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need for speed 2015
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can we start a need for speed 2015 thread?

i just want to ask, aside from the glaring issue of "always online" and whatever, why do people hate this game so much?

it's genuinely the only decent next-gen racer out at the moment and i'm really having alot of fun, honestly.

i'm not a fanboy or anything, i probably wouldn't have even looked at it if i'd known it was always online before i got it, but it's actually alright.
For whatever reason people are only interested in the more realistic racing games
Maybe because there hasnt been a decent arcade racer in years and people moved on, it could also be that its EA and people arent giving it a chance

Its a good game though, you can sit down and play it with very little effort and get good results
It's decent



Not fantastic but it has cars which goes fast

Just wish the physics were tighter and drifting wasn't so easymode

The cops are pathetic too, they're basically not there and you have to constantly slow down so they can keep up whenever there's an outlaw objective to get in a major chase. That whole aspect of the game needs a big do-over in an update. Suspect there might be one focused around it eventually.

It's the kind of game that needs to get patched into surpassing it's release state of mediocrity
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Because NFS peaked with Most Wanted '05 and Hot Pursuit '10. There isn't really a purpose for this game. Racing sim fans will stick with other franchises.
>peaked with Most Wanted '05
You should spread lies on the internet anon
I just wish the simcade track racing cancer went away already

We don't need four fuckin games released all at once that do the exact same shit on the exact same tracks with only real difference being the particular ways they are a broken mess and some variation in the car rosters

This meme that arcade racing is dumb and shallow and controlling the car needs to be harder than actual real life for it to be a "legit" racing game

Just give me something colourful and over the top with an indepth, long ass career mode and I'll buy the season pass too
Youre right but sims arent hard, they are just boring. Going around a closed track 30 times with no variation is shit, you can fuck off to /ovg/ if you disagree.
I want to go fast and do mad skids. The new nfs game was a step in the right direction in my opinion, but theres still a way to go before we're back to where we were in the early 00s
Dirt Rally was the bigger step in the right direction I'd say

Realistic physics made fun by having to run through what barely qualifies as road, so instead of pinching miliseconds in exact racing lines you've done a thousand times like a fuckin autist who can't afford a real car to track day with - it's proper RULES OF NATURE driving. Sideways spinning in control, straight through no man's land.
oh fuck, i know right?
i didn't even see a cop until i was about five hours in, and the chase lasted literally 10 seconds.
what fun is a street racing game if there are no massive cross-country cop chases?
Remember when the cops in NFS games had choppers to keep track of you with

Heavy SUVs to ruin your day

And pursuit Corvettes

Spike strips

Actually dared to go on highways instead of fucking off as soon as they saw one

Takedowns both ways with reinforcements instead of just having one invincible car that can't outrun a stock Civic chase you for a little bit
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remember when they used to be faster then most of your cars, or at least able to keep pace, so you couldn't just find a nice, straight road and lose them immediately and you had to employ actual skill to shake them?
and they used to spawn more then 1 or two shitty Subaru's that couldn't catch a drunken tortoise, so that eventually you'd have like fifty dudes trying to fuck up your day?
Still waiting for the PC version. Hoping it scratch the itch that The Crew failed to.
The bit about the stock Civic wasn't just hyperbole

Did an outlaw objective today where you have to lead the cops on a 5 minute chase and then shake them with a sub-200hp car

Saw the Civic was 197hp so I took that out, no parts, no tuning whatsoever. Entirely stock first tier starter car.

I had to SLOW DOWN for them to make it last 5 minutes and this thing could barely do 160km/h
Sims with a good modding community are cool though. I get driving in a circle is boring, but trying out different cars down touges is a lot of fun.
Thats what we call rubber banding, you pull away and they catch up
Thats how you do cops in car games though, so you have to be smart about how you get away
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