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>the faction war is kind of cool, NPCs...
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>the faction war is kind of cool, NPCs actually doing shit without my interference
>it's buggy as shit, friendly NPCs refuse to claim objectives I've seized

>wholesale copying of SoC locations
>some new places but..
>Red Forest is fucking tiny
>Swamp is a load of buttfuck nothing
>Agroprom doesn't count it was short as shit, ooh one controller encounter I'm scurred

>actually like the artifact detection/hunting, glad they decided to adopt it for CoP
>no way to mark anomalies that produce artifacts

Having played the other two I really can't decide whether I like Clear Sky or hate it. STALKER thread I guess.
yeah, CS is just flat open land and fetch quests.

Playing through vanilla COP for the first time ever, just got to pripyat. Pretty fun but a bit barebones .
>walking through Limansk
>I wonder what's in this alley
>oh, just massive radiation
>well then let's see what's in this hous-

I guess I'll just stick to the main road and not explore shit.
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>Clear Sky NPC fetch quests
I'm a retard and it took me a while to realize that the NPC quests weren't unique. They did a good job of retaining some of the better new ideas for CoP though.

STALKER 2 never.
look up Escape from Tarkov if you havent.

disregard /v/ bitching
Anon, you forgot about the grenades yeah the GRENADES GRENADE GRENADE GRENADE GRENADE
>Escape from Tarkov
/v/ keeps bitching about it for a good reason, you know.
I just found two bubbles, surely stacking radiation-eating artifacts and wearing an upgraded SEVA is enough.
Devs confirmed there wont be any microtransactions and its not a F2P game.

The only jewy thing is the different editions available to buy (more expensive ones giving you a better start with items and bigger item box), but who gives a fuck about that. There is permadeath anyway, and half the fun of these games is that early to middle period where you are still strapped for gear.
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>get to the part where you're supposed to help the trapped stalkers
>Bloodsucker Village 2: The Return
>It's pitch black
>and raining
>armed with the SPAS, feeling good
>TWO fucking bloodsuckers jump me
>twitch so hard to kill the first one I blow nearly my whole load of shells into it
>backpedal whilst hipfiring at the second, but run dry after two shots
>whip out the knife and go to town with mouse2
>it hits the dirt like a sack of shit
Sixty springboards that felt good.
Yes, that's nice and all. But it's a survival-oriented MMO game, which is a flawed concept in itself and works only in theory. It's going to be a terrible game for that reason, and those who hype the game are retards.
I agree but I havent seen a single bad thing about the game yet. The main thing is that it doesn't even appeal to me because of a stalkerish mmo, it appeals to me becaue it seems like its going to be a tactical shooter at its core, and that combined with all the exploration is something I really like.

I am prepared for it to turn to shit, but I am optimistic for once. I don't get hype for video games anymore so when it does I like to keep it that way because its rare.

Plus alpha is in q1 this year, q2 release. We will find out soon enough. I just really hate how people here tend to dismiss it just because its gonna be an MMO and yet these same people go around praising nintendoshit and Fallout 4.
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>grenade spam
>blowouts every other time you move between areas
Thank fuck for sky reclamation.
In all honesty I can see your reasoning. The whole tactical shooter gameplay that they promise along with the exploration seems very very nice. But the fact that it's a survival-oriented MMO game kills off any excitement that could occur within me. Maybe I look at everything from a pessimistic perspective, I dunno.
But then again, the alpha is gonna come up breddy soon. Until then, we'll wait and see.
post the full comic, I need it
>recently finish ShoC
>start up CS
>swarmed with objectives i can't possibly do
>decide not to give a fuck
>save later game
>load game because shotgunned in face around church in first area
>objectives cancelled each time i load
>stupid AI can't do shit
>go through hell of this
>finally get out of first area
>get welcomed with heavy machine gun fire on entrance
What mods fix this shit, i need them.
oh yea, the machine gun greeting really did ti for me, I remember trying to camp until dusk in the cave or canal you come out of, but I got killed by dogs that spawned while I was napping.
don't know about mods, I only used the stalker general starter pack
Starter Pack is the only closest thing, but it is a sad fact that you WILL be swarmed with quests, especially at the very beginning in the Swamp.

Try to get the area cleared out and captured by CS all the way to the eastern exit, and things will slightly calm down. Even then, the friendly guard posts will keep on calling for help every single time a hostile passes through the area.

The MG is legendary, so much that even CoP makes a joke about it. You either zig-zag from cover to cover, or go back to swamp and take the Northern exit. However, you will need to run to Sidorovich afterwards, because youll be entering Cordon next to the Loner's base.
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