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What are some of your favorite historical based or history influenced games, /v/?

Let's list some games/series.

>Sid Meier's Series/Civilization
>Age of Empires/Mythologies
>Europa Universalis
>Total War
>Dynasty/ Samurai Warriors
>Mount and Blade/Napoleonic Wars
>Expeditions: Conquistadors
>Assassin's Creed
>Hearts of Iron
>Crusader Kings
>CivCity: Rome
>BF: 1942/1943/Vietnam
>CoD: WoW
>Men of War
>Medal of Honor
>IL-2 Sturmovik 1946
>Silent Hunter 4
>Panzer Corps
>Rise of Nations
>Knights of Honor
>Red Dead Redemption
>American Conquest
>Knights & Merchants
>The Great War
>Company of Heroes
>Oregon Trail
>Seven Kingdoms
>Darkest of Days
>Making History: The Calm and The Storm
>Red Orchestra/Rising Storm
>Talvisota: Icy Hell
>Rise of Venice

Any games yet to come out you look forward to?
>Kingdom Come Deliverance
>M&Bii Bannerlord
>War of Rights

What are some of your favorites?
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>Age of Empires/Mythologies

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The African Kingdoms were historically accurate and Joan of Arc wuz a night and shiieet.
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>implying age of empires and mythologies doesnt include historical figures, empires, units, buildings and other things
Are you retarded? Its all influenced by history of each respective nation, and beliefs in regards to mythologies
shit thread, these games aren't nearly historically autistic enough
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Dont need to be, theyre history themed
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Excited for Bannerlord to finally come out. Can't say I like the fact that there will be voice acting ingame. Kingdom Come Deliverance has the worst dialogue system I've ever seen in a game and it's a shame they decided to go with a voiced PC.
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I hope another napoleonic mod/dlc will be made for bannerlord
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Same. I'd like an ACW DLC but it won't happen and judging from the community in N&S: First Manassas, it's probably better that way.
Im kinda sad tha NW only has few factions, French/Prussian/Austrian/British/Russian and no spaniards or ottomans
All of the Mount and Blade DLC feels half baked to me and they all have less content than the base game. Viking Conquest was such a disappointment.
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I've been enjoying the Kingdom Come alpha...when it doesn't crash.
VC is sub-par, but NW feels adequately comfortable. Yea it lack some content, but it feels compete in its own way. Favorite thing about it is the Jailbreak and Zombie servers
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I had my fill of Jailbreak and Zombie servers in CSS. Maybe it's my fault for expecting Napoleon Total War: mount and blade edition instead of paid mount and musket.
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I would literqlly pay all the money necessary if MnB NW was like using 1 unit Napoleon TW.

I swear the pixel large soldiers in Total War have more animations and depth placed into the than MnB allows. Not to mention grenadiers actually have grenades!
Well grenadiers having grenades is actually historically inaccurate and is removed in a lot of mods for Napoleon but I get what you mean. The thing is M&B will never have the scale of Total War because of the differences between games. Battles in TW are calculated by dice rolls between entire units based on a bunch of factors like stats, fatigue, slopes. Animations are something that could be improved on but Bannerlord will have mocap so that's a start.
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>That webm
Im moist
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I took them from a lecture/presentation on misconceptions about medieval arms and armor. Unfortunately I can't find any higher quality footage.
Do the WW2 Call of Dutys/Medal of Honors count?
Sure why not. The other history games aren't all accurate either.
Bashford Dean was a crazy motherfucker.
>turn of the century
>curator of the arms and armor department at the NY Met
>old families selling off medieval and renaissance stuff
>private collectors didn't want it, since collectors at the time were buying up oriental stuff
>european stuff was seen as not historically valuable
>Dean bucks the trend and buys some very important harnesses and weapons
>then he dresses himself in armors and does cartwheels and runs around in them to show their agility
>and he falls off a running horse with a harness on
>and he buys a medieval crossbow and fires the bolts into a harness
>the authentic medieval bolts
This is the shit I know about him. He was also contracted to develop hard metal armor for the US army in WWI, and almost had it out to them. But the war was coming to a close in 1918 and the army never bought it.
Dean of course used historic designs
>literal American Knights could have helped fight off the Hun
If you're ever close to the Met, you fucking go.
Pretty much, though theyre closer to modern history, id say anything before lage 1970s i perfectly good. Anything after and its just too modern

I care not for the quality, looks sexy as fuck, got more?
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Sure I'll dump the rest I have.
That suit belongs to Tobias Capwell, a curator at the Wallace Collection, jouster and re-enactor.
I wonder what the view from inside there mustvfeel like, looks like id get claustrophobia
Holy shit muh dick
I suppose you joined a regiment in that module, Union Autism or Dixieland Autism?
in that line I'd like to point out Insurgency. While not at all a totally accurate portrayal of modern combat, I would like to say they do a damn good job of making me feel like I'm back in Iraq or Afghanistan. The maps are beautiful, in that sense.

That said, never want to return to either of those countries.
The confederate flag controversy was going on at the time so the public servers were populated.
Did you ever play the mod? You probably would have enjoyed it more with the lack of HUD and everything.
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What branch?
those are some funky looking triremes
army, in almost a decade
I hae no idea why itnsays Rome TW, supposed to be from Empire TW

Army? Nice. I got a couple of family in the US Marines and navy thankfully few have seen any action
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Thread images: 28
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