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No shilling thread?

Try my level. My first "official" level. I planned to add a bit more, but I wanted to throw it out there first to see how the public reacted. Out of 23 plays, no ones cleared it yet, which I'm worried I've made it too hard to understand or something. My sister beat it for me, but that was with some guidances so I dunno.


This is my first attempt at making an underwater level.

I'll play the ones posted here tomorrow

Here's one of my earlier levels. I'm thinking about redoing it with those fancy new p switch doors though.
Collab anon here.
>Want to help make a 10-man collaborative le/v/el? Anyone is free to join, new or experienced!
>Reply to this post and claim a section (see pic related for what is finished, claimed, and available)
>Download level
>Make your part of the level in that section (use SMW/Airship styles)
>Post a picture of the two screens in edit mode (for the grid), you can't upload a course you've downloaded even after editing it so I'll just recreate your section by hand
Erase each of the corners with spikes (these are your framework to build within, don't be retarded about this,) and build away. When all sections are filled, I'll post the final results.
Don't use any doors; it's been decided that there will be doors connecting the top and bottom layer of the level together, and also with the four-door limit this keeps from having anon's doors deleted because there were too many. Not all sections will connect smoothly, so just be a little bit considerate with what you put at your borders; if transitioning from one section to another is too difficult or impossible, I'll make minor adjustments to make it more accessible. If you have any blocks, cannons, etc with an item in them, be sure to list the items to the corresponding object it is in.
To take a picture of the section:
>press home on wii u
>open net browser
>go to /v/
>post, select BROWSE
>pic is attached automatically

A3 and B3 anons, please read the next post by me (my reply was too long to fit all into one post.)
Collab anon pt. 2

To the A3/B3 anons, I went through an archived thread and saved the pictures of your sections. B3 anon, you have 7 blocks with items in them, but I only know that 1 block has a vine in it (yes, I can move that underneath A3's mushroom block if you'd like); are the other 6 blocks all holding coins, or are they holding something else? And thanks to both of you for participating!

I'm going to sleep right after this, I don't know if the thread will last long, but I'm going to be unavailable all day tomorrow. I'll read this archived thread when I can, so address anything you need to say or ask, and I'll read up on it later and reply as soon as I can in a thread. It'll take me a two or three days before I can recreate your sections, but don't worry, they'll get done quickly.

To the A1 anon, if you're still interested in participating, please reply with a status report if you are ITT.
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May as well shill my levels while I'm here, anyway. Hope the thread lasts.

>Wario Bros- Hard Head Hills
I made a Wario Land inspired level where you play as Wario and Waluigi! There are four hidden treasures (coin pipes) in the stage, can you find them all and collect the secret riches? The boss of this level is Hard Head; make sure he falls into the bottomless pit to defeat him! Future sequel levels will be made, might make this a mini-series of levels.

>"Mario Plays Tetris"

>"The Nicest Bridge Around"

>A Pair of Parallel Bridges
Here's mine in order from newest to oldest:

Toad: There and Back Again: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/646D-0000-0167-8A9E

Apathy is death, worse than death: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/12B6-0000-0167-40CA
And here's the version for babies: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/9C14-0000-0167-1247

Get fit with these 7 easy steps!

I hurt myself looking for you

There's a darkness in all of us

I'll add the courses I haven't yet played that you guys post here to my bookmarks but I'm about to play all 60 stages of the DKC guy so I can give him a bunch of stars since I read the other day that he's missing a few in order to upload more levels
>Collaboration levels.
That's a pretty fun idea, I even got my girlfriend's family to do one over Christmas .
We need some more stuff like this to keep things interesting in /v/ threads.
Stuff like limited block challenges where you only use limited types of bricks.
Your girlfriend's family? So what's that then, your OTHER hand?
Hard Head Hills was fun, I found all four coin pipes.
I liked all of them except "A Pair of Parrallel Bridges."
"Spiny Spine Dodge"

Ignoring the shitty name, the levels not so bad.
Better than my other levels.
File: tip.png (317 KB, 630x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey that was actually pretty fun OP. I especially liked the chase but there were some minor quirks with it mainly from the spiny helmet. I didn't think to expect it and I wanted to go through that part fast so I got above the cloud before it spawned forcing you to restart the level. I also got stuck getting the star as small mario. Im not bashing it though I really did enjoy it.

Here are some of mine
>Another Castle Stage
A very simple castle level with some light backtracking that (I hope) sneakily steers you where you need to go.

>The Longest Shortcut
A sort of greatest hits of bad ideas for level design. I like my miniboss though.
Aw shit that looks pretty good. Can I see what A3 looks like?
File: image.png (3 KB, 320x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Got some good compliments last thread
Someone made nice Nikki art on Never Forget Nikki too

Would appreciate the stars and tell me what you think
Crash the Party (who doesnt love castle levels)

Marios anniversary smash (uses 8 bit mario amiibo)

Ah! Scary!

Never Forget Nikki

Panic Koopa attack (pretty hard)
Flying Flaming Firecats - A moderately difficult shoot em up

Piranhaway to Heaven - A ladder climb

Deadly Maze - A short maze puzzle

Everybody hates waterlevels - A classic water level

Ice Ice Baby! - An ice level with a boss in the end and a secret room

Flying Armada - An easy airship level

Classic Mario - A very easy traditional Mario level

Mario's Secret Abattoir - An edgy level

Don't press anything! ;^) - Self-explanatory

Stygia - A hellish underground level from my brother

Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you only want to try a level or two; I recommend
Deadly Maze, Ice Ice Baby! and Flying Flaming Firecats.
Gonna try Panic Koopa Attack.
>the nipponese are the only ones to finish my spinjump level
sorry i mean bother to finish. it's not some super impossible map.
Post moar levels
What's the map, it sounds like fun.
>Stay Out of the Basement/Attic!
Try to resist the urge to go into the basements and attics of baddies homes.

I liked your stage for the most part, just that some of the jumps are a bit of a pain thanks to the block placement being too high.
>Hold ZR written in coins
I'm sorry we even have to do things like this.
i would give people shit but i played mario world a million times over when i was a kid and never thought to spinjump on things
Disclaimer: these aren't for the faint of heart or platforming challenged. I took inspiration from such classics as Ghosts n Goblins, Mega Man, Super Star Wars, and even the recent Shovel Knight.


Dante's Inferno: Hade's Dark Pit

ID: B9BD-0000-0160-77E9

Bookmark: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/B9BD-0000-0160-77E9

My longest stage yet. Help our hero Pit as he must first journey deep into the bowels of the Underworld and defeat it's master before he can begin his ascension back to Skyworld!

Pretty Standard platforming fare this time around, nothing too tricky or perilous. A few minor tricks, mostly to theme with each of the 9 levels of Hell as described by Dante Alighieri. 2 Checkpoints, one right before the boss fight!

Boss can potentially take a very long time to defeat unless you find the secret weapon! (pssst- it's not very hard to find).

Difficulty: Medium platforming, Hard due to length, boss Hard/Expert
Yeah same. I actually wish Nintendo gave players a rundown of game mechanics on top of the creation tools in its tutorials. It would probably help some of the more newbish players reconsider how they structure stages.

Heist & Getaway: Dungeon Train!

ID: 326D-0000-0151-3B5F

Bookmark: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/326D-0000-0151-3B5F

Description: A scrolling train-themed obstacle course, help Waluigi rob a mushroom kingdom bank AND passing train! Be warned though, this choo-choo is of the infamous "dungeon train" variety, meaning it has the potential to be infinite! Inspired by the Adventure Time episode "Dungeon Train", the stage is a fast moving, think-quick-on-your-feet platformer... potentially frustrating but NOT impossible!

If you fancy yourself a true platform gamer, beat this level. Don't ragequit. Have patience and get through.

If you're a filthy casual, the answer to the exit is below. At least try and do a speedrun.

Spoiler: The exit is the top middle pipe.

>play a spinjump level
>only way to progress early on is to spinjump on some chompers
>hundreds of deaths in the first area
>5% completion rate

It was a really nice Expert map though so I'll take that artificial completion rate.

Link's Terrifying Spirit Tower v2

ID: 83B5-0000-011D-D4FA

Bookmark: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/83B5-0000-011D-D4FA

Description: A dungeon themed platformer with traps, tricks, perilous jumps, puzzles, and a boss fight, all worthy of our favorite Hyrulian Hero.

After some feedback the stage has been scaled back in difficulty a bit, but be aware as the stage progresses it does get a little harder. It's challenging, but not impossible. A little trial and error, like many dungeon videogames, will get you through. Checkpoints will be your saving grace. Stop, look around, and think. There's a solution to all problems. There are also some pretty nasty tricks, so be patient.

protip- The hanging sticky ghosts? Stop moving and they'll pass right over you.

Difficulty: Hard
Ah this reminds me I have to try and beat Xavier's Inferno level.


There is a brutal section near the end, I want it dead.
I tried this previously, could never get midway through the ice section. Eventually gave up.

I didn't like it much, not because of the difficulty, but because it wasn't very clear what each level of Hell was.
You're fucked if you lose your powerup. I would have just put them in a pipe/cannon so the player can't run out.
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Thread images: 10
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