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ITT: We morn the loss of our favorite online...
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Sad Frog.jpg
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ITT: We morn the loss of our favorite online gaming communities.

I'm not mentioning a game here, because I don't want this thread to only be about that game. We all have that game we enjoyed playing online and other people just stopped showing up. It made us sad.

Name it. Get it off your chest.
World of Warcraft
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition

I know a lot of people on this board think this game is overrated and it probably is but for a while it was the only thing I looked forward too during the week. Shame the online community is now dead Ive already beaten the games so many times with so many different builds that their really isnt anything left to do PVE wise.
bf 2142 ;_;
>TF2 players that care more about the gameplay than the cosmetics
Dragons dogma on ps3. I need some pawns
RIP Resistance 3.

Fuck you consoles
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Jesus xlink is shit
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Warcraft 3 custom maps.
I've never really been part of a community. Don't make friends, don't join guilds/clans.
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dead gaem.webm
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Phantasy Star Online, the days of staying up until 6AM just doing quests, dungeon runs, and just chatting it up in the lobby was grand. It was revolutionary back in the early 2000s when online gaming on consoles was still in it's baby stages.

It's been years since the official servers shut down, all that remains are private servers that have less than 100 people on during peak hours.
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Goodnight sweet prince. I hardly knew ye.
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Red Faction Gorilla

people still play but it's just not the same
City of Heroes/Villains
Fuck, we were partway into an expansion, then...poof.
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breathe in.jpg
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>you will never play Vanilla TF2 on PC ever again

all I want to do is play on cp_granary and cp_hydro again without the hat trading and millions of custom shit, but you can't even find game servers for those anymore
Gang wars in SA-MP


Good night sweet prince.
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Soldat was pretty fun with the jet packs and miniguns and community maps and skins and such.
/v/ runs a classic server with all that shit disabled
they do events every weekend that are pretty packed
Planetary Annihilation

I created a 6 player game in the multilayer lobby that at the time had only 3 games in it and couldn't get more than 2 people to join my game at the same time over the coarse of 2 hours.

I was a kickstarter donor. I feel betrayed.
it will be soon reborn in its former - or even greater - glory, brace yourselves
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Shit dude was thinking nobody on /v/ played gunz the duel. man thats brought up some nostalgia.
The online wasn't exactly a rich a rewarding experience, just trading pawns. I miss the actual game more, I've just sucked it completely dry and cannot get any enjoyment from it.

anyway my vote goes for BC2. It was the first real videogame I played online and it was fucking great. Vietnam died months after relase and after BF3 came out it was a ghost town. I logged on the other day and at best found servers with 3 people online.
Because kickstarting multiplayer game is a horrible idea.
To get big and somewhat stable online population you actually need marketing budget and some compromises in gameplay.
Otherwise, unless you are part of extremely dedicated playerbase, you're shit out of luck.

My little brother still plays SCHTACK relentlessly. He must have logged a couple thousand hours easily. He plays one game and sticks with it for years.. I think it was Diablo 2 last. I wish I was more like him ;_;
populous the beginning

the fucking game man
>you will never again experience the joy of killing 6 hours in sea/sky with a linkshell of 14-20 of your buds
>be me
>be blue mage
>having ranged physical blue magic spell
>stack it with sneak attack (forced critical when performed behind mob) and trick attack (enmity from next attack will be transferred to player closest to the enemy that is between you and the enemy)
>3.5k damage cannonball with enmity transferred to the healer
>boss has hate on healer, proceeds to get demolished
>all have a laugh

>be in dynamis
>miniboss uses charm-ga
>some players in alliance are now enemies
>sam/rng sidewinder people at random
every class just felt so goddamn good and different in ffxi.
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I miss pre-Big Bang Maple Story more than anything.
R.I.P Hene Hunting Grounds.
Age of Empires 2 on the Zone

Did he reach level 200 yet?
The highest I reached on one character was level 148 before quitting because the grind was getting to me.
>old maple

God, such great memories.

I'd like to add Zombie Master mod, Blacklight Retribution (thanks shitty devs for that one shit recoil balancing patch), Global Agenda, Tribes Ascend

I fucking hate HiRez for swapping games so fucking quickly and cutting off support for the previous ones.
There was this forum, which I spent all day on it
It wasn't even big, there was like our circlejerk of 30 people and 70 random active users
I even got to be a mod
But then obvious forum drama happened and now it's only 5 guys talking one post at the time on a thread
It's kind of sad that I still visit it on a daily basis, with the highlight being someone stopping by to check if it's still a shit hole
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shhhhhhhhh my sweet anon

death will embrace us all

you can play vanilla in hell with me
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Not necessarily. If they hadn't released it prematurely and if Uber had done what they said they were going to do, they would have had positive word of mouth instead of negative word of mouth. The absence of negative word of mouth on places like /v/ would have increased sales and thus, increased the likelihood of the game being a moderate success instead of an unmitigated disaster.

It's like the company is being run by a potato. So fucking stupid to release Planetary Annihilation after being told by everyone who supported it's development not to. It wasn't ready but they didn't care. They released it anyway so they could start working on Human Resources and then were shocked when no one supported that project. They have completely ruined their reputation as a gaming company and I doubt they will ever be able to regain anyone's trust ever again.
Anarchy Reigns

It was crazy fun. Yeah there was some broken bullshit like Bayonetta and some infinite, but that balanced out to the chaos of the large battles.

Grabbing 2 people as Big Bull, having fun with the Hazards (like sacrificing yourself to knock a rival into one), getting into intense 1 on 1 battles. I loved it.
you haven't even played release TF2
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