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Backlog thread
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Backlog thread

Post your pile of shame, let others guide you.
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>bought about 10 games from winter sale and haven't installed them
>still have to finish TW3, MGSV, BB on PS4
>All I'm playing right now is pirated Asscreed syndicate
Post a strawpoll so we can vote on your backlogs you fucks
I'm gonna beat at least two games a month this year.

Already beat one.
>Uncharted series
>Last of Us
>Zone of the Enders 2
>Heavy Rain
>DmC 3
>DMC 4
>DMC (Reboot)
>Ni No Kuni

Bought a PS3 last year and all these games. Told myself not to get a PS4 for Bloodborne until I'd cleared the backlog but I got sidetracked :/

help me /v/
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I need no help with my actual backlog but I want opinions on this.

These are steam games I never really gave a chance and I currently don plan on doing it.

So if you played any of these and really enjoyed it, give me a reason to play it.
I recommend Dark Messiah.

I replayed it some months ago and it stills as good as I remember, also not too long, in less than 10 hours you'll be done.
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>Wild Arms
>Prince of Persia Trilogy
>Persona 4 Golden
>Virtues Last Reward
>Blood Omen LoK
>Soul Reaver LoK
>Oddworld AO
>Digital Devil Saga
>SMT Nocturne
>Beyond Good and Evil
>Far Cry
>Splinter Cell Trilogy
>Hitman Trilogy
>PS3 Ratche games
>Parasite Eve 2
>Resident Evil Revelations
>Resident Evil Code Veronica
>Rayman Origins
>Symphony of the Night
>Silent Hill
>Devil May Cry 4
>Freedom Wars
>Grim Fandango
>Jak 3
>Sly 4
>Vagrant Story

There's no way I'm going to finish all these before I die.

Fuck everything.
I honestly couldn't find a single game worth sticking up for, good trash list anon.
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Anything good in there?
>NiGHTS into Dreams...

>Jak 3

>Doom (all)

You play that shit.
>Mirror's Edge
Will take you only six hours at most.
Fuck, I even forgot to mention some things
>Ni No Kuni
>Zone of the Enders
>Hotline Miami 2
>Dark Souls 2
>Dragon's Dogma
>Quantum Conondrum
>Super Meat Boy
From that list I finished and enjoyed:

Cave Story+
Dead Space
Mirror's Edge
Terraria (great with friends)

I also finished F.E.A.R. but I found it incredibly overrated.
as long as you keep making progress in something it's all good.
heavy rain
all really short/ easy to get through
>caring about the games you have on steam
60% humble bundle / indie shit
20% bad games
20% actually worth playing
ratchet games, vastly superior to Jak 3 and Sly 4
otherwise RE Revelations 1 is easy to get through and pretty fun
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>valk chronic
>geraltquest 1 & 2
>MB viking conquest
>farcry 3 and 4
>way of samurai 4
>wasteland 2
>tw attila(fall off after 30 years,i miss it)
Currently playing through QP Shooting, it's hard to constantly do well when there are some bullshit elements in some of the attacks

Debating between Mirror's Edge and Sonic R after that.
The Final Fantasy series (so far I beat 1, 2, 4, halfway through 5)
Kingdom Hearts series
Silent Hill series (so far beat 1, 2 and Homecoming)
Resident Evil series (so far beat 1, 2, Dead Aim, 4 and 5)
The Witcher Series
The Fatal Frame Series
The Forbidden Siren Series
Clock Tower Series
Half Life Series
Zone of the Enders
Devil May Cry series
God of War series
Castlevania Dracula X, 64, Legacy of Darkness, Bloodlines, Chronicles
Super Mario Sunshine, Galaxy 2, Wii U Mario games
Jax and Daxter series
Splinter Cell series
Hitman series
Persona series
Yakuza series
Shemnue trilogy
Ratchet and Clank series
Demon Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne
Stalker series
The entire Zelda series
Monster Hunter games
Xenoblade games

The worst part is I've had the story for most of these games spoiled for me already.
>120ish games on steam
>monster hunter 4u
>castlevania portrait of ruin
>mario luigi sticker star
>little big planet 3 co-oping with friend
>uncharted collection playing with a friend
Last year was hell for my backlog. I'v been so uninterested in games lately that i can't play a single game for an extended period of time.
Sonic Adventure is solid if you're a sonic fan or a fan of hubworlds. I really love 3D and 2D platformers especially upgradan collect-o-thons and Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are really great games for someone like me. Only downsides are shit camera controls and how edgy/cliche the story can be at times.
Shit game
play mirror's edge, it's one of the few games i've really enjoyed in the past 10 years
File: ZD2uEyB.jpg (97 KB, 325x1002) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pillars of Eternity - Had a bug when the game launched that made it impossible to continue, havnt continued after that (and patch comes at the same time as Dragons Dogma)

Etrian Odyssey 4 - at last stratum
Etrian Odyssey 3 - 10-15 hours in
Tactics Ogre - At mid-end, but got bored of leveling up white knight and some other classes
Trails in the Sky - I hate Joshua too much, but it is cosy. 30hours in
Fallout 4 - L48 got bored of radiant quest and main story
Age of Decadence
Alice: Madness returns. Loved the first game, around the ice level.
Alpha protocol
Divinity - got bored when arriving at the 2nd map
The incredible adventures of Van Helsing
Shadowrun Dragonfall. Got bored at the end
Styx, master of shadows
Way of the Samurai 4
Rune Facotry 4
Shin Megami Tensei
Shovel Knight
Ace Attorney Triology - at the Steel Samurai Case
Shantae and the Pirates Curse - at the end
Harvest Moon a new beginning
Citizen of Earth
Mercenary Saga
Suikoden 2
Awesome game
Nice meme.
File: Backlog.png (10 KB, 318x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mine's really small at this point. Haven't started any of these yet except for MM3D since I keep getting distracted.
Currently finishing ff12 izjs then I got a backlog of
Lightning returns
I had fallout 4 but removed it

Don't bother with FF13s, especially after 12's god tier setting detail and writing, it will feel horrible.
70+ on consoles
150+ on PC

I've wasted so much money on games I'm never going to play...
But Lightning Return is good.
well i just recently finish ff13 so I sort feel like im obligated to finish the series and even though the writing was bad and the characters were annoying and shitty and sort of liked it

It's more fun and playable than the previous ones to be sure, but I still wouldn't say it's worth the effort. Well, whatever, he might enjoy it anyway.
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