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A thread for tips, tricks and shills.

Flying Flaming Firecats - A moderately difficult shoot em up

Piranhaway to Heaven - A ladder climb

Deadly Maze - A short maze puzzle

Everybody hates waterlevels - A classic water level

Ice Ice Baby! - An ice level with a boss in the end and a secret room

Flying Armada - An easy airship level

Classic Mario - A very easy traditional Mario level

Mario's Secret Abattoir - An edgy level

Don't press anything! ;^) - Self-explanatory

Stygia - A hellish underground level from my brother

Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you only want to try a level or two; I recommend
Deadly Maze, Ice Ice Baby! and Flying Flaming Firecats.
What kind of levels do you like the most?
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>3 replies
>1 poster
It's not happening, OP.
>Awesome Athletics
My newest level. A pretty traditional and pretty long athletic level. Pretty difficult too.

>The Goombas Revenge
My most popular level. An airship full of goombas that are actually dangerous and shoot bullets and stuff.

>Bowser's Dangerous Dungeon
My first level. A castle level with a lot of fireballs and stuff that will kill you if you aren't careful.

Alright. Gonna start with these.
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>Athletic Theme for SMW and SMB3 doesn't automatically play if you make stages scrolling

You had one fucking job Nintendo. You even make the right victory jingle play in Super Mario World if the player clears the stage while the 'bonus event' music is playing, so why couldn't you do this right?

I wish this game had music options.

next big update probably
Here are a couple levels my younger brother made. He likes making hard levels and having me play them. They're kinda fun.

Boser: C2DD-000-0136-C284

Boser 2: 99E6-000-0169-F801
Just got the game and I'm still sonewhat confused. Is it possible to make a tendril lead to a new screen?
I guess I'll shill my levels again.
>Mr Castle
It's a castle. It has a boss, multiple routes, and secrets.

>Doggirls > Catgirls
It's like the Doughnut Bridge levels but with my political opinions inserted into the title

SMB3 autoscroller

>Billing Practices
It's a traditional SMB level.

>Phong Shaders
It's walljumps.
You mean a vine? No. But you can put a pipe at the end of the vine.
Thanks, yes I mean vine. Sorry, English is not my native tongue. And is it possible to make the pipe one-way only?
>Graveyard Ghost House
SMW Ground/Ghost house level

>Down With The Ship
SMB Airship level
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Explorer 2.jpg
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Shilling this again. I don't think I'll be able to top it so might as well milk it.

Do you like

>Metroidvania design without the common annoyances that come with it?
>Variety in obstacles?
>A feeling of adventure?

Then play the sequel to my last level Ultimate Explorer here:

>Explorer 2: Key to the Ruins
Mario, the intrepid explorer, is seeking out the ancient ruins said to hide treasure of legendary proportions . However, the entry to the ruins is sealed and he must travel the world to find the key.
The level is pretty big, it's not a technical marvel like some of the other non-linear levels (such as Deus Ex Magikoopa which gets posted pretty often) but I wanted to make it seem like you're really exploring a huge region (or, as big as you can make it seem in Mario Maker). Use powerups to unlock new paths.
Stars are great but if you leave a comment with feedback or a nice doodle I'll really appreciate it.

As a warm-up you can play the first level before. It's pretty short and was just me testing the waters with non-linear design. Explorer 2 is completely different and on a whole new level from this one.
>Ultimate Explorer (Metroidvania)

My other levels:
You can fudge it. It's impossible to go through a horizontal pipe without standing on something, and you can also use semisolid platforms or one-way gates to keep people from going back to the pipe.
You could either make the pipe unreachable once you've left it or put a one-way gate in front of it.
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one way.jpg
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To enter doors and horizontal pipes, you need to be standing on solid ground. So exiting something like this would be one way. Or if you're still in doubt just use the one-way platforms.
Thanks, guys!
You missed a 0 in both your codes, people will get 404's. Also use the bookmark website, it makes it easier for people reading the thread to play them.

Fixed them for you:


Thanks a lot. I've never really posted in these threads, so I had no idea.
Playing through Explorer 2 right now.
One of the best levels I've ever played.
Up to the 2nd checkpoint with the Flower. Perfect difficultly and length so far.
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Made my first underwater level, i think it turned out nicely.
>Chain Chomp Swamp
>Path Pair

Play this level to witness the firepower of a fire flower charged and goomba shoe operational fire koopa car!
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My Levels List.png
137 KB, 764x624
My profile:

I finally did it my fellow anons! I reached my next medal, which means even MORE Donkey Kong Country Trilogy levels!

DKC3-Tearaway Toboggan

In the original level, you ride a toboggan down a snowy trail, jumping to avoid enemies, and bouncing off some enemies to go forward. Here, its the same principle. This is my last "blue coaster / mine cart" level. Its a hard level. You can sometimes have the choice of going above the roofs of the cabins, or ducking under to squeeze into the gaps in the cabins. Sometimes this can be helpful, but sometimes it could be bad, so you have to be careful.

My last mine cart level finally. This will be the end of the mine cart nightmares.

DKC2-Topsail Trouble

The last level in the first world of Donkey Kong Country 2. Its a pretty easy and straight forward level. The original level had Rattly as a animal buddy for the level, but I just couldn't figure out a way to do that without making the level harder, so I decided to just not do it.

DKC1-Clam City

Its the last level in the third world of Donkey Kong Country 1. In the original level, there are clam enemies everywhere called Clambo. They shoot pearls at you in different patterns, whether they are fired horizontally, vertically, or in multiple directions. I used cannons for the clams, with their cannon balls as the pearls, and I used doors to sync the cannons together if they were suppose to fire at the same time. Enguarde is at the start of this level, so I put Yoshi at the start as well, just to be faithful to the original. The original however had sharks, so to mimic that feeling of avoiding sharks I used giant cheep cheeps. Overall, its a beautiful level that doesn't contain that much difficulty.
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I seem to have a low clear rate on all my levels

Crash the Party

Marios anniversary smash (super expert status for some reason)

Ah! Scary!

Mind your step (9/207 clears)

Never Forget Nikki (9/184 clears)
Don't know if Compilation anon got this yet so posting again.

Also here are some of my levels.

>Escape the Dungeon with your Dad!

>Goombadad Origin Story

>Blathers Bug Nightmare (a level with bugs...you jump over them til the end...easy stuff)

>GBA Minigames

>GBA Minigames easy version because the normal one has been deemed too difficult for SMM's target audience
I started the Nikki one and had to quit halfway because my neighbours house was on fire but I might go back and play it again later. It was hard.
Also, gonna state some underrated concepts I haven't seen used in many levels yet.

1. You can place a pipe over a conveyor belt to hide it, but still have it working. This makes it where if a player steps on the pipe, they suddenly start moving in the direction of the converyor belt. I always found this interesting, and it would be cool to see a entire level built around the concept of unseen conveyor belts.

2. If a enemy stack walks into a koopa clown car, the entire stack stays on top of the enemy in the clown car. The stacked stuff could still fall off from hitting a wall or something, however the enemy WILL still act like they are stacked.
A bowser stacked on top of another bowser. The bowser on top won't jump or do anything on his own to break away from the stack.
If the bottom bowser walks into a clown car, he will enter it, and the stacked bowser will remain acting like he is stacked.

I always found this concept to be underrated, and it would be cool to see what people could do with it. For example, they could make a ultimate shmup level of some kind, where you must shoot to death a bowser and kill him, only to have the second bowser fall into the clown car and continue its attack. Would be pretty amusing.
>house was on fire
Well that escalated
what part was hard
Chain Chomp Swamp is pretty fun. Liked how you made the chomps eventually fall out of the map instead of having them annoyingly bounce around.
Neat ideas, Ace.

Maybe we could do a sort of 'theme' thing where we make levels based around a specific theme or idea each week and share them with our fellow /v/irgins...would be neat.
I got as far as those two revolving spiky wheels, and actually looking at it now on the little thumbnail map I don't remember if it was hard or I just kept being an idiot and dying for no reason.

Sometimes I try and complete levels REALLY impatiently and I don't know why haha. It's like my brain wants to speedrun it but I ain't interested in speedrunning.
Similar to your first idea, I just played a level in 100 mario challenge with a mushroom on a rail that had a boo concealed underneath.

I jumped for the mushroom and instantly died instead.
The checkpoint was right after the spike wheels you need a kuribo shoe or the clown car to climb
Yeah, I know about that. When it comes to rail layering, its first come first serve. But layering a boo over a shroom? That's just mean.
I just created a new level, give feedback pls.

is it meant to be difficult or what

let me know before i play it later
Well, it depends how skilled you are.

It's definitely not easy though.

>11/659 clears

Well, at least we finally hit the double digit clear point.
You Pass Butter

ID:380E 0000 016A 4C4C

I made this level the weekend it came out. I got drunk and watched Rick and Morty, and made this after. I uploaded it last night after I tweeked it. I forgot I about this one for awhile, it's my favorite I've made.
I made a DK Jungle themed level. Been working on it a few hours the past weekend and pretty happy with the outcome.



Also made a small stage using the chestnut Goomba's, called Goomba Fortress:



If you've tried them, do you find my stages 'hard'? They're no kaizo levels, just what Mario stages were back in the days, yet no one seems to clear any of my stages. Maybe they're just too long? I feel like I'm generous enough with the powerups, but any feedback is welcome!
good ones
Here's three more of my nine levels I have made for my new medal. The first three are here:

DKC3-Barrel Shield Bust-Up

In the original level, you are climbing through a tree, as monkey's called Minkey's are throwing objects at you from the side of the tree while you are climbing up. You hide behind half barrels, that are either immobile, or moving up and down, to protect you from being hit by the Minkey's projectiles. Here, the Minkey's are fire piranha plants. You hide behind blocks that are in their way to protect from their fireballs. Some blocks are on a track to make the moving half barrels. Overall, its a easy level once you get the hang of it, but where there are no protective blocks, it means you need to climb fast to avoid the fireballs. Also something to keep in mind is that a fire piranha's projectile reaches further when they are shooting down then shooting up.

DKC2-Rattle Battle

In the original level, you become Rattly the rattlesnake, and have to bounce your way through the level. It had lots of hard jumps off of moving enemies to cross gaps, and even jumps off of cannon balls to cross gaps as well. In this level, you use Yoshi in place of Rattly. It "may" be possible I believe to beat this level without Yoshi, but I would say that its better not to try to do this. I even added the bonus room music to try and copy the feel the original level's music had. It can be considered a easy level, but some of the hard jumps and enemy placement can put it in the expert category. There is one jump that was very hard in the original level, and I made sure to make it just as hard as it was back then.

Have to add the third one in the next post.
Ok, third level is here.

DKC1-Ropey Rampage

This is the second level of the first world in Donkey Kong Country 1. Its known well as a easy level, where you jump on trees and on swinging ropes in a dark rainstorm. As such, it is just as easy here. People aren't fans of how I make levels that use moving vines, and well, sorry, but its the only way I have found to do so without the level being able to be broken and becoming unwinnable. It may feel like a long level, but I would say its too easy for anyone to really die on it. Then again, you never know.

I am surprised that I was able to reach 69 levels.
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I have finished another level for you fine chaps.

>Escape! The Helmet of Strength!

It's a pretty standard ghost house with 2 exits (well 2 exits by Mario Maker standards). I tried to make it mazelike without feeling like a drag to play through, esspecially since the true exit requires you not to get hit.
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