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How the FUCK am I supposed to kill the flagship

Can anyone enlighten me on how your supposed to actually destroy that fucking behemoth while avoiding getting shredded by those beams and missiles its shooting

Also anyone got any tips on what weapons/systems/augmentations are good or not, I seem to pickup some of the worst items possible every time and I can never pierce 3 shields
bumping for interest
Best thing I do is just teleport my crew members into the weapons room and destroy their weapons. Good augmentations to have is cloacking and the teleportation
git gud

I haven't beat FTL too. 50 hours and counting
Taking out the missile room is really important, you can safely send two members to any weapons room and bring them back after they destroy it. except on hard lol

Cloaking helps shut down their specials

Have good engines and a tough shield and you'll be good to go
So uh ... you know this fight has multiple phases right? Like you literally have to kill it 3 times?

But yeah basically this, before anything you prioritize taking out the Missile weapon. Then move on to Ion/Laser. Typically it's not even worth taking out the Triple Shot at that point because you'll have Tier 3 shields at that point and can tank all the damage from phase 1
I basically make sure I've got enough laser pressure to take down its shields, and a good beam to rack up some damage while the shield is down.
Save scum like a pro, reload your save whenever you die.
You just need a good build to fit one of the many strategies you can use to win.

Whether you'll get such a build is purely RNG.
Focus on destroying weapons (and avoiding damage) and KILLING the weapon operators in the first form. Those crewmen do not respawn on subsequent forms but their weapons will be repaired. This means it's easier to disable those weapons because there isn't a dude repairing them. Also they're cut off from the medbay. You can kill them by teleporting in, hull breach weapons, fire weapons, etc.
Missile weapon should be top priority. That means the third from the left. The others can go in whatever order but make sure you kill as many of those weapon operators as well.
Get a diverse crew. Never skip out on burst laser 2 or Vulcans. Teleporter is great against the boss and slugs. Mind control does work on the boss too.

Besides that, it's trial and error, and a dice throw to get the best weapons and most scrap.
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>upgrade engines before shields
>always fight to get the most amount of scrap UNLESS you can get a crew member by accepting their surrender
>flak is life
>if you find a teleporter and have 2 members who are good for boarding (rockman/mantis/lanius) buy it immediately, you get much more scrap for killing the crew rather than blowing the ship up
>time your weapon shots correctly so that you can get optimal damage
>attack the engines first then immediately attack their weapon systems that way you hopefully won't be missing many shots
>don't be discouraged about dying to the flagship over and over, it's a huge difficulty spike that you need to keep practicing in order to beat it
>halberd beams are great if you have a way to disarm shields
>keep practicing so that one day you can beat it with /v/
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ty familia, have my freshest meme
git gud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmOD5rjcsk4

you need three basic things in order to beat it on normal

1. get a defense drone II by the time you get to the final fight, two of them if you can, those will get the missiles and plenty of other shots the flagship spams

2. get a teleporter, doesnt matter what level for final fight, and a couple of mantis fighters if you can, if not, just level up fighting a Rock o last resort a Human by boarding plenty before hitting the last zone, tele them into the single rooms (the four on the top) and gang up on the single enemy on each of the rooms, starting with the missile room

3. get a combo of non missile weapons and a laser, non missile weapons hit their 4 layer shields, they need to shoot more than 4 shots in rapid succesion in order to deplete the flagship's shield to none, after that hit it with the laser across empty rooms or whatever and it'll drop like a fly in no time

this combo works great in the three phases of the fight
I can beat this easily on easy mode but I don't understand how it's supposed to work on normal. On normal I have to spend all my credits just to keep my hull maintained.
Just read this guide.


You should especially read the part about upgrades.

If you get good enough at the game you will be able to beat normal mode nearly 100% of the time, so complaining about bad pickup rng is not an excuse. One of the main reasons newer players have such a lack of upgrades and weapons is because they don't travel to enough beacons. You should aim to have the rebel fleet be just one beacon away from you when you jump to the next sector.
As long as it's green its fine. You shouldn't worry about full heals since so many random encounters offer hull repair anyway.

Also another tip I forgot: FUCK ALIEN SPIDERS.
Engines give you a dodge chance if you didn't know already, and you probably didn't if you suck at the game.
Flak is best, I mean holy shit flak is best. Vulcan can be better though.
Teleporters are badass as fuck. Engaging the enemies crew stops them from fixing stuff and you get way more scrap from derelict ships.
Engines should be a priority target so niggers can't dodge you.
Timing helps, like lowering shields before you use a beam weapon.
Pausing the game is VERY useful.
Upgrading crap is ion defense even if you don't put energy into it, so don't skimp late game.
Jihadist battery men is a must try once you get gud.
>get teleporter
>teleport literally any two people in to destroy the two sealed off weapons without reproach because nobody can help them
and if you have a real boarding party
>kill all but one person so the ship doesn't go on autopilot
>have the boarding party destroy its systems one by one
>blow it up
Defense drone II is complete ass since it will shoot at lasers instead of missiles sometimes. Defense drone I is superior since it will always target missiles. Also having two defense drones isn't that good since they will often just both shoot at the same missile, even if there are two heading towards you. A way of getting around this is by having your drones 180 degrees apart from each other (opposite ends of your ship) but I still don't think it's worth the cost.

If you want to avoid lasers it's better to just have a high evasion percentage. Cloaking is great way of evading the power surge of stage 3 and the drone spam in stage 2. If you are going to use cloaking then you should only use 1 power in it. This is because the flagship will still charge it's power surge (or drones) while you are in cloak. If you only have 1 power in it, then you can have your next cloak ready in time to evade the next power surge. You can also consider just saving your cloaks for missiles, but only if you have 4 levels in shields and a high evasion.

If you don't have cloaking then it's best to have a lot of firepower so you can get rid of their weapons systems before they can damage you severely.


Absolutely necessary, if you are not sporting super powerful shields and defense drones. I've never beaten it without cloaking because of those fucking drone swarms.

oh you're right, I meant defense drone 1, just because it only targets missiles, which can pierce shields, non missile weapons can be absorbed by shields or dodged
Nah it's not actually necessary if you have a proper set-up. The most important things when it comes to defense is to have at least 3 shields and to also have level 5 engines. You should also make sure your pilot and engine guys have their relevant skills maxed out to give you more evasion. Anything after that is just a luxury.
Burst laser II and Flak I are the best weapons in game, far and wide. Beams are great if you can reliably take their shields down.

Cloaking and hacking are ridiculously useful too. Hack their shields, blow their missile first and then everything except the laser cannons afterward. Time the cloak when flagship overcharge in phase 2 or 3, can't remember now.

Train your characters, have ATLEAST 3 shields, and have ATLEAST 40% evade right off the bat against the flagship.

Teleportation is very useful, but in no way required. Use it to kill the units on each of their 2x1 cannon rooms.

Augments aren't required, but can be very useful. Long ranged scanners are extremely useful to get the most scrap out of a run, probably the best augment, especially if you can get it early. Other useful augmentations are emergency buoys, scrap recovery arm (if you get early enough), weapon pre-igniter, zoltan shields, drone recovery arm (if you have drones), rock plating, titanium system casing, automated reloader

Plot your path in a way you try to grab as many hostile sectors and nebulas you can, they give more scrap than friendly sectors (but are also harder).

Pause often and pause early. Don't be scared of pausing after every fire volley if you need to think over what you are doing. Better to pause too much than to pause too little.


Have fun, ftl is an amazing game. Try to unlock the federation cruiser asap, it's artillery beam is fun as fuck.
Alpha Strike:
Defense Drone Mk1
Burst Laser Mk2 or Flak I
Get 3 of those, or 4 if you can.

With that you will kill it fast. Target Shields > Missile weapons in stage 1
Shields > Drone Control in stage two.

Other option consist of boarding requiring:
Defense Drone Mk1
Clone Bay
Zoltan Shield Bypass Augmentation
Mantis x2

Start by tping your mantis to the weapons and destroying them and then kill the rest of the crew in the main ship.
DONT TOUCH THE SECOND WEAPON FROM THE LEFT, its a petty beam weapon and leaving that dude alone will prevent the AI from activating.
>wrecking absolutely everything in the galaxy
>flagship time
>easily killed
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You just don't.
I did it twice, though.
Shit was crazy both times.
I completely forgot that I wanted to buy ftl during this sale.
Are there any ships I should using, with the Kestrel A I get absolutely fucked at sector 4+

Got to the flagshit with the Zoltan A but couldn't actually hit it with anything
Fed Cruiser

Those 4 are the best since they give you either Drone Control / Zoltan Shield / Burst Laser Mk2 to begin with.

Kestrel B Federation A and zoltan A are all top notch ships iirc
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>DONT TOUCH THE SECOND WEAPON FROM THE LEFT, its a petty beam weapon and leaving that dude alone will prevent the AI from activating.
This, getting tickled by the piss beam is a far smaller threat than having the flagship autorepair all its systems
I always just go for it when I have a clone bay, the reward is pretty sweet
The Hard run that I ended up winning, I ended up with 2x Burst Laser x2 and a Glaive beam with weapon pre-igniter, stealth weapons and max cloaking.

Game was a cakewalk after I got all that.
max out engines and dodge everything
beam weapons are OP
take out the fuckin missiles
Some general tips that may or may not have been covered in this thread:

Learning to juggle your power is pretty important.

For instance whenever a missile comes, you can take power out of oxygen and power up a defence drone, then put your power back into oxygen once the missile has been shot down. This way defence drones are only consuming power when there's actually a missile coming. Similarly, if my engines have more capacity than I can actually keep powered 100% of the time, I might for example take my oxygen, drones, teleporter, etc. offline and direct that power into engines during enemy volleys, and then redistribute it again immediately afterwards. Juggling power properly is the first step to getting good.

Don't have power in the med bay unless someone is actually getting healed, it's a complete waste.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you that Vulcans and Flak II are good. They are traps. They're inefficient and they trick inexperienced players into wasting resources on them. Flak I is good however.

Scrap recovery arm is almost always worth getting, even if you're past the half way point.

Long range scanners open up loads of events/blue options.

Synchronize your shots so that all your weapons are firing in unison. Unless you're using beams (obviously) or ion weapons. If you're using ion weapons, stagger their firing so that the second shot keeps the system disabled while the first shot is recharging.
also visiting nebula sectors can be rewarding since the rebel fleet advance half as fast, meaning more scrap
>All these fags saying to not kill the crew
>Not having a breach or fire bomb to completely fuck up the flagships shit

It's almost like you guys hate fun.
How much is a good amount of energy to have, I usually try to get at least the first 2 columns of power
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