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So, what are we all up to tonight? Personally I'm addicted to Euro Truck Simulator and real life is no longer relevant.
Brother playing on my Xbone inmy room. Refused to get off up 5 minutes ago. Only allowed this shit because its his birthday
Chocolate pudding simulator
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>Just woke up
>Look at the time
>It's 4am

Currently playing LISA the Joyful
Who the fuck wears a wristwatch with a bath robe
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Like clockwork
Finally got KOTOR 1 to work recently, just completed Tatooine, really love it
Sounds like your brother is doing you a favor
Someone who needs to tell the time in the bath
Got a 144 hz refresh rate monitor. Didn't think it'd remove all visible screen tearing, but I can't see any at all. Only problem is the colors are shit compared to the monitor I have beside it. Can't think of a setup to where I could have 2 monitors, one for landscape and portrait, and the 144 hz one in landscape as well for playing games without having to constantly be moving them around. Maybe I could just have the two spare monitors in portrait side by side.
Browsing the chan waiting for replies on my other post and generally trying to find more reason to play Fallout 4. Also KOTOR my personal best game ever.

>trying to find more reason to play Fallout 4

I've decided to drop it for at least a few months. I got burned by going into it expecting an RPG.

Also, playing M&B: Viking Conquest.
>tried to go to sleep early
>can't stop thinking about all the people I knew in high school
>all the friendships and relationships I ended because I was thinking too far ahead
>now I'm trapped in my room with no end in sight
>vidya has become a broken and bitter illusion for me now

looks like I won't be getting any sleep tonight...
Just really want more content cause im level like 79 right now and the best times i have atm is shooting my explosive mini-gun into the water. Truly the most amazing sound in the game.
Been playing edf all week. Fucking love this game. So glad they fixed the fps from previous games. God bless.
I know that feel man
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Played through all the sidequests?
Basically, all i really have left are those side quest that never really run out and the ending main story quests which i don't want to complete because i want a certain ending, unfortunately i think i now can't get it.
Finished Fallout Bore a couple days ago and now I've just restarted Mass Effect and Witcher 3 simultaneously. Not sure which I'll stick with though.
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Here's a screenshot from my Space Engine journey to Betelgeuse.
Ever since I bought M&B Warband I've had an addiction. 48 hours on it in maybe a week and a half.
Good stuff anon, Mount and Blade is fucking awesome
>I slept 12 hours last night
>thought that was wrong so I decided to stay up extra late tonight to make up for it

It made sense at the time. now I feel like I should just stay up until tomorrow night
I just got to tatooine and I'm really bored. What are you doing differently than me? :/
>watch an anime
>"this is good!"
>read the manga it's based on
>"wow this is good too"
>never go back to the anime

anyone else do this?
I started playing Siege at eleven. Next thing I know it's five am.
thinking about how my life is confirmed shit.
but want to play dragons crown.
What are you missing out on in real life anyway?
tfw got paid $150 to sit in a room for a couple hours and occasionally answer questions about my uni course
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Honestly I'm just bored as all hell until Dragons Dogma, and Dark Souls III come out.
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>My work is slowly breaking my body
>Most people say in this line of work tell me their knees start going out toward the end of their career, which I'd be fine with if it was at the end
>It is already starting to happen to me and I am 25
>Only work one full 24 hour day then get 48 hours off
>All 48 hours are spent nursing my shattering legs back to health and playing vidya
>Original plan was to get a part time job since I get so much time off
>Can hardly work current job so that is out the window
>Imagining my legs will be completely useless by the time I am 30 but can't just stop because I don't know what else I'd do
>mom got home early from work and caught me in a towel and a teeshirt watching tv in the living room
>didn't believe me when I said I wasn't masturbating

Literally the only time I wasn't touching my dick when I was home alone is when my mom walks in.

is there a precedent for her to think you're doing it or is this a first?
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I finally got around to playing Majora's Mask 3D. It's pretty fun, but it kinda sucks that the Zora swimming mechanics were changed. Was about to enter the Pirate Headquarters, then I realized I had to use the magic swim dash. The problem with this is that my R button has been broken for almost a year and a half. Maybe this will finally convince me to buy the part online to fix it.

Also played through Stick of Truth for the first time. I'm debating if I should do a second run now and get all the achievements like the achievement whore I am or play Paradise Lost. I could just take a third option and play Long Live the Queen. I dunno.

I've been telling myself to finish that /v/ Musical video that has been in progress since like October. Feels like I'm letting people down by delaying it so long
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Driving back an hour from my girlfriends house, looking forward to replaying system shock two when i wake up today.
Playing Grim Dawn while watching AGDQ and talking to my girlfriend.

Pretty comfy

I would give it a few months before replaying SOT, it's a heavily story and humor based game and you wouldn't want a replay to be boring because you have a perfect memory of everything that's said
because ive lost control of my life
working currently. planning on working through my steam sale games when I get home assuming my wife isnt being a bitch.

Probably going to start with castlevania lords of shadow.
You play any games with your wife's son?

Fuck, a 4am thread, it's been ages since I've seen one. Alright then.

>Remember Skyrim has been in my backlog for years
>Never played it
>I'll give it a go
>Decide to go as an Imperial Woman, playing like a Claymore
>Main game doesn't really appeal to me that much
>Story is like "This should be really awesome but I'm just not feeling it"
>Most of the game drifts between "Almost bored as shit" and "Almost actually interested but not quite"
>Only parts I actually really enjoyed were fighting dragons when the awesome music comes on and killing the flying lizard demon in heaven
>Well that was just OK, not terrible I guess

>About to quit out of the game
>Remember the Dawnguard DLC
>Yeah I'll give it a go
>Love it, running around slaying vamps and having a good time all throughout
>Right now, I'm sneaking into a Vampire castle to find someone hiding out in their garden or some shit

3 hours of the DLC has been better than 30 hours of the main game.
I don't know, maybe I missed something.
I got the rest of the week off from work, so I've got some time for this, so maybe it might get better.
>go to bed around 10 or 11 PM to get a good night's sleep
>wake up at 3 AM feeling fully rested and wide awake
>manage to fall asleep again a couple hours later
>feel like shit when I wake up

How do I fix this? That's what happens if I try to go to bed on time, I always wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep.
Like clockwork.
I expected the AGDQ thread to get somewhat tolerable but that didn't happen, so I'm fucking up this Chameleos in MH4U and then finally going to sleep.
You're lonely and need someone to sleep with you
How did you know ;_;

What job?
What do you do for a living? If you don't mind me asking.

Probably a good idea, I don't want to make the second round feel like a chore. Might choose the Thief class next time, playing as a Jew was a great first.

I keep on seeing your thumbnail as Death facepalming, have no clue why.
You might be waking up from the wrong sleep phase, for some reason. Try setting up alarms slightly before you normally wake up, like 10 or 15 minutes before.
Or you just might be the kind of folks who doesn't really need to sleep the normal 8 hours, and just 4 hours is perfectly fine, look it up it's a genetic thing
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Just found out I didn't get the software engineering job I was applying for. They had a small test along with the application that I had to take, and I failed it.

I want to die right now.
More like Dark Souls 30 fps

>I want to die right now.

Don't lose heart Anon, keep trying and you might get a job somewhere else.
Remember, if you persevere you might win, but if you quit you'll never win.

I'm just fucking depressed, because is the closest I've been to getting a job since graduating in June. I just want to be able to afford to move out of my parents house and prove I can live on my own.

What's worse is that the question I failed on was about C++, which I studied in college, and yet I had no idea how to answer it. It was about a C++ concept that I had never even heard of before.
Hey it could be worse, you could be a full-time musician. like me
though I am not in the same field as you, I can empathize with you; since graduating in June of last year and I haven't even been called in for an interview despite all the jobs I have applied for.

Had to get a seasonal retail job just to not have a gap in my resume.
>about to sleep
>feel bowels moving
>feels kind of like when you have diarrhea but not that sudden and not that uncomfortable
>still slightly uncomfortable
>have no urge to go poop however

why does nobody ever talk about how fun this game is
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Was playing XCX and Mario Maker earlier. Now I'm looking at porn before bed.
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>tfw getting bored of vidya
>tfw losing interest in anime
>browsing this site is getting boring
>I'm just on my bed doing nothing
I don't know what to do anymore. It seems doing anything is hard.
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>room's hot as balls
>shitty music blasting at 5am above me
>mind won't stop thinking about the past, future, present, scenarios, and little adventures
>been trying to sleep for four hours now
Its about 5:30 here, got school in an hour and pulling an all nighter to help restart my sleep cycle. Not doing anything right now but the last 4 days have been nothing but Civ V with about 12 hours of sleep total.
>stick dick in mom
>problem solved
>Want to cream myself with an anal orgasm
>Can't seem to do it
Where does everything go wrong 4U?
I suppose I could try playing a video game maybe
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Took a nap and woke up at 8pm, been playing games ever since. Have school in the morning. Also I hate my current job. Retail is shit.

It's a shame insomniac got shafted by not forseeing the xbone flopping, the game is legitimately a ton of fun. I'm surprised with the hit to miss ratio of the humor, I thought there were going to be a lot more misses than there were
>Have work at 10am tomorrow morning
>Should probably sleep
>Ended up just buying the DLC for Bloodborne.
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playing some Fallout 4. Thank god for the PC modding community. Its at least a little more digestible than vanilla

probably will play euro truck sim 2 in a couple hours since it's snowing :3
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