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Is Dragon's Crown heavily inspired from...
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Is Dragon's Crown heavily inspired from D&D Chronicles of Mystara?
yes, it's basically Kamitani's love letter to the game
because I bought Chronicles of Mystara and have also Dragon's Crown and they both seemed very similar. I had been just wondering.
from wikipedia

>Art director George Kamitani first had the idea for Dragon's Crown thirteen years before its release, immediately after production of Princess Crown for the Sega Saturn in 1997, but claimed that he was unable to find a publisher willing to support the project, which at the time was intended for the Sega Dreamcast. Kamitani, who had previously worked with Capcom on Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, said that he always wanted to develop a game that would "advance the genre", of similar titles such as Golden Axe and The King of Dragons while still keeping it 2D.
I only played the Witch with Japanese and a tiny bit the Amazon but I haven't tried the others yet.
I'm terrible at playing the game and I don't really know how to DPS with the Witch when playing alone.
Yaknow it never really hit me until a few days ago when I got curious about dungeons and dragons in general and then end up looking up mystara by chance.

Kinda hope more people eventually make more games that play out like these games.
In Dragon's Crown
>play with the Witch with the JP voice
the rest is all in English VA
Is there a time when I'll be able to change the narrator to JP? It's just seems strange.
IIRC if you beat the game (the first difficulty) it unlocks that character as a narrator (you have to purchase it though), which I think is in japanese.

Also check the options, they added pages to them, and I feel like that was an option that got added in one of the patches
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How many people play Dragon's Crown online?

Man, Shadow of Mystara is one of the coolest arcade beat-em-ups ever made. Really felt like it was an RPG with all the equipment and secret areas and choices. Also had genuine depth and replayability + it wasn't bullshit unfair, you could actually 1CC it if you were good. That and Alien vs Predator are two of the best games capcom made in that era, I'm still not sure how the hell those two games managed to be made.
Sorceress is hard to play at first because you don't have levels/skill points to charge your MP back up faster. IIRC, the following are really good with just about every element of staff:

aerial hold up + O
aerial hold O
ground up O

I would recommend getting used to the aerial hold O attacks because they're what you'll probably be doing most often, especially at higher levels.
PC when?
I was getting raped badly by the Gazer the first time I fought it and it's only on the first difficulty.
I was so bad at playing Chronicles of Mystara that I gave up playing entirely. I don't even remember which character I was using.
shadow over mystara is actually good though
Gazer is immune to magic attacks half of the time. He's probably the hardest fight in the game for sorc/wizard.

Don't let it get to you bro
when I fought it the first I had almost an entire party of magic users too
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So are the Capcom D&D games any good?
Will I like them if I enjoyed Dragon's Crown?

They're good. You might, but it's definitely only a might, because they're still reasonably different from DC. They're arcade games, you need to keep that in mind. So they're harder, and it takes a much longer time to master them, as that's how they're designed. Especially when you're just starting out you won't feel anywhere near as strong as you do in Dragon's Crown. You need to know how items work and figure out strategies to beat stages, and you're going to die alot figuring that stuff out. Shadow over Mystara especially though is filled to the brink with secrets and alternate paths, so it's very much worth spending lots of time playing.
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I wouldn't expect an arcade game to be easy.
Being tough and having to work strategies sounds pretty good though. DC didn't have too much of that.
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She sounds like she moans.
Dragon's Crown needs to come out on PC. I would play the shit out of a Steam release of the game.
Or you can buy a PSTV and have a console that plays Muramasa, DC and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
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