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(Estimate) EA sold as many as 13 million...
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>Sells around 10-13 Million copies
>Daily player peak is 2-8%
This is literally the cancer killing video games
Did they surpass just paying shills? Do they try and pay for purchases now?
Well, with that image I think we can decidedly state that PS4 users are the most cancerous.
>believing anything EA says
And people ask what went wrong with the industry
Nigga, read the article first. Its Estimated and not by EA. Since its Estimated, I lovered the sales to 10 million. Might be less. But even so, if the game sold 5-10 000 000 numbers, the player count is still fucking pathetic. Daily peak still nowhere near to 10-15%
That is a Pachter prediction already debunked by many. The game is around 6 million units sold. Which is 5.9 million units too many if you ask me but that's how it is.
Even 10 million is vastly overestimating this.

Most of the sales were from PS4 bundles anyways which was the cheapest version of PS4 bundles during Christmas.
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So Currently the Daily peak is 280-290 000 which is roughly the 1/20th of the game sales.
CoD is probably at 20 million already.

Just like last year.

And the year before that.

This is why western games are shit.
Good, i want EA to continue with the series that i like, if they bankrupt i won't be able to play Mass Effect or The Sims anymore.

Stay strong EA, you guys are amazing in my opinion.

>muh evil DLCs

No one is forcing you to buy the DLCs.
Yes, it's awful. It's Christmas break. It should be doing way higher. Most probably stopped playing after the release week.
anon pls try harder to look like a subtle viral marketer
You need not worry. EA is less likely to go bankrupt than you are to die by a meteorite hitting your skull.
Look at the name of the guy who did the estimations. Tell me how many times he was right.
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>According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter
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>double as many players on BF4 as Battlefront on PC
If only Japanese didn't buy 4 million copies of CoD yearly...
I didn't played COD since Black Ops (And Pirated MW3) but at least Activision gives some content with the game.

Yeah, well I'm just sad that EA already made $354000000+ with the games alone not talking about the Season Pass (and the limited edition)
stay mad faggot >:)

Daily peak != total number of unique players.
>have STAR WARS license
>fuck it up

EA literally only knows how to make money off their yearly rehash sports games. in every other segment they bleed money thanks to overpaid management, crooked marketing department leeching more andmore money and the incompetent devs unfortunate enough to be enslaved to an EA factory line.

the NFL and FIFA revoking their exclusivity contracts with EA will spell the end of EA.
They don't. CoD in Japan sells about 100-200k. That's pretty low for a AAA game. I believe even Witcher 3 did more.
Not him but I just googled "COD japanese sales" and this was the first result


I don't see the 4 million mark tho
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>BF4 is actually a decent game now since DICE LA took over updating it
>you now realize that DICE Sweden are just complete shit rather than it being 100% EA's fault unlike most games
i've been playing battlefront on my brother in law's ps4 the last few days

its fun. i dont get what all the hate and pissy attitude is about. its not gonna be GOTY and i wouldnt play it for more than 100 hours, but its okay

I've already decided I'm out of mainstream gaming.

It's not for me anymore.
That is for one week. Look at the actual numbers. CoD sells about 100-200k per installment in Japan. That's really nothing special for a AAA game of this calibre. Japan is all about that Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest.
/v/ is so fucking mad right now lmao
I had a friend work there. He said some very discouraging things about the staff there.

Oh well, atleast they make good engines.
>make shit game with low budget
>hype it up
>hype the 60$ DLC up
>3kk people buy it
>no one plays it 2 mounths later
>close the servers
>pure profit
Welcome to the 2016 videogame industry. And people still want to support that
That's just western publishers. They've actually always been massive shitlords. Especially EA.

>Shit game with no features
>Outsells Witcher 3

Advertising and marketing works. Fuck you guys.
>Advertising and marketing works
And you say this as if the Polacks were victims. Remember how they falsely marketed their game and denied any downgrade until game was out? Remember how they allocated more than half their budget to marketing?

CDPR are no saints. They play by the same rules these AAA publishers do. And in some ways even worse since I can't recall EA falsely marketing Battlefront with bullshots.

You guys realize that this is THE BEST FUCKING POSSIBLE SCENARIO for them, right?

They don't want people to keep playing their games or anything - just be vidya-starved and latch onto the next marketed shit they will push out - and possibly to come back when
>hurr durr big DLC package hits
>denied any downgrade until game was out?

You are literally lying.
we had valid gameplay videos over a month before release, so anyone who was dissatisfied had a chance to cancel preorders and such.

You are a shiteating fuckhead hating on a company for no good reason.
Yes, they are not saints - but they are much better than this shit.

Dark Souls is the game you are thinking of that had bullshots and released with a downgrade.
Or Wash dogs, or FO4, or a thousand others.

Remember how GTA5 released twicei n 2 years and had a marketing budget twice the size of the gigantic dev budget?
I bought 2 copies over Christmas because I figured the people I bought them for would be into the game. I don't even care if they've already gotten bored and forgotten the game, it was on sale brand new for 30 bucks and they were happy.
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witcher 3 lies.png
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>You are literally lying.
Their PR guys were literally claiming you could replicate the Sword of Destiny on high-end PCs just a few months before release. I think you're delusional for thinking CDPR are some good guys when they've fucked us over with bullshit plenty of times now. Stop being their shield. They don't need you. Their marketing firms are well capable of that as evidenced by Witcher 3's marketing.
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According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter,
Have you already forgotten Pachter? That dude is fucking delusional.

Again - its not a bullshot if you know EXACTLY what you are buying as a preorder.


Sure, but its your fault entirely for eating it.
But DO NOT fucking put that on the same grounds as titles like the ones I mentioned, which show you far higher visuals before release, and make sure NO ONE knows how the game actually looks like - before they cash in preorders.

One of them is a literal SCAM, the other - in the end, just fucked themselves over more than anything.

The game is out and is damn great and yet you are still here
>hurr downgrade
Meanwhile the games I mentioned don't even get a remark about being literal bait and switch schemes.
>BF4 is actually a decent game now
I keep hearing this.
What, exactly, did they change/improve?
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Fixed the game basicaly. It has almost 0 bugs, updated the servers from 30hz to 60hz, giving us free content and maps.

>0 bugs

Maybe once that pathetic assclown motherfucking serverbrowser works one day.
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Thats why I said almost. That fucking Server Browser is still shit.

>tfw the Console Versions has a Server Browser but PC doesn't
>No prequel DLC
>not even TFA DLC

Why the fuck even bother? Republic vs CIS was the only way to play battlefront. This is what happens when people take the le prequels were bad meme seriously. They limit their creative freedom for fear of upsetting some fat reddit nerds who spam plinkett any time they hear the word "prequel"
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Thread images: 9
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