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Smash 4 stories thread
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File: Smash 4 3DS.png (907 KB, 676x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smash 4 3DS.png
907 KB, 676x550
>For Glory 1v1
>pick Pit
>turns out other guys is Pit also
>taunt to start
>have a good match, lose in a close fun game
>next match
>I switch to white-color Dark Pit
>he stays Pit
>beat him
>taunt at the end
>pssh... nothing personnel kid
>Villager vs Villager in 4 Glory

>I grab the tree he tried to drop on me

>I shoot out the tree at him while he drops the bowling ball on me

>Double KO at the same time


It sucks that Dark Pit doesn't actually have a nothing personnel kid taunt
Might as well
>playing for fun since I haven't the guts nor the connection to go on glory
>team smash
>pick the dorf
>others pick jigglypuff, dark pit and some other guy, forgot who
>paired with jigglypuff
>dark pit proceeds to side B (hammer dash thing) all round long
>I'm getting too ginger for this shit
>sudden death
>puff and I both fuck up, but mostly be, and get hit by pit after clearing his buttbudy
>he did bat shit all round long according to the results
>he stays online for the next round, same for puff buddy
>dis gun b gud
>proceed to mark him for being a spamming faggot
>mfw he got his face sunk in so hard the game had to give him a free final smash upon respawning
>mfw he misses the massive projectile barrage
>results: dark pit 0 / dorf 5 / puffbro 2 / otherguy [unimportant]
>mfw I have no face
Dun goofd
>puff and I fuck up, but mostly ME
File: 1411615908203.jpg (43 KB, 720x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 720x576
>For Fun
>Pick Wario I've been maining him ever since I found out about the flying glitch
>Someone else chooses Ness, I forgot what the two other players chose
>Sudden death with me against Ness
>I ride my bike and do a wheelie by complete accident, riding off the stage to my death and completely embarrassing myself
Ganon here, I know your pain. Side B uses up your jump and you fall to your doom
>Ness mirror match
>we both start with Ohhhkaaay
>spend entire match trying to PK Thunder ram eachother
yep you deserved it
>tfw making people SD out of rage play WII FUCKING FIT TRAINER

I don't understand. Her limbs during attacks barely extend from her body. Down smash doesn't punish rolls well and up smash has no horizontal reach. Granted those people weren't picking the best of characters as well but wow.
>SD out of rage
Say what now?
File: 1399578420633.png (138 KB, 922x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 922x620
>main wario since brawl since I love his games
>playstyle is absolutely hilarious and funny to humiliate and destroy people at the same time
>SSB4 gives him flying powers, another hilarious way to fuck around

Its a joy
Self Destruct
Yeah, I know what SD stands for, but how is that accomplishing anything? If you're angry you bum rush your target, not SD like a mongoloid
Define flying powers
File: 1410229028834.jpg (91 KB, 370x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>on smash4 stream
>some cunt bragging about how he kicks ass with little mac
>wont fucking stop
>basically eveyone fed up with his shit, even the streamer
>decide to give him my friend code and 1v1 him
>he agrees
>the jewbag chooses little mac
>i choose toon link (i do really well with him for some reason)
>streamer wants to watch/stream it, so he joins as puff and kills himself
>match begins
>literally down smashing the living fuck out of him
>30 seconds in, he had 100%+, I had about 20%
>start fucking with the nigger
>taunting the living shit out of him
>spamming ranged attacks
>decide to end it
>down smash
>end of game
>streamer is fucking laughing his ass off
>chat is fucking shitting its self

>mfw little mac never came back to the stream

I still don't get how that works

please explain?
when being knocked away, hold up and the opposite direction which you are being knocked

you will fly
My bad bro. I just don't know. But it happened quite a few times. I only SD when the lag is very choppy (A pause every seconds) or more than 1kms input lag, not that was crazy.
File: this fucking game.jpg (39 KB, 250x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this fucking game.jpg
39 KB, 250x360
His strange physics where if he is knocked far, he can pull himself back, check the smash bros webm thread, there's a good example there.
I can't into webms, anon. Using a phone. No PCs here either. Got videos?

In What order? Or do you just mean both?

Doesn't that technically mean to hold Diagnol the opposite direction your being knocked?
File: 1308252589995.png (154 KB, 253x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>in For Glory
>decide to pick Ganon for once
>opponent is fox
>have a heated battle, both on our last stock
>recover onto the platform and immediately start a Warlock Punch
>he spends the duration of the attack trying to jab me out of it
simply story
>Playin For Glory as the Cap
>Go against evenly skilled opponent
>trade constant blows out of nowhere land two great falcon punches
>feels good man
>forget to save reply
I was mad
>save reply
Don't worry anon, I'll screencap this one
God damn it, maybe my fuck up can make a shitty joke.
Found one
>I play for glory as Jigglypuff
>constantly beat everyone with Jigglypuff
>Playing 1 v 1 for Glory
>Playing against a Bowser Jr. Main
>I fight him as Shulk
>Get spammed to death by projectiles
>I wasn't feeling it
>Round 2
>Play as the dorf
>Lose, but have fun
>3rd Match
>Villager time
>Steal all his projectiles
>Kick his ass
>He launches a fully charged cannonball
>Pocket that shit
>Throw it back at him when he misses a smash attack
>Win the match
>The bitch leaves

All he did was spam special moves for the most part. That side B was used 20 times in each game.
> Be my main man Mario
> Come against Waluigi costume Mario
> Mirror match for my main character, things are now personal.
> Fire and fists are exchanged. Capes are flipped. Coins are expelled.
> He's good, and when we both reach 100%+ I run at him to fake him out with Mario's running slide, making him shield.
> Roll behind him, grapple, back throw to win.
> Pick Mario assuming he'll want a rematch, but no, he picks Shulk. He has strayed from the path of enlightenment.
> I fuck up early and botch a recovery. He is at under 30% with 2 stock.
> He's taunting like mad. I sit on the respawn platform as he taunts endlessly.
> I drop down and use my invincibility time to do Mario's down-taunt (his death animation from the games).
> Heated battle proceeds. Kill him, but am at well over 100%.
> Drops down, switches to Shulk mode that increases power but has the side of affect of making him launch farther.
> Get a few hits in on him.
> He packs away to edge, taunts, and charges.
> Side-air dodge.
> Grapple.
> Throw off stage.
> Charge his ass in the air and spike him into the abyss at around 40%.
> Enlarged Mario taunt.
I love counter picking against those queers, they can't touch my Fox.
File: image.jpg (107 KB, 700x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 700x520
>pick Shulk
>opponent does ness
>tense long match
>last stock both 100 plus percent, and were literally on the edge waiting for the other to DK something and stop rolling
>decide to break this temporary stalemate, and say fuck it
>ness jumps of edge
>I BACK SLASH! while running and plummet off the edge
>it was a ruse. I catch Ness with my blade, and he goes flying while I'm falling down. This is not an OHKO btw
>he hits the end of the screen just as I'm in the little bubble to show you're off screen
>pic related was the newspapers the day after

epic blog post
You deserve a pat in the back, anon. Good job
I change characters every round, usually cycle through around 10 so nobody can counter pick someone I repeatedly play.

Came against some Jigglypuff asshole who just short-hopped and did her back-air kick over and over til you were off the stage. Kept picking Jigglypuff so I picked Meta Knight and whooped there ass (his standard A swipes interrupts the short-hop shit.

It was a fucking effective strategy though. That was the hardest jigglypuff I've ever faced and all they did was the side-air kick, the dash attack that can hit you when you're down, and rest a handful of times. They kicked my ass like 3 times before I sort of got the pattern they were doing and knew how to counter it.
In For Glory, whenever my opponent doesn't move, I just crouch and get up really fast over and over.

One time, the other guy started doing it, and we just fucked around for 5 minutes. We went into sudden death and just did the same thing again, until a bob-omb fucked me up
File: 1412591706384.gif (2 MB, 320x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x200
>For Glory 1v1
>Pick Sonic, vs Falco
>match begins
>before I can do anything, Falco immediately jumps over my head and side B's
>he falls off the stage and dies

>For Glory 1v1
>pick Sonic, VS Shulk
>I have the advantage on the first stock, but accidentally SD early, giving Shulk a big advantage
>takes me until about 100% to finally KO the Shulk
>never give up
>go hard at the Shulk, end up gimping his recovery and KOing him while he still had like 35% left

>For Glory 1v1
>pick Sonic, vs Link
>play two matches against the Link, decisively beat him both times
>decide to mix it up, pick Captain Falcon
>he's assblasted and picks Little Mac
>still beat him
>fourth match, expecting him to pick Mac again, so I pick Mac as well
>I fuck up majorly on the first stock and get killed first while I only did 1% to him
>come back and two stock him with 0%
>he leaves the session before I could even finish viewing the results screen
>playing as cotton candy wario versus waluigi mario
>equally matched have a bunch of good rounds
>start of a new match, he accidentally SD's
>since he's a cool guy I decide to SD as well to even the score
>we go to opposite ends of the platform and both wait for invincibility to wear off
>I'm pretty decent at the game, but I have to admit when I start getting my ass kicked, and I was getting it kicked
>he's doing super good now and I can't keep up
>accidentally ride off the ledge on my wario bike, couldn't jump out for some reason, happens occasionally
>he sees this and runs off the edge with me, trying to SD before I do
>I then hop off the bike, do a medium fart, do another bike hop, and up+B back to stage and do the laughing taunt as he dies

he quit
File: 1376214788430.jpg (20 KB, 582x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 582x329
>Start playing For Glory yesterday
>Find a pretty good player who mains Toon Link, Sonic, and Mega Man
>Meanwhile, I switch between all my 5 mains
>Doing great and had an even number of matches won/lost
>Tiebreaker match
>Face his Toon Link with Duck Hunt on Brinstar
>Have a heated battle setting up projectiles everywhere and a terrific aerial game
>Tank all of his hits incredibly well and at around 170% damage
>Time's up
>Sudden Death
>Zoning our shit like we did before
>Die to falling bob-ombs in fucking For Glory mode
>Opponent leaves after that loss
I have never had the time run out in for Glory. 5 minutes is pretty long for two stocks. I feel like the only way the clock could run out is if both players are projectile spamming and rolling around everywhere constantly. A game with two aggressive players will almost never hit 5 min unless they are both incredibly good at dodging shit.
>Play against people with nig names
>Expect lag
>Get lag

All of you out there with shit internet shouldn't be shitting up the game. Just because you know how to play in stop motion doesn't make you good.
File: 1327717517708.gif (213 KB, 119x97) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Playing as Kirby
>Come against a Captain Falcon
>Do the crouching thing, he taunts
>We scuffle a little bit, I don't take it too seriously and spend a while trying to swallow him so I can get Falcon Punch
>Get killed with a well timed smash attack
>Keep going to swallow him, taking more damage in the process
>Finally get him.
>Now it's serious
>Dart around him in the air and rack up his damage
>Knock him off the stage and followup with a cancelled Stone
>Almost die after he respawns, but I hang on and get him to a high percentage
>Use Falcon Punch
>He tries to go in for the punish but mis-times and I connect, killing him instantly
I like this thread.

>beat someone
>they switch to textbook ZSS or spamfest Link

sorry I thought we were here to have fun not roll all over eachother
I'd rather play Link than fucking Samus.
>VS dark pit
>side B spam

>VS bowser junior
>why can't I hold all these balls

>VS peach

>VS WFT/Shulk
I'd rather fuck Samus any day.
>Nig name
I'm sorry Maurice.
File: 1402107978904.jpg (15 KB, 192x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 192x171
>pick Olimar in 1 on 1
>other guy is Olimar
>we taunt
>he throws his Pikmin offstage, I follow
>we settle it with fists

That forward-tilt is strong.
Underrated post. Honorable anons. Goddamn
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1 MB, 2015x1491
>be playing For Fun
>Ian and Brandon join the game
>instantly think of Chris-Chan and laugh
>waiting anxiously for Anderson
>Chris shows up instead
This could be the sign of Sonichu DLC.

Are you me?

>Be Jigglypuff
>Fight Pac-Man
>Wreck his shit.
>He does his bonus fruit attack. As he throws it I dash attack him grabbing the apple in the process.
>He goes to recover
>Toss the apple at his face
>Star KO
>Wreck his shit some more
>Bait him into Side B attack
>He takes the bait
>Rest to the face
>win match with Charizard
>next match, they pick Charizard as if to say "let me show you how easy this is scrub"
>they get absolutely fucking destroyed and mostly just spam Flare Blitz
>they leave after that game
This has happened 12 times now

12 fucking times with 12 different people

Charizard makes people mad as fuck for some reason, it's hilarious.
>play Smash
>get people with godly connections.
>they leave after one match
>get stuck with shitters for 12 matches

Such is the life of Nintendo Online.
>leave because connection is shit
>can't play for 10 or 20 minutes

thanks nintendo
>playing Ganondorf against a Ness
>been playing a few matches, both as different characters, the guy is much better than me
>he's basically batting me around and juggling me
>getting a little mad
>hits me a little offstage
>follows me to finish it
>this is my chance
>side-B, Ganondrop him
>we both respawn, I taunt
>he doesn't let me finish, knocks me off stage
>follows me
> <-- + B
>he quits
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>be playing For Fun
>me and one dude face off while the other two do the same
>get opponent to killing percents
>out of fucking nowhere one of the other dudes in his blind confusion steals my kill
>this happens a couple of times
>end round with 0 kills
Fuck For Fun.
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