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So I got a PS4 as a gift.
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So I got a PS4 as a gift.
What are some good games for it? I already plan to buy inFAMOUS Second Son.
And I have Black Flag.

Pic not related.
Bloodborne and Disgaea 5. Everything else is available on PC and run better on it.

At least you didn't pay for the PS4, though, and get to wait for the good exclusives to come out.
sell it tbqh

dont pay to play downgraded multiplats and pay to play online
>Tearaway Unfolded
Super cute and charming platformer with a playtime of 6-8 hours
Solid racing sim with the best visuals you'll find in one on consoles, ignore the reviews because after the updates it's a totally different game. Cheap as fuck these days, too.
>Until Dawn
Horror-Adventure game, think Telltale meets David Cage with better writing and less annoying QTEs. Surprisingly good, especially if you like slasher flicks.
>Disgaea 5
SRPG with a shit load of unique mechanics and a cartoony style and story. Has an assload of endgame content mixed with comfy grinding to keep you going for like a 100 hours after the 40 hour story mode.
>EDF 4.1
Janky as fuck TPS with a heavy B-movie influence, you kill giant insects, mecha, dragons, spaceships and more with ludicrous weaponry and that's about it. Super arcadey, and has active multiplayer - though its very love it or hate it, so lookup gameplay footage to see if it's for you first.
Demon Souls with way more fluid and fast paced combat, plus a bunch of the improvements dark souls introduced. Really good ARPG.

If you didn't have a PS3 then consider Journey, The Last of Us, and the Uncharted Collection also.
>Tearaway Unfolded
I never played the original so I might try it
I might rent it to test it out.
>Until Dawn
I actually don't mind ''cinematic'' games, so I think I'll play it.
>Disgaea 5
Never played a Disgaea game. Should I start with another game of the franchise?
>EDF 4.1
No idea, I will look up something later.
Oh yes, I will definitely buy this one.
One of those PS3 games I've never played. Thanks for reminding me, I will buy it someday.
I already played The Last of Us and the Uncharted games, I think there is no need to play the same games again, even with slight improvements.

Thanks, anon!
hey anon, i'm gonna try and help you out.
Infamous is ok but worse than 2 and maybe a little worse than 1.
Destiny is fun if you have friends, but it would make you have to get PS+ (wich you should only get if you own at least 2 sony systems using Ps+ free games)
other than that it has mostly been a metal gear machine for me, but those are also on PC if you can run them.
I didn't buy bloodborne because i didn't like demon and dark souls much but if youre into those Bloodborne will probably be a safe bet.

Now on Digital i really liked resident evil REmake HD and Revelations 2 wich are also on PC.
Ultra street fighter 4 is pretty fun but again multiplat.
Diablo 3 Ultimate evil edition is pretty fun and i like it more than the PC version, also an ok couch coop game.
overall the PS4 is really weak so far. but the future looks much brighter.
I will eventually get PS+ just for the free games but I won't get Destiny. I played the beta and the demo and I thought it was a boring disappointment imo.
I would try Phantom Pain but I've never played anything from the MGS series.
And as for the multiplat games I won't consider those as long as I can get them on PC.
You can start at literally any Disgaea you want, there's no continuity between them besides characters from past games showing up as DLC for the new ones.
if you ONLY have a PS4 then PS+ isn't worth it, not even the free games since they are mostly indie games that you wouldn't want to play anyway.
oh also Puyo Puyo Tetris in >>323169152 this pic is one of the greatest Tetris/puzzle games i've ever played but it has to be imported.
>Checking upcoming releases
>April 2016: Ratchet and Clank Reboot
Oh boy
>Literally a week later: Uncharted 4
Oh shit
>Horizon: Zero Dawn: No release date

Also, tell me about The Order: Is it worth a rental?
No, I have a PS3 too, that's why I'm getting PS+ anyway.
nah it's nothing special really, just a kinda good looking 4 hour joyride with plain gameplay. That Game has no soul and was just made to make money.
>has a PS3
>never played MGS
Dude you're better off spending your money on those great PS3 titles you most likely haven't played.
most interesting looking PS4 titles are singleplayer anyway so there is no need to get them ASAP.
Fucking amazing game
As for MGS I tried to get the HD Legacy Collection when it came out but I was late and it got sold out. I should get the digital version of the HD remasters.
if the legacy collection is too expensive you can just get
>MGS1 PS1classic on PSN
>MGS2 and 3 HD remake as retail or Digital
>MGS4 digital or retail

so yea, at least get the first one and give it a serious shot.
for me that one was enough to convince me to play all the others, if it does nothing for you or is too old for you to enjoy then theres no point in buying the rest.
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