

Sorry Graham...
W3 Geralt would be hilarious with a sign build since none of the enemies are immune to Igni
>Shovel Knight in Undertale
>Frisk in Shovel Knight
That would be very interesting.
>Ethan in Pokemon Platinum
>Lucas in Pokemon HeartGold
I think I play too much Pokemon
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>Lara Croft in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
>Fennekin in Tomb Raider
Yeah I picked the fire fox, cute lil fucker.
>Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest
>MC from Fallout 4

>MC from Soul Hackers in EO3U World
He's badass enough to live

>A Landsknecht in Cyberpunk Tokyo
sure I guess? She wouldn't live in Soul Hackers scenario tho
>Lightning in Underground
>Frisk in Cocoon and Pulse

godspeed monsters
>Revan in FFT
>Ramza in KOTOR 2

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>My Hunter from Bloodborne
>My Hunter from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
The Bloodborne Hunter will be more than fine, but the Monster Hunter is totally fucked.
Fuck, Exile rather.
>Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening
>Bishop from Rainbow Six Vegas 2
I'd guess that both would manage somewhat well, after all terrorists shouldn't be immune to magic and trained soldier with a gun would be quite the force in an medieval fantasy world. Also, both have experience with working in squads.
>The kid in Box Boy
>Box Boy in Bastion
I want to be able to play those
>but the Monster Hunter is totally fucked.
How so?
Last two games I played are FO4 and Rainbow Six Siege, so...
Sole Survivor thrown into an anti-terrorism operation? He'll be fine.
Twitch in the Commonwealth? That's a little dodgier.
The Monster Hunter just isn't built to handle mobs, she'd get bodied immediately.
Whereas old Bloodborne Hunter would be there in Monster Hunter land thinking everything is moving in slow motion.
>Eliwood in Steins;gate
>Okabe in fire emblem
They'd both be fucked
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>My bloodborne character in Cataclysm DDA
>my C:DDA character in BB

Actually they're both going to be totally fine
>Modern soldier in FE:A
>Chrom saying "Pick a god and spray."
... see, uts funny because he has an automatic fifle and... yeah you get it im sure.
The Arisen in FTL... nah he's fucked.

A Rockman in Dragons Dogma? Could work, could work.
>Fish in SS13
>A sec officer in Nuclear Throne

Fish will murderbone his way through
Sec will murderbone his way through
Plague Knight
Johnny Gat

Johnny will be fine. He is gonna murder some knights.
Plague Knight may have some trouble in hell at first. Probably some good alchemy opportunities there tho.
A generic Russian bomb disposal soldier is now trying to mind control the world

A mind controlling worm is now trying to stop a bomb going off at a nuclear power plant

this is going badly!
Geralt on Mira would be interesting. Pretty sure Cross would be okay as a witcher. Monsters ain't got shit on Skells
I think Samus would be fine in Yharnam.
The hunter wouldnt do well against all that radiation on Tallon IV.

>Phazon mutated great ones
muh dick
great game choice op

>Grimlock in Chrono Trigger
>Chrono in Transformers: Devastation
>Geralt of rivia is now in yharnam
>Good hunter is now in temeria
Theyre both fine. Good hunter is a little confused about all the types of monsters and geralt now needs batman's amount of prep time but they figure it out eventually
>Geralt in MGSV
>Venom in TW3

Geralt could probably get by with daggers and signs but I don't know what Venom would do when he runs out of ammo.
>Arno from AC: Unity
>Frisk from Undertale

I don't know
The Terrorist from Counter Strike is swapped with Marisa Kirisame from teh 2hus.

Well, this is going to be interesting.

The terrorist probably survives.
Marisa probably dies.
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>LISA the first
>Luigi from a Super Mario Bros 3 hack

Luigi's gonna be fine in this walk-a-thon, but Lisa's fucked
>Bj Blazkowicz
>Bad Company 2

>Jotaro Kujo in Ace Attorney
He'd make it easy. I can't even imagine him losing a case.
>Phoenix Wright in All Star Battle
Initially I thought he'd have no chance, but I recalled MvC3. He'd put up a fight, at least.
Rico Rodríguez (jc 3) is now in charge of XCOM
The Commander must now liberate Medici

Rico murders all the ayys, now with plasma rifles
The Commander actually organizes the resistance.

Everything goes better than expected.
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>Jago from Killer Instinct
>Max Payne in Killer Instinct
File: 1431596205761.jpg (158 KB, 700x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guess
File: 4L_bs278CKK.gif (82 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Fish from Nuclear Throne
>player from Dark Souls
mfw they're basically the same character
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>Heather Mason in Nuclear Throne
>Fish in Silent Hill 3
RIP best vidya girl of all time

RIP silent hill monsters
Guns and Science Courier in Mom's Basement
Azazel in the Mojave Wasteland
>Ragna the Bloodedge in Tales of Zestiria
>Sorey in Blazblue

Ragna having to deal with the typical tales of power of friendship bullshit sounds hilarious to me
>Ness has to save Baby Luigi
>Yoshi must stop aliens

This is so weird.
The kid and chosen undead from ds2. They both know how to roll, so yeah.
>Brad Armstrong in Mass Effect
>Paragon Shepard in Lisa
Shepard will kick ass, but Brad has 0 gun skills so he'll get fucked.

>Max in FC4
>Ajay in LiS

could be interesting
>Robin is the mayor Animal Crossing: New Leaf
>Villager is Chrom's tactician in Awakening
Everything should be alright.
>Monster Hunter in CSGO
Considering he tanks hits from Elder Dragons I don't think bullets would have much effect
>CT/T in MH4U
Rip in pizza. Watch any godzilla movie and you can see what would happen
>Ripley in INFAMOUS Second Son
>Delsin in Alien: Isolation
Ripley would probably kinda get wrecked but Delsin could just burn up the ayy lmao
Ness goes into the kanto region and red goes into earthbound. Ness would be confused seeing all these monster tamers, and all the pokemon trainers would look at him funny as he fights their pokemon by himself. Red would either use his current team and catch all the earthbound monsters as unregistered Pokémon in his pokedex or just capture the monsters I'm earthbound as part of his team. I game him catching a starman or a hippie. he's gonna need a master ball and a prayer to get giyyas
>Link in Monster Hunter
>A heavy bowgunner in Wind Waker

The former has happened twice. The latter would be interesting.
>Kyle Katarn in Mario Kart
>Baby Rosalina has to steal the Death Star Plans

Well Rosalina is fucked but Kyle Katarn will probably do very well in Mario Kart.
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>Rico Rodriguez in Dragon's Crown
>Sorceress in Just Cause 3

Probably would make JC3 a much better game tbqh
>revan in mass effect 3
>shepard in kotor 1

i don't think there'd be much of a change
>Phoenix Wright in Phantom Hourglass
>Link in Ace Attorney
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