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So I was thinking of getting battlefield...
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So I was thinking of getting battlefield 4, but then I started playing 3 again. Is shit like this avoided in 4? Or am I just fucked from now on playing solo?

>Try playing Battlefield 3 again
>Main focus on TV Missile and Attack Helicopter
>Nostalgia of having a buddy on voice, just working back and forth
>Destroying the server
>Try to do this again
>Just be gunner for a while
>Some players don't even have IR Flares or ECM Jammer on as a pilot
>They play ultra aggressively, flying straight into the enemy base
>No base rape rules
>Get locked on and quickly die
>Can't TV missile my way out of this
>Alright, fuck it, I'll be a pilot
>No gunner has tv missile or even guided missiles
>Forced to wave them close to the enemy just to get them what they want
>Not finding it very fun
File: bf3.webm (2 MB, 608x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 608x316
Bumping with, this isn't shit I like too much either.
Shoving bullets and RPGs into thresholds is pretty lame.
Please, someone be honest. Tell me if BF4 has this shit or not.
All I can tell you is, as a long time Battlefield fan, I really didn't like Battlefield 3. It felt like Call of Duty with vehicles. No tactical play whatsoever. Battlefield 4 is actually fun to me. Not as great as Bad Company 2 in terms of destruction, but very fun. I recommend it.
Also, Battlefield 3's map were absolute shit. BF4 has good maps.

Alright thanks bro.
I'm just more worried about the community though.

Yesterday I had a guy in the Amtrak on rush just not drive at the enemy.
I even got out, offered to switch. But he kept wanting to do loops around in the water.

I literally won us that game by setting the charge on the last mcom at 2 tickets. Even though if I had that amtrak up, he would have worked.

I'm trying to avoid cancer like this, because I don't want to get mad at videogames like I used to.
The best part of bf3 was using the recon Droid to lift yourself to cool parts of the map to snipe from. Everything else was boring vehicle wars.
Is there any reason to be anything other than Engineer in this game?
At fucking all?
See >>322494712
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5 KB, 54x54
>NO C4
same desu senpai

should I reinstall BF3 or buy bf4

This is literally the worst thing to come out of battlefield in a long time, server rules like this.
No, the majority of the time when people hop in vehicles they're almost always fucking idiots.

Don't. I was trying to get back into it. But I failed.
Either accept the status quo or play something older.
Don't waste your money.
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AS VAL 5.jpg
3 MB, 2250x1461
>AS Val is a carbine in BF3 and can be used by any class
>AS Val is a PDW and can only be used by Engineers
Fuck DICE, fuck them hard for locking out of my raifu a majority of the time

I like being assault because I like healing and reviving people, and I usually tend to avoid vehicles because I don't find them all that fun so I don't play as engineer much

I bought BF4 recently and I'm enjoying it a lot more than BF3.
BF4 definitely overall feels more infantry focused than 3 did, so that's probably why I like it better
Take that as you will

>50/1 K/D = BAN
Fuck them for making the P90 a SP unlock. I've been playing the game for 2 years and i could never bring myself to start up the campaign.
I'm about to get back into BF4 after a long hiatus and HDD wipe. Should I go for Premium or will the new free DLC give me enough juice?

BF4 is really fleshed out and polished now. IIRC its only $20 on sale for the game and all DLC, which is definitely worth it. They've added like 3 free DLC after the planned ones with new maps and some weapons including most recently Dragon Valley from BF2

If you want specific rules like no base rape you just have to find the right server for you.

IMO helis are better in 4 because they have more weapons for the pilot. There are some stronger rockets with lower fire rate and some with like a slight passive guided that can kill stationary vehicles from really long range.

If you want a good pilot or gunner, don't count on randoms. or if you find one add him to friends

Personally I prefer the HC servers which tend to have better players and less jet whoring because there is no 3d spotting.

Besides the weapons/maps etc one thing I really like is that they added a shitload of UI customization options that allow you to change sizes and transparency of the 3d icons like control points, player and vehicle icons etc that can clutter the screen and make it hard to see enemies. This always made me rage on BF3 and I never thought they would actually go through the trouble to add this feature, but they actually did a far better implementation of this than I was hoping for.
OP outbreak is kind of shitty. Whenever i join a game it's always in the middle of one of the teams getting spawn raped. Haven't played dragon valley yet.

You should get premium if you like to play conquest large.
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