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>play game with great music and sound
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>play game with great music and sound
>"hey anon, you should voice chat with us"
>enter the voice chatroom
>all I can hear is a bunch of nasaly neckbeards shouting at each other

Am I the only one who is just not the least bit fucking interested in this?
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>enter voice chat
>it's a bunch of spergs shouting at each other
>there's a female whom they all worship
>try to say something relevant to the task at hand
>nobody pays attention
Just say you're mute and listen to the awkward silence after.
Voice chat is actually awful because its just sound and everyone is at the same sound level

In a normal conversation you see people's lips move and shut the fuck up for a sec. In voice chat it's just a bunch of faggots chiming in at once all the time

No, you're not the only one
>enter voice chat
>meme spouting
>they sound extremely effeminate
okay I'll forgive the meme spouting but only because I like the sound of your voice
you guys are social retards with shit friends
>friend talks up his skype group voice chat for weeks
>finally enter
>its full of /b/-tier spergs who say outdated memes and only talk about a few casual video games and entry level anime
I've had other good experiences playing Smash 4 with online friends with voice chat going, but god it was cringeworthy, he still bugs me to come back but I havent been there since.
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Natsumi is best NNB
>play a game with some friends
>don't enter their faggy voice chat
>they don't communicate anything to me
>have no idea what's going on
>never get invited to the game again
My biggest problem with is is people have respect for anyone elses ears. One or more people will generally have open mic on and have horribly loud background noise and will then complain if anyone is making a slightly annoying noise to them.
They're not friends, most of the time it's randoms who invite you to their chat so you can coordinate better, except it usually turns out like the stories in this thread.
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>boot up voip client
>connect to random server that has something to do with counter strike or dota
>9/10 times it's either a group of bronies or animefags talking is broken wapanese
tfw dont play organized splatoon because it'll be just as bad as regular matchmaking without voice chat
I like her and Komari equally.
I think this is a big part of why Dark Souls and Journey, for instance, were able to have good immersive multiplayer experiences. Forcing you to communicate non-verbally draws you into the game more.
>enter voice chat
>men are using voice changers to sound like women
>"Hey anon it owul be easier if you had a mic to coordinate"
>"I do man, but english is not my first language"
>"Its ok"
>Do it
>Every one hears my deep voice mixed with hard accent
>hear the cumming of the gurls through internet
>"God damn anon you sound like the computer of a James Bond movie"
>"Did you work on the radio?"
>mfw yes I did for awhile
>Get friend requests out of nowhere

Feels good to have a manly voice, mate.
Can you give me a little vocaroo sample maybe? Feeling kinda lonely today.
>"Hey anon, join voice chat"
>Bunch of autistics having an autistic conversation
>Try and participate
>Either get ignored or my comment gets shut down
>"Why'd you leave anon? We were having fun"
Fuck off, fag
Ugh, the "why'd you leave my chatroom" shit is the fucking worst. I just want to play video games, I don't want to join your cult of personality.

Would love to, but I'm at work right now, but it helps that people you play with aren't complete sperglords
I want to fuck Komari.
She's 14, and calling her a child hurts her feelings.
I'll make her a woman.
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>not meme girl
kuso taste spotted
>post anime reaction image
>thread turns into a conversation about the anime

Christ it's worse than when fucking /k/ommandos find each other outside of /k/
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mwo steam.jpg
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>Play this
>Expect griefers and shitters
>Get welcomed with people using the VOIP for what it is, calling for coordinates and describing the enemy mechs, using clear lingo and working together
>Must be because the fanbase is made of old people
>Release on Steam
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>Friend asks for voice chat
>"I just wanted to hear your voice"
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I just want to hear your voice.
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That's because meme girl would probably like it
>Hear a kid on voice chat
>"I firin lasr but they no doing anything? what the fug"
>He's on a Hunchback with mediums only slowly poking a Stalker
>He's actually getting angry

I know it's a game but come on.
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feels good.jpg
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>join voice chat
>it's a roleplay voice chat
>people are talking in character
>think it's stupid at first but end up loving it
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RP servers are fun if you can get into them
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Thanks dude
these threads are the best
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>hear some kid losing his fucking mind over some F2P/P2W shit game, I think it was Tanks
>complaining about high tiers and how people who use heavies need to die
>I calmly chime in, remind him its just a game, particularly one where you can substitute money in place of skill. They're not gods, they're just shitters with gold
>he comes to his senses, entire team starts actually helping me out for once
>We win
Sometimes you gotta be a little rude in life to get your point across, little Mashiro
So is there a reason anime fags hate voice chat? Would you like it better if we talked like little Japanese girls and had subtitles?
>that one asshole that refuses to use PTT

fuck you. just fuck you.
Fuck you Brett
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Animefag here. I use voice chat all the time. I think the difference between who uses it and who doesn't comes down to whoever has pretension of being "cute", a "little girl", or a fuckboy. They don't want to break the masquerade
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>I wanna soundwhore in blops3 but my friends wanna party up and chat.

Don't they care about my KDR?
That's how it works on /v/, you haven't noticed all the thinly veiled off topic threads?
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Thread images: 17
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