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So, now that it's 2016, has the "Fallout...
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So, now that it's 2016, has the "Fallout 4 sucks" meme ended yet?

Have the meme shitposters and story retards moved on to be idiots about another game or killed themselves yet? Is the smart part of /v/ left?

Can we finally all admit to ourselves that Fallout 4 is fucking excellent?

>Excellent open world fun
>So much hours spent on pure fun
>Gun modifications are really well done
>Power armor is badass
>New enemy re-skins are fucking cool
>It's actually fun getting your character to level up
>The best example of post-apocalyptic gameplay in the entire medium

Easily the second best Fallout game (after New Vegas) and one of the best games of all time.

bethesda shill
Just started. How should I leave up my perks?
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>Is the smart part of /v/ left?
They left a long time ago, and are never coming back.
Back at the store where you bought it.
Unfortunately there is no store since I pirated it.
You're more or less right.
The game is the biggest dissapointment of 2015 and still the best game of 2015.
mods will fix it
todd is godd
all of those points are entirely subjective

Nah its definitely not the best FALLOUT game.

Are you counting the original 2 or are you too pleb to play them.
>Fallout 2
>Fallout 1
>New Vegas
>Fallout 4
>Fallout 3

thats the list top to bottom for best to worst
I almost have the full collection. I just need to buy fallout 4. The problem is finishing all of them will take forever. I've only gotten maybe a third of the way through fallout 1 and haven't even started fallout 2. I just bought fallout 3 and new vegas today. Fml.
You are retarded if you think Fallout 4 even belongs on that list. It LOOKS like a Fallout but it lacks every aspect that makes it a Fallout. Even FO3 was closer to the originals then 4. 4 is a boring FPS in a lolpocalyspe setting.
Which mod gets rid of the dialog wheel?
First play through was fun

Now it fucking sucks though
It really is the most boring game I have right now
>Melee sucks yet is still hilariously OP
>Waifus suck
>Settlements suck
>The Great Green jewel is yet another shanty town of 20 people who don't have jobs with no verifiable steady source of food
>Super Mutants are here, yet again, this time with not even a source of FEV to mass produce them
>Story is shit, comes down to just SHAAAAUUUN and either A.) LOVE INSTITUTE B.) HATE INSTITUTE
>Nothing the Institute does makes sense, just there to be the bogeymen
>Brotherhood are cringe as fuck now, all of them talk like wincest captions
>Railroad is fucking dumb, the only description of their faction is "HURR FREE DA SYNTHS"
>Like 5 sidequests
>Weapon/Armor modding gets boring, fast
>Exploration wasn't even that great, more boarded up buildings with the occasional Ghoul/Raider/Mutant
>A fucking pre-war dad/mom can build towns with farms and water purifiers but salty, experienced wastelanders can't
>Skills are gone
>Even less RP potential than other Fallouts
>Pre-war safes are stuffed with caps and rusty ass pipe guns, even at level 50
>Deathclaws are a joke now
>Ghouls behave exactly like zombies now
>No plasma cartridges to be found, anywhere
>Get a full set of power armor and a minigun within 15 minutes of the start
>Have to wait an eternity to get really good at sneak
>Crits are just a refilling bar now
>Companions never die
>Most NPCs never die
Game was shite anon

Yeah man I feel you. I havent finished either Fo1 or fo2 but have gotten really fucking far into them.
Read up the lore and read as much as I can to basically know and understand both games and the overall Fallout lore.

You dont HAVE to finish fo1 and 2, just understand their lore importance u know
"Fallout 4 doesn't belong on the list."

It has the name Fallout in it you tard. No one cares if you think its a 'boring FPS in a lolpocalypse setting' it's still a Fallout game lol

Kill yourself

Super Mutants are present cause of the mass wave of them who migrated away from the California area after the Master was destroyed.
>FPS. So that playing in third person thing must be an illusion then
That doesn't explain why all of them are dumb as fuck, like all the other east-coast muties so far.

In New Vegas, the mutants in Jacobstown were all from the Master's Army, and yet were capable of being civilized and didn't devolve into being green raiders.

Just put points into lockpicking and hacking. Those are the only "essential" ones. Everything else is just +x% to whatever or required for crafting. And crafting sucks.
>kinda boring exploration
>no FOV slider
>voiced protag and dialogue wheel
>power armor fusion cores
>too much focus on little meaningless details
>that bitch nigga on the radio
>sarcastic and can't say no
>nice with some colors
>power armor is awesome
>cool diverse characters, not many blacks tho
>you get to see your character more often with new dialogue system

And it runs like shit on my gtx 650 ti, everything on medium and all effects off.
yeah that's my plan basically. and/or just watch someone else's playthrough of both games. I already watched a playthrough of Fallout 3. It was pretty fun and now at least I know all the endings so when I play FO3 for myself I won't feel rushed to finish it.

Most of the muties were dumb as fuck except for some rare ones. Like Marcus from Fallout 2 and New Vegas and the Lieutenant from Fallout 1.

The rest of the muties could barely speak proper sentences and were hostile as fuck. See: Jacobstown muties.
Most muties are dumb as fuck.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD1-qMdUNLE

The only smart east coast mutie is Fawkes lol.
kill yourself
The only thing what I really dislike from Fallout 4 is that you are not able to play an Evil Character like in 3 or NV.

Also there are not enough Weapons in the Game you get too early the best Weapon in the Game.
you are able to granted you dont have an annoying companion to disagree with every place you break into and every person you kill.
If they are of the master's army, why is there no leader to speak to? Why don't they retain the ranks they had? How come none of them reference their time in the army?

There is no proof they are from out West. I truly believe Bethesda just thought it would be cool to have muties in the game again, despite not having an FEV center under mutant control.
but I do see your point. Its hard for your character to be truly evil in fo4.
give me a positive of this game that doesn't end with
mods will fix it
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>cool diverse characters, not many blacks tho
>you get to see your character more often with new dialogue system
>>Excellent open world fun
borderlands was better 2bh
>>So much hours spent on pure fun
I prefer playing borderlands with my bros
>>Gun modifications are really well done
yeah but I miss the different ammunition types
>>Power armor is badass
aside from the hip firing penalty its really great
>>New enemy re-skins are fucking cool
>>It's actually fun getting your character to level up
no its not
>>The best example of post-apocalyptic gameplay in the entire medium
Most in the time you are forced in the role of the "good guy".

Best example is one of the first quests in the Game where you met Preston. You have only the option to help him but not to support the Raiders.
>Ask /v/ if the game is worth getting
>Everyone says no
>Get it anyways
>Just rescued Preston in Concord
>Already feel like quitting

I'm sorry I doubted you /v/.
I pirated the game and I still feel ripped off.
yeah, fuck preston, and not literally (you can romance him as a male character...). He's so annoying.
Mgsv was fucking awesome and hating it is literally reddit
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>Can remember things that weren't even quests in NV like healing that mole rats leg in Sloan and dragging the Rangers body out of Fiend territory
>Can't remember any quests from 4 other than Silver Shroud and U.S.S. Constitution
He just said new vegas is the 2nd best you cuck.
File: 9861986542652.png (128 KB, 369x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 369x489
Ah. I disagree and suspect you may be a noob. Fallout 4 is big and mediocre and it actually becomes more fun if you remove the story. Bethesda failed at making a good game. They succeeded, as usual, at making a big fat mediocre game.
Bethesda standard practice; releasing the starting point for other people to create an amazing game
File: 2016-01-03_00001.jpg (367 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm gay and I hate the fact you can be gay with ALL your companions. I was working with preston and danse and they felt like awesome bros, then I began to hate them when I found out they turn gay. Can't like only one of them be gay or something?

Like that's how you max out your friendship with them, wtf that's retarded shit

Also this game has:
>way too many glitches
>poor animation when holding things or using hands
>people just vaporize into doors when moving through them

I found myself collecting everything when you only really need a little bit of junk to make things so I stopped collecting most junk.
The first play through was good because I didn't know what to expect. The second playthrough I noticed a variety of shittyness:

>like, 3 proper settlements
>synth plot line is focused on way too much
>literally everything involves synths
>can't roleplay
>map feels way too dense and small
>faction dynamics uninteresting
>male voice actor is bland
>dull story
>like 5 proper side quests with actual stories
>characters and companions are just caricatures (drunk irish, sarcastic detective)
>too much of the map is boston
You have to be 18 to post here
Go away
You were born after 9/11
So, Institute, Brotherhood or Railroad?
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