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Bigley's Revenge coming to eShop
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This is from Ninja Pig Studios, who also made Meme Run.
I thought it's already out?
I wonder how many copyright laws did he break this time?

No copyrighted material this time.
jesus christ

Why didn't they just permaban them from the eshop?
>released the day it's announced
This memester is somehow more trustworthy than the majority of kickstarter projects.
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Bigley's Revenge.png
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Is Jordan the savior of the Wii U?
Nintendo will allow anything as long as it has nothing copyrighted to their knowledge and that the game won't crash
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No seriously, what the fuck is a Bigley?
Some miiverse meme.
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Kitty Mow.png
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>Bigley is a Miiverse deity that parodies the Ridley controversy and became a 'big' idol for the Super Smash Brothers Community. Bigley has become very popular on the community. This made him often appear in drawings and posts.
>On the 19th of January during 2014, a Miiverse user by the name “Side” posted a drawing of Ridley disproportionate and extremely large. He named this drawing “Bigley” as a way to mock the Ridley is Too Big Meme. According to Side, Bigley was only a repost of a comment he made on someone else's post. This post was never found.
>“After an epic battle Between Bigley and Shrek the Bigley Bang occurred and created Miiverse. Now Bigley is worshiped by many users of Miiverse. Bigley is immortal, like a phoenix, so when users stop talking about him we will be brought up again.”
>“Bigley is the biggest thing in the universe because he is the universe. Anything that ever exists will be smaller than him because of this. Bigley wanted to explore the world he created but couldn’t because he was too big. He created Miiverse user Unicron to explore the universe for him, but Unicorn went rogue and started eating dead communities.”
>“Many Miiverse users wanted Bigley in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. After so many people asked for him Bigley was sent a letter by Nintendo asking him to join. Sadly Bigley was too big to open such a tiny letter. Bigley also had no hands to open it with! He was probably too big to be a fighter anyway.”
>Physically Bigley is a mystery because of how many different interpretations of him there are, but the are some consistencies. He always has one head with two eyes and a long beak. His body is only a line and so are his legs. He also has two wings on the sides of his body. Bigley’s species is unknown but he has been described as a Deity on multiple occasions.
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>its connected to the miiverse wiki

I don't know what I was expecting. If you want a good Miiverse thread, all you got to do is link to that cesspool of autism.
Where'd he get the gun models from?
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>Bigleyism is a psuedo religion and Miiverse movement that became extremely popular within the Original Super Smash Bros Community, and expanded to many other communities throughout Miiverse.
>In Febuary 2014, Bigley's growth spread to other communities, most notably the YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix communities. Bigleyism also spread to the European Smash community, and even began showing up in Japanese posts. Bigleyism was at its peak when #BigleyInternational became a thing, with all of the Smash communities posting many Bigley related posts.
>Bigleyism is now dead, and Bigley is no longer relevent on Miiverse. However, Jordon from Ninja Pig Studios has put Bigley in the lackluster game Meme Run, and he also put Bigley in another upcoming game of his. Unfortunately, this did not revive Bigleyism, and the movement is often remembered as a silly movement.
>Bigleyists saw the Shrek movement as a threat to Bigley, and many trolls often fought each other citing on who is better. Just like other Miiverse "wars" nothing was accomplished, and this war ended after Shrek became obscure in September 2014.
Is this an XBox like Indie Game?
>Miiverse deity
Still better than most of the games on Steam
They have a whole pantheon
>Lord Helix
>Judge Judy

Wojak DLC when?
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