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yo, has anyone here ever heard of "Soldier...
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yo, has anyone here ever heard of "Soldier Front"? It used to be hosted by ijji.com before they xferred their games and died. Soldier Front just got a shutdown notice like within the past hour. rip.
I played it for a good number of hours with friends because CS was dead here in where I live and my friends and I were cheapskates back then.

It had some balancing issues and pay2win elements but it was kinda fun for a f2p game.

Did anyone buy the IP or what?
because everyone moved on to soldier front 2 ages ago
don't they have a sequel now
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Holy shit, a reply! Hey dude.

A company called "Aeria Games" bought it in 2012 IIRC. They've been hosting the game ever since. Unfortunately however, in I think 2013, when PSF shutdown, Aeria invited all the Filipino players who have 200-300 ping in USF to come here, and they gave them incentive rewards, and today those Filipinos constitute well over 99% of all players in this game. It's been dead ever since the pinoy invasion.

Come flip shit with us over on the forums and its shoutbox:


And, here's the shutdown announcement:


Yeah but that was shutdown even before the SF1 shutdown that was announced today.
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>mfw I'm pinoy
We didn't asked to be moved there. IIRC the publisher also stopped giving a fuck about it because no more content (this coincided with the international version as well right?)

It was popular here and we had tons of tournaments across the nation. me and my friends ranked 2nd in our local area and we lost to the champ because they had pay2win shit

we literally outplayed everyone even with our garbage/basic gear.

I know flips are a blight upon the online gaming world because we bring in hackers and cheaters and most of them are really bad mannered.

Sorry dude.

wait what?

i played sf2 a while back for a bit and it seemed pretty fun
i'm surprised sf1 outlived it

Dude, no offense to pinoys, it's fine, lmao. It's just that 200 ping gives you an advantage against a 2-100 pinger. But, yeah, Aeria stopped updating the game for like the last three or four months of 2015, and now they just release a shutdown notice.

And, yeah. SF2 was definitely shut down. I don't even see the SF2 forums on the Aeria website anymore.

>i'm surprised sf1 outlived it

Same. They're both gonna be fucking gone now, though. Also, my bad for not putting "USF shutdown" in the subject field of this thread.
Wasn't SF2 some kind of CoD clone? Maybe that's why the players didn't feel like jumping ship from SF

Yeah, exactly. SF1 was all about movement optimization, whereas SF2 was like, what the fuck is this? This looks no different than any other FPS on the market.
SF only needed a visual update and maybe some more balancing when it came to the gear. Other than that I'd say they should've gone full TF2 mode and jewed the fuck out of cosmetics instead of going the "usual" route of pay2win elements
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lel, SF isn't really p2w. Yeah, you do need armour to compete, but all you really need is like 20-30k SP in armour to be decked out for an entire month. The only real p2w aspect of the game is 2x exp being a cash item, but Aeria fixed that by giving it out upon ranking to certain ranks, not that ranks affect actual gameplay at all. pic related.
That's what I meant. I stopped playing after a few months that we won the tournament. Too many hackers plaguing the game.

Incompetent devs and publishers really.

Was around Major (red/blue) at that time.

>tfw I spent too much SP and didn't have enough money to repair my AK47
still was accurate as fuck though
i miss ijji and kwonho....
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Ey, coincidentally, I quit my old account at major blue, too. I was tired of everyone accusing me of being a waller due to my ign so I made a new account,

Everyone bounces on ijji's dick but imo they sucked some serious D since once you ranked 2nd lieutenant in SF your account was worthless unless you bought g coins since you couldn't even afford to repair your guns.
>12% disconnection rate

come on m8

Yo, it REALLY is not my fault at all. My internet was shit until I changed ISPs and started using a better wireless adapter or whatever.

Also, check out my sexy score I just got by getting lucky in an SB.
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