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smash 4 complaining thread
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post your complaints about smash 4
>90% of people you fight against are tierwhores online
>ledges fucking suck
>ness was buffed like hell but still has some pretty bad issues
>online is practically unplayable because it's laggy as fuck
>smash run is a huge disappointment
>get banned for playing the game
>get banned for not wanting to deal with some laggy fuck
>projectile spamming isn't a bannable offense but leaving because the lag suck is
>online is practically unplayable because it's laggy as fuck

Lets at least wait until the definitive version of the game is released before getting too worked up about this. Wii U will probably be better
The lag man. That lag.

I can deal with everything else, I use Greninja against fags and G&W/Sambus for everybody else.
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>that jab nerf

It didn't need to do 16% but it got hit a bit too hard.
Because of the circle pad, I have a tendency to execute attacks I really did not want to do.

The shoulder buttons are also pretty uncomfortable.
too many shitters with obamacare internet. i hope they grow tired of their self-induced lag soon so I'll stop having to face them every third match
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>everyone is ready, timer counts down

>game wont start cause reasons

>cant leave game, have to restart my 3ds

>banned for 10 mins
>No story/campaign because Sakurai is autistic
>Classic is a short, boring (and mostly easy) trek until Swarm
>Alt moves need to be unlocked and all the methods to do so are random grinding
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This is a REALLY petty complaint, but does anyone else feel like there wasn't enough unlockable characters?

The starting roster is like Ridley, it's just too big. Characters you'd expect to be unlockable are already available from the start, it just kills a bit of the fun, and theoretically shortens playtime too.

The wii u has shit tier internet. Nintendo doesn't really care about it, that's why they went ahead with Smash for 3ds.

and the lack of a fucking built-in ethernet port is laughable.
eh i kinda agree.
but unlocking characters isnt very __fun anyways cause its so easy
>never see half the roster in online mode, ZSS lucina and mac all day
>no edgehogging
>grinding for custom shit
>shields are unstoppable
>people just run away and roll backward for entire matches

I hate the shit-tier online compared to fucking Pokemon

I wish we could add bros we have played tons of matches with instead of never ever seeing them again.

None of the unlockables were surprising except for Bowser Jr. I didn't expect him at all.
My only problem is: whenever a match starts, the fucking "3..2..1..GO!" banner stays on the middle of the fucking screen for about one second of actual match time.
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>tons of fucking FEMALE wii fit trainer trophies in lewd positions
>only one fucking MALE wii fit trainer trophy
Guys, can I claim misandry and make tons of money? I'll call it "Tropes vs Men in Video Games"
I wish Dedede still had his old Down air.
Mii costumes are too fucking rare.
It takes so fucking long to kill anyone, usually around 200% unless I manage to land a meteor smash.
At any given moment it resides 4 threads on the front page
sent ;)
I hate that so many people when recovering simply fast fall to below the ledge and use their ridiculous recovery to just snap to it, it feels really hard to contest ledges and I think the game would've benefited from smaller "magnet zones" on the ledges.
>90% of people you fight against are tierwhores online
I haven't really seen this.
It's annoying that people main characters though; switch it up a bit for fucks sake

More like 120%
>not item frequency
>still no Pokemon/AT on/off chart
>no item frequency slider chart ie My Music
The online for the Wii U version should be similar to Mario Kart 8's. Namco did the online for that game too. They just didn't know how to work with the 3DS I guess. Nintendo should've hired Capcom to do the online though, but I guess Capcom didn't want to work on a game with Megaman in it.
>i dont know how to approach projectile spammers
>Guys, can I show that we're as bad as them?
>Bowser still have generic monster voices instead of his real voice
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>ledges fucking suck
And the old ones were any better?
Do you not know about the famous "Ledge stalling"
>usually around 200%
You must be playing someone with poor kill moves
>They don't tell you who to defeat to break block on panel 2
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>1 vs 1
>get a really bad input lag
>normal jabs delay for 2 seconds
>the opponent owns me like no tomorrow
Limited combos, takes too long to kill.

Fixing the first could fix the second...
>Some fuckups while doing/polishing the game. Can't decide the rate objects spawn at, what the fuck?
>Some bad decisions for the roster
>Old Nintendo IP completely forgotten
>Old Nintendo IP got no new content
>Smash run is not online so who cares about it, just do the achivements and that's it
>Shitty online, I have only encountered five people that I could fight with no lag at all.
>Shitty online in general, get your shit together Nintendo
>No whavedashing and L cancelling
>New ledge mechanic sucks
>Some nerffed characters suck now
Game is still great but it has so many flaws
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>People complaining about lag
I really don't have issues. Maybe 1 out of every 40 matches has any noticeable lag.
Granted, I only do 1v1 unless I'm playing with friends, then it's crazy FFA time, but even then it's not laggy at all.
>tfw I have never lost a match

That lag which helps me out so much, I've grown accustom to it, like someone who has never played 60 fps games.
>Can't select the music for each stage
>Edges of the screen too large
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>but I guess Capcom didn't want to work on a game with Megaman in it
I guess it's really time to let go.
Out of my frequently used characters, I have the most trouble killing with Villager and Pac-man.

I don't have nearly as much trouble with DDD, but that's to be expected.
>shitty error messages when trying to go online all the time
>inherent lag of some moves and the shield
Rosalina being able to get out of stuff like grabs/buried states due to still being able to have Luma jab you is completely retarded.
Fucking stop nigger
You ruin the game for everyone else
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>Guys, what is a joke?
>try to do a tilt and end up doing a smash
>try to do a smash and end up doing a tilt
>try to do a recovery move but end up doing a side special
I know it's my fault as well, but it didn't happen nearly this frequently until this game.
>>Can't select the music for each stage
You can. It's just you only get two choices.
I can't even connect right now. I need more wins. I exclusively use Pikachu
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I'm fucking sick of playing Smash Run grinding for custom gear. It says I've gotten 600 types of custom gear and I still haven't gotten Dodgy Dodger anything. Fuck this.
>online should be similar to Mario Kart 8s.

Mario Kart 8's online is not exactly the same netcode considering it uses a desync style of online while Smash Bros has to be precise.
Ever since I downloaded this game I get random errors that make me restart
Plz help
How severe Olimar was nerfed. I mean he is still playable but when I can effortlessly do 10 times better with any other character than I can my old main it is kind of annoying.
You weren't surprised by Duck Hunt Dog? How?

He was the most out of left field thing ever.
Hold R as you select the stage to get the alternate music.
>home button and close brawl
>it resets the fucking 3DS

Why does that happen?
I'm entirely convinced nobody playtested Rosalina.

She's is beyond SSS+ tier.
>Kirby is perfectly round
Holy shit
i was referring to how they don't let you grab them as you should be able to
for example, ness' recovery
i main ness, and when you use ness' recovery and try to grab the ledge, it fucks you over sometimes, even if you are literally touching the ledge, it doesn't register. this also happens alot with robin, not sure about other characters
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I hate to be the guy who says >B-BUT IT WORKS FOR ME
but it genuinely works wonderful for me.

It's the only game I've ever had solid online connectivity with, apart from 4-player matches, and even those are just the occasional large fit of lag, before going right back to a solid connection.

Hell, I even prefer going online over local play. I get to use taunts, friend picks are hidden, and somebody can go to the shitter or something and play another round.
After about 30 hours, I am now bored with it. Trading it in tomorrow for a steam gift card.
What about stages with more than two tracks?
And what about the menu muusic?
>>90% of people you fight against are tierwhores online
>no real tiers really exist yet

Just because people gravitate to strong characters naturally doesn't mean they automatically use tiers Anon-kun.
>not playing classic at 9.0

You fucking deserve this.
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I could complain about the bad roster, but I always do that.

My other biggest issues with the game would have to be the lack of content. Perhaps they're saving it for the Wii U version, but the 3DS version has next to nothing. Smash Run and online are literally all you'll wind up doing, maybe grinding in Classic for coins. And Smash Run gets boring really quick. Even as far as music is concerned, SSB43DS is lacking; compare the number of tracks in Brawl to those of SSB3DS. It has nothing to do with limited space, because 3DS cartridges can hold up to 8GB in theory, and there are already carts that are 4GB. I've also heard people say that the reason for that is so that people with smaller SD cards can download it, but with the 3DS' default SD card you'll still have to buy another one regardless, as it's only 2GB and the game is slightly larger.

Little Mac is also way too broken, people defend him by saying "he's bad in the air" but the problem is he doesn't need to get in the air, and it's difficult to get him into the air because he's so fast and hits so hard. Alternatively, people mistakenly believe he's well balanced because they played only against crappy Macs who wound up self destructing. I'm not even going to touch the KO Punch.
There aren't any stages with more than two tracks. Every track from a game that doesn't appear in its respective stage is just for smash run. I don't know if you can chose the music for the menu.
Is it possible to play with a friend locally on one console against 2 other people online?
bowser, shiek, rosalina, greninja and yoshi are all op as fuck. they're going to be top tier.
I played Classic on 9.0 for a whole fucking day and got shit equipment. That's for Custom moves. I'm talking the equipment.

>Play defensively until Luma shits itself
>Play offensively until you get Luma back
>Win every time
what did you expect from an incredibly incompetent director? that nigga samurai has made nothing but bad decisions for this game. i can only hope the wii u version is nowhere need this bad
Learn to bait?

A lot of macs moves have a decent bit of lag after wards that you can easily punish with jabs.
Well, you can't play two people on one console locally. It's a 3DS.

But you can't go online with a friend in 2v2 randoms, sadly, only friend matches. Large mistake.

We'll see if the Wii U fixes that. I have doubts, though.
>There aren't any stages with more than two tracks.
Really? The DK and Geruda Valley stage only have two tracks? In the song list there are three tracks for Zelda (no Spirit Tracks) and DK
>Villager and Pac-man
Villager just needs to get them off stage, then if you're good you can spam foward air to keep em back. Otherwise, Bowling, Tree, Axe, pocketed projectiles, and turnips are your launch moves. Down tilt is good for getting them in the air though.

Pac you just need the Key, hit them with a power pelleted side B, most smashes, and I think the foward/back air are good kill moves

Ah yeah. New system where you cant grab ledges until the animation is done
lack of content?

for a handheld game, smash has a shitton of content imo.
The extra tracks are for Smash Run, for some reason.

Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and even Nazo no Murasame have Smash Run exclusive tracks.
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>Tourneys will be nothing but Rosalina dittos

Fuck her she's my least favorite newcomer too
I think it happens with Lucario and Rosalina. And with Mario sometimes.
for the love of god I can't grab anyone as all they fucking do is keep rollin rollin rollin rollin rollin
Yeah the console bit I meant the wiiu. It'd be nice now that friends are all over the place.
>controls like absolute shit on the 3DS because it is designed for playing Pokemon
I'll let you know more after the Wii U version is released, the demo was enough to show me how awful this game is on 3DS.
And why didn't they put them with the other tracks available to play while in the stage? And a slider to tell the game when to play them?
>for a handheld game, smash has a shitton of content
Uprising has more content. Monster Hunter has more content.
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Do you enjoy being a retard?
>I was only pretending to be retarded
have you tried restarting it?
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>The 3ds is terrible for controlling the game.
>The character selection could have been a bit better.
>Online is laggy as hell.
>All the stages are too busy and have WAY too much going on.
>I just want standard platforms not big monsters appearing every 20 seconds of moving parts that I have to focus on.
>Feels like it has a real lack of content compared to past games.
>That dumb new target game. I miss old target test.
>The nonsense coin mechanic and difficulty. It was fun in KI:U but there was no need to copy and paste it samurai.
>Difficulty goes down when you die automatically.
>Weird Decisions like Alph being an Alt but Dark Pit being a character and Dark Samus just being a recolor
>Music is worst that it has been in the series and oftentimes is just a direct rip from the game, bar tortimer island, that shit is great.

It really just seems like a quick cash grab like pokemon x/y did.
I need to stop getting so hype.
>Forgetting about PAC-MAN'S PARK

Fuck I'm still pissed about it being in Smash Run only
Music sliders like Brawl had is a Wii U exclusive feature, for some reason.
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>playing Dedede
>every single attack in the game reflects my gordos back at me
>if a player is getting too much lag it'll kick them off and replace them with a cpu
>really obvious in 1-on-1 when it happens
>if you quit because you don't want to fight a cpu it goes on your record as a disconnect and you have to wait 10 minutes to fight online again
>A lot of macs moves have a decent bit of lag after wards that you can easily punish with jabs.
Jabs aren't going to do much.

My mains are Shulk, Ness, and Zero Suit Samus. Ness is slightly easier to take him on with, because you can use PK Fire and then hopefully at some point you might wind up being able to grab him, and his side throw can usually reliably finish him off at high percentages.

The problem with fighting him as Shulk is that even if you use the Monado Arts accordingly, his smash attacks are way too slow and leave him wide open. Mac hits hard and fast, so when I go in with him I'm asking to die.

As for Zero Suit Samus, I can rack up damage fine sometimes, but I can't KO him reliably. All of her moves that can do so either involve getting in the air or take some time to pull off, and good Macs won't grant me either opportunities.

>for a handheld game, smash has a shitton of content imo.
You must not play many handheld games. As >>267951084
said, Kid Icarus Uprising has more content in the challenges alone, and that's from the same developer with a presumably much smaller dev team.
Nice edit
Can we talk about how awful the 3D Land theme is in this game?
can someone seriously explain what's supposedly so damn great about Rosalina? Everyone keeps saying she's super ultra broken, but I'm just not seeing it.
>someone has the same interest as another person
Looks like I win

You got some growing up to do
We're all being bamboozled into thinking the Wii U game will look better than it actually does.
All the Wii U screenshots are probably just like the 3DS screenshots, where when paused, the character models increase in quality. But actual gameplay will look worse than the screenshots.
oh and
>That ugly UI
>That ugly CSS
>Trophies no longer tell you what game they are from or the date introduced.
>Dumbed down mechanics, or rather casualized mechanics
>removing of features
I don't use the shoulder buttons because it's too damn awkward. Set my shield to Y and grab to X and L&R to jump which I just use the stick for anyway. It's not as nice as gamecube or even wiichucks but at least my hands are cramping like before.
Winning an arguement on the internet? Your mother must be so proud.
>resorting to I AM SILLY

I obviously won here
File: 1409478313426.gif (1 MB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x200
Losing an argument on the internet? Your mother must be so disappointed.

Oh wait, that's nothing new
I don't think any character from the previous iteration should be locked at all. Because it forces the players who main those characters to waste time fucking around with other characters, before getting the one they actually want to play. All the newcomers should be locked.
>EVERYTHING launches too far, even a grab at 0%
>hitstun is still non-existent
>combine the two + airdodging and you get no combos
>blast zones are too big
>landing lag is like a full goddamn second it feels like
>For Glory is only FD for some reason
>decent to bad netcode, sometimes perfect, sometimes awful
>no ledge guarding because of auto-pop off if someone is holding a ledge
>even more defensive than Brawl

Please Sakurai, I don't want Melee 2.0, but fuck I didn't want Brawl 2.0: Even Less Offense Edition
File: 1412556073879.jpg (270 KB, 850x1151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 850x1151

don't play much shulk or ness. But you definitely have the tools to deal with any mac with ZSS.

Forward B and her dash are decent at launching and you can follow up in the air. If a Mac is counter happy in the air there's a good window for you to follow up on him as soon as he hits the ground.
File: 1413170368719.png (204 KB, 800x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks smugfroge bro
Luma can attack even if she is stunned and she has fuckhuge range using him in a game that so far looks to be heavily defensive.
The Xenoblade stage sucks hard. It has nothing on the middle and tiny little platforms on the side, what the fuck. And I thought that Zelda bridge stage from Brawl was bad.
Also fuck the Yellow Demon. Put a hazard switch in the options, for fucks sake
This. I've found myself subconsciously moving to the edge of the screen at the start of every match just to be sure I'm not getting fucking in the ass while I can't see.
To anyone who managed to get their copy of smash early from online, where did you shop?

I want to play the Wii U version on a GC remote now that I found out the wii u fight pad plugs into the wii mote, but Gamestop isn't releasing the GC bundle at midnight.
>and the lack of a fucking built-in ethernet port is laughable.


You can't stop people from playing in a bomb shelter or faraday cage, but I'd atleast be able to stop packet loss on my side.
I feel like there is no Style or Substance
Like no opening cinematic and the css is just that black mess for some reason
Game modes have been dumed down to the extreme or removed entirely.
the game was made for kids. if you could do any of the stuff you mentioned, kids would get mad and stop playing.

melee was a fluke, accept that it's dead and move on
>Forward B and her dash are decent at launching
I tend to dash a lot, so maybe I'll try that. The problem is it's very predictable and all he has to do is grab to shut me down.

Does her forward B really launch well? It's my least used move as her.

If I CAN get him in the air, if I'm lucky, I can sometimes juggle him until I knock him offscreen. It would be a lot easier to just use her up+B, but I can't get that to hit at the precise angle needed to finish it and KO very often.
Everyone thinks Little Mac is not fun to fight?

Have you even fought Shiek, Yoshi, Zero Suit Samus or Duck Hunt?

Theyre all 20 times more obnoxious, especially Yoshi with his retarded aerials that do a million damage.
Luma stands right in front of Rosalina taking a shit load of hits for her. Luma dies at 50% damage only to respawn about 8 seconds later. Luma can't be grabbed. Rosalina's Down B neuters projectiles.
DONG is complete shit in this game.

On the upside, Bowser does an awesome job of representing chunky characters in this game.

There's a ledge cooldown that stops you from grabbing ledges too frequently. Kind of annoying.

And fuck when ness bullseyes a ledge and bounces right off. What the fuck.
Mostly just the online lag and having an old shitty 3DS, they should release New 3DS sooner
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592 KB, 771x431
>Playing keep away is too rewarding
>Rollin 'n' Grabbin is too rewarding

Only complaints. Moving stages are shit but that's not exclusive to Smash 4.
Wario also sucks and they have nerfed Fox even more.
>There's a ledge cooldown

Is it 0.25 seconds? Becayse I've had people just jump backwards and grab the ledge again almost instantly as a stall tactic. I catch on the their bullshit quick and kill them for it but still, if there is a cooldown I'm not seeing it.

No. I'm glad it's like that. I wanna buy the game and jump right in and play with my bros with people I want to use.

Now if it were a single player game I'd agree with you.
Well when 90% of stages have an annoying hazard or move around it is kind of annoying.
>Wario sucks
Bitch you trippin

Also, you think Fox had it bad? Christ, Falco's laser is glacial speed now.
>Playing against a Little Mac as Kirby on Gerudo valley

Nigga i main Wario and he is actually still good.

His bike is as viable as ever and his attacks come out quicker.
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>can't interact with players in Smash Run
>no online Smash Run
>more than half of the Smash Run competitions are just Special Mode
>Smash Run songs are better than some stage songs
>online is wonky
>Target Blast sucks
>all those reused Brawl stages
>reused Melee stages used in Brawl
>Classic is a joke
>no opening cinematic, just a quiet title screen reusing Brawl's logo animation
>Mario doesn't get new voice clips despite needing them the most
>stages are either a tiny clutter of awkwardly shaped platforms or have a stage boss
>Omega mode ruins the background of many stages
>no boss toggle
>no option to play on just the S.S. Flavion
>you can get repeat powers, specials, items, and costumes
>Wario gets less alts for no reason
>3D Land scrolls too fast
>Palutena's hair
>blast zones on certain stages are ridiculously far
>characters blow up went sent up more often than they get Star KO'd or hit the screen
>trophy shop tells you what the trophy you're getting is
>the trophy descriptions
>The problem is it's very predictable
It is but at the same time this is where baiting comes to play.

>Does her forward B really launch well?

Decently if you can tip it just right, it'll take some time but if you can master spacing it'll do you good.

> It would be a lot easier to just use her up+B

bzzt wrong! you're setting yourself up for failure if you whiff it. Most of her aeirials have decent Knock back and are all relatively safe save for her Dair, you'd be much better using those.
>ness was buffed like hell but still has some pretty bad issues
Like what? I'm having a lot of trouble competing with my friends' Ness, he's really fucking good with him. I know I have a lot to improve on, but where is Ness lacking?
>i play greninja
>calling anyone a fag
no, you are a fag
>Full ground 90% of the time

Ow the pain.
File: 1407639007356.jpg (67 KB, 377x326) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 377x326
I feel like the 3DS version suffers because it's the 3DS

not that many new stages, cut characters, controls aren't as good etc

I'm glad we got it but fuck man
File: MegaManSSB4.png (164 KB, 470x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 470x479
>Spam projectiles the entire game
>Free win

Fuck you megashitters.
Smash Run is the single most boring game mode I have ever had the displeasure of playing.

Fucking happy I cleared it with all characters.

Also you should be able to buy custom moves with coins since there is nothing to use shit on anymore.

I miss the pinball machine and slot machine. Trophy rush is also boring as fuck run back and forth hitting A.
I enjoy unlocking stuff so it really is a shame that there are only two newcomers worth unlocking. At the same time, I can understand why they don't lock more characters. At the end of the day, the characters are the game's big selling point. If the characters are all secret, there's nothing to sell the game on and get people excited.

Essentially they're forced to unveil all their mysteries for the purpose of advertising, which is a completely out-of-game factor. It sucks but there's not much that can be done about it. It's actually become kind of standard in Smash.
>It is but at the same time this is where baiting comes to play.

>Decently if you can tip it just right, it'll take some time but if you can master spacing it'll do you good.
I've used it to push people back, but never to launch. I'll work on it.

>Most of her aeirials have decent Knock back
The trouble is few can reliably KO. Or maybe I'm just bad.
I need a better control stick this shit is hard to work properly with my big hands.
>enemy characters dodge roll and shield at every possible chance and as soon as you input a move

if i wanted to play against spamming shits i'd play online. fuck these higher leveled CPUs
i like smash run
the ending sequence is just retarded
File: 1372066602783.jpg (57 KB, 919x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>how to win on Smash Bros 1v1 online
>Pick either
>A: A tierwhore character (Shiek, ZSS, Greninja) and look up strategies you can copy
>B: Projectile spam character (Link, Samus, varying players with Megaman) and keep spamming projectiles until your opponent has an opening when you can use your strong forward on them.
>Rinse and Repeat until you're a smash master!

This wouldn't even be an issue if we had some variety besides Final Destination
>does anyone else feel like there wasn't enough unlockable characters?
There was hardly anything worth unlocking.
>Brawl stages
>Melee stages
>Brawl veterans
>no new songs thanks to 2songs and Smash Run having everything already
File: 1400457740604.gif (193 KB, 347x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 347x479
Not enough stages for one. Along with that, a lot of stages suffer from having to always interact with the environment rather than the player. They should have had an alpha mode for Battlefield variants along with the omega mode for Final Destination variants at the most if they won't add a boss option..
I didn't like the characters getting cut. That has been my problem with the Smash series since Melee to Brawl. Sure, maybe I didn't use some, but they added content to the game alone just by being present.
I hate having the feeling that the game got gimped and possibly rushed because of the 3DS. I don't know how organizing and planning the game went down, but it kind of feels lackluster compared to the previous games.
Awkward and limited game modes. Also, the Smash Run final battles are way too short for the time invested in the map.

It's still a good game, but I just feel that it has flaws that shouldn't be present, especially considering the experience of the developers with the series.
>every mario and dr mario stands in the same spot spamming b
it only does like 3% damage a hit and they have no clue what to do when you approach, what's the point?
Any characters that have answers to his projectiles and are able to approach him from the air, like G&W can, pretty much fuck Ness up.

A Ness player fed me projectiles for my oil panic move over the course of a match which i killed him with.

And G&W's key move goes right through PK Thunder so Ness is no threat to me in the air either.
No, they went ahead with smash for 3DS for the beta-testing.

thats why we, the people who are getting the definitive version, would like to thank you!
>playing 3DS in public on train or while waiting for train
>always get weird looking nintenyearolds that come up to me and ask if I'm playing smash and if I'd like to play against them

Fuck man I just want to be a loner and play against easy computers. I've never had people come up to me in public and engage me because I had my 3DS out before.
File: 1407477805093.gif (152 KB, 400x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 400x267
The novelty of portable Smash wore off after a few hours.
>he didn't play monhun, mario kart, or new leaf

>Genuinely like Shiek and ZSS cause I like fast characters in games
>They're tierwhore picks

Oh for fucks sake man
>tfw going to have to buy Amiibos to get better with higher CPU levels since no friends to play with and online a shit
>decent to bad netcode

Why is shit network performance never blamed on inadequate hardware or a poor client/server connection?

It's always the netcode, that only people at X software company have read.

I think its nintendo having ass infrastructure and they can't handle the load. People also play out of range of their wifi or behind too many walls.
>have to play 5 people named Jose playing lil mac before you get matched with someone decent
If I have a 90% win rate in for glory, why am i still matched up with literal children?
I feel the trophy thing was an oversight. The ones with a universe icon I can understand, but the other miscellaneous ones really seem written as if it was expected that the game of origin would be made clear elsewhere.

The move set speed change is jarring at least the first time playing him
Ok I'm going to not try and make this sound like a "git gud" tip but here it goes. Learn to make yourself seem vulnerable I do this my self by playing the middle field against a mac where they are most dominant and also most reckless. Mac's will whiff shit and you should be there to punish. But there are other ways you can bait too. like playing a certain way then a certain ways into the match switch up your style to complete catch someone off guard.

To be perfectly honest it's going to take some time for you to get comfortable with some of this but I'm assuming you've experience with other fighters before.

>The trouble is few can reliably KO
Again this ties in with punishing jabs, build up a decent amount I'd say around 40-50% launch and juggle until dead.
>I'm too stupid to realise when someone is joking so I'll tell him my epic meme when someone points it out to me
>Unlocked all characters within the first night
>my internet is too shit to play online
>no friends who play smash irl
>It has a huge lack of content.
I have never been so hyped for no reason
>smash run is trash
>not online
>no interaction
>streetsmash is a joke
>fucking angry birds
>classic costs money
>auto lowers difficulty on failure
>trophy shop is shit, but better than brawl at least
>stages are ass
>custom/equips are a fucking grind
>four fucking gamemodes

what a letdown
she'd be okay if getting rid of luma actually fucking did anything
i mean for fuck's sake it would be perfectly balanced if she took like 20% damage when luma falls or some shit
Does anyone know if there really is just one Male WFT trophy?
File: dedede2.jpg (19 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 300x225

Go for the double reflect m8, send em right back in. Play fuckin Gordo tennis.

The gordos are pretty meaty projectiles with three possible trajectories that fire out fast, I'd say they're pretty balanced.
You literally have to let every projectile hit you for mega spam to be effective. Gi t gud
>but I'm assuming you've experience with other fighters before.
You're assuming wrong. I guess I'll learn how to bait as I get better.

>I'd say around 40-50% launch and juggle until dead.
It's not that easy.
It's true.
File: 1412556519787.gif (359 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359 KB, 500x375
Welp, there is no point in living for me.
Stages feel like a wasted opportunity being mainly hit and miss. returning stages are also a mixed bunch, distant planet was likely only picked because they needed a Pikmin stage, Mushroomy Kingdom was always terrible, Flat zone 2 should've been made bigger and I was never a fan of Green Hill zone. New stages are also mixed as well with Game boy being too fucking small and stages such as Magicant and Wily's castle are made worse because of how annoying the bosses are. They should've allowed a sort of beta mode where stage hazards are turned off. Also I don't get how some games didn't get a stage, like Luigi's mansion 2.
>A Ness player fed me projectiles for my oil panic move over the course of a match which i killed him with.

Oh man fuck that

I'm so jealous that has practically no frame lag either because G&W is liquid crystal.

Meanwhile PSI magnet is too slow to use on anything that isn't braindead easy to predict.
>you can catch one
>can see all 3 coming from days away

How bout you be less shit
Doesn't have enough memory to run the home screen in the background while Smash is running, because Smash almost maxes the memory.
You aren't missing much man

>playing against my brother who is in the other room
>it still laggs for 5 seconds at a time every minute even though we're literally 10 steps apart with 1 wall between us
He has two: All-Star alt and Dancer. The rest are Female Wii Fit Trainer.
Fast with combos pretty much means tierwhore
>Stamina mode is available after some Smash Run games
>Isn't available to choose for regular Smash
Just why? It clearly works.
I think he's talking about how you can only grab the ledge a limited number of times without landing back on the stage before it just stops letting you grab. Noticed it while trying to get KOs in cruel smash.
Post other one please.... [spoiler Please....
>You're assuming wrong
>It's not that easy.

hoo boy, Ok well I'm afraid it's nothing but the good ol' school of hard knocks for you bud.

Just don't get too frustrated and be open to changing your strategy every so often so you don't stagnate.

It wasn't much but I hope my advice helps you out in the long run.
Anyone else's hands get swaty and you have to wipe your thumb off or its unplayable?
>streetsmash is a joke

When I read the name I thought it was going to be a scrolling co-op brawler.

t-t-thanks nintendo
That's all.
fucking WHY? you could have fought other people's custom characters or some shit but no sakurai had to make a fucking tin pin slammer knockoff
File: 1413240917536.png (30 KB, 348x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 348x319
Fuck you, Sakurai.... Fuck you....
So many goddamn F WFT trophies and only 2 fucking Male trophies.... Sakurai FUCK YOU
I know "more is always better" or some retarded shit that I don't agree with, but I feel like the omega stages are a waste, and a few of them just look ugly. I don't think anyone would've complained if the only FD stage was FD itself.

Also, why isn't there 1 on 1 in For Fun? Shit's ridonculous.

The drawings in Pictochat look like shit.

The game remembers if I turn items on or off, but doesn't remember any of my other rules.

Why did they remove stage 1-2 from that side-scrolling Mario stage? This annoys me.

Speaking of lazily recycling ass stages, why do we still have melee stages with gamecube graphics 2 installments later?

I want a slightly larger upgraded greatfox that you can go inside the hangar with an x-ray view.
>playing dedede
>Hit gordo
>hit back at me with large force
>I also use a heavy attack back
>gordo gets stuck on my hammer and stays attached for the rest of the battle
>mfw I get on 1v1 for glory
>just to bowsercide opponents
Any body else think that Sakurai has been taking the criticism by the fans of this series like a little bitch.
He seems whiny and insulting.
File: A BOMB,.jpg (54 KB, 400x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
A BOMB,.jpg
54 KB, 400x240
1. The duration of Smash Run should be customizable. Should be able to make it anywhere between 3 and 7 or 8 minutes, like City Trial in Air Ride. Also, Event Toggle. Maybe make Smash matches 1:30 instead of just one minute. Otherwise, pretty fun. Lack of online sucks but that's been talked to death.

2. Whose bright fucking idea was it to make the "For Glory" stage Final Destination instead of the infinitely more balanced Battlefield? FD obnoxiously favors characters like Little Mac, because the completely flat surface makes air mediocrity moot.

3. Target Smash is awful. I understand that maybe putting in customized target layouts tailored to testing the abilities of specific characters may have been too much to fit in, but your Angry Birds knockoff is a piece of shit, Sakurai.

4. No online Miis is just disappointing.

5. Too many characters with Counter. It used to be a utility, but I feel like it lost its edge by being so much more distributed.

6. Stages are super hit and miss. Some have too much going on in the environment to focus on fighting, but at the same time, I don't want to have to play on Final Destination every match. Not a bad selection of reused stages, and yet, I feel like it's just not a Smash game without Melee's Hyrule Temple.

7. No Item Frequency slider. I hate how they're either on or off with no low to high settings like in every other game.

8. Why is there so much more music in Smash Run than there is music for stages? Why all this extra music for that one mode?

The complains seem numerous, but on the whole I'm actually pretty satisfied. Smash 3DS is like 4 stars out of 5.
Anyone else buy one of these for their Wii U?

You are going to need it.
File: 1412818946998.jpg (218 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 1024x1024
Ganondorf in general. Not that he's still a falcin clone, in fact i like that, but he's till just absolutley awful. What's that? He got buffed? Well so did everyone else, making it a moot point.

I just want to triforce of power. Instead i have to suffer as an old man in smash again.
>shield grabbing and roll spamming being a practically risk free strategy
>the air is a bad place to be for a lot of characters
>those ridley huge blast zones on almost every stage
>getting rid of clones and unique characters, then padding the roster with different clones, and a returning clone for some fucking reason
Fun Fact: Omega stages aren't universal. Final Destination is a flat platform - but some stages are bigger/smaller, and others are a block with full sides instead of being a flat floating platform.

Didn't they fix the move so that it stops you from going off ledges? I think I tried it and it didn't work, unless there's a new trick to it.
I have one and have never used it, because my Wii U isn't anywhere near my modem.

I will probably move it when Smash comes out.
>no Battlefield mode
>some Omega mode stages have fucking walls
>mfw an unintentionally perfectly timed Crash Bomb saved me from a Bowsercide once

Shit was hilarious, I could smell the anger through my screen.
I actually think I bought that fucking thing for the wii years ago. I'll have to try and find it.
File: dink.png (286 KB, 549x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
286 KB, 549x407
I wish Smash Run was online and had more to it.

I wish there weren't as many laggers/connection errors.

I wish the music wasn't so forgettable, save for a handful of tracks.

I wish Customs and Miis were available in For Fun.
>cant change rules in smash run
>can't change enemies that appear, etc
>projectile spamming faggots online
>circle pad is just not good for this game
>would been nice if there weren't so many characters unlocked at the start, and were able to progressively unlock them.
>can't play certain game mode types in classic smash, only stock and regular
Stamina Smash would have been nice to just load up some of that for the hell of it.
>Streetsmash seems retarded
Just some of my complaints.
File: bale.jpg (200 KB, 800x814) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 800x814

You had one fucking job Sakurai
One fucking job
Blame Sakurai's dad
File: d2xjf.jpg (23 KB, 320x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 320x182
File: 1366939041727.jpg (52 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 640x480
>Some of Ike's changes like Eruption and Jabs
>Smash run has no online, don't think you can even interact with the other players during the first part anyway
>No online Multi-man/All-star
>STILL can't spectate friend's matches specifically
>Online still doesn't have Special Smash modes like stamina
>No item frequency (hopefully just 3DS limitations)
>No My Music for 3DS (Xenoblade has 3 tracks but only 2 will ever play on the stage, other one can play in Smash run though)
>3DS limitations in general
>Getting duplicates of special moves and costumes
>All these counters
>Not that many good stages this time around
>Where is my unique break the targets Sakurai?

I'd be fine with getting duplicates if you could trade or something.
File: 1411676693507.gif (339 KB, 250x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 250x167
>Playing this guy on 1v1 FG
>I'm just messing around not trying to over do it
>this guy "Z3ro" pops up in the room
>alright, choose Jiggs
>Im OK with her but not anywhere on the level of my main, still not comfortable with doing rest
>He gets Little Mac
>Long story short I lost
>He keeps taunting
>Even when hes down a stock
>I'm confused, taunting never provokes any feelings online
>Each fight lag gets worse and worse
>I deal with it
>Finally go hard mode and choose Falco, my main
>He gets the Capt
>I wreck his ass, lag and all.
>still taunting
>play more rounds
>still taunting
Why? I don't get it? Not only that he was going for the "high tier" characters like hell.
Sonic, Shiek and Little Mac the whole time. I had Link, Ike, Falco and Jiggs. I played Ike the most. I guess this was to be expected though.
This might be a stupid question but on the Wii u version will I be able to talk to other people in the match with a mic? I moved cross country and was thinking of buying a Wii u so I could play with my sister.
I really doubt it.
please tell me you know that story is bullshit.
I'm pretty sure that was a joke
Lighten up
>tfw all these nigs complaining about being unable to meet someone again
>not tapping their character image after a match to see their Mii and message them afterwards on Miiverse
>me and UK friend got this for brawl on release
>suddenly no lag

im glad sakurai finally acknoledged the fucking thing and told people to get it in that one direct. it really is handy
Tin Pin Slammer was leagues better than street shit.

And the fucking challenges that require it. I'm never going to get a single street pass hit because I live in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for deciding how to use my hammers for me, Slamurai.
Would be cool if I mained Sheik.
But I main someone else...
I figured as much, I guess I can still have a little hope. Why does Nintendo gimp online like that, can the hardware not handle it or are they trying to stop they're games from being associated with 12 year olds saying nigger faggot
File: bestnewcomer.jpg (239 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239 KB, 1920x1080
Now that my hype has died down and I've been realistically playing it for almost two weeks straight, I think we can agree that while the game is a shit ton of fun, it gets old quick due to, as many others have said, lack of content.

To start with, the roster has one too many clones. Overall it's pretty cute, what with PacMan and WFT and others making it definitely more charming as a whole, but Lucina, Dark Pit, and Dr. Mario (amongst a few others) are just boring.

Also, why include the Mii Fighters at all if you can't even use them with others online? Nintendo touted them as this amazing newcomer with tons of customizability, yet you can't even present interesting combinations of equipment or anything of the like to other people online because it's not allowed. It's so silly.

Second, there aren't enough stages, nor enough music. Brawl gave us tons of unlockables, and while it's not fair to compare the handheld version to what Brawl was, it still sucks by comparison.

Smash Run is fucking pointless. Sakurai, you developed a new mode with its roots largely founded in Kirby's Air Ride, yet you included none of the charm or fun that Kirby's Air Ride had. It's boring. You can't play online, and mindlessly running around fighting enemies while encountering nobody is pointless.

At least Kirby's Air Ride City Trial allowed you to interact with one another, change more settings, and collect tons of stat boosts while also having main events occur during that.

Smash Run feels hollow; you're running around with nobody else in sight in a bleak environment with practically nothing occurring. It's not fun, and it loses its charm rather quickly.

Couple that with the fact that online can often times be laggy to the point of being unplayable, and the massive amount of people that play only obnoxious characters.
While I love the game, I constantly have to remind myself that it's the 3DS version and hopefully have more coming on the way, but it doesn't appear that way.
>1 on 1 in For Fun
This. 4 player matches are just a matter of running away and coming in the for kill once the opponents have beat each other up enough. I want to have real matches on all the stages, not just FD.
The latter, though they still manage to do that on Miiverse which is supposed to be moderated.
has it ever occurred to you that taunting for fun rather than provocation is a thing?

>Dark Pit fags are going to be as large as Bowser fags

Never knew these existed, because I would assume nintendo never gave a shit. And Nintendo had so little good wifi titles for wii.

>Also, why include the Mii Fighters at all if you can't even use them with others online?

Will people quit saying this?

You CAN use it online, just not with randoms.
but theres gameplay footage on youtube that looks fine
Not to mention the demos looked good too.
>You CAN use it online, just not with randoms.
Making the point moot.

It's far easier to just load up the game and play online with strangers than finding time with my friends so we can have a quick battle against one another. Plus, encountering more people online means more customization and more fun.

So no, the cop out that you can use them with people you are next to or friends with doesn't aid the situation.
That kills the fun. Mario Kart does it just fine.
This. Not to mention, almost all of the unlockables were clones.
Oh well. That's a shame, I would've though it would be an option at least. Just throw it in the parent settings or some shit with a default off.
The smash run map is a huge clusterfuck.

Three ways they could have made smash run infinitely better:

1: More open map where enemies can't juggle you

2: Less enemies thrown at you at once. Especially in the tight corridors

I can't remember what 3 was but earlier when I thought of it it was really great

Oh I know exactly what you're talking about.

The point was to not confuse the two and make people reading it think you can't use them at all online.
Being able to encounter other players?
Being able to set the time limit?
Being able to pick events?
Actual fun events and not just A DOOR APPEARED?
Didn't tryhard MKWiifags complain about it because of "m-muh self inserts" or similar? Kind of silly considering they only use Funky Kong which has far less variety than Miis.
Could explain why they were removed from SSB4's randoms, people would just whine over something petty.
I was talking about 7 and 8.
Reminds me of City Trail in Kirby Air Ride.
>Make a gloriously fast Dragoon with a billion speed modifiers to the point where you might as well be teleporting
>Make a well rounded air ride
>Pick a Wheelie Rider

Earlier I was playing as Little Mac and then I got fucking Climb the Tower.
well thats nintendo for you. just get a headset and skype while playing. i honestly prefer it that way
Miis are also in Mario Kart Wii. Plus, I kind of remember people on those weekend Kart threads shitting on Miis for the same reason that the Wii tryhards complained about.
>Miis are also in Mario Kart Wii
Yes, and they're in MK7 and MK8. What's up with your obsession with minorities?
>Megaman main
>not a big fan of Smash 4's weapons and items and don't like a lot of the stage hazards like YD and Flying Men
>Really like 1v1
>Megaman is a horrific match up for Mac
what is even your point
they're in the games and you can play as any mii online random
shit meant in online random races
If you had just been patient for a month you could have avoided all these issues.
Literally got into a Duck Hunt vs Duck Hunt for glory and it was a perfect connection to him until I KO'd him once. Motherfuckers.
You spam Gordos like your life depends on it, that's what you get.
Not him but considering Sakurai, he probably just included Miis to appease Gokufags and shit like that and prevented them from being used in randoms because of the extremely vocal faggots who whine about "literal who" characters.
It really pisses me off since Gunner's great.
Yeah that would probably be my best bet at this point. I don't know bit just feels different talking in game versus playing the game and talking. I don't know I've been up for like 20 hours and I'm rambling. This is more /g/ I think but can you recommend a decent headset? Is there a big difference in quality between prices. Thanks man, maybe well play each other some day
I think the point of limiting Miis was more so you didn't have to deal with random movesets being thrown your way, similar to how custom moves aren't allowed either. And if they made you use a "standard" Mii fighter set online people would complain that they weren't able to use "their" Miis online.
File: lewaltface.jpg (49 KB, 550x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 550x275
>play falcon
>being taunted by rosalina/DHD/samus/link faggots that sit on an edge and spam while there is nothing you can do
>the point of limiting Miis was more so you didn't have to deal with random movesets being thrown your way
That's dumb, considering there is a mode with random items.
Not OP, but this guy here >>267955745
Game has it's problems but I'd by lying out my ass if i said I haven't enjoyed it.
At least most of it.
>2014, not dropping cables and adding outlets in your room.
My biggest problem with Smash Run is that you never encounter other players. And depending on game mode you can pretty much never encounter anyone even in the very end.

Like the other day I was playing and I ended up with Enemy Battle, and I lost to a Donkey Kong I never once encountered.

You can't beat opponents to treasures, you can't franctically scramble to fight a challenging foe, you can't enjoy fucking over your opponent, you can't team up with your opponents to take out a common enemy and split the reward.... Air Ride has all these things.
If your main uses these, you're not good at smash.
File: Fuck my life.gif (1 MB, 224x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuck my life.gif
1 MB, 224x178
I suck ass.
What the fuck are you talking about?
>no online
>no encountering other players

I was so excited for this game mode, too
Sonic, Rosalina, and Little Mac are all broken on FD as of right now, with occasional bullshit from DA CUNT also. Like seriously, if you know how to play the game, you can destroy other with those characters as they require zero skill

I'm looking at you, Sonic players who spam dash attacks.
I meant more along the lines of "How they could have made Smash Run not total bullshit" But yea, all that is true too
Go buy like 100 feet of ethernet cable, some outlet panels for the cables, get a razor, cut into your wall, and drop lines. 100 feet should be enough for 2 or 3 rooms depending.
People actually do this? That is so fucking stupid.
File: mehh.png (62 KB, 207x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 207x191
>Out getting a WiiU
>bought 3D world+nintendoland bundle and a couple other games plus a wiiu pro controller
>had way more than enough money to get smash 3DS and have money to eat for the rest of the week on the side
>skipped it

I feel nothing in skipping it, like honestly. I liked the demo, but seriously the people saying the 3DS version is a beta test are absolutely correct. Hell, the JP version already got a patch didn't it on top of the WiiU release being pushed back. The WiiU version is definitely gonna be more definitive.

I will admit it's a little bit backwards considering the install base of the 3DS, but WiiU has to be pushed as hard as they can I suppose. I only hope they pulled their heads out of their ass and fixed some of the glaring issues that 3DS has, otherwise the release pushback makes no sense.
>Those people on For Glory who just let you beat the shit out of them and don't put up a fight.

Usually it is conquest faggots, and it's the dumbest thing ever.
How is it stupid?

It's convenient, you can have wired connections anywhere in your house without fucking running wires all over the fucking floor.

Shit adds value to your house if you plan on ever selling in the future since the new owners don't have to do it. Pretty much all new homes have Ethernet lines running through the home.
>no matter how obvious the fact that 99% of people who love and buy Smash are adults, Sakurai is so hard-fucking-headed to make the game more casual
>"It's okay because it's meant for kids :^)"
>kids don't even want Smash, they want CoD
>thus makes the game shit
>"Wii U is for the core gamers :^)"
>"Wait for the games"
>we wait for the game
>it's casual
>made for kids
>the userbase, adults, don't want it
Good job, Sakurai, you talentless fuck.

I hope decisions like this and the next year will leave Nintendo dead and beaten.
File: image.jpg (10 KB, 146x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 146x229
Tharja trophy was removed.

Fucking why?
Too skanky.
The balance in this game is so terrible that even matchups are the minority, either you have a severe advantage or disadvantage. It's such a fucking mess. Sakurai is a hack.
File: dnw.png (78 KB, 192x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 192x183
Not really, I'm so glad to be rid of wireless. It's convenient until you realize it actually sucks ass.
>meanwhile Amy and Cream have visible panties
File: sad link.jpg (67 KB, 632x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad link.jpg
67 KB, 632x480

>you will never push your face into your waifus crotch and take a huge deep wiff
Because him taunting made you type out a little wall of text that makes you look like a soft bitch

He won yo
File: 27_26.jpg (424 KB, 810x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 810x1200
>not being a Dark Pit fag yourself
What are you, some kind of faggot?
Not even him but I really wish everyone with a "umad" attitude was lynched, it's cancerous and pointless.
>adds value to your house
>A cable outlet that will more than likely never be used by a home buyer will somehow magically increase the value of your home

Yeah, okay.
File: 1412581140092.jpg (30 KB, 640x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 640x416

>online is practically unplayable because it's laggy as fuck

Please don't say that. I was sad enough when brawl's online was shit. i am too hyped waiting for the wiiu version, i wanna play online and have fun... please.. it's all i want for christmas
I'm sure the Wii U version's online will be fine.
3DS has no excuses.
>Why would someone use convenient outlet that adds no exposed wires all over the damn place instead of just using the shitty wifi or running a cable across their floor from wherever their modem is.

This is how dumb you sound.
wii u will be fine for online
its the fucking 3ds thats garbage
>Please don't say that
It's true, though. The 3DS version has shit online.
>dedicating yourself to 2edgy4u pit over the superior original pit

that's pretty much it
>superior original
Pittoo's better than regular Pit in-game
Not a complaint but a question

How are the profile icons unlocked? There's a bunch for assist trophies and other characters like Chrom and the black guy who are in final smashes and whatnot
But when I set Assist Trophy to be the only item spawn in smash and I spam it, I don't think I'm getting any new icons for the characters I see
This isn't even fun casually because of how fucked the balance is. You could screw up your friends with Ganondorf, the worst character in Brawl, while they played Meta Knight and Ice Climbers. The top tier characters are leagues above everybody else now, I can beat any of my friends with Rosalina pretty easily and they've played the game and their mains three times as long as me.
>that's pretty much it
I seriously doubt it
Smash 4 costs money and I can't buy it.
File: 40532276_p0.jpg (1 MB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 800x800
This. >>267961223
That and he has an unknown sexy quality Pit does not possess. Both are equally desireable.
>Play online as my nigga Wario
>Only get one kill but I never die the whole match
>I'm the only one with a positive score at the end
>Beat people with as many as 4 kills because I never died
>unknown sexy quality Pit does not possess
They're exact duplicates of each other. I don't know how you think they're any different if they have the same physical appearance besides the fact that they have different hair and eye color.

Nigger, I was a fucking child when I played 64 and Melee. Making the game not-shit would NOT hurt the appeal for kids you faggot.
File: 1412986874183.jpg (44 KB, 474x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>All these bad roster complaints
Guys don't you get it yet?
They're running out of ideas of who to add to Smash
Why do you think we got Mega Man in there?
Why do you think we got fucking DUCK HUNT?
Why do you think we got Wii Fit Trainer?
Smash 5 is just going to rely on ridiculous joke characters or third party characters, literally besides Ridley and King K. I could not think of anyone else they could add to the game.
Nintendo can't do online
It's a fact
File: 1413393388231.gif (424 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 267x200
>mfw people get so butthurt at the occasional well-placed arrow or boomerang that they will literally stand there at the opposite end of the arena mashing the B button to shoot projectiles at me, even though my shield handily blocks them all without me even having to lift a finger

Why do they even do this? Is it some "have some of your own medicine!" thing? I've had guys do that for a full three minutes, the only input I had to make was slightly tilting the stick forwards every now and then so I don't get pushed off the edge.
File: 1375667199225.jpg (553 KB, 1242x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a legit complaint

>2 week old game

Ok I'm out of this thread. You're fucking retarded
sorry :^)
It's only 100 man brawl isn't it? It's super easy and quick.
>Making a starter character from the previous game an unlockable
I don't know what the thought process went through Sakurai's mind making him unlockable, but I thought that was a stupid decision. He's not even that different from what he was in brawl. Besides his smoother animations and animated eyes.
skull kid
I always wondered why Wario seemed so choppy in Brawl if he was one of the earliest newcomers revealed.
Master Core on 9.0 Intensity is fucking bullshit.

Fuck the Sword Form in particular.
I beat it with one stock, no custom bullshit.

This is also my first Smash. Git gud
Those two games have more content than several average handheld titles combined. They're absolutely packed to the brim with more content than other entire franchises have put out.
they did it intentionally to make him appear wacky and random like the warioware series he represents
He kinda moves like that in Wario World. His punches are quick and jerky.
The game is way too punishing towards going on the offensive, shield is OP, dodging is too fast and goes too far. It's basically suicide to attempt to attack your opponent, the best way to win is to projectile spam, dodge/sidestep/perfect shield when your opponent gets close, and then punish their attack with a grab or combo.

It's still fun to play with friends who just want to have a good time but the game is way too easy to cheese, which makes it a fucking bore when people are playing to win. Melee is still the best game.
my only two complaints about Smash 4 are

No Mewtwo

and no King K. Rool
I am so glad this game came out. You guys finally shut up about it and now it's down to only like 1 or 2 threads at a time on the catalog. Such a relief.
Actually nevermind, I just checked and there are 10 threads up right now
>not knowing Smash lasts for years
>two games coming out this year
File: 1293038428823.png (219 KB, 345x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 345x422
And it's only going to get worse next month
File: 1412246824752.png (791 KB, 926x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
791 KB, 926x512

Too far.
It fails to make a satisfying online experience. But who gives a shit. People pressing for more online play are fags that should rot. I would rather have a 10/10 singleplayer/lan experience than a 6/10 barely passable online.
File: 1410800085001.jpg (92 KB, 872x685) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Playing online
>Laggy as fuck
>Constantly in slow motion
>Sometimes just suddenly stops
>People I'm fighting against for the past 10 matches or so pick the SAME CHARACTER every fight
>It's "For Fun"
>Constantly using the same tactics
>Try my best to counter them
>Items and stage hazards always in their favor
>Suddenly start getting an advantage in a match and seems like I'm finally getting somewhere
>"There has been a connection issue"

Is this a fucking joke?
I should just fucking play local at this point, cause this is just unbearable. Decided to play for fun and just random since almost every other fight I've been in was great and everyone picked different characters aside from the tierfaggots.
but single/local isn't too great either
>I would rather have a 10/10 singleplayer/lan experience than a 6/10 barely passable online.

This. The online play is garbage and me and my buddies are now 110% sure we're going to stick with local shit from now on with this game.

>Match suddenly starts going in slow motion or just pauses completely
Forced region lock + Global matchmaking = Not fucking great
Anyone else a Sanic main? You can literally spin dash into your opponent and footstool over and over. It's gr8
I've been loving Smash Run, it underwhelmed me at first but something about it hooked me over time.
It's insane fun.

>No online version
For what purpose
Just because i start playing zss and sheik before the tiers came out i'm now a tierfaggot?
File: [Unzips dick].jpg (109 KB, 500x501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
[Unzips dick].jpg
109 KB, 500x501
>Loved bowser since his inclusion in Melee
>Always played him for fun and did my best to make him viable
>"lol bowser sucks, play a better character"
>He gets a deserved buff in Smash4
>"What the fuck, he's so broken, lol you're using a clutch character"
File: 1413393458455.gif (981 KB, 300x166) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
981 KB, 300x166
>Playin some For Glory 1v1
>Run into this guy playing shiek
>2-stock him as Wario
>He switches to Our Boy, beat him again
>Switch to Ludwig Von Mozart to do a Koopa Round, but he changes to Metaknight
>Still beat him
>Decide to mix things up and go play as Shulk
>He loses again
>Switch to Swim Trunks Shulk
>He suicides after dying to me once
>Play as shulk for about 8 rounds of him trying different characters (Including Rosalina, Butt-bouncing Bowser, and others)
>Decide to go random since he's just picking random characters each round now
>Land on Jigglypuff
>He happened to choose jigglypuff
>Spend the next five matches Singan, Restan, and Double Slappan
>He actually wins some rounds

Wherever you are GG, you're an alright guy.
Skull kid
Dark samus
Any combination of DK reps
crash and spyro
>I never have matches like this
The only complaints I have are that it's not on a console. I'm having fun with it, but I'd be having a lot more fun if it was on a bigger screen and I had a controller. Also, the lack of an intro video and story mode is pretty sad.
For Glory is fucking shit

Having only FD stages is fucking dumb
File: 46567799_p0.jpg (176 KB, 600x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 600x480
I hate how nearly everything reflects Dedede's Gordos, even Marios damn fireballs. But you know what DOESNT reflect Gordos instantly? Dedede's forward tilt. Yay.
Plus it seems like when they reflect, they home-in on back to you.
Just side-special again, you fuck.
File: Kirby Falcon.png (46 KB, 185x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kirby Falcon.png
46 KB, 185x195
Let me start off by saying that I love this game and it's probably one of the best fighting/party games I've played in years but I have SO MANY complaints.
Alright let's get this shit started.

The online is really bad. Like. People think that a good connection = .8 seconds of input lag and believe me that's a terrible connection especially for Fighting games since the entire genre is centered around reaction speed which is gimped by even the smallest input lag.

The music. There are so many amazing songs but god damn I want more. and I want to be able to adjust how often one plays etc. there's not enough remixed songs most songs are ported from Brawl despite Brawl having an almost completely new soundtrack.

The players. FUCK the players. They're pieces of shit. I'll rotating Wario/Dedede/Marth while these faggots only play as Black Fox/Jacket Mac/Sexy Samus merely only playing the best characters. I get playing as a character you like but really? That's fucking annoying to have to deal with the same shitty macs who hay maker off the edge.

>Smash Run
I love it. But it's the most flawed mode. The lack of time customization and such kills it. The lack of online.
The lack of KO'ing opponents.
It's useless.

And finally a lack of modes. Not much to say here.

Funny thing is, I love the roster and the stages and music etc and I'm sure the Wii U edition will blow this Smash-on-the-go out of the water.
tfw Glorious
The delay on it is always just half a second too long.
I'm seriously considering buying Smash 4 for my roommate's 3DS since he has a 25 buck gift card. Should I do it /v/? Also, Captain Falcon main reporting in
File: Kill yourself.gif (264 KB, 148x111) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kill yourself.gif
264 KB, 148x111
Why the fuck are you even on /v/, faggot?
Smash is fucking tradition here you massive asswipe. You don't fuck with tradition.

I just want a fast-paced game, not even a Meleefag but it makes me angry how long are the battles.
Hey now, not everyone plays the same mains online. I always switch up my characters each round. I admit I play Rosalina, but I usually don't use her much at all. My favorites are Ness, Luigi, Link, Ike, Wii Fit Trainer, Mega Man, Lucina, Ganondorf, and Murica(golf) Mario. I know /v/ hates Lucina and Rosalina, but to be honest, I only play them if my opponent is being try hard.
>mained ZSS in Brawl, she was okay but not amazing. Still stuck with her.
>main her again in 4, turns out she's one of the best
>can't use her without looking like a tierwhore

I won the fucking lottery and it sucks
Really I've only experienced long battles when the other player is playing as characters like Palutena or Megaman. Campy characters. Otherwise matches are like 3 minutes tops.
Time to invest in a N3DS, anon.

That or just buy the Wii U version
Well, at least most of the shitty stages were relegated to the 3DS version instead of plaguing the real version.

Too bad about the few good stages like Arena Ferox and Mute City.
I was planning on getting a N3DS, but IT DIDNT EVEN LAST UNTIL THE WIIU RELEASE
I love having to beat the game 4 times as every character
>Target smash is worst of the series
>Kirby sucks (but who cares, I'll just learn another character.)
>Porting assets and sprites from ye olde games for "retro stages" when they could've just ported old fan favorite stages like onett or venom
this too
N, if you're here. Thank for you the last couple of glorious smash matches. You were just wonderful as fuck
This mainly. I could have gone with the 3rd parties, Luigi, one of the FE folks (Maybe Ike), and Shulk being unlockable characters.
>All the stages are too busy and have WAY too much going on.

This is the worst offender, Im tired of playing the same 4 stages.
>1 second delay lag

Nintendo confirmed for worst online.
fuck this shit
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