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Super Chill Shill Mario Maker
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Post em
When you really think about it, why does Mario make these level and then kill himself in them? He must really hate himself.
I also don't own a Wii U or Mario Maker. I'm not a fucking manchild.
>Posts on a videogame board
>claims he's not a manchild

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collab guy here. 10 anons required.
Claim a tile and download here:
When you are done post your sections as a screenshot and I will recreate it in every detail.
If you want to be credited include your profile from supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net when you upload your section.

The theme is a vertical "tower" style level. Each section has a entrance door and exit.
They can be placed wherever you like as long as your doors starts from the bottom and exits at the top.
The vine blocks are only there to upload the level and should be removed.
The game/theme is SM3/Ghost house.
I'm just going to ban the leaf as it will probably break the flow of the level so keep that in mind.
Some things may be changed by the time it is uploaded due to level limitations.
B5 is the final section for the level so a boss fight would be recommended.

To take a picture of your sections:
press home on wii u
open net browser
go to /v/
post,select BROWSE
pic is attached automatically

If you can't complete your section in 24 hours give progress updates or give up on your section so it doesn't take weeks to complete this.
also check out the last collaborative level that was completed today.
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Super Repost time

Working on a new level based off of Starfox
Or as close as I can get it to be starfox
Mostly the Snes one, its like a shoot em up if people like those

Newset levels so far
Super Waifu Bros

Slippery Beginnings

Both of these are hell apparently
Shilling my new level


Please give feedback
File: 1450925278928.jpg (479 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
479 KB, 1280x720
Toad goes on a stroll and then some stuff happens. Can be either easy as hell or fairly challenging.

Toad comes home from his stroll and finds out that he left his stove on. He'll have to journey deep into the bowels of his kitchen appliance to keep his house from burning down.

Abandoned factory with multiple secrets. Hope you like boos.

Ice covered mountain with cave sections. I went full retard near the end and forgot to put a roof over a backdrop, which made it possible to get stuck. I recommend you don't do that.

gimme dat A4
File: mayro.jpg (63 KB, 534x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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added dog
it's shit
I can do A5
It's a fine level. That anon is a shitter. I feel like it's too easy but that's just me
added. link your profile if you want to be credited.
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Try my thing pls

How do I get better at course making? All of my levels consist of one neat idea that I think of, then a bunch of filler crap to pad out the rest of the level
Yeah, i did it easy on purpose.

My other levels are quite hard tho.
bumping with slopes when

Who of you managed to do the Bowser event levels? Did you guys beat Bowser's Cannonball Run?

I found the levels enjoyable but I didn't beat them
Every time I think I'm free I get another idea for a level.

I tried making a difficult level using burners as a theme, I think I did some pretty fun shit but it would be nice to see if anyone can beat it and if they actually enjoy the challenge.

I think it's difficult but fair rather than difficult bullshit, but what do I know.
Previous collab anon here.
>The 10-Man Collaborative Le/v/el
Over the past week, we've been making a collab level! Hope you enjoy!
Alt theme:

Special thanks to:
ACrispyHobo (Collab Anon)/A1

And to the anons that made B2 and B5! (Please give me your name/alias, section, and bookmark profile so I can credit you in future threads.)

I'm shilling right before I head out for the night. Hope the thread is fun. Collab anon out.
How did you even manage to do this? Did you have to recreate their parts?
not him, but duh.
yep they are recreated. Two have been made so far. We are working on one today
Nintendo sure did dun goof by not giving the ability to share levels in the editing stage. would have made collabs like these easier and I just want to make goofy levels with my friend.
Made a new level named "Ice To Meet You"

Tell me what you think.
I'm B5 anon.


This came out well but my only complaint is the hammer bro in A5 that kinda fucks up with my boss fight making it harder.
join the new collaboration
B5 there as well

Guess I'll make a Boo boss fight this time

Also if anyone needs inspiration on how to make a vertical level work, consider trying this older level of mine (pls forgive shilling):
File: mayro.jpg (64 KB, 534x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 534x357
What is the first?
File: a1.png (2 MB, 1066x1170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1066x1170
this is it
We still need 5 more people to claim.I might do a section if we can't get 5
How do you dole out limited resources for this collab shit? Who gets the checkpoint? What about the 3 bowsers/jrs?
I'm really confused how this is going to work and connect.
download the level and it will make sense
There is no rule for limited resources yet and the level is utilizing both level layers so it shouldn't be a problem. The bowser thing hasn't been a problem because no one has wanted to spam the level with them.
Gotcha, thanks.
>both layers


Your template is single layer
The A section is first layer or level and a pipe takes you down to the B section which is the lower level.

You know flag poles have to be in the first layer, right?
how about download the level and then you will get it. I uploaded it so obviously it's setup.
Thread replies: 43
Thread images: 10
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