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Vidya Fatigue Thread
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How're you holding up /v/?

My blog:
>no longer have any games on mind I feel like playing
>every game I played I quit after I feel I've seen everything it has to offer
>can't find a game where I can dedicate myself to gitting gud
>out of anime to watch too
>most recently played Warframe
>feel like quitting after reaching MR10 over the course of 25 days
>know that with neither games nor anime, depression will set in pretty fast
Anime to reboot your anime intrest:
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Video games to reboot video game intrest:
Metal Gear Solid 1
Resident Evil 4

>fapping at 4am
what the fuck?
my dick does not abide by the sun
living the dream man, living the dream
It bothers me how much post-game content there is in games nowadays. Dumb filler made as an afterthought that is supposed to sweeten the deal, when in fact it's holding you back from playing more games.
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fucked sleep schedule
i know that all too well
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>be neet
>have game fatigue
>get job
>having a blast on xenoblade
>finally have money for vidya
>now too much on backlog
>know I will never finish my backlog unless i become neet again
>don't ever touch games
Are you suggesting I rewatch/replay these?
How many folks here who love vidya also wonder what may have been had you never heard of vidya?
I would have killed myself ten years ago.
Do you really think you would be in the same depressed situation had your mind not been occupied by vidya? That you wouldn't have found more productive interests that led to a healthier, normie life?
Why do you think I started playing video games in the first place? I grew up out in a small mountain town with no friends and literally nothing to do besides chop wood and play video games. There was never a chance of me being 'normal' in the first place. I only have a JOB now because I liked video games so much that I decided to learn how to program, which lead to me getting a paid internship which let me afford to move out of my parent's place and into the city.

If I didn't have video games or programming, I would have nothing.
The worst is having other interests but still really enjoying vidya and trying to keep all of these interests but it ends up being just too much but you refuse to drop your passions.
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>mfw I was going through a neet phase during PS2 launch month
ah so you are on level 2 i see
Oh, you're one of those guys who's doing well despite being a gamer. Props to you friend.

I didn't have a choice, I spent my early years in Japan then my family moved to an out-of-touch 3rd-world country where I spent most of my time crying about how bored I was. I was playing Famicom & Super Famicom all the way until the Dreamcast came out.
If I had other interests I'd drop vidya in a heartbeat. I'd only come back to vidya for the now-extinct gem that is an actual game & not just a rehash with a different story (PROTIP: stories don't matter in vidya if the gameplay is shit).
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Monster hunter?
any mmorpg?
>Work 2nd shift
>go to bed at 2-6 am from being wound up from work
>wake up 10am -12 pm
I really need to look into sleep aids
get a fucking job
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>barely get around to playing games anymore
>recently decided I want to start a LP channel, just so at least I have a reason to get off /v/ and play video games
>can't bring myself to start recording
>If I play a game now its only a multiplayer game as I don't want to start an SP game I could do a LP of
I've fucked myself right into a bullshit cycle
I've exceeded max level already I think. I'm zealous/autistic about my tastes in any form of entertainment. With vidya, I pretty much play every game that comes out that sparks even the tiniest interest in me, as I don't have much else to do anyway. But as I mentioned in OP, once I feel I've seen everything it has to offer me, I quit.

It's been ages since I've decided to (exceptions aside) never bother with another anime that
>is set primarily in a school
>is moeshit
>is just fanservice
I recently watched Muteki Kanban Musume for the first time, that shit was rad & hilarious. May the writer rest in peace.

>Monster hunter
It's nice, but I don't have any friends to make the joy last.

I'm set to start another uni course next month (I already have a BSc) with my final objective being I work from home to just get by.
>Kotor on sale
>buy it
>Want to make black mage level
>remember taris, and how much it will suck
Kill me.
you can easily find guys to hunt with. you should give it a try, there are psp emulators, psp online (with ps3) wiiU and 3ds, and since 3ds has been hacked you can now play monster hunter X with an us-eu 3ds.
protip: depression was setting in long before you ran out of video games to play and anime to watch
I think I would eventually get into vidya regardless. I just cant sit down and watch a tv show or movie for more than an hour unless it is exceptional. Meanwhile I can sink hours into vidya, even if its sub-par.
I only got into videogames like a couple of years ago.
Don't tell me when I can fap you nigger.

I eat pancakes for dinner too.

Fight me.
get out while you still can
flee for your life
Man quit that self-loathing shit. I've been around the block. All hobbies are a fucking chore when you're so depressed that moving faster than a snail's pace is torture.

At least videogames are purely reactive and don't require me to make shit. I'm sticking around.
I know that, & I'm working on it, but currently vidya & anime are the only crutches I have to support me.

Just to clarify, I've already played it. I've also played lots of multiplayer-focused/only games, but it just isn't any fun without actual friends, not just strangers you can get along with.
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>not fapping at all hours of the day and night
A recreational waste of time does not a hobby make. There is nothing constructive about playing video games.
I would have totally killed myself or gotten killed anyhow by some thug where I live if I didn't have vydia to keep me inside.
Disgaea 5 and Trails of Coldsteel the Memehog have cured me of my fatigue. God Bless Anime.
>play a game I never played before
>60 minutes later
>"Wow this seems like fun! I'll play more later"
>never play it again
I'd probably be a boringfag who just watches TV and makes toothless jokes in a pathetic attempt to get pussy.

That or a badass jouster at Medieval Times Dinner & Theater. What could have been...
Have you thought about some kind of very inmersive game like a RPG sandbox?
you make it for 60 minutes?
Probably would've been more productive in my youth
>nothing constructive

How about experiencing universes and things that can't exist in the real world opening up your imagination? Being exposed to different idealogies and stories.

Sure there is nothing constructive about videogames if you only consider the ability to create physical things constructive but they do a world of good for the imagination and openness of the mind.

Each videogame is like a book or training. Story games are interactive books and reactionary games make you that much more aware.

For instance, I've played games since I was a kid and my reaction times and awareness of what's around me is much greater than those around me. It's not even a contest.

Where do you think things we have today come from? A lot of it came from science fiction books and shows. Games will do the same for people in the future.
I have an old mindset and if I don't have something tangible, then I don't feel constructive at all. Games are nothing but complex equations that trick you into believing something is happening, and are just a big farce.
I'm too technical and I guess it's my fault for pushing that onto you, sorry.
who else just feels like there are too few hours in the day to play vidya?

by the time I'm done doing everything I do in day to day life it's like midnight and I feel kinda tired and just want to get into bed and listen to a podcast
You know there's an actual current-day medieval battling tournament thing right? I would've done that myself.

I think this is why a lot of us need vidya, there's little irl that needs the reaction time & "skill learning" anymore. Thus we call them useless skills learned from gaming.
File: thumbs up.gif (970 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
thumbs up.gif
970 KB, 500x281
First shift bro. Waking up at 4am is a bitch it's so worth it when you walk out of work with the sun shining.

Take like a two hour nap after work as well. You'll feel refreshed until you go to bed.
I've played everything. Every kind of game. Just about every game worth checking out.

>a game that involves storytelling & your choices in dialogue & actions as a player
Played a few, didn't click with me.
>a game where you hit stuff in the same way over & over again to get stronger to hit stronger stuff to get stronger...

>an excuse for devs to put minimal effort in making content for a game

That being said, I wouldn't mind you making suggestions (please).
I bought some blackout curtains so I never know what time it is and I just don't care.

Is it light outside? Who knows!
What a wonderful day to start playing Dark Souls and watch movies from andrei tarkowsky
You gotta appreciate waking up that early, trust me. I used to get off work at 3-4 am 4 days a week and couldn't fall asleep till 6 WITH sleep aid, and woke up every single day at 2 pm. Your whole day is gone. Never worth it
Your mindset is absolutely right, but it would be ignorant to consider playing vidya to be a waste of time, as long as you don't play it excessively. People need recreational activities after all, vidya is just another recreational option.

>reaction times and awareness
read >>322675443
>have more than enough time & money to play video games
>always have at least one title that I want to play
>get tired
>like, physically tired
>actually want to play games very very much, but my brain's telling me to go to sleep
I guess that's what happens when you're 26 and lived most of your life eating a shitty diet.

How can we promote healthy eating to gamers?
File: GM.png (102 KB, 453x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 453x443
I got into a gamer slump and then went into tabletop games like DnD.
It kinda makes video games more exciting.
>Dark Souls
Loved it
>andrei tarkowsky
Thanks for the recc
File: 1449625755768.jpg (26 KB, 509x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sleeping for 10 hours
>not sacrificing sleep for vidya

That said I'm a wageslave and envy the free time of NEETs. Anyway, 5-6 hours is enough.
File: 1446491131229.jpg (53 KB, 692x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 692x488
I never understood faggots like op.

"Gaming Fatigure" is a code word for "Being a pathetic virgin fuck without any hobbies besides games".
Your own fucking body is telling you to do something more productve and you are trying to force this shit back on yourself.
Man, I know this feeling too well.

I can't play any games anymore. I feel like I'm getting too old and wasting my life away. I have a gaming PC, and Xbone, and a PS4.

Never play any of them. Gaming is fucking stupid. I don't even know why I come on /v/ / 4chan anymore to be honest.

It's all complete shit.
>feel like you want a snack
Grab a tomato (salted if you want) and eat it like an apple.
>need a sudden charge or drink
Grab a chocolate milk. It's far better then any mountain due
And if you're feeling ballsy and have the shape for it, do a couple of pushups every time you die or fail. Find a way to move while playing games. This and replacing sugary junk food with healthy food (even home cooked meals can be far healthier then ready made shit) can give you more energy.
I've considered tabletop but just can't find a place for it in my life. It costs money I don't have, the nearest stores are a 30-minute drive away, & it involves getting to know strangers, which I'm working on, but am still not feeling confident about.

I live in Ausfailia so I can guess most people have shit taste anyway (most people here are mindless media drones). I don't like high-fantasy settings, which I imagine everybody here is playing.
[baited]Where do you think you are?[/baited]
So... The majority of the /v/ audience?
There are game finder threads on /tg/ about once every two days and there are other type of tabletop other than fantasy.

I've never played a game with anyone in real life. There's an entire community of people who play online through skype, rollz and roll20
It can be as anonymous as video games.
Not feeling you guys, I'm 24 and still enjoy games a lot. Here's a thing to keep in mind that might help you get better, because I see this thread often.

Maybe you go on /v/ too much, and if you do, don't, because it might make you miss out on great games. Sometimes I see all the shitposting and even though I know it is, I end up not playing a game just because of /v/.

For example, try buying a Wii U. Ignore everything that is said on this board, that console had so many gems compared to the other 2 consoles it's ridiculous.
Smash 4, Bayo, MK8, Freeze Dong, Mario Maker. All titles that are arguably worth the price of admission.

My point is: don't mentally block yourself from playing a game because of your initial POV on it. Undertale, for example, is a great game that has a shitty community. I played it recently despite my opinions being so negative on it and I enjoyed it a whole lot.
Breh, if I took 4chan out of the equation, I only use my browser for the following:
>Information about whatever I'm currently playing

Even so I've been slowing down a lot, visiting /v/ maybe once a week as opposed to thrice a day, & no other boards. Especially when I have something worth playing.

I don't want to say I wish I'd never touched vidya, but I can't help but wonder what my life would've been like. What's done is done though.
File: 1445662446736.png (2 KB, 142x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just want to enjoy video games. There's nothing wrong with what I'm playing and I have fun for a solid half an hour, but then I get bored and if I'm not distracted by video games I think about shit I don't have and get depressed.

How do you anons stay focused on video games and nothing else, I want to teach myself to only care about vidya and become a super NEET
Anyone else that's been exclusively on PC and just getting tired of it? I bought a bunch of shit during the sale and like every year, I never play any of it. Honestly, I'm thinking about buying a PS4 or a Wii U or some shit to change up the pace.
Oh sweet. I've always wanted to get familiar with /tg/niichan, I might actually do this. Thanks anon.
File: 1432142188598.jpg (58 KB, 599x537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 599x537
Sure thing bro.
I used to be the same way when I was a poorfag and only bought games during sales. I feel like there's something special about getting one game at a time as opposed to like 5-6 at once like during steam sales. It kind of devalues the experience even subconsciously if I get too much vidya at once, but that's just me.
Battle of the Nations but you need a minimum of 8 people and you'll probably get raped by those that have 50.
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>pancakes for dinner
look at this faggot
waffles > pancakes
File: 654.jpg (22 KB, 450x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck, I'm feeling the same.
>games ain't fun anymore
>not even mods or multiplayer games are fun
>can't play more than 30min without getting bored
>my only motivation to keep playing are the achievements but that's fucking stupid
>have other hobbies but it's a shame that vidya no longer keeps me entertained
I don't know why do I keep comming to /v/
File: 1373715050098.jpg (27 KB, 349x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get bored of vidya
>watch anime a lot
>get bored of anime
>read manga a lot
>get bored of manga
>watch TV series a lot
>get bored of TV series
>watch movies a lot
>get bored of movies
>read books a lot
>get bored of books

>say fuck it and start running a lot
>get bored of running
>socialize a lot, head out to bars and clubs with other people
>it's slowly starting to get boring

>experiment with drugs a lot
>fun but needs a lot of preparation and can't be done every day as a hobby
>travel a lot
>also fun but needs a lot of money, free time and preparation

>start studying law
>made my mind up of quitting after less than one semester

Fuck this shit, what is there still left to do for me?
>implying I'll ever buy a unitasker
2015 hit me with fatigue big time. I only ever play WoW anymore.
Notice how the only things that are still fun to you are the things that you were forced to do in moderation, anon. Apply that shit to everything and slowly get back into all of it at once instead of going through binge-phases with all of them one at a time
>find everything boring
>lack of motivation
Maybe it's depression. Cheer up, faggot.
>feeling comfy
>decide to play oolite (open gl version of elite)
>have some fun being a space trucker
>decide to play it again
>realize it's actually pretty boring
This has happened with most games I've played. I play it once for a few hours, have fun, and then discard it because it gets boring.

Like, I played Monster Hunter FU until the town three star missions. I then stopped. I'm not even sure why, the game is pretty fun, but I don't have any motivation to play it.
As an idort, the number of games that you own but don't play will just increase.

It also causes dilemmas.
>"which version should I get?" (if there's a PC version, there's a 99.9% chance you'll gravitate towards that)
>"should I buy one console game, or several PC games?"
I agree it's important to form your own opinion of any vidya. However, you're neglecting the fact that there are people who want certain types of vidya, types that are getting harder & harder to find, therefore alienating us from gaming altogether.

In my case, it's vidya with inventive/creative gameplay & a high-skill-ceiling, preferably in a surreal/original setting (imagine a game made by aliens).

Your example, which I will not name for suspicion of being baited, is nice. It has humor (which is subjective & may please some while boring others), & a dramatic story with twists & turns (see previous brackets). However, it's sorely lacking in gamePLAY.

I want to play vidya, not watch it, not read it, not listen to it. I need games where the primary focus is the GAME, after which everything else is built around it.
I tried getting back into all these things after longer breaks a lot of times but it just gets boring really quick again.
Now I'm stuck in some form of paralysis because I won't to hold off on all the stuff in the list but don't have anything to do.

I suspected the same but don't know why I would be depressed and if a psychiatrist could actually help me improving.
>preferably in a surreal/original setting
Have you played Zeno Clash?
The Division Alpha was the last game I had fun with other than Dying Light. After Ubisofts fuck ups The Division actually is bretty gud.

Otherwise Im just minding my time until Monster Hunter X comes out.
Depression doesn't always need some crazy reason to show up, anon, it's as simple as a chemical imbalance. I have no experience with psychiatrists but it has to be worth a shot or at least better than whatever you're doing now. Chances are they'll fix your drug problem, too, just don't get too crazy on the anti-depressants.
You see everything the game/whatever has to offer you & are not satisfied.
you don't know a psychiatrist will help until you try
File: 1449077704606.png (120 KB, 900x950) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 900x950
I want to be excited about games, I truly want to enjoy them as I used to, but I just can't anymore, everything feels like a chore after a while and knowing that we'l never see another real Castlevania or Megaman X makes me feel like shit.
It was interesting but the gameplay was shallow. Don't forget, gameplay first, everything else built around it.
Learn how to make games and make your own
>knowing that we'l never see another real Castlevania or Megaman X
I don't condone sequels, I mean look where we're at now.
If anything, I just want devs to come up with more original gameplay ideas.
Well I guess trying it won't hurt.
Does anyone have some experience with shrinks? I really don't know what to expect
I went to a therapist one time and looking back it was the turning point in my mental health struggle. Talking to a third party with no fear of them hating or judging you is very healthy.
Sounds like you have a problem with newer games.

A solution to this problem would be to start playing older games.
I went to one as teenager. He was helpful and helped me get over my trust issues. They're decent for just venting and talking to, even if you're shit at talking. It depends on the psychiatrist, of course, but it's a decent idea if you're willing to talk about shit.
Time to go outside anon. I know it's hard but you have to.
The rundown:
Psychiatrist: the guy that will listen to your issues & give you some advice, but is primarily specialized in how your brain works biologically & prescribing medication for it.

Psychologist: the guy you kick back & talk with for an hour at a time, specialized in identifying personality issues/disorders, figuring out your thought patterns, & has conversation skills for the sake of helping you understand yourself & your issues better as well as give advice on how to look at it from a different point of view & maybe find a way.

Things to do:
Find a male specialist if you're more comfortable talking with males, & vice-versa.
Be open with them. If they ask you something you're not comfortable to answer, just say so, & maybe he'll back off, maybe he'll ask you why, maybe he'll convince you or relax you enough to answer after all.
Know that not all specialists are the same, & while some may work out for you, others might not. Pay attention to what he says, try to judge if you've run into a brick wall with this person, if you have, talk with them about it.
The solution is simpler than you think.
Just play with someone. It worked for me
>trust issues

I never understood this meme. Why is it considered an issue not to trust people (the world) who's single most important interest is themselves and who have no reason to care what you want and are often in fact competing with you?

It literally only takes a second for someone to believe they would benefit from fucking you over for most people to do it. Not everyone but more than half I'd say.

I'd hardly call being realistic having trust issues. The only thing you can trust is that most people wouldn't be willing to fuck themselves over so as long as you're part of keeping that from happening, you can probably trust them to that extent.
I have this exact feeling of not doing anything, I try to pick up games but I can't even play a game for like 10 or 15 minutes and I have urges to come back on /v/ without doing anything of my day.
Ironically, it sounds like you have some trust issues.
Most people just don't give a fuck about you, which is fine. If you need help, most people will try to help you.
Maybe you are just hanging around the wrong crowd or something
>tfw finally got to uni
>tfw now have friends
>tfw no time for vidya aside Tetris which I can only play for 30mins max
what happened
I think I have trust issues too and that's why I don't meet new people and just stay home living practically in my parents' basement. It's a challenge for me to talk to someone in public.
I was pretty bad, though.

As in, I wouldn't even trusting my parents, and I barely had any friends because I couldn't trust in any of them. A good deal of distrust is OK, but having it to the point where you won't trust anyone is unhealthy, in my view.
Shit, trust my parents*.

Anyway, that's my blogpost for the day.
File: 1451661003108.png (2 MB, 1498x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1498x1200
If you're really serious about not dropping vidya for some time...
Fighting games are at the same time the best and worst cure for that. Best because you'll always have goal to be better, worst because it can result in anger issues and/or getting bored really quick with any single-player games.

On other side getting into your local scene can even result with finding some friends.
>get a week off work
>enter this sleep schedule immediately
going back is always hell, this haunted me through college too
even worse
>enter the professional field
>make stupid amount of money working from home
>sleep maybe 5 times a week
kill me now
>one long ass jrpg on the back burner while switching through roughlikes and multiplayer games
>recently got into toku so plenty of shows to watch
>take a little bit of time everyday to learn more about music theory and production
>occasionally GM tabletop games
>ERP takes a fuckton of time if I ever get in the mood for it
>pretty happy overall
Stop trying to do shit you're not interested in doing. If you don't feel like playing vidya then don't fucking do it. Read a book, work out, CREATE something. There's a fuckton of different things you can do with your time and it's not limited to just video games. Cheer up and make something of yourself, even if its boils down to simply doing things that make you happy.
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