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Cute nintendo girl thread? Let's do it!
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Cute nintendo girl thread? Let's do it!
The only cute Nintendo girls are third party on their systems.
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I can get behind this.
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I didn't realize Turkey was the bird DNA she got spliced with
I see what you mean.
haha i'd suck a fart out of peach's ass if you know what im sayin
Shit. You lost me...
i'd let her piss up my nose while eating her out if you catch my drift
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Posting the cutest of them all!
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The cutest!
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i like shota and traps but reverse-trapcina does nothing for me
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I love Morgan, She's the perfect daughter. She loves you above all else with an innocent charm. I can imagine myself bathing with my wife Lucina when Morgan walks in. Me and Lucy are both very embarrassed but Morgan sees nothing wrong. She then begins to strip off, Lucina is shocked but doesn't say a word. Morgan then stands before us completely naked before getting into the bath. We were hesitant at first but eventually warmed up to her presence.When I got out of the bath I made sure to stand with myself exposed as I dried off with a towel. I thought it was only fair that Morgan see me as she showed us. Lucina had the same idea and stood next to me doing the same. Morgan's eyes were fixated to my member, I suspect it's the first one she's ever seen, Lucina was the same way on our first time.
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Octolings are adorable
Child bearing hips.
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Surely there's more to this story.
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Palutena is quite possibly the world's oldest virgin. As a God her age is unknown, though we know it exists at least in the thousands. In that time she's never had the pleasure of a man inside her, or even on her. Unlike the other Gods who were willing to take a human, demon's or tree's body by force or persuasion, Palutena spent her youth nurturing humanity, watching them grow until they could stand without divine intervention. But this meant that no pure hearted man would ever risk defiling her, even if she begged him to, and any sinful is burnt up by even being near her radiance. She now turns to the only being that she would be happy to love, Pit. Even though she's aware of how, ahem, "childlike" he really is, he's still the closest thing to a real man's touch she could ever get. And yet Pit refuses her every advance, leaving her to wonder if she would still be noble if she ever did receive a strong masculine dicking.
I can't wait till she's not in smash 5 and people move on to whatever waifu is in the next FE. Happened to Lyn, it'll happen again.
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I wasn't planning on it anon but sure. I'm in a writefaggy mood anyway.

After drying myself I went over to mirror to shave and wash my face. Not too long afterward Morgan stepped out of the tub. As she rose from the water, Lucina noticed that Morgan's pronounced assets had greatly outweighed her own. Lucina wrapped herself in a towel, even though it wouldn't hide the fact, and moved over behind me. I saw her in the mirror smiling as she hugged me from behind. You don't have to be a tactician to notice when someone's jealous. I turn my head and kiss her, to reassure her that she's still the love of my life. I notice Morgan towelling off using the same one I had used. As I see my two girls drying I realise that I'm still completely naked, and my semi had worn off. Worse still, the cold bathroom had made it shrunk below normal size. I'm not usually vain something about this made me feel this way. I didn't want Morgan to see her father at a pitiful 1 and a half inches after showing off earlier. And although we've been married for some time, Lucina had only seen me nude before making love (when it's standing to attention) or during or bath, when the water has warmed it nicely. I usually get dressed straight after I get out but with Morgan here I forgot. I couldn't simply stop in the middle of my shave to grab a towel, that would only bring attention to me. I move closer to the sink and turn slightly to the left, hopefully out of Morgan's view.
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Lucina hugged me closer and rested her head on my neck. She wrapped her arms around me and starting lightly swaying from side to side. The fact that I hadn't cut myself shaving from this was an achievement in itself. Lucina backed a step away to let her towel fall to the ground. Her bare chest felt good against my back. Her breasts felt larger than they looked, though I would say that to her face. We both step on the towel to alleviate us from the cold floor tiles. I felt her bush of her tickle my backside. I looked at Lucina's face in the mirror. Her eyes were closed and her head was comfortably nestled on my neck. She looked completely at peace.
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Guys you're gonna have to bump the thread, I don't like feeling alone.

Lucina began moving her hands down my body. This is what I was afraid of. What if she asks her friends "Hey is it normal when a man's, um, thingie, becomes really small and shriveled?"? But her hands moved too quickly for me to think of something. Her delicate hands began ruffling through my pubic hair and in a moment she was groping my penis. At first she tried pulling it out but that only pulled at the skin. Then she began twiddling it with her fingers before finally cupping it with both hands. This was humiliating, like my own wife was toying with me. I finished my shave and cleaned my face off. As I look into the mirror I see Morgan coming over with her arms held high before grabbing onto both of us for a hug. Lucina was shocked at first, having been taken out of her trance like state but after a moment warmed up and embraced her family. I turn to do the same, realising what's been felt has been felt. We all squeeze together for one big naked family hug. I feel my penis touch off Morgan's thigh and realise, Lucina's hands had warmed it up to normal size. While not the 6 inch semi erect I was showing off, I was just glad to have something that wasn't buried in pubes.
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>these niggas think drawings are real...
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I'm sorry if I'm a slow writer guys.

Morgan looked at us with a smile and said "Mom, Dad, this was great! We should bathe together all the time!". Lucina put on a half forced smile and agreed, while it seems she liked this family activity, she probably valued her alone time with me pretty highly. I can't blame her though, she's a new bride and her teenage daughter has been hogging her husband more often than a newborn. Morgan turned, picked up her clothes and walked out the room leaving my and Lucina alone again.
"You, uh, seemed to be having fun with my, thing earlier."
"Yeah it's really nice to hold, of course I thought it would be easier to get a grip on. Weird how they change size so much huh?"
"Yeah, it can be real embarrassing having it be not at a good length when you need it to be."
"I can imagine, but at least your shortcomings aren't so easy to see" As she glanced toward her chest.
I move her chin up with my hand. I look in her eyes and tell her "I love you so much" before we kiss. A moment later we stop when we both heard what sounded like someone grunting angrily. We brush it off as some wild animal and leave the bathroom.
How can drawings be real if our eyes aren't real?
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Lemme help with the most refined lady from the big N
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We put on our robes and go to the living room. Morgan, also dressed in a bathrobe, is sitting comfortably reading one of my old tactician's books. We sit down and relax in the warmth of the fireplace. Lucina tells me she just something metal sticking out from the bushes. I turn to look but whatever she saw had already left. Morgan tells us she heard rustling in the bushes earlier and felt like she was being watched. As soon as she heard this Lucina sprang up. We both knew who was out there. She ran to grab Falchion and came back. I followed her outside with Morgan behind me. Lucina stood infront of the bushes and ordered "Tharja! Get out here now!". And lo from the branches came a sickly pale looking girl. She didn't look either of us in the eyes, though she did make passing glances at me.
"What do you think you're doing lurking around our house like this?" Demanded Lucina.
"Well, you see I was uh looking for a newt for a potion... Hehe..."
"A newt? This far inland? And you just had to look for it right outside our home instead of all the other bushes around here?"
Lucina was pissed. She had never gotten on with Tharja after noticing how much she's obsessed with me.
"Well, uh, it had to be here because... I, uh"
"You were spying on us in the bathroom weren't you?"
"No no of course not! ...It was too steamy to see anything"
"Oh that is it!"
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Lucina ran to grab her, Tharja turned tail to run but Lucina grabbed her cape. Lucy threw Falchion to the side and starting pulling at Tharja's outfit. Tharja tried desperately to escape but Lucy wasn't letting go. She kept pulling and pulling until there was barely a scrap covering Tharja's body. Lucina finally let go. Tharja curled into the fetal position and angrily muttering "You..." under her breath. Lucina looked down on her said "You're the one trying to spy on naked people, now you can be one yourself.". "Actually it was only one naked person I wanted to see.". Lucina's eyes flared as she reached for Falchion. Tharja got up and bolted. Her pale body shimmering off the moonlight. "Is it alright to leave a naked woman by herself?" Morgan inquired. "It's not like she was wears much to begin with." Responded Lucina. "Plus she has her magic, she probably has a clothes spell or something for times like this." I add. Lucina dusted herself off and we all went back inside. Part of me wondered if tomorrow we might have to deal with Tharja clad in a leaf bikini from the forest. I keep this to myself however as I fear Lucina may spend the rest of the night patrolling the area if she thought Tharja was still around. We all sit together on the big couch and fall asleep to the warm glow of the fireplace. One big half naked family.

Okay guys that's it. I've been writing this for far longer than I should have and I feel the spark is dying. I liked doing this though and I'll probably writefag about something else in the future. Thanks for reading anonymous.
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And here it is for anyone interested in rereading this one day:

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Miss Rosalina is cute! CUTE!
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Thread images: 29
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