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>I'm going to need to see your license...
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>I'm going to need to see your license and game idea
side-scroller beat em up
you control a ballerina beating the shit outta other ballerinas to become Prima ballerina assoluta
Pirates of the Caribbean online but good. Sort of like assassin's creed 4 and the ideal star trek game combined into an mmo
an rpg for furries
I don't have a driver's license.
>third person shooter
>main gun and secondary weaker gun
>two grenade types and a dedicated melee attack button
>minimalist hud, largely transparent and only black and white
>no health bar, damage indicated by blood decals fading in
>press button to hide behind cover, holding the iron sights aiming button looks over it to shoot
>anything that isn't shooting accomplished by contextual button presses
>default movement is walking, have to hold a button to run, and mash it to sprint which only lasts temporarily even if you keep mashing
>often sprint doesn't even make you faster, just changes animations, adds blur and expands FOV
>parkour system where you hold the run button and walk into parkourable objects, no manual jump button though
>forced stealth sections where you lose if you're detected, won via contextual takedowns from behind
>crafting system that's essentially just an alternative to a store where junk is used instead of currency
>half baked RPG elements that give only passive buffs located at save points
>no boss fights, only heavily scripted eenemy encounters in set piece environments
>game has a final boss despite no other boss fights, defeated either entirely with QTEs or a new mechanic introduced in the last ten minutes of the game
>no cutscenes, but sequences where all controls but the ability to look around with the camera are locked off while what is essentially a cutscene unfolds in game
>"cinematic" sequence where the only input allowed is movement, where you walk towards something for minutes on end
>95% of story content is given through scavenged audiologs that play over the hour long expanses of corridor based gun fights
Highway patrol simulator
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>First person survival horror game
>You have a single handgun and ammo is extremely rare, maybe about 20 rounds in total can be found during the entirety of the game
>Gun handling works like it does in Receiver, with every action being manually executed by the player
>This also extends to aiming, which is completely freeform, meaning you can even aim the gun at yourself which brings us to the main gimmick of the game
>If the monster kills you, it's game over and you have to start over from the very beginning
>If you shoot yourself instead, you can continue playing from the last checkpoint you've reached
>The gun can also be used to shoot the creature to cause it to flinch in pain and allowing you time to flee and hide
>Ammo used to kill yourself will not be refunded upon continuing
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>first person stealth game where you go around tickling people until they pass out
I'm a professional idea guy. I won't give up my awesome ideas for free. I know my rights.
gtfo leech i know you're fishing for gems fag
not telling you my golden ideas
it's like undertale but with quicktime events
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A "professional" idea guy would have their ideas made, not inside the head of a NEET doomed to never bring his parents grandchildren.
sidescroller where a normal person with a gun lands in a place where mortal weapons do no damage, has to use it to alter the environment to damage enemies
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And if i don't? Wat shu gonna do cracka?
a stealth game where you're a ghost
are you really so retarded you don't understand what a game idea is
chill, senpai
>Tfw dreamed of a good idea
>Wake up
>Wake up
>Forget the idea

FUCK. I swear it was good ;_;
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It's a bunch of ideas from good games mashed together haphazardly

i call it ________
A rhythm-based bullet hell game.
>what is beat hazard
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