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>walk in gamestop
>wanna buy trials of COLD steel
>she looks at me funny saying I might be too old to play with cartoons in a condescending tone
>Look at the bitch like she's stupid
>she gets nervous and gets my game
>I can hear her call me a psycho under her breath as I walk away

FUCKING gamestop
>no replies for my fake story ;_;
Have a reply, anon. Don't cry.
>Walk in to Gamestop
>Get a copy of Tenchu Shadow Assassin
>Get ready to buy game
>Guy at register asks for ID despite me looking like a fat manchild
>It is almost like he was trying to gut for for being a 35 year old basement dwelling failure
>So I pay three dollars with a debit card, and swipe it over and over again
>Ignore as he tells me to press yes to proceed
>He eventually does it for me
>Leave store calling the cashier a nigger into my three chins
source on semen demon
she's a video girl, good luck on getting a name.
>"ask for wiiu game"
>"oh awesome ive always wanted to play that game but i dont have a wiiu"

ive met a half dozen employees with vitas but not one with a wiiu
angelica charrupi
p.s. learn to use the image search engine faggot
>go into gamestop on December 27
>grab gamecube controller adapter for wii-u and a cheap afterglow xbox 360 controller for the pc
>20 minutes line to checkout because I was a dumbass who wanted to shop right after Christmas
>check out
>wish my cashier a happy new year and leave the store
Wow, what a bitch. You shouldn't have biten her bait, even if it was just a look you have her. Still, she's in the wrong for shitty customer service.
>Walk into Gamestop
>Politely ask for the location of the new Lego games
>Cashier gives me a condescending smile
>I leap behind him and pants him
>I stick my weenie into his warp zone and start unleashing a critical chain combo
>Manager walks up and shouts "what the fuck"
>I lean up to his ear right before I climax
>"This is for Silent Hills you fucking FNaFucker"
>I fill his butt
>Turn around, swipe the lego games
>Run away as the cops begin pursuit
>Trip over my crocs
nah. I can always depend on faggots like you to spoonfeed
Same scenario but for collector's edition

Only my girl laughed with me at how amazon fucked me over with the preorder, said that she still had to get her own copy, and I left as a pleased customer.

Was a good day.
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You could have gotten her fired and sued the establishment for emotional damages.
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>Go to a Gamestop to buy Ghost Trick right after it came out
>"Uh, if that's one of them Japanese games we probably don't have it"
>Go to a GODDAMN TARGET and pick up a copy no problem
I haven't gone back to a Gamestop since. It's not even some faggy boycott, there's just no point anymore
>Relying on employees to check whether the store stocks a game or not

Lrn2 gamestop.com before you walk into the fucking store or call over the phone.
>Walk into Gamestop
>it's december 23rd
>grab an xboner
>purposely grab bloodborne
>walk to the counter
>very polite dude on the counter says "anything else sir"
>oh nothing more, my son said he likes this game so i got him the game and a console to play with it
>"oh you are a very nice father"
>never tells me that bloodborne is not for the xboner
>"you know what, i guess my son will like more this game"
>i changed bloodborne for halo 5
>wish him a merry christmas
>ask for battletoads
they know shit about games
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>Go to EB Games Australia
>Line up for CensorBlade Chronicles
>About to ask for a copy
>Hello anon would you be interested in the new COD or Battlefront?

Does everyone assume 6'3 /fit/ slav immigrants are all casual scum? Have they even heard of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?
>No one posting black chicks

w t f
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> walk into gamestop
> buy mkx
> girl cashier says wow you look like a guy who enjoys a good time
> raging hardon after minute of speaking
> says she wants to feel my abs
> i lift shirt, she sees cock
> we fuck all over the store
> suddenly after cumming on her face, i rock bottom her onto the table
> at the door appears goku ssj4
> i kameahmehahahahhahahahahalolololol him to oblivion
> go home and play mkx

Jeez. Can a guy just but a game?
>earlier last year
>walk into gamestop to buy Nier because the sequel had been announced
>browsing their wares for a while looking for it
>employees bug me a lot asking if they can help or some shit
>Tell them "no thank I'm fine" each time
>I could have asked him to help but I don't like relying on other people
>eventually find the game and check out
>have to wait a rediculous amount of time despite being the only person in the store. have to wait now because the guy now went into the back and the woman was on the phone with another employee
>apparently the person she's on the phone with is not coming in because their dog is in the hospital or something and they get transport
>conversation goes on for a long time like this post
>Instead of checking me out she just continues talking while i stand there like a fool listening
>dude comes back out and she gets off the phone
>he starts checking me and then they both start shit talking the person who can't come in right in front of me - totally unprofessional
>guy then tries to sell me a protection plan
>Tries to sell me preorders
>finish and leave
>spent way too much time their then i needed too because of them
>I am so bored i actually typed this shitty story out

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>walk in gamestop
>ask if they can break a 100
>teller gives me a chuck e cheese token
>go to gamestop
>pick up N3DS + MH4U
>comment cashier about how the little palico pins they are wearing look cute
>well okay then

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>dumply looking motherfucker brings an XBone to the counter
>claims it's for a kid that probably isn't his, since he's clearly a cuck
>has Bloodborne, too, what a fucking casual, probably bribing his wife's kid to love him
>consider telling him that BB is PS4 only, but figure he already knows that, and he's getting the brat a game for the PS4 he already has AND "that other game system with no games
>gives me this weird look as I ring him up, and switched BB for Halo: The New One
>wish his cuck ass a Merry Christmas as he asks for Battletoads like the memester he is
>fucking cucks
>go to gamestop
>not allowed in

would you?
>I make up stories for attention on an anonymous image board

Is there anything sadder than this?
People not posting more hot black chicks?
would I?
btw the game sucked and i haven't touched it in months. thinking of selling it
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>chocolate Tifa
No, my penis is sideways.

my mom forbids me from having a black gf so no
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would they? that's the REAL question

>tfw no qt black gf
beastiality breaks the rules
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I dont think so.jpg
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>black chicks
>walk into gamestop
>look around casually
>walk up to counter
>hey anon, were you going to purchase something today?
>pull down pants
>jump up on counter
>proceed to violently facefuck 10/10 employee

FUCKING Gamestop
If anything female clerks are more likely to play weeb games like Trails than male clerks are.
How far did you get?
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>tfw been working at Gamestop for almost a year and still no autists have come in
Nigger McBreakstheLawthenRiotsAfterPunishment
Who let you on here, Chris?
>4 hours ago
>walk into gamestop
>one of the usual guys is working
>we shoot the shit a bit
>I buy the amiibos I came in to buy
>chat some more, then head out
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>implying anyone goes to gamestop
Yet she lets you browse /v/?
Wow, your mom has her priorities crossed.
They really don't.
I pretty much get paid to do nothing outside of the holidays.
It's great.
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>Walk into gamestop
>Walk over to the Ps3 section, I'm in no rush to buy a ps4 for obvious reasons
>Figure since Ps3 is so old I could finally play the games I wanted play when I was younger and too poor to buy when it came out
>Remember all the games I was excited for but knew I wouldn't play because my family couldn't afford to spend $60 on something so minor
>Now all the games are cheap and abundant
>Now finally have the money to buy it without thinking twice
>None of the games seem as interesting as they did back then.
>Stare at the boxes of used games
>Give up and walk out without buying anything
Fucking gamestop.
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>buying physical media
>paying for something you don't own

I hope you're pirating.
>walk into EB games
>try to buy a AU$20 steam gift card
>cashier looks confused
>picks it up and says "oi m8 what's this"
>i say "it's a fahkin steam gift card"
>cashier looks even more confused
>"what's steam?"
>explain its a PC gaming platform
>cashier glares at me
>"oh your one of those PC mastah race wankas. ill fight u m8"
>"try it u fuckin cheeky cunt"
>punch him in the face
>we fight for 15 minutes
>manage to knock him out
>about to walk away
>manager walks up
>"did u pay for that?"
>"nah mate, sry"
>"it's ok m8. see ya"
>walk out
>nearly collapse at the zebra crossing outside my house from my injuries
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Glad I'm not the only one who thought that.
>walk into gamestop
>browse the Sega isle
>get yelled at for absolutely no reason
>we're going to call the police, anon
>Man tries to hit me as I exit the store
>forced to mace him out of self-defence

FUCKING gamestop

They're humoring you, manchild.
In 2009, there was a Gamestop near my grandparents house who had a cheery blonde girl who though everything was wonderful and a scrawny hipster looking dude who was actually a perverted DOAfag. Whenever blonde Delilah was around he would act as professional as possible, but if she was gone he would find a way to mention "jiggletech" no matter what game I would buy.
a little after he turned into guts

Games get lost anon. Website saying a store has it doesn't mean they physically have it. Always call ahead.
File: fucking gamestop.jpg (146 KB, 677x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fucking gamestop.jpg
146 KB, 677x722

based chris
Black girls, no matter how good they look, will talk to you as long as you don't nig out like crazy. They're easily the most approachable race, especially if you're not black.
This is an all-too-familiar feel.
>Dead Rising
>Prototype 1
>AC 1, 2 collection, Rogue
>Lost Planet EC
>Mercs 2
>DMC collection

man i wanna fuck the redheaded alt girl at my ebgames store
>posting failed audition memes
Impossible, as you have quoted 20 posts, and there are currently 65 posts with 48 unique IPs. Also, some of those posts are less than one minute apart.
>Posted like 3 times in the thread
>only 1 (you)
>go to gamestop
>look at the ps4 section
>switch to vita
>switch to 3ds
>switch to clearance section
>MFW i already have what i want and nothing else to buy
>go out
Every fucking time i go to a mall with gamestop on it

Are you literally fucking me
Why do we even have GAMESTOP threads?

You know you could just pirate or by the game online right from the comfort of wherever the fuck you are?

Seriously fuck this thread
Fuckign do it
nice dubs>>322706495

Just ask them, they usually do.
>Go to gamestop half an hour before closing with my cousin
>looking at games
>girl comes up to us to tell us they close in 10 minutes in a mad as fuck tone
>me and cousin had decided what we were going to get
>say fuck that leave and never go back
Ended up just going to Target fuck Gamestop
>i can talk to girls
i would if i would but i cant
>dat red hair
>dem sun spots all over her face
to q.t 3.14 for me to even have a chance
thats because all the retards and shitbags go to my shop. RadioShack story time motherfuckers:

>dude comes waling into my shop
>looks like a normal old gentleman except for the lit headlamp he's wearing but whatever
>Ask him if I can help him find anything, "No I'm good"
>He takes about 15 minutes to find what he needs, comes up and I start cashing him out
>So far so good, nothing weird
>Suddenly he points to my head and says "You know you've got about 3 pounds of cottage cheese in there".
>"Not me of course, I've only got a poind and a half after my stroke" he laughs
>to his credit, he doesn't have any of the usual shit you associate with people who've had strokes
>"the only reason I'm standing is because of God almighty's power"
>"It flow through us and penetrates us and keeps us going, we are all the Second coming of Jesus, you, me, Micheal Jordan, even when he's doing a slam dunk"
>he then proceeds to explain how God's power stopped an possessed asian man from attacking him (when in reality, he double parked behind the guy and when he was told to move, screamed "BY THE POWER OF CHRIST GET BACK IN YOUR CAR AND GO HOME")
>He then explains that global warming is not only a myth, but caused by an overabundance of cows farting
>He also explains that deforestation is a myth because, and I quote, "They need to cut down trees to get the machine into the forest, what do you think happens to those trees?"
>He never explains what the machines are or why they need to be in the forest
>He just stops talking midsentence and leaves when another customer walks in (We were the only 2 people in the shop during all of this)

I've got a good few storys saved up from working that beat for 5 years, like it or not there's more to come. Next up is the saga of the pantsless gentleman
Saggy titties.
get a real job
>Drive by Gamestop
>Realize GameStop is still around in 2016
>"huh, I wonder if they would have a used PC monitor"
>"Probably not, I bet people hang onto stuff like that"
>Go home and fuck wife and eat roast corn beef and potatos

huh, Gamestop
FUCK THIS GAY EARTH. What kind of fucking existence is this where a man has to live without ever getting to suck on those sweet tits and blow a huge load in her ass??
Take the plunge, worst case scenario you never buy physical media ever again
>obviously mixed
>no niggar nappy hair
sure, i'm ok with this
Stated from the Bottom music video, right? Drake is such a faggot.
>Now all the games are cheap and abundant

Had me up until there.

All my local Gamestops have a dwindling shit selection of PS3 games and the prices have been fucking inflated on all of them. Things like Yakuza 3 that used to be $5 used jumped up to fucking $15.

And what are they replacing the shelf space with? Certainly not PS4 or Xbox One games. Stupid overpriced merchandise. I fucking hate those stupid Pop! figures.
>go to gamestop
>see fat fuck in the front
>ask him about black ops 3
>tries to sell me some gay ass weebshit dragon panties 5 or something
>get dat blops3
>kill some nigga finish with a 21.00 k/d
>go to the gym
>see the fat fuck from gamestop
>he see me and waves to me
>ask him what he was doing
>told me he is working out for a life change
>felt pretty happy and proud for him
>ask to come over and drink some beer and play blops3
>he does
>we are sitting on the couch
>we take some shots and drink some brews while kill niggas
>i look at him as he is putting a corndog in his mouth
>mustard on the side of his face
>he pretty much takes in the whole thing
>feel a tightness in my pants
>ask him playfully if he ever thought about sucking dick
>he start looking nervous
>i get up and unzip my pants i know he wants it
>but then my spegitti falls out and goes everywhere
>he gets on the floor and starts to do the dinosaur
Same boat here but every shit game store on my godforsaken land just have shit ps4 games, I wonder where they dumped the ps3 games aside generic FPS. I buy digital stuff or from amazon but I barely play shit
i dont even know what to say/do
this is why i will be forever alone
>mulatto meme
It's just styled hair bro
oh I forgot to add, Mr. Second Coming also says that weed and video games are the same thing, and lead to masturbation

on to the saga of the Mr. Randy:

>Used to have a regular customer, lets call him Randy
>Randy was slightly mentally handicapped, not so much that he needed assistance everywhere, but enough that it took him a few tries to get something
>Always comes in wearing the same clothes
>Jesus hat, Jesus T shirt, biker vest decked out in Christian patches, jeans and sneakers
>Remember that ensemble, its important
>Randy really liked his assistant Dawn
>his flip phone has him and her as his background, kinda cute really
>one day he comes in asking if I can fix his phone since it isn't receiving calls
>He says he already called the company and they said there was an outage
>out of reflex I ask for the phone, flip it open and I'm greeted with a picture of his hairy ass dick
>Banner reads "MY SEXY DICK DAWN"
>close the phone, hand it back and appologize saying there's nothing I can do

Saga continues next post

My shops still open against all reasoning anon, send help
You're right, I should just start streaming 24/7.

That shit is nuts.
Sounds like there's rarely a boring day.
The only part of this post that is true is part where you ate potatoes.
Everything else you made up to make it seem like you actually did something, anything, no matter how desperately sad it was, with your life, and thought this meant actually meant something to anyone on this board.

And it did to me,
It meant somewhere out there in this world there existed a poor soul so desperate for attention and validation they had to lie on an anonymous imageboard.
It meant that people sadder, and more pathetic than me not only existed, but also used the same website at I did, and even browsed the same thread.
I'll be praying for you, I hope one day you could have enough self esteem to understand that no one cares, and that doesn't matter because at the very least you cared.
why do people go to gamestop anymore lol
amazon has all you need
sorry anon life isn't fair
cos of the cutie that works there
Randy's story part 2:

>a few days later and I'm working alone when Randy comes back while the shop is empty
>he greets me with a big smile on his face and goes to browse around the store
>didn't think anything of it until I stop looking at his face and notice what he's wearing
>He's got his Jesus hat, Jesus biker vest, giant wooden cross around his neck, tie-dye shirt, and women's platform shoes
>but no pants or underwear
>shirt was long enough so I didn't get a second look at his junk thank fucking Christ
>Spends a good 5 minutes wandering around before leaving. Meanwhile I dunno If I should warn the guy or call security
>He goes to leave as the head security guard and a customer come walking in
>we stare at each other for a few seconds before I say "Yes he wasn't wearing any pants"
>They both sigh and thought they were going crazy for a second then proceed to browse
>Security guard makes no attempt to stop the guy from wandering around the plaza pantsless

I think I'll skip the cracked out motherfuckers and skip to the fat shitters next

You'd think that, outside of crazies my store is dead, there's no happy medium
hurry the fuck up anon, I'm literally fighting off passing out from how sleepy I am, and I want to hear your sstory before goign to bed
thanks anon, night
Premium escorts exist, anon.
Alright so I had to volunteer at a different RadioShack for this one, this time I'm at a crowded ass shopping mall instead of my usual plaza

>Slightly livelier than I'm used to but at least I'm working with a manager this time so I'm not alone
>hear the entry chime ring, start to smell a faint smell of tuna as I turn around
>huge ass bitch and her equally large bf comes wandering in
>Smell intensifies by the second, they reek of shit and fish
>they want to stand as close to me as humanly possible as they ask about shit we don't sell
>I can taste the shit, I hear some creaking sound
>oh shit is the concrete and marble floor giving out?
>They turn and walk to the prepaid phones and I notice a brown mark on the floor that wasn't there before
>dude shit himself and didn't notice, and tracked it over every inch of the damn store
>after they leave, I just rip out the floor tiles and call corporate for new ones

next up is what happens when a neighboring store is visited by a large black man and they don't have security cameras or iPhones

cheers anon
but they do

you would do well to heed the wisdom of god's wizard
alright, before the mass closures we had a store about 10 minutes from my plaza, they only ever get old people as clientele, so its usually quiet

>Get a call about 6 o'clock, my coworker picks it up, its the assistant manager of the second RS
>she explains that her face is swelling up and its getting hard to see
>we ask what the fuck happened
>Apparently this big black dude came walking into her store asking about an iPhone he had called to be put on hold
>She had been working there the entire day and never received any call like that
>she apologizes and offers to find another store with one in stock and either ship it to her store or he can run over there and buy it
>Dude says "Fucking dyke" and punches her in the face full force
>to put it in perspective, the assistant manager was a big girl, part of a rugby team and tough as fuck, would have taken a lot to K.O. her
>She then explains that the district manager isn't answering her calls and wants to know if the number she had was correct
>it was, we later find out the DM kept her number wrong in the store directory so no one could call her
>my manager manages to follow up with the woman before my DM even knows whats going on
>Assistant manager calls the cops 2 days later after getting heckled about it constantly
>DM quits that day

freaky thing is I left that store a few hours before the ASM got decked

next is the last story of the night unless I get asked otherwise, the ballad of the closing RadioShack
Okay sport, remember to take your medicine.
I've been enjoying these. Thanks.
please keep going, as long as you can. i'm enjoying these
Alright, there was a store that was closing that for the past year had no manager, had minimal DM involvement and was staffed entirely by teenagers

>get an email saying that all available associates are required to volunteer to help clean up the closing RS. I'm the only open body from my store so fuck it
>walk in and the store is an absolute sty
>Shelves ripped off of walls, counters broken, locks cut
>looks like a tornado ripped through there
>I was tasked with cleanup while managers counted merchandise
>everything going smoothly until they start to tally the losses. Turns out the teens were just taking whatever they wanted and making their own hours since the DM (same one from last story) gave the one kid manager permissions in leu of acting manager
>they were missing 5 laptops, 8 TVs, several tables, every RC car, you name it, if it was over 100 bucks it was missing
>grand total was close to a 100k or so, I honestly don't remember. It was a fuckhuge sum though
>I go to use the restroom, and apparently I'm the first one to use it since the store was closed
>A familiar smell greets me as I open the door
>I turn on the lights
>someone shit in the sink
>fuckers wanted me to clean it
>I said no and left

np anons, I've got a few more stories left, next we'll revisit the store where the big dude decked the ASM, its another theft story
I knew a guy who got caught stealing stuff from his work place.
He'd managed to steal like £1K worth of magic cards, loads of DVDs and a laptop before he got caught.
fuck tablets not tables

alright this is the story about how the assaulted RadioShack got robbed blind

>working with my bro from 2 stories ago
>get a call from the nearby RS
>its their latest hire
>she says she doesn't remember her code to arm her store's security system, and wants mine thinking that it'll work
>yea no, fuck that, tell her to call ADT
>fast forward a few days later, talking with my manager when he mentions the local RS was robbed in the middle of the night
>turns out the new hire stole the spare keys to the store, lifted the manager's security code, came in with 5 friends at midnight, unlocked the store, gave them each a garbage bag and told them to go nuts
>total theft still didn't come close to the loss from the demolished shack with the shit in the sink

next up is the oldest story from my 5 years at that store, about the great debate: ghosts vs. aliens

I had a coworker pull something similar, he'd wait for the ASM to go out for a smoke, go up to some cord that was expensive, process a no receipt return on it with the phone number 222-2222 and pocket the cash. I've never seen my manager's face turn so many shades of red when he pulled the camera tapes
dis nebur habbend anon sdob being a fugging redard
the only thing I've ever taken from a work place was brownies when I was a kid.
Perks of being a KP during summer, that and getting hit in the face with an egg thrown by the waiting staff.
File: 1362374760126.png (225 KB, 451x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 451x473
>about the great debate: ghosts vs. aliens
This is gonna be good.
Oh god...my dik is on fire!!
forgot to mention the reason for her thefts, each of her partners in crime that night traded pills for a chance to raid the store

now onto the oldest story, this was from when I was just a seasonal temp at the company 5 fucking years ago, ironically making more money than I do now

>there were 3 temps, me, tall dude that would later become the ASM for my store for a week and a kid that my bro nicknamed "Gringo" (the 3rd temp hated mexicans)
>Gringo love aliens, would not stop talking about them, like all the time, he was right below "Aliens is love, Aliens is life" levels of obsessed
>One night tall guy and Gringo get into an argument
>tall guy was asserting that ghosts exist, while Gringo was trying to disprove it and use that disproval to say that ghosts exist
>His logic? Ghosts are just hallucinations
>How are the hallucinations caused you asked? Simple! according to a study he found on the internet that never bothered to give, electromagnetic radiation causes people to see ghosts
>but where does the radiation come from you might ask? Aliens
>he firmly believed aliens were bombarding the planet with electromagnetic radiation in a scientific experiment on us
>aliens were the cause of ghosts

tall guy and I shared a hearty laugh and Gringo tries to kick him in the nuts but misses and kicks the counter

side story about Gringo

>Gringo was also as dumb as a god damn rake
>he brought 3 chargers to the register, asked a coworker which would work with his phone
>never realized that he grabbed 2 of the same charger, same sku and all.
>Even when said coworker narrowed down the choices from 3 to the 2 identical chargers he still didn't get it
alright, last story: this one involves tall guy during his week long tenure as assistant manager of my store and his 3 day tenure as ASM of the assaulted RadioShack

>After gettting promoted to ASM, tall man became increasing lazy
>at first it was cool, he brought in his hardmodded OG Xbox and we played Ninja Gaiden and Mario Kart and shit on it, life was good
>Eventually would start giving discounts to people because he felt like it, random 20 to 50% off whatever
>started showing up late to work and leaving early, like right after the manager leaves when he had another 4 hours left in his shift early
>one day he was scheduled to open the story at 9AM
>9AM rolls around, no tall man, 10 AM and the elderly dude that used to work at the shop waltzes up for his shift, door's still locked
>Elder goes home for a few hours comes back and still nothing
>2PM and Tall man finally shows up, just in time for a 40 box delivery to arrive
>he and elder unpack one box each by the time I show up at 3
>they both leave immediately after I arrive, leaving me with about 39 boxes and 10 or so customers to deal with
>4:30 rolls around and my one bro comes in for his shift
>sees the pile of boxes, I was only able to unpack about 10-15 solo
>reason being you have to hand count everything, and these were all boxes full of random components, 20 to 30 a piece and about 100 skus per box
>both of us bust our ass until close and still couldn't finish the delivery
>tall man gets put in charge of the assaulted RadioShack as punishment, quits 3 days later out of boredom
>To this day the manager thinks my bro and I were just being lazy

and thats it folks, the monologue of a professional RadioShack register jockey. Remember this shit next time you find one of those long abandoned shacks, I might have worked there
Where do you work anon? I sure hope it's not around me.
Western NY, gotta love this snowy shithole
>usually lower prices
>comes in just a wrapping
>no stickers all over it (price, GOTY, WINNER OF AWARDS etc)
>in stock
>if impatient can have it delivered the next day

Amazon is god tier.
>earlier last year
>walk into gamestop to buy Nier because the sequel had been announced

>last year
HAH, nice lies faggot, Nier was announced in 20-
How is time going so fast?
Anon you could have turned that into a phone number and a date, but you were to much of an Autist for that. I hope she was hot so you can regret being such an idiot for some time.
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>zebra crossing
>walk into gamestop
>not even their to buy games because i'm not a loser
>slap the nerd behind the counter across the face so hard his hipster beard flies off along with his Clark Kent glasses
>grab a guys girlfriend and makeout with her so good she dumps him on the spot
>leave with her as he hangs himself in the store
>dump her after getting her pregnant

True story.
>be in mall with gf
>see gamestop
>haven't been inside one in four years
>go in, pick up first game I see
>That Rome game Ruse, or whatever
>used, 20 dolLars
>check Steam, it's 8 bucks

Such a worthless store. People need to learn to sell their shit on ebay instead so it can die.
>go to gamestop
>buy game
>leave with an indifferent attittude to the whole situation.

speaking of nothin personnel, is there any big difference between the vita and ps3 versions?
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