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GameCube Game Prices
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When the fuck did GameCube games get so expensive? It must have been just a year or year and a half ago that I was buying them for like $5 each on amazon. Now they're all over $100. Did they finally become scarce or something?

Anyway, is Dolphin emulation my only option? Or is there a better GameCube emulator around?
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I just want to play Cubivore... I should have bought it when it was cheap.
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>mfw i got Skies of Arcadia for 10 bux a while back
>cheapest price on amazon is $75
this is such a stupid question, the wii is now officially dead, but up until recently it had an audience and it had backwards compatibility so the re-sale market was still alive, jesus use your head.
The second hand market has become absolute cancer and its why I'm buying all of my games now, or one gen later.
Thats usually the sweet spot.
Everything past that will get really fucking overpriced really quickly.
Just buy a wii, install homebrew channel, install fucking nintendont/dios mios.

There play gcn games on actuall gcn hardware(wii hardware is gcn hardware just overclocked) and not have to pay fat faggots money.
I've bought the GameCube Metroid Prime games for like $2 or $3 dollars each. Resident Evil games too. I think Eternal Darkness was the only one I bought that was above $10 on amazon.

Your pic perfectly represents my reaction to these prices. I should have taken more advantage of them between 2012 and 2014ish.
I've been picking up a few xbox 360 games for like 5 - 15 dollarydoos. How much longer do you think they'll keep getting cheaper?


Fucking fantastic idea. My friends in college did that and we had a blast. Also going to try out some emulation but I've been meaning to get a cheap Wii...
I have a Gamecube I got day 1 with a shit load of games packed away in storage.
I have been letting it sit in the dark for years until the market finally raises the prices because I know Nintenkiddies will pay out the ass for their early 00s nostalgia. Then sell it all for way more than its worth to me.
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>still remember when I was a kid at the game store looking at Cubivore for 30 dollars and thinking of buying it with the little money I had.
>"Nah I'll save my money, it'll get cheaper"
>9 years later
>friend gives me an old gamecube for free
>get a sudden urge to play Cubivore
>check eBay
>prices range 100 to 150 dollars

I wanna do it guys, I really just want to fucking play it again.
Depends on the games. Some might never go up in price. Shit like JRPGs most likely will.
I think getting 360 games now should be the absolute best time.

I'm buying up really cheap Wii games right now. Like, even proper bigname Mario titles are really cheap.
Don't do it! Man up faggot!
Gamecube games have been steadily increasing in price over the past few years but I'll admit the past year or so they have jumped more than expected. Even common titles like Rouge Squadron 2 that would have been $5-6 max are going for $20 easily. I'm glad I stocked up back when Gameslop clearanced them out.
>bought a lot of all the RE games on eBay
>around $8 a piece
>mfw $35 disc only auctions there now
I could tell this exact same story, except it was a Gamestop and it was $20.
>think OP is talking shit
>mfw checking Amazon
>bought my sister fucking double dash for $70 for christmas
>plays it once. Later found out she only wanted videogames to impress some fuckface she wanted to manipulate into dating her
Guess who's getting a pack of gum next year
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Sega better get on the case of that PC port soon
I don't want to pay out my ass for a game with shit audio quality and 50hz only for PAL
otherwise I'll just emulate the Dreamcast version one of these days or whatever
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I don't wanna know the price on F-Zero GX
>tfw didnt know what Eternal Darkness was when I was a kid
>saw it in the same store for years
>find out what it is
>no longer in the store

So much shit I saw and didn't know a thing about when I was younger, now at huge prices.

Best one?

Rule of Rose for maybe 20 or 29 dollars. [/spoilers]
It's around $25 to $30 now
That's it? I expected it to be a lot worse.
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>mfw I own Path of Radiance
I'm sure that is the price for new
used GC games are 15- 30 except like gotcha force or cubivore
Are there PAL Gamecube games that don't play at 60hz?

Looks like most of the staples have crawled back up to $40.
I think Melee, Twin Snakes, and Fire Emblem are the worst at around $50+ easy
>tfw I had 2 copies and I traded one for xenoblade chronicles
1 my friend gave to me for free
the second I got for 7 dollars at my local thrift store
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Why are this and RE3 still 30 dollars and upwards?
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>Mfw I spent over £1,000 a few months ago rebuying all my old PS1 games

Granted I bought some pretty rare games and they were all in excellent condition but fuck me. I was looking to rebuy a bunch of SNES games as well but that shit was just fucking retarded, stuff like Super Metroid or Super Castlevania in good-very good condition going for £150+ when they aren't even slightly rare.

They are free




GC version is supposed to be best version
What happened was is nintendo has this "retro" idea around it, and hipsters flock to nintendo products for sure.
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>FE GC is at 70 bucks.

I want them dead.
I swear my local hypermarket had copies of Devil Summoner Raidou back in the day, when I didn't have any knowledge of Megami Tensei. You know, PAL copies. I believe the European print of the game was pretty limited. I did get a good deal on ebay later on, but this hazy memory has bothered me for years now.

I'm pretty sure Skies of Arcadia is one of them.
Will Gamecube games ever go down or is just all up from here?
Shouldn't even gift the bitch, get your game back if you haven't.
Due to nostalgiafaggots and what >>322984762 said, most likely just go up like old ps1 games. I got a few GC games in my basement, I honestly rather just rid of them but I prefer selling them to /v/ in person and I live in NYC. Fuck eBay, craigslist and amazon.
If you can't buy em, you can always emulate em.
>flickering textures
>some areas refuse to load
>have to turn it off on occasion otherwise the emulation starts to lag
>not all games work 100%
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