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So i've started a new game in EO II...
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So i've started a new game in EO II and i'm thinking of forming a party with a Protector, a Gunner, a Ronin , a Hexer and a War Magus, but i also have a Dark Hunter, a Medic, a Troubadour and a Survivalist

Is a good idea to replace a Medic with a War Magus and a Protector?

Etrian Odyssey thread, i guess
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The original?

War Magus is a good replacement, they can give allies their TP, and get it back with the Cursecut/Hexer combo, and swords makes them more faster than medics usually. They don't have a revive skill, but you could just carry nectars then.
Cool. Front or back for War Magus?
I put them in the front, they're durable enough, and they could get a few good hits in themselves if they aren't busy with support.
`Kay. Are Protectors a good idea or should i have another damege-dealer in the front?

Also, gunners in the front or in the back? I want to try play EOII with a more varied party than just Landsketch, black mage, medic and DarkHunter
Skip 2 play 3
I've alreayd played it. Best classes
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They're still good for party survival. I think the cookie cutter build for EOII is replacing them with a Dark Hunter though. I've been using that party myself, and haven't felt any problems yet.

Gunners have a point blank skill right? Don't know how good that is. Otherwise, they're safe in the back using ricochet and the elemental shots for conditionals.
Thanks, it's the first time i've played EO II so i don't know what to expect

Are Troubadours and Survivalist worth it?
Don't know much about troubadours, I just used them to help levelling fresh retirees with that one passive. Gunners do a much better job at offense than survivalists, but the latter does have more utility skills.

I won't say they're absolutely terrible, EO always had wonky class balance, but any of them are still usable.

Except maybe Beast, but I'm sure someone found a way to make them work.
Kay, thanks. I've heard Hexers were OP.

But i have to wait to fucking February to play EOU2. Fucking Europe
War magus + hexer combo is broken. Hexers make grinding later on really easy, but kinda suffer on bosses. When I beat it I did L/P/W up front and G/W in back. I hear Ronin far outpaces Landsharks in 2, though, just never used one. You'll need a Dark Hunter for conditional drops, so keep one at least somewhat leveled.
Er, G/H in back.
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>I've heard Hexers were OP
They can trivialize encounters by putting them to sleep, free TP with the cursecut combo, and they can do huge amounts of damage if they make their health "1/999" (using damage tiles) and using Revenge.

I felt bad about doing the last part though, for grinding bosses.
>free TP with the cursecut combo

What's that?
>War Magus uses Transfer to give allies TP
>Curse enemies with Hexer
>War Magus uses Cursecut to get TP back
>Rinse and repeat

Self sustain in the labyrinth forever.
Did they fix that in U2?
Haven't even touched EOU2 until I finish some of the other games, but I'm guessing the game balanced the classes a lot better.
I've been thinking about getting into this series recently because the mystery dungeon game looks pretty sick. Where should I start and what should I know?
Most of the War Magus skills have been completely reworked in U2, so they're basically a better Medic with some nice offensive skills
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start with 4 or one of the untolds, there's demos on the eshop

the mystery dungeon isn't all that great, but it's worth a try if you like MD i guess
Try the first one. If you think the game is too unfrienly with newcomers, play EOIV.

Draw everything, buffs/debuffs an ailments have a major role in these games, unless your party is composed by 5 medic or 5 Protectors there's not much of a chance of fucking up
I highly recommend starting with EO4 as it's more forgiving than the others.

Ariadne Threads and status ailments are your friends, particularly binds. Having a tank in your party is useful, but not required. You'll probably want some form of elemental damage in your team
Is this game even out in EU yet?
What about Mystery Dungeon?
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I'd say the very start, but you could first try IV (the easiest) then III on the DS (most people think this is the best of the original three), and then the Untolds (remakes of the first two games). Going backwards might be a problem with QoL changes in newer games.

Early game is rough, especially in the older games since skills need to be focused for the effects to be worthwhile.

With the Untolds, it's probably better to go classic and make your own party. Although U2's story mode I hear is much better.
>Pick Landsketch in EO4
>Became useless because a furry with NightSeeker as a sub-class and a NightSeeker with furry as a sub-class break the game
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I swapped my Landy for a bunnygirl landshark as soon as it was available so I wouldn't know.
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Linksharks are strong throughout the game, although I think two post-game bosses erase buffs which fucks up their combos.
Protectors are nice to have, but you don't absolutely need one until post game, at which point you need one that has five points in all three anti-element skills.
Gunner goes in the back. Ranged weapons deal full damage from the back row, so might as well keep them in a safer place.
>Have a Katana in one hand and a mace in the other so you can use all the skill
>Charge+Shadow Bite
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