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I have 70+ hours in this game and I still...
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I have 70+ hours in this game and I still haven't managed to beat a medium level boss.

WHAT the fuck DO I DO?
Do what I do.
Don't play it. Or just try to find a mod to make the game easier. Yeah, I'm casual.

-Less Crits, for you and the Enemy
-Halved sanity loss for everything
-Minor health regen, and sanity too
-The more health you have, the higher chance to have a "good" special rather than a "panic" one. Less health means more panics, obviously.
-No fucking corpses.
-Leper gets buffed.
stop wasting time on rng games child
>WHAT the fuck DO I DO?
you can't, it just pure luck
I played the first dungeon after the tutorial and I don't understand how you're supposed to do anything. One floor obliterated my characters.
>No fucking corpses.
I like this.
>a mod for no corpses
Are you guys brain dead? No I'm serious, why a mod, did you ever bother to look through the settings?
I shudder to think what you braindead fucks would do with a real roguelike.
What the fuck, when did they add that? I would've turned that shit off in a heartbeat.
git gud
havent played in a long time but from what i remember..

>know good team combos
>ALWAYS have full light on, bring assload of torches
>always eat full meal when given choice
>bring a (jester?) cus he has a skill that lowers your allies fear
>bring a (gravedigger? the blonde girl with the hat) cus she has a pcikaxe attack with high accuracy and can attack from back row and shadow meld
>always bring a healer, make sure she has heal all AND single heal
>make sure your crusader knows battle heal
love how im the only one helping the dude.

>grind easier dungeons until you cant do them anymore, "exploration" missions im pretty sure are the best
>know how to grind for items til you can upgrade your armory shit cus thats most important
>have multiple squads of high levels, dont rely on 4 dudes man cus if they die you're FUCKED

also try this

>recruit throwaway people
>do easy ass dungeons with them
>get the loot after winning
>abandon them afterwards

^ i did this alot too. i had like 6 level 5's i think and beat a couple medium bosses
Make sure your groups have synergy.

Choose your trinkets carefully, they make a huge difference.

Weapon upgrades are pointless on support classes for the most part, weapon upgrades are incredibly important on damage classes.

Scouting is mandatory, if you don't have scouting in your party, you're asking to get fucked.

Don't get tricked into thinking you should use Jester/Houndmaster as stress management. It's almost always better to just kill enemies faster with the extra damage dealer.


More on the above. A dead enemy is one less chance to have a crit happen to you, one less enemy using a stress/debuff attack. Because the danger of a crit isn't the actual damage, but the immense amount of stress it causes, it's very important to limit the AMOUNT of attacks the enemy gets.

If you're playing the game correctly HP will be a non-issue. If you're playing the game INcorrectly, you have been using a dedicated healer.

A dedicated healer is a liability, especially in higher level dungeons. It's a waste of time to use every turn keeping your heroes at max hp, especially when you have camp phases to heal you for 25%(feast is your friend, bring extra food). Instead you should be using your "healer" turns to deal damage/debuff/stun. As long as your heroes are outside of the chance to be hit into death's door, everything is fine.

On stuns/debuffs, you should be careful using them. Don't waste a turn using a stun on an enemy with high stun resist, you don't need to add more gambling to an RNG heavy game. Minimizing risk is what you should be doing. Aim your stuns at enemies who will actually be stunned. Plague Doctor double stun sounds good on paper, but only if the enemies are actually susceptible to it. Don't waste a turn doing it only to get angry when you see RESIST because they had high stun resist.
Ill spare the filthy casual speech you filthy casual

Just remeber to look through your skill before turning it off, some classes get better with it, for example
>plague doctors trying to nuke back rows
>class that knocks foes towards the back
in situations like these corpses actually help you and hinder that foes party.
> STUN STUN STUN. make sure you have a dude that can stun. Crusader has a skill that stuns.
> stun big guys then take out the little guys while hes all fucked up
> USE POISON AND BLIGHT. not gonna be as useful in the meald or w/e the swamp or w/e but yeah use them
> have ONE guy that can attack multiple enemies. the barbarian girl can do this but shes not very accurate, if you got ACC trinkets use them.
> accuracy is prob the most important stat.

best advice youll ever get:

>when you wait for your dudes to heal their anxiety and shit in the asylum...
> use the throwaway squad strat
> get 4 brand new dudes from the wagon
> run em through a lvl 1 dungeon
> easy money, by the time you get out ur dudes wont be insane anymore

ez game ez life
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Don't be this guy.
>all those death doors
Guy doesn't even realize how lucky he was. The instant I get a single death door I start to panic and abandon ship.
I've gotten most of the basics down for combat, the main problem I've been having is keeping my people upgraded and keeping everyone at the same level so they can do missions together.

What methods do you guys have as parties in general? Do you have separate, dedicated groups? Or do you just have a bunch of different classes and build a team depending on whoever is available?

Do you keep the abbey or the tavern upgraded? Which form of stress relief do you focus on?

Are there any bomb-ass group combinations you would recommend? What skills do you give each class in that combination for maximum synergy?
Heres what I did
>form A team party
>do a week of shit
>then do a week of suicide squads while a party recovers for free monies
>keep at this until enough gold/heirlooms to start on other "A" parties.

As for my favorite team, I'm using jester, occultist, abomination, and MaA in that order.

Jester for buffs, stress management, and abilities that can get him in the back row without wasting movements, as well as an emergency high damage hit.
Occultist mostly for healing, though his damage debuff, back row damage and corpse clearing/pull abilities compliment my team well.
Abomination for dps, god so much damage.
And MaAs for tanking/slight damage.

For the most part you can keep stress pretty minimal with the jester, and as long as you remeber that your occultists main job is to heal, his 0 heals won't be a problem if you simply never risk getting to death's door in the first place.
That's actually extremely helpful. Thanks for all the tips, anon.

that throwaway strat is good in theory except you dont get good parties off of the wagon, if you dont have a decently balanced party you wont be able to complete an entry level quest.
Just be wary of the abomination. We have a patch coming in a few days and I would be surprised if they didn't nerf him. He could do with a little nerf, but who knows if he gets the leper treatment or not in the end.
worse comes to worse you'll end up with a dead party, nothing gained or lossed, and a week forward so you can utilize your real parties.

Best case you complete the dungeon, and might even end up with a potential candidate for future good parties.


fuck! (breaks keyboard)

that last fuck always gets me kek
I think you can still abandon it and still pass the week as long as you're decently into the dungeon, right?

>nothing gained nothing lost

are you implying to do this throwaway strat without buying supplies? because ive found that to completely fuck over lvl 1 short missions. I've only been playing this for like 15 hours so it might be fine to not buy supplies for throwaways.
Let's talk about hairy plague doctor
throwaway strat requires only like.. a short trips worth of torches and food

make sure you got dudes that can disarm shit. dont fuck around with stupid shit like bookshelves and altars that you gotta purify etc. shits a waste of time.

just get in and get out

you will profit

>main point of this though is to get resources like the portraits so you can upgrade your armory shit and blacksmith
Yes, that's the implication. Aim for short runs, try to pick tanky classes or healers to bring along to substit noting having, well anything for sustainability. Also don't dilly dally. Quest says complete 100% of the rooms battles? Run away or avoid none room battles if possible, take a different root.

You could also quit mid dungeon to keep the loot you've gotten so far, though be careful doing this, since the game seems to want to you do so much before counting a retreated mission as a weeks worth of time.
Reminder that upgrade order should be:
Blacksmith>Guild>Sanitarium>Coach>Bar/Church>Survivalist>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nomad Wagon
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>yfw plague doctor is a girl
File: Comp 2_1.webm (969 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Comp 2_1.webm
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im the anon from the last thread that made this webm, and i found it so fun im working on a 2nd using the art from the grave robber's trading card
im not quite done yet, but im unsure of what to add next
heres what it looks like so far: https://my.mixtape.moe/hnohjm.mp4
I'll properly render and resize it and shit afterwords and make it a webm to post here, but i wont finish till tomorrow most likely cuz i have to sleep
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>coach not first
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I took my pants off immediately.
why is the Prophet such a dickhead?
I always figured you upgrade the coach, while keeping all your men disposable at the start. Once the coach is where it needs to be, start keeping men and putting upgrades where they matter.
So the "we don't have time to waste on this rabble" stress penalty only happens when you try to do it via perma stunning right? Because I've found that spamming stress heals with multiple crusaders on a very weak enemy like those skeleton club guys is a very easy way to do a quest and end it with the whole part at full health and zero stress.
Are there any classes that you just find totally useless?
Any classes that are overall outdone by others, or are situational?
>a bunch of dude come in to murder a blind crazy guy
>all the while a buildings falling apart on top of your stupid ass
>he nice enough to warn you of said ruble all while hiding behind a bunch of chairs

Also every once and awhile he throws up. Ripping your eyes out tends to do that.

The prophet did nothing wrong.
the alablast, jester, and hound master are all situation, and require party make ups that fit around them or they hold together.

Bounty hunter is also situational, but he's REALLY good at it.
You're not trying to complete a quest, you're just trying to get as much loot as possible. Seriously, there are idiots out there who think that you actually have to complete quests to bring home the loot (Then again, there are idiots who think you have to destroy corpses too)
Nigga I didn't say SHIT about The Prophet.
Shit your right,
was ment for
All these posters blaming rng on their lack of understanding. This is a game that requires risk assessment skills; if you blame rng as the sole source of your failures then you're basically this guy >>323138261

Yes sometimes things will go really bad really quickly. Sometimes good characters will meet bad ends. But you're not fooling anyone if you're still blaming rng on your inability to win an easy "Kill the Hag" mission when you've disabled all the optional difficulty settings. This game always favors strategy and player competence oven plain luck and gives you every opportunity to save your heroes from disaster. The same cannot be said of most strategy rpgs. Ironman Fire Emblem or X-Com will not give you the lenience of death's doors.
I haven't played DD since june since I got bored after 3 months playing it.So my question is: Has this game changed enough for someone to start playing it again?
Just wait till the 16th. If you'll be happy with the changes it will be then or never.
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>mfw my team is arbalist, occultist, houndmaster and hellion
>mfw spamming debuffs and stuns while marking for reduced dodge and prot, killing damage sponges in 2 rounds flat
>mfw each class has its own self heal and is entirely self sufficient, ensuring I keep up the damage output in any situation

I challenge you to find me a better group setup. This one has practically breezed me through the game when played correctly.
Hellion can self heal?

I've been rolling with: Arbalest>Occultist>Abomination>Hellion myself
>I challenge you to find me a better group setup.
Not better, but around even

Also mark crit parties are pretty damn strong due to have fast they just wipe everything.
I never grinded out dungeons with throw away guys and I've beat every apprentice boss and about half of the vet bosses. Here's what I do

>Bring specialized parties to each dungeon, especially when challenging bosses
>Bring a minimum of 2 Crusaders to Ruins, a Plague Doc to Coves
>Avoid bringing Plague doc to Warrens and Hellion to Cove to a lesser extent but she's still very strong
>Always do the longest dungeon you can afford due to larger rewards, more loot opportunities and camping benefits
>Blacksmith and Guild are priority upgrades after 2 caravan upgrades
>For vet dungeons and above you want the absolute best gear and skills available, if you can't afford or upgrade into them send lower level parties to beginner dungeons
>People talk about A and B teams but I leveled all of my teams about as evenly as possible so I wouldn't advance too quickly, this gave me a lot of party options and members to fall back to after deaths
>Wiki the bosses before fighting them and plan your team accordingly, going in half-cocked can lead to bad shit
>Run from losing battles
>Abandon quests, for the love of god abandon quests
>Plan out your turns so you don't do shit like use a stun on something you were going to kill before it acts anyway
This does work, but you might run into problems with member space early on.
Though even if a player focuses on a single party, he'll have to make more anyways because I doubt a player could clear all low lvl dungeon bosses before they hit 3, and the same with med to 5.
they literally added it the same time they puit them in
no they didn't. the option was added in a later update
Game is not bad but I only played it for like 20 hours. I think I had only 1 party ever completely wipe out, and that was due to some pretty piss poor RNG. Don't see what all of the difficulty complaints are about, but then again I've played lots of roguelikes that are much, much harder than that one.

It seemed like one of the primary things to do was just upgrade your max capacity, run several different teams and slowly get rid of their shitty traits, and be overly cautious at first with lots of torches and food. Break even on money for a while and just focus on getting building upgrades and building up your core team.

That's what I did, anyways.
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