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>Be black
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>Be black
>Call people "nigga" over mic
>Get banned from server
>Be black
well theres your problem
You shouldn't say "nigger", it's offensive to black people. We try to be inclusive on this server, you should keep that in mind.
>kick admin's ass
>type "git gud skrub" in chat
>banned for admin disrespect
fucking bullshit
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>Not shouting fucking niggers over the microphone
Go see a doctor to cure your internalized racism and self hatred :0
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>Be asian with noticably awkward accent
>Talk to people in-game over the mic
>Every australian faggot starts hollering at me telling me to fuck off.
>disrespect admin
>banned for admin disrespect


>Play game
>Get banned for playing game

The point is that it shouldn't be a rule in the first place
sorry mein fuhrer
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>GTASA multiplayer RP server
>roleplaying as a forklift operator (this is what I did with my free time for almost three years)
>transporting boxes of booze from a truck to the bar on Grove street
>admin rolls up in his max upgrade sports car
>gets out and blows up my forklift with a fucking combat shotgun
>i die
>he has a script set up that displays a message whenever he kills someone
>Julius Burton lays a rose across his victim's chest. "Rest in peace nigga," says Julius.
>rage in OOC, get u mad? from the other admin
>later on, get another fork lift
>loading new equipment into the cinco gym
>see Julius Burton park his car and run inside
>scoot over and flip his car using my fork lifts fork
>it catches on fire and explodes
>Julius Burton walks outside and sees.
>Your IP has been banned: Powergaming

I have never been angrier in my life.
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>be in high school
>be asian
>call asian friend "chink" in hall way
>teacher hears me and turns around faster than the speed of light to discipline me
>sees im asian
>has to hold it
fuck the police coming straight from the underground
>be white
>have to deal with all this race bullshit
Niggers only exist on consoles.
>GTASA multiplayer RP server
Your first and most fatal mistake
>Be mixed race master race
>Have to deal with peasants constantly asking me what i am
He was clearly underage.
uh, its their server, their rules. dont like em? fuck off.

the real question is why you were on some shit ass server in the first place. did the name "ChristianGamers-NoSwearing-BeNice" not tip you off to the fact its probably shit.

did you even read the rules? and if you think rules are stupid, and that personal invidivuals cant dictate what does or do not go on in their own server, why should YOU be able to dictate bullshit?
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>Be black
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>Playing BF3 on 360
>This was just after the new rent-a-server shit came to
>Playing Seine Crossing
>Server says not to spawn kill or use the enemies own vehicles.
>5 minutes in the admin starts spawn killing us with our own tank
>Me and my friend speak out
>Get banned
>Message him asking "wtf?"
>Sends me a voice message
>In the most rage inducing child voice he tells me "I PAID FOR THE SERVER I CAN DO WHAT I WANT FAGGOT!"
>"But dude you're breaking your own rules"
Why the fuck do parents let their children use their credit card?
Boo fucking hoo bitch nigger.
>can't handle banter
>ban kid because he made you cry

muhfuckin gangsta
but is he wrong?
I smell a badmin
god no, servers with rules are shit
why are you JOINING them?
>can't be assed to read rules
>le bantz meme

Sounds about right.
in the end its fucking hypocritical. first /v/ will argue that if you own the game, its yours to do with it as you please. then you turn around and argue that someone with their own game, and own server, cant?

hes a dickhead, but if you argue that he cant be a dickhead, then your arguing that nor can you, be a dickhead, with your own server, your own game, your own whatever. get fucked.

if i told YOU right now you had to be nice, youd tell me to fuck off.
So when you tell HIM he has to be nice, guess what, he told you, to fuck off.

stay mad. play on better fucking servers with less shitty admins.
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>join autistic meme server
>banned for actually using voicechat instead of micspamming
>join austistic meme server
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>Playing TTT some years ago
>Last innocent
>Some black girl starts shooting at me from behind (She said she was in the chat)
>Instinctively shout "YOU FUCKING NIGGER"
>She gets mad
>Calls admin
>Admin is on my friends list AND comes in with a KKK skin
>She gets killed at the start of next round, and I got some points for server skins
TTT is hilarious, but sifting through the autism to finds a good server was hell.
Rent a server was pure goyim cancer.
>hey only use snipers
>admin says this rule but then uses an assault rifle

The only time a server was actually fun would have to be the EOD Rush one I once found
>everyone uses Engineer with EOD bot
>if bot gets torched you have to suicide to get another
>sheer chaos with the EOD whirring noises all over the place
Fuck me Battlefield will never be that fun again.
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>He doesn't go to a controlled environment that lets him freely vent his autism, so that it doesn't reach critical mass in public.
Oh wait, you're on /v/
>not picking servers solely off ping
go read a book
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Thread images: 10
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