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Have a feeling no one will care, but I'll...
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Have a feeling no one will care, but I'll just post it in case I can at least find 1 person willing to play:

gczero (FPS modpack for Minecraft)

I compiled a modpack for Minecraft 1.7.10 to basically play it as an FPS. I didn't make any of the mods, just put them all together and tweaked the config to what I think is appropriate for an FPS.

Modified movement, increased speed, dash-jumping, prone, etc (Thanks to Smart Moving mod)

Selection of Guns added (thanks to Stefinus Guns)

and a number of worldbuilding tools to make large scale mapmaking easy (Worldedit mod and some others)

I compiled all the mods into a pack together in hopes to maybe find people to play with.

Why: I liked worldbuilding in MC, and thought it'd be cool to be able to have TDM like gamemodes on the maps.

the amount of custom maps for the game is massive, so essentially you could find a map for tons of environments to shoot it out on (or make your own)

For example, someone remade the entire Shadow Moses Island map from MGS, there's tons of city maps with tons of building interiors for massive urban shootouts.

I may be the only one interested in this, but if I'm not here's the modpack.


also I have it set to run portably, so it only uses it's working directory.

And a quick guide:

Would've posted in /mcg/ but it's really not the right audience.
This is /v/, we don't actually play games here man.
>at least find 1 person willing to play:
stopped reading
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>posting Minecraft
>on /v/

Kill yourself my friend.
what's wrong with minecraft?
Nice virus fag
This is too good to be fake
See, I get that the autistic community of minecraft makes it easy to make fun of.

But I just think it's worldbuilding possibilities with mods is pretty massive considering how easy it is.

For example, like I mentioned:
Someone remade the entire world of MGS1 in it

Not a virus. I included a portable launcher with it because that's just something I wanted to, but you can ignore it and use the default launcher.
What happened to the FLAOT1 anon? I haven't seen him for a while.
Confirmed virus.

Even shit ass Windows Defender knows your shit is spunky. git gud.
He realized it was a lost cause and killed himself.
The only thing I could think Windows might detect as a virus would be the portable launcher I made by making a BAT and converting it to EXE

I guess I should just leave it in BAT form so peopel can see what it does, but I just thought it looked ugly without an icon.
It's not a virus. This wouldn't even be a smart way to spread one.

I DLed TeamExtreme's launcher
Created a BAT to set APPDATA to it's working directory

converted that BAT to an EXE to put an icon on it.

and then just installed mods/customized configs and zipped it all.

If you don't believe me, you could just copy the mods folder and use your own MC launcher.

If anyone cares, that is

Confirmed, I got a warning too. Nice try OP.
I don't play minecraft but OP you seem like a real cool guy, i'm gonna bump just for you
lostboy.exe all over again

It's using TeamExtreme's launcher, and I made a portable launcher from a batch file, I'm guessing that may raise some flags?

I'm not sure how to prove it's not a virus though, my Windows Defender sees no issues with it

Could anyone tell me which file appears to be a virus specifically, or does the whole zip come up as one? I'm curious as to how I can fix this so it doesn't appear as some kind of malware
haha lets help him make his virus
fuck off or tell us how to make the modpack ourselves
Why not play ace of spades though
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Im reuploading one that uses a BAT launcher instead so there won't be any mystery to what it does
As for the mods:
Theyre all the latest for MC 1.7.10
Stefinus Guns
Player API
Smart Moving
Warstuff Mod
I didnt intend for this pack to be for building WHILE shooting

Just worldbuilding and then using the maps as arenas for shooting

Also, I'm not a fan of class-based systems. Also this modpack allows you to essentially use any minecraft map file to use as an arena, which is a large library.
Thread replies: 24
Thread images: 5
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