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Why was the old thread deleted?
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RPG classes.png
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Why was the old thread deleted?

You have 10 minutes to make up a new RPG class.

Manages the party's finances and pockets 15% of all gold into the group for himself
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jumping spider.jpg
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>Can summon tons and tons/swarms of tiny spiders
>Or can summon one very large spider
>has spells which involve slowing and/or binding via web, venom DoTs,
>Can make temporary armor out of spider silk
Continuing off this >>322349156 anon's fart mage Windbreaker class
>combos with fire attacks to create large explosions
>level ups raise the intestinal capacity stat, which is a quick-recharging mana alternative
>can eat certain food items to raise current fart mana, can raise above the max
>can use extra fart mana to boost aoe for any fart attack
>using too much of a fart mana boost in a single attack can cause catastrophic failure where you just shit your pants instead, causing minor self DoT, a short stun, and lowered fart mana boost capability for next few turns
>fart gas interacts with environment, causing larger spread in enclosed areas
>motherfucking fuel air bombs
You may be on to something here, anon.
Janitor class

He does it for free
Bishop + Ninja = Church Assassin
>Hunts down the wicked
Garbage man
>able to use garbage in battle
>can clear obstructions
>-10 charisma
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cute spider.jpg
51 KB, 550x354
>has a spell called arachnophilia which lets you restore life by eating your own spiders
Skater Commando
>has a skateboard
>can do tricks and shit
>can use skateboard tricks to buff allies
>can stomp on enemies with skateboard
>the more he skateboards the faster he gets
Shadewalker + Bishop = False Prophet

Can read the fortune, stars, entrails, or some form of divination to determine the outcome of events. In effect, tells you which character should attack which enemy for a higher chance of a crit., known (elemental) weaknesses of enemies, and possibly increases the chance of finding rare items or drops.

The drawback is his own attacks or abilities are 'locked' in to a certain damage threshold given the alignment of the auspices. Some battles will be continuous low damage or accuracy, while a few will be buffed with a high crit chance.
General + Samurai = Shogun

Paladin + Wizard = Spellsword
Exorcist: Specializes in using recovery spells to damage undead units.
Anti Healer: Undead, recovery spells have an opposite effect, which can heal undead units.
>cosmic mage - makes black holes and meteors and gravity and space shit

>loremaster - can summon mythical monsters and shit from the pages of ancient books

>chronomancer - can freeze, slow down and rewind time to negate attacks/damage

>reaper - end game novelty class with attacks that either instantkill or completely miss. the more health a boss has, the higher the failure rate, as you chip away it's health, the more likely you'll get lucky and land a killing blow at around the 25 - 30% HP range
female Thief + Bard = Whore
incapacitates enemies for a moment and steals money
can lure along those with low charisma
can infiltrate underground/clandestine groups or places and gain information and some treasure/money
will betray you if charisma/pay isn't high enough
player can fap to her in the portrait/menu view
>form of the arachnid
>grow spiderlegs, become spidercentaur
>massive resistance to knockdown
>faster movespeed
>no movement penalties for any non-watery terrain
>jump/climb up much higher than pre-spiderlegs
>increased carrying capacity
>can carry another party member
>can no longer wear pants armour

>summon a halfpipe to charge the stomp over multiple turns
>grind for extra movespeed on straight terrain edges
>extra damage when performing attack tricks after moving through a named gap
>can hook onto spidercentaur form Arachnomancer from above to get dragged along at increased speeds
>3-man drive-by team-up attacks
Drider. The word you are looking for is drider. >>322355035
File: 1444537409923.jpg (1 MB, 3000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3000x3000

>bonus to persuasion, charisma, perception, sense of smell
>able to formulate lies on the spot to escape danger
>able to shift aggro to others
>able to enrage or calm others
>guilt-free conscience allows the liar to receive less penalty and suspicion for committing crimes
File: latest[2].jpg (160 KB, 596x1234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 596x1234
>PunchPunchMonk/Martial Artist Guy + Time Wizard
>Can layer slowfields over his hands to slow incoming attacks he blocks to decrease their impact
>can create speedup fields to increase his own attacks velocity and impact
>can leap forward in time to "dash" short distances and dodge attacks
>can summon future him through time to temporarily double/triple team the enemy for a few seconds
>can punch stuff really hard
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