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Was given a Ps3 recently and figured I would...
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Was given a Ps3 recently and figured I would play catch up on all the Jrpgs I missed. Snagged WKC II for 8 bucks, Reviews say it's pretty bad but so far it seems to be a pretty good jrpg.

Anyone have a opinion on the game? Or other jrpg suggestions?

I'm probably going to get star ocean the last hope international later today.
I liked it. #2 had both the first and second game on disc. Too bad the online is dead now. That was a easy way to get good equipment for single player.

>star ocean the last hope international
Whatever you have to do to get off Kay~
people seem to hate it a lot but loved wkc2 myself

but I primarily played it online, was in a guild and stuff -- all those quests they were constantly adding were getting pretty crazy too

however, servers been shutdown so...

guess it's still okay'ish as a jrpg -- better than the average compile heart trash you'll find everywhere on PS3 anyway
Sounds good, and I'm getting international so I don't have to listen to the dub, Kay~

I figured as much, I was reading reviews and people seemed to like it but reviewers just shit all over it.
Going to bumb for JRPG suggestions on PS3.

If it's on PC don't worry about those, I either have them, or will be getting them.
>71 days of playtime
That some real adventure material right there.
I'm not the one that did that post, but the one in the picture is actually me from >>322485241
How is the single player experience? I working my way through the tunnels right now, and the farther I get the more fun it seems.

I like being able to setup my own chain attacks also how certain creatures are weak to attack types seems to be easily abuseable but I also like that.

Wish there was something like this on PC. MMO's never feel this good.
File: wkc2-draga-mix.jpg (110 KB, 768x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's alright I guess, the 2nd half of the game (aka wkc2) especially had some neat bosses -- but unfortunately much of it makes you backtrack through the entire world

also your own character won't really get anything, doesn't get its own knight till very late and it'll be a ugly green knight that need you to do hard quests to customize it (lot of it can be done solo, but the difficulty ramps up a fair deal if offline)
I'm okay with that. I'm just looking for something that's heavily PvE.

I despise most MMO's and games that play like this simply because it's PvP driven. So this is pretty much perfect at the moment.

is 80 the max level in the game? I noticed that 35 seems to be brought up a good bit in the first game.
Such a unique multiplayer for consoles.Fun as fuck to play but now that it has been shit down there's no reason to get it but oh well.
Story and characters are barebones and generic but still passable for JRPG standards.
I enjoyed the combat and the maps/towns especially from WKC II.
Dont get burned from the side quests although some of them give some really good stuff iirc.
By the way how does the leveling work? Do enemies level with you, or are they region based?

This is a big one, because I love to fucking grind early in rpgs.
File: wkc2-scar.jpg (80 KB, 768x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yes but you need to raise your guild rank to get a higher level cap ultimately reaching 80 at GR20 or so

in wkc1 the max was 50

This game could keep you busy very long if you do the online stuff solo. It's still possible to get platinum offline (unlike wkc1), since this one let you bring NPCs in "online" quests at least -- last boss of the tower is very hard solo though. The later "DLC" quests that were added via patch should be near impossible, those were meant for a party of 6 _good_ players,
>near impossible
Well that sorta sucks, but I'll live. I'm probably just going to beat both the single player quests and work my way through some of the side quests.
File: wkc2-catquest.jpg (82 KB, 768x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Even though I had some of the best players with me, those quests were constantly destroying us even -- needed communication and good timing

some other quests were plain crazy escort missions with WAY too many things attacking at once and a NPC that dies in like 1 hit

some more were meant for knights too, aka 6 of them at once -- but when solo you can only get one

I still managed to do a few of those anyway solo, having good staff-using NPCs helps (recall I was using yulie, eldore and my avatar as my final party)
I'm focusing playing as a tank, is using "block" really useful or no?
been too long, don't remember mechanics well enough

In WKC1 being a spear tank was god tier, but in WKC2 that good nerfed pretty hard, but still viable

after patches, think axe, 2h sword, and staff were the most useful

typically wanted damage more than tanking, I even played a low HP axe build myself (aka always near death for more damage) -- although I still had a few staff skills I switched to for support when needed, in solo I'd often stick to supporting my NPCs while they try to kill stuff
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