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Probably not a lot of people will care, but...
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Probably not a lot of people will care, but I'll try again.

gczero (modpack for Minecraft)

Update: I removed the custom EXE launcher, because it was appearing as a virus. I remade it with a .BAT file (before I had converted it to
EXE so I could use include icon). The launcher just allows it to be ran portably, so it keeps all files within the 1 working directory.

>What is this?
I compiled a modpack for Minecraft 1.7.10 to basically play it as an FPS. I didn't make any of the mods, I just put them all customized the
configs (e.g. movement speed) to my liking, and included the necessary files to host a server with them all (so no setup is needed).

>What's in it?
-Movement is modified (Increased speed, UT-style dash jumping, ability to go prone)
-Selection of Guns, knives, grenades, camoflague armor
-Advanced worldbuilding tools(allows for things like slopes, large scale editing, etc.)
-All the necessary files to launch a server

I compiled it because I like building worlds to have gunfights on, as Minecraft allows for a lot of possibilities mapmaking wise that are easy

enough for anyone to do it.

>Why not just play Ace of Spades?
Because this offers many more options for gameplay, as well as the massive library of custom minecraft maps (someone created a complete replica

of Shadow Moses Island for instance). With this, any MC map can be used as a battlefield which I think is kind of neat.

>You can download the all-in-one modpack here (w/ portable launcher): (v1.45)

>If you want to set up forge and the server program yourself, you can get JUST the JAR and config files here:


currently working on including a schematics file that will allow for team spawnzones that can be placed in any map.
as aforementioned, somebody remade the whole Shadow Moses Island from MGS1

start to finish
ive played on it, quite impressive

would be cool to have some kind of large scale TDM on it
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What the fuck could possibly be the point of this shit instead of just playing an actual god damn FPS.
easier level creation compared to brush or model based maps in standard fps engines.
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But wouldn't the vastly inferior gunplay and terrible graphics completely overshadow the ability for me to play some badly designed piece of shit level by randomchode numero 136136.
whats the point of the thread

kill yourself

this guy gets my idea

All in one FPS, map building capabilities simple enough for anyone to do.

Also, the database online of custom minecraft maps is huge. There's shitty maps, but there's also impressive ones, such as the maps which feature full scale urban cities with all the buildings enterable, etc.
>caring about graphics in arena shooters
I'm not going to debate the shooting mechanics because I haven't played this yet, but graphics are basically moot when it comes to twitch based arena shooters which seems to be what this was based on.
I realize the mere mention of minecraft makes me an autist, but all bullshit aside it has a pretty intuitive map editor easy enough for anyone to pickup, and with the included mods allows for things like slopes, custom blocks.

And redstone buttons allow for things like pushbutton door mechanics, etc. Could all be interesting things in an FPS setting, I think.
>no fun allowed
link to download for that map? Got me interested.
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Thanks anon.
>terrible graphics
Minecraft is simplistic, but it ain't terrible looking.

There's a lot of generic blocky maps but there's also hundreds of impressive ones.
So, if anybody would be somewhat interested in this, we could possibly start a steam group or something.

I've been working/tweaking the modpack for a minute now, but haven't had anybody to actually play it with.
Yeah, I'd join a steam group.
This doesn't sound so bad
Cool, just made a group for it:
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fucking this. you minecraft faggots need to get over yourselves and play real fucking video games instead of these god damn digital toys make believe fantasy bullshit
>real fucking video games
>I realize the mere mention of minecraft makes me an autist
Here's a full city map (it's huge), where all the buildings are enterable, some 10+ stories high with windows and balconies which make sniper spots.

Could make for fun if you throw in a number of players with guns

Just an example of my idea for this levels to play this modpack on
Anybody interested in playing multiplayer tonight
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Looks like shit.
Fair enough
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