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>Playing online
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>Playing online
>Get matched against a really great player
>Have a bunch of fights
>No clear winner, matches constantly go back and forth
>No way to communicate, not even stock messages to say things like "Good match" or "That was close!"
>Once they're gone, they're gone forever

If you're out there, Nancy, I really enjoyed fighting you.

sent :^)
I get Nintendo's weirdness about not wanting impressionable young children to exchange friend codes with a predator, but they could at least include some stock messages or some kind of way to communicate with someone in between rounds
I have played countless online games that allow you to add people after the match. Not once (other than in MMOs) have any of them bothered to play with me again unless I personally invite them AND write an essay on how great it'd be to have another great match.
Isn't the Wii U version going to allow you to see who you're playing against?
Will it? That would be handy, though I can't imagine Nintendo actually doing that.
It would be swapnote 2.0
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Just a few minutes ago I had ten matches with 3 other players in For Fun and we all kept picking Toon Link, down taunting at the start and then fight. Shit was like Four Swords up in this bitch.

Anthony, if you read this, you are a bro.
I never understood how Swapnote got shut down but Miiverse keeps going. It seems like there's way more potential for abuse there.
Miiverse is moderated closer. Swaps notes just went between users only
Wii U has a "players met" section like PS3

Can't you take a screenshot of the bottom screen and post it on Miiverse? That way you can find people you played with. Of course the other one needs to check Miiverse, too, but if enough people start doing that regularly, that'll be the sureway to meet players.
Also it might give Nintendo a hint that we'd like the "add player" function
Nope. Can't access Miiverse while playing Smash Bros. Nut unless you get the New 3DS.

Miiverse does have the patented penis doodle detection software after all
Playing with some bros if anyone wants to join
I really hate too, had some really good sets against skilled players that i would like to face again but i can't, i hope the Wii U version is different

But if we could communicate, there might be people who want to tell you that they hope you get raped on television and a few AM radio stations.
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586 KB, 2048x1536
Well, /v/?
had the same thing happen to me just 30 minutes ago OP.
i'll never play with them again

Fuck Daisy and not in a good way
I am hoping Wii U smash will at the least have those stock Mario Kart 8 messages at the least.
>all day getting people with shit connenctions
>finally get three others with good connections
>they just wanna taunt party

thx Sakurai....
after the battle if you click the other peson name you will be able to see their card and their mii
Who wants to play?
Why does nintendo even give a shit about "muh children"?

Sony doesn't, microsoft doesn't, online interaction is not rated by ESRB, if you let your children play online then you're a shit parent as it's your problem

Why is nintendo so beta?
Why can't Nintendo into online correctly?

I mean fuck, you should be able to atleast add people to some sort of friends list and invite them to games later on.

People will abuse it, sure. But this is not the future I envisioned.
>not the superior britbong translation
0/10 team both
Alright added
I don't understand more because its Japan. They are a bunch of oldfags. They have a fucking negative population growth. WHAT KIDS ARE THEY PROTECTING?
File: 1365477267_2_svowi.gif (1007 KB, 455x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1007 KB, 455x253
>play as mario
>run away and spam fireballs
>land final smash when in high percentage
>don't even have to deal with hatemail
>Why does nintendo even give a shit about "muh children"?
Because kids are like half their audience?

>Sony doesn't, microsoft doesn't
Because 99% of what they make is not intended to be played or seen by children in the first place and they make it a point for that to be known, even if kids buy CoD all the time. Nintendo makes games appropriate for everyone.

This is not hard to figure out.
* smash attatck
>Play against player
>Win against them handily, but they stay
>Next round they're Lil Mac
>Camp edge and laugh
>Why does the NFL even give a shit about football fans?
>Why does Ford even give a shit about people who drive cars?
>Why does Tylenol even care about people with colds?
Because kids buy their shit, genius.
They are a nation of pedos and want to ensure that the children that exist are as pure as possible
I don't know why they didn't implement some type of preset messages in like they did with Mario Kart 8
Nintendo never fails to disappoint with their online capabilities. There's no good reason you shouldn't be able to directly communicate with your friends, or at least add people during play
>main random since I'm okay with any character, but not especially good with any of them besides Ness since I mained him until now
>For Fun
>Join room with really good Shulk player and two other rotating slots
>First match with him
>Is basically a race between us to see who can kill the most scrubs first while taking shots at each other when the opportunity rises
>I get lucky with a Smash Ball
>Next match he switches to Lucina
>He's even better as her, doesn't just spam counter like a faggot and knows when and when not to use it, and I end up with Ike so I'm in trouble from the start.
>Since he knows how to effectively use counter, regular bait n' grab doesn't work, Rival Scrub Smash begins anew
>mfw I finally manage bait out the counter by getting creative with the terrain and manage to grab for the kill.

Great matches, it's too bad they left afterwards.
You have to be kidding me. CoD probably loves kids, they see how much they don't give a shit about the ratings and they still buy them. That's fucking 10/10 brand loyalty.
I want the voice option thing from Pokemon X & Y at the very least in Smash. Nintendo better be working on a frucnking patch or update or something.
>you can literally talk to fucking anyone
>in fucking Pokemon

It's so weird. Maybe it's because I spent 4 years in college playing Brawl with friends weekly, but Smash is such a social experience to me. Playing it with some nobody I can't interact with at all is just not nearly as fun.
I usually try a quick taunt as a "Nice kill" when I respawn. It's nice when someone seems to get the message and do the same, but that's barely anything.
>losing to a girl

Where your testes at?
i just smash Down ad nauseum to show happiness

it's also pretty funny with megaman since he looks like he's bashing his brains on the ground
thanks for the feeds
>implying you don't want a qt smash waifu to train with you and become ever stronger
>find a smash buddy online
>Make a thread
>Guy posts there
>Thread archives before I can reply
I hope you're still out there, Justin
>Play Game & Watch
>the funnest character to play as
>up against a Shulk spamming counter
>use Chef to bait it out and punish
>run towards them
>they counter
>ring bell
Online is the one functionality where Nintendo's consistently shit the bed.

You could argue that the exchange is not having to pay for online, but they're missing a lot of basic functionalities. Really behind in that regard.

Although, again, free online. Maybe that's the tradeoff.
It was nice because we kept switching characters after every match, so it was always a different matchup.
>play a really good player
>they eventually leave
>have to fight five more awful players before you get another challenge
I don't know if I come off as playful or arrogant when I taunt after a kill. I'm trying to be playful, btw.
File: mfw i have no face.gif (911 KB, 500x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mfw i have no face.gif
911 KB, 500x301
I miss the double deuce taunt. No more giving people the bird.
File: A BOMB,.jpg (54 KB, 400x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
A BOMB,.jpg
54 KB, 400x240
Post screenshots
if you're playing for fun, everyone i know gets really butthurt when they see someone taunt. For Glory everyone enjoys being taunted at though

Daisy. I've always preferred dark-haired women.
File: 1413080783695.gif (689 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw some faggot tries to abuse the tier and picks Yoshi because he thinks its an easy win and probably looked up a combo video online
>mfw this faggot doesn't realize you need to actually know what the fuck you're doing to be good with yoshi
>easy to read precanned garbage that is easily countered
>gets nearly 2 stocked with my lucario before jumping off the stage on purpose to kill himself and leave

Xpitiful if you're here consider suicide, I haven't seen so much spaghetti dropped in an online match in my life
But does it make sense for them to purposefully withhold something that would benefit the game? I think Nintendo just don't know what they're doing with the online, or they're too worried about children seeing or reading foul language. No matter how I look at it, it just doesn't seem like a great move
Game and Watch
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>tfw you keep losing as Sanic and Diddy because they aren't simply epic Nintendo heroes like Sheik, Lucina, Malleo, etc. and kill moves are tricky as hell to pull off with them because lol3DScontrols

I guess I could always try playing as Bowz. That side B is fucking unlawful.
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kinda awesome.jpg
24 KB, 300x419
>two 9's in a row
File: sad frog meme.jpg (27 KB, 550x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad frog meme.jpg
27 KB, 550x535
>having a few good rounds with this guy named Butthead
>we're very close in skill level
>before every match we do some squats
>have to go do something
>do a few squats, taunt, then kill myself
>Butthead understands
I'll miss you Butthead
Didn't mean to quote anyone on that. My bad.
>Fighting any character with a counter
>They miss their counter and you just hit them with a fully charged smash attack
>They do this 5+ times in the match

It's fun when you pull the counter off, though
I hope Smash on the Wii U has communities like MK8.
/v/ tournaments, brah.
File: 1412591706384.gif (2 MB, 320x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>matched up again a Link player
>me playing my main, Sanic
>decisively beat Link player two times in a row
>decide to switch things up and go with Captain Falcon
>Link player gets butthurt and switches to Little Mac, still win Falcon in a close match
>expecting him to pick Mac again, I choose Little Mac as well
>he fucks me up badly, taking away my first stock while I only did 1% to him
>come back and two stock him without taking any damage
>he's gone from the lobby before I could return from the results screen
>played this one guy
"Ghstban..." maybe it was GhostBandana? I dunno
>both choose Falcon
>pretty even first match
>second match, he turns up the jets
>fucking destroys me
>next match he choose Ness
>wut? muh falcon matchs
>destroys me again
>proceeds to change character every match
>almost every character he plays completely differently, wrecking my shit
>beat him only a few times due to reckless SD, i dunno maybe the lag done him over?

fucking hell, enjoy those matchs so much, i feel like he taught me so many tricks
Nice dubs.
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>Spam shit like
>Ez game Ez life
>Get good
>Worse than Lil Mac
>No ban/warning
>Animal Crossing, a series aimed mainly at a relatively small audience of children, middle-aged women, and manchildren
>Has features that basically make it a japanese waifu simulator
>Smash bros, a beloved series that fucking everyone plays and is much less likely to attract pedophiles
>Can't even so much as use your Miis online
It's a goddamn injustice is what it is
If your taunts are displaying, that means you're playing with your friends online and Nintendo doesn't really moderate that.
why? The shit is buttfucking useless in MK8
>playing as link online
>join 1v1 for glory
>other guy is playing as pink falcon
>its a close match
>i eventually pull through by shooting my bow at his predictable tactics as he struggles to recover
>next round i play captain falcon
>i immediately taunt "SHOW ME YA MOVES!"
>it is custom for the falcons to do this, in order to initiate the "only falcon punch" ritual
>he doesn't understand
>he continues to take the game seriously
>i always say "C'MON" or "SHOW ME YA MOVES" after every hit in an attempt to show him the true spirit of smash
>he beats me, oh no i feel horrible
>he taunts as i fall, as i connot use a recovery move, only falcon punch
>he leaves the game in fear that i will wreck him as link again

i doubt you will see this, but, AJ, i recommend suicidal actions immediately.
>Main Link
>Get 2 stocked by Shiek

I honestly wasn't even mad at that point, but impressed
>My honor
Get out kid
I'm using motion controls!
The new down taunt feels off, mainly because it feels like G&W is actually displaying any sign of emotion. I still like to use it sometimes though. The sheer disrespect of it is fantastic when someone fucks up a recover. Other times I'll use it in fast, intense makes to show fatigue from how tedious the match is. However, they seem to take it the other way and get mad and things get crazier.
>play online
>get a guy that gets assblasted so hard he goes little mac
>get a charizard who only spams fire blitz
>get a bowser who only spams the same 3 moves
am i cursed? this was all in a row
I'm sure nintendo restricted all communication possible to prevent salty flamers, I don't blame them I would be flaming every little Mac and link I saw.
File: HNI_0096.jpg (45 KB, 400x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 400x240
This fucked me up.
File: &g.jpg (100 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm a fairly passive player, but as soon as someone taunts after a kill I kick it up to full gear. Am I alone on this?
>tfw play against some japanese guy/girl cant read moon
>sweating bullets, they're good but im keeping up with their pace
>back and fourth battles
>both switch characters after every match
>one match by pure coincidence both of us pick palutena with similar color scheme alts
>we both end up just taunting non stop during that match
File: Expand Dong.png (125 KB, 150x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Expand Dong.png
125 KB, 150x297
File: 49168491563654.jpg (184 KB, 858x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't be upset. Just have fun

tfw using Palutena's side taunt where she laughs at you
>play 1v1 get nothing but powergaming faggots
>switch to for fun
>3 japs
>oh shit lag incoming
>no lag
>holy shit these are the best team matches ever
>genuinely good players
also the guy whose name was ('w') or something like that you were one of the best for glory matches i ever had
>really fun as fuck matches
>So many characters with counters
>Everyone spams it

I can deal with it, but shit gets annoying
I want to marry palutena
>play 1v1 For Glory as Ganondorf
>opponent is Captain Falcon
>match starts
>he immediately taunts "SHOW ME YA MOVES!"
>I taunt in response
>This scenario happens each time we start a new battle or one of us respawns.
>We play 5 matches together with this happening

Whoever that player was, you're a total bro.
My least favorite is anyone with a meteor camping the edges. I get it, but come to the middle and fight me.
File: pikachu.gif (176 KB, 360x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>main Pikachu
>do his spinning on the floor taunt whenever I get a KO
Last time I talked to someone online I fell in love and wasted 2 years of my life
>triple red faggot in first to take lead
>Not fair! on hyperspeed until next match
Life is fucking good
It's kind of like playing Journey. You don't know who you're playing against, you don't know what they're thinking, they can't really speak to you, but those moments of understanding are the best.
Sakurai hit the nail on the head with that one
Kuddos rusefaggot
File: 1360190695578.gif (27 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 125x125
>Play Dork Pit because I like him
>Play tons of matches with random people and disconnect when I'm through with them
>meet japanese dude
>he plays megaman
>I win but barley
>Next match he plays Pit
>Most intense match I've ever had online
>He wins (both of us 150%+
>we go again for another 5 rounds I win 2 out of 5

Fuck I'd friend the shit out of him. At one point we stopped fighting mid match and just used our 3 taunts all in a row.
my nigger of african descent
>mirror match a marth
>red marth vs white marth
>hes beating me a little bit i just want him to get a false sense of security
>turn on the jets, start landing only tippers
>he accidentally kills himself by trying to airdodge onto the stage
>i run off the stage to commit sudoko
>he ducks a bunch of times
>we fight with honor and pride
>he suicides again
The 3DS has one as well. Go to your Mii Maker.
Uh, let's see, because mainly Sony and Microshits make stuff not aimed at kids.
>Main DK
>start every match with shake taunt
>beat chest after every KO
>shrug if the foe accidentally kills themselves

life is fun
Can someone tell me how to play ness?

PK fire is slow so it has to be used at a distance, but PK fire also doesn't ravel far enough. I keep hitting the tips of their toes. They can block it, dodge it, hop over it, and special shit it. When it does connect, they fall out of it before I get to grab. And some dbz punching characters like mac and greninja can punch me from inside of it. It doesn't phase bowser at all.

Do I have to aim for the ledge when recovering every single time?

How do I combo people in the air? They go too high and get out of it easily.

And for the love of fuck how do I safely get back on the ground after getting smashed up? Even if I dodge their attack on the way down, the landing lag gets me killed by the follow up.
Who does it feel really bad to lose against? Jigglypuff? Peach?
His back air and throws are pretty good
>playing for glory
>win once
>opponent switches to a hard counter for my character
>fun stops

Fuck the Rosalina/Ness match up. Even if I win its a pain in the ass to fight.
>can't use your custom characters online, with at least the custom moves available
So sad.
At least that could've been enabled in "For Fun"
File: Untitled.jpg (54 KB, 624x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 624x187
Rate my Characters I pick when I don't hit "random"
Question: Why isn't Nintendo smart enough to come up with a system where children are protected with limited social functionality, but adults can get access to something useful?

I mean fuck, sell full-privileged accounts for $0.01 or something. Parental control the fuck out of it.
the metagame hasn't developed yet
No one can tell you how to play Ness
No one but you
Be the pinoneer that masters his matchups
Become the inspiration for Nessfags everywhere
_____get gud_____________
Or you could just use BIG GAY FIRE
>tfw I'm experiencing all these problems as well
Against scrubs, you can spam fire for spacing or when they stupidly rush you. Use the smashes to punish rollingfaggots. I also find that lots of players have trouble avoiding his basic running attacks stationary combos.

If you're playing against someone decent, I don't know. They'll never walk into your bat or your fire, and if you fuck up they'll punish you.
File: image.jpg (79 KB, 726x728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 726x728
>1 v 1 for glory
> play as samus against falco, get wrecked
>switch to bowser
>side b every match, nigga kept fallng for it
>dude goes rage Mac
>jolt haymaker SDs... twice
>dude leaves
File: 1279950703224.jpg (11 KB, 430x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 430x325
>Bowser that just drop kicks and side-Bs
>Kick his ass with main and secondaries, he still uses bowser the whole time
>Play as a character I'm not very good with
>He suicide grabs me twice
>Disconnects right after
Fuck you buddy

yo tada, if you're in here I was the Ike player from a few days ago, great games with your Marth and Lucina!
Does the Wii U have a recently played list, at least?
How do I counter Villagers that do nothing but hide behind their trees the entire match?
No meta yet, but he's how i play, firstly PK fire is super handy in the air as it comes down on the angle, if they come towards you, jump backs and PK fire, use it more for defence and bring your offence upon it's success, maybe run in for a backthrow (the launch on Ness's BThrow is great)

when edge guarding, learn the distance and timing for a PK Flash, it has a great AoE hitbox for guarding, if they are a character which goes high, turn around and Bair (Back Air) the fuck out of them ... if they try to go a little floating, jump out their and Dair them, it's hard to time in this game, but is great when successful

Charizard. Its the one time where Flare Blitz spam is a good idea.

Flare Blitz also doesn't give a fuck about Gyroids.
File: 1409809164253.jpg (3 KB, 125x122) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x122
>Get matched up against a Ness player named Dizzy
>We trade a few wins, he switches to Marth and Shulk
>Having a grand old time
>Have to go

>Hop on an hour later
>Vs. Dark Pit
>Kill him with glorious Iggy
>Vs. Cpt. Falcon
>He just spams B-moves and suicides as soon as he loses a stock

why did i leave man
>tfw daydreaming as you play and you lose to a scrub zss
>tfw when they taunt you so you 2 stock them next round
File: 1325300660826.jpg (8 KB, 240x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 240x240
>Whenever someone switches to Little Mac he is assblasted
>My face when Little mac is my 3rd best, and if I want to fuck shit up I use my nigga Link
>kid fucks up and loses a stock when im still at zero percent
>jump off to make shit competitive
>he taunts me
Is there a more cancerous fanbase anywhere?
>i always say "C'MON" or "SHOW ME YA MOVES" after every hit
But you can only taunt 3 times per match for glory.
File: image.jpg (36 KB, 287x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 287x312
>get paired with some dude using Charizard, Greninja, ZSS in teams
>horrible player that causes me to lose
>get teamed with a Ganon or Shulk
>mostly amazing teammates

I'm sure there's helpful top tier teammates but holy shit Ganonbros are the best for Ike players like me.

>beating both opponents in Sudden Death after teammate is killed

No better feel.

Also, why is every other Lucina battle a laggy faggot who spams counter due to slowdown? Stop doing that.

They probably don't want this to happen again.
>Fight several matches against a guy
>Knock him off the stage right at the beginning of a new match, he must have stepped away from his 3DS or stopped paying attention for a moment
>Kill self to even the odds, wait patiently for him to come back

I like to think he appreciated it, but who knows? He ended up winning the match, too.
Actually, it's that you can only taunt three times in a row. If you wait a while, you should be able to taunt again.

I think.
Fun fact, there isn't a single good lucina.
I've been doing pretty good with the Blue Blur in this game, anon.I play as Lucina too and I don't find her as good as Sonic.
>cause me to lose
git gud and pick up the slack, faggot
I try, but when Charizard SDs twice I'm pretty fucked.
>mess around and rotate between like 10 different sub mains
>meet a white DK in team glory
>I also go white DK
>we continue to EXPAND DONG on the other team

It's so fucking hilarious we bet tryhards easy with double dong power.
>3/3 characters I use you use the same skin

Wireframe Hood for best costume
i love how this basically implies that all women are the same
Daisy. Also does anyone have 500 trophies yet? I am quite close and better classic with everyone except 2 miis
>play bowser
>matched against other bowser
>start jumping together instead of fighting
>play leapfrog and crawl around
>eventually he jumps off the edge and gives me a free win
>we play some real matches and we're almost completely evenly matched

I wish I could add friends from people I've played online.
le privilege maymay :^)
File: 1395284148669.jpg (251 KB, 1200x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 1200x1920
Is there any Greninja main here?
Or just have some parental protection bullshit thats on by default, that Adults can turn off.
I wish i could screenshot trophies.

Laughed pretty hard.

That's a name for an 80 year old woman or a nickname for a weak ass faggot.
File: image.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448
I'd love to get friend codes of people lose to after the battle.

I'd be nice to practice against people who are good with characters I'm weak against.

Also, is this a good record?
I'm not exactly sure where I stand in skill level.
Depends on who you main.

Little Mac? Kill yourself.
Bowser? Cut yourself.
Rosalina? Slap yourself.
Spamming projectiles? May god have mercy on your soul.
G-guys, should I change my Mii's nickname? I thought no one would see that shit and I don't know if people think I'm just some kid and underestimate me. People seem to get pretty pissed when I beat them.

Name's minimii
Well I main Dedede.
So what do, Anon?
>win every match but 3
>"am I good guys?"

I don't know, you fucking tell me.
>be me
>be hahaha
Is there a limit on taunting in online battles?
Yes. You have three taunts, get an extra one every kill you earn.
Dedede hits like a freight train and has ezpz combos. I do not approve.
Fuck you, anon.
I am so shit against Dedede ;_;
>try to be an interesting person and main Peach, then Fox, then Mario
>encounter skilled players of every swordfighter in the roster constantly

i just want to be beaten and taunted at by a little mac for once

am i just using shit fighters in the first place that can't win under any circumstance?
>am i just using shit fighters in the first place that can't win under any circumstance?

It's too early to tell, and anyone who says otherwise is full of it.
Mario isn't that bad, I've won with him. I don't know about Peach, though.

That depends
On one hand I'm probably confusing people by showing up as "You" online while on the other I'm definitely freaking out everybody I StreetPass day-to-day
>Play For Glory
>Meet a Greninja with a black and orange pallet
>Close match ups, he wins and then I win
>Go to work
>Play For Glory a week later
>Find the same guy again
Who Dong here?
Does pic related happen often in smash online play?

Thinking about picking it up but if people are just going to disconnect before the match ends I will pass. I am sick of it
No, Peach is boss anon. That uptilt heart.
File: 1412557841167.png (87 KB, 350x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Little Mac is my main.
What is your friend code?
no. you get a 10 minute cool down if you leave a match prematurely
People don't leave

But the game will just end sometimes because 3ds netcode
I am guilty of suiciding my stocks, but it's not because of rage, it's usually because the match is so laggy that I want to end the match as fast as I can, and I don't want to be penalized for DCing the game.
Mario is great, so is Peach. The only really bad character from the franchise this time around seems to be Luigi.

But anyways, Peach is good. Her aerials are quite heavy hitters and her F-Smash is fucking godly, provided you hit someone with the tennis racket.
>Mains Mac
No thanks.
If two matches ended with you over B'ing into me trying to recover and losing cause of it, that was me
Anyone here that really looked forward to maining someone they just can't get into?

For me its Palutena, I wanted to main the shit out of her but I fucking can't. Sometimes I think she's to slow, or that her jab is really awkward. And I don't really like her tilts or her air game. Goddamn, I really want to main her but I just can't into her playstyle. She feels like a really defensive character.
More rouge more i need to masturbate right now
What the fuck ever happened to parental controls? Will video games ever stop being gimped to fucking hell because of snot-nosed little cunts?
File: 1402862101147.png (947 KB, 637x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
947 KB, 637x900
It's crazy, during the first week I encountered several Greninja players, now after 150 1on1 I've met 0.

Also I found something pretty useful for Greninja, Shadow Sneak cancel all his ground lag.

So you can spam dair without worrying of getting punished for it.
File: OPTIC BLAST.jpg (10 KB, 247x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shrug if the foe accidentally kills themselves
I have to end matches when I kill myself and the opposing Kong does that. It's just the funniest damn thing and I can't concentrate.
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 827x755) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 827x755
Some annoying guy kept spamming dair into shadow sneak against me earlier in heavy lag. I thought Greninja was shit until I learned how good shadow sneak is as a kill move. Even better when you're on a dark stage and it's hard to see the shadow.
File: 1399540738393.gif (3 MB, 270x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 270x266
>fight a yoshifag
should have lost cuz i had way more damage than him
>i try to knock him off
>he tries going back up
>he fucked up obviously and pressed the wrong button or something
>i leave the match
bet that nigga was platinum mad that he cant find me and want to fight me again
File: 130101_0003.jpg (304 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304 KB, 2048x1536
I miss getting "fanmail" after a match
It was one of the best things about all stars
File: 1412980688583-1.jpg (21 KB, 461x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 461x445
>Get thoroughly buttfucked by Bowz
>He suicides off when we're both at one life
>Switch to Bowz, mirror match ensues
>Kill him once really easily
>Grab him and suicide drop
>He leaves immediately after
It's better this way op, it's better this way
That would be neat. Both because there's some cool players (just fought a Puff using some air rollout cancel wizardry) and because I miss getting mail from salty MvC3 retards.
>go to 1vs 1 for glory
>pick captain falcon
>specifically gold colored captain falcon
>expect opponent to a a macfag
>he also chose golden colored captain falcon
>match starts, he fucking runs out of the stage killing himself because he thought he was me

i laughed hard at the oddity of that match.

i have it saved but i don't have a way of recording save my phone.
I always switch to falcon if I find a good falcon player.

Also, do you guys taunt when you get a kill in 1v1? I understand why you wouldn't if your character has a storable charge but a lot of times people just don't taunt ever.
File: WARIO.gif (16 KB, 320x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 320x288
wario is too fucking good
i've been having a blast online with him along with luigi
Taunting might seem dickish for some people. I only do it when my opponent is clearly a tryhard.
>4 player match
>facing a random kirby player
>does nothing but down+B mid air
>I kept grabbing him and throwing him off the cliff
>kept winning every match because of this
>still does this for the next 6 matches
>mfw Wario's DI is totally broken

I want to face a Wario in FG.
File: 1411553195941.jpg (23 KB, 387x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 387x461

literally who?
>mfw Wario's DI is totally broken

Apparently it's not actually a bug cuz he like flashes yellow when it happens.
can't you just shield it
I refuse to believe physics intended for Wario to reverse his trajectory while randomly gaining altitude.

I think he flashes yellow when a fart's ready.
>I think he flashes yellow when a fart's ready.

Anyone who played brawl knows that.

>not winning 100% of your matches

Absolute garbage.

Seriously though, if you're fighting someone who is clearly not as skilled as you, don't fight them 80 times until they leave and claim your record is spotless
File: 1410749274688.png (97 KB, 249x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 249x211
>Playing as a kirby
>Against a ZSS
>They go with the usual attack pattern: Charge shot, dash, up tilt, up air, up B, Repeat.
>They sometimes throw in a counter
>Eventually get through it and start punishing them
>Landing a fully charged hammer as they roll into it

I've run into one other kirby main and they kicked my ass.
Learn to read. It only mentions Peach and Daisy.
>maining Mega Man

So this is what true suffering is like
I find it ironic the way of keeping tabs on people you would like to continue gaming with on a Nintendo system is called friend code, when in actuality it's the most terrible way to keep a list of friends as well as making friends.

I hate these friend codes. I swear to christ almighty if these aren't gone by the next system, I'm seriously never buying anything Nintendo related again.
wii u doesn't have friend codes.

You can even add last played people too.
>Playing as Mega Man like I would Mega Man
>Actually winning with an all right record

This feels weirdly good. Like, jumping while staying mobile at max buster range and poking them to stop them cold while throwing Metal Blades to stop them even colder. Occasionally using Crash Bombs then gaining ground when they keep their shield up.

When they get close, hit them with a Flame Sword for that precious hit stun, then either shoot some more. If you're feeling frisky, use the Slash Claw to knock them over.

Problem is is that Mega Man's kill moves are almost utter shit; Slash Claw's okay, but only the last hit of it actually KOs. Flame Burst is shit albeit fatal at low percents, and Spark Shock's okay if the enemy's silly enough to jump in on you while you're not jumping around. Charge Mega Buster is utter shit and shouldn't ever be used since it's so slow and more likely than not will be reflected back at you.

On the other hand, Mega Upper is the coolest shit to land but is terribly unsafe if you screw up. Air Shooter's great if the enemy thinks their dive-kick/Bowser Bomb/Hip Drop will pierce through it, but otherwise good DI makes it hard to land. Hard Knuckle is hard to connect with since only the very last part of the knuckle (when it's almost vanished) counts as a meteor smash.

I don't think people like fighting Mega Man, but I've never actually fought another good Mega Man; all of them usually sit still or even charge their buster. It's terrible.

>Had a few fights with some dude
>He always picked Falco, Metaknight, Greninja
>Right, whatever, fuck it
>Capn, Ness, Ganon, Doctor Mario
>We end 2/2
>He leaves

You may have picked tournyhard characters, but you were pretty good, mystery guy.
Anyone else have almost too much lag to play? Like, every match. I've tried 4 different locations so I know it's not my internet. Is it just that bad?
>beat most people local play with 2-3 stock to spare
>too scared to play online because I dont think im very good

I've only been beaten by one other megaman, and all he did was spam quick slash until he eventually got lucky
File: 1407584655424.jpg (167 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 720x720
>RNG in a fighting game
>Problem is is that Mega Man's kill moves are almost utter shit

This is my problem. I like Megaman just fine but they need to give him SOMETHING to kill with, I hope they plan on patches or something when the wiiU comes out.
At least he has it better than Pikachu.
>Start a match
>Me as Roy vs a Little Mac
>I start spamming my jab combo which is punching gloves
>He does the same thing on the other side
>We do this for half a minute
It's those little moments
You gotta learn how to shoot forward while jumping backwards to keep your distance. Slash Claw got a very shit hitbox if you're moving.

Even still, I dig this guy so much I can get past it. It feels so good when a dude air-dodges and lands right in front of me; this leads to a Mega Uppercut which can usually KO at 80%. Shit's so powerful. They usually get close by rolling too, so you can probably predict this and slab 'em hard with an Upper, too.
and stay there.

I like to think im good at Ness. Lean on his dash attacks and bat, and his aerials (aside from down), and grab grab grab. Ness' grabs are a solid 11%+ even without getting any smacks in. Tease and chase people with thunder if they try to kite you or avoid you, and don't be afraid to use fire defensively rather than offensively, but if you land it and can get in for the grab its worth a shot. I never bother with magnet or flash, they're too fucking slow now to even be REMOTELY useful. The yoyos are fine but leave you too open, i feel, also.
>opponent is dark pit
>match lasts for almost five minues

Every time. Can't blame them, that's just how Pit plays.
After playing classic mode from Mario, all the way down to Ness, I have formulated a opinion from my experiences. The problems I have with classic mode at least:

1. It honestly seems like the higher up in difficulty you go, the dumber your ally gets in team battles. Honestly, I would say you should just quit classic mode if you end up with your ally dead, and just you against the other team. They will be faggots, and just run around grabbing the items and double teaming you. I've beaten that situation a few times, but most of the time I die.

2. For some reason, metal characters in general can get kinda annoying, but only at first. I usually try to beat the crap out of them right from the start, but cause they don't flinch, they beat me down in response. After getting knocked away, they start collecting the items.

3. The fucking stage hazards I swear to god. There can be good combinations that work with the hazards, like 1v1 on magicant. But there can also be complete fucking bullshit matchups, like free for all on spirit train. At which point, I just run around avoiding everyone as I try to survive the train itself.

Honestly, it just feels like every match you should just be trying to collect the items and surviving off of that alone. Except for 1v1, which I am fine with all of the time. I really just wish that if I choose to quit classic mode, I should get none of my rewards up to that point, and get back the gold I bet in the first place.

Pikachu was also fucking awesome until I realized he has only like one move that sends people off screen. Seriously, he feels SO good in this game, it's amazing.
Just fighted a sick Toon Link. Wrecked my ass.

And before that, a lot of macfags and lucario fags. Fighting a spammer lucario with lag is pure hell.
>Play 1v1 For Glory
>Pick White Kirby
>Opponent also picks a White Kirby
>Match starts and He is a darker color
>Think I'm still in the training room so I bounce up and down
>He does the same
>What the fuck its like a mirror
>We proceed to duke it out and I end up losing
>Felt like I fought myself and determined to get better

Flash if your out there, thanks for teaching me some new tricks buddy.
>laggy Lucario

Fucking double team. Lag messes with that move and extends it or some shit. It isn't too bad, just grab em.
I played as ganon online and it was better than sex. I didn't even spam wizard foot or anything.

I was just sort of winging it and mixing downb and side b with smashes and generally avoided any aerials.

Anyone know any ganon skills they could share? It was the most fun i've had in the game so far, I think.
Side B is amazing. Fucks with counter guys. Forward and Down tilts are good, use em. As for air moves, fair is excellent.

I love facing Ganon online. Always a solid fight.

I find my biggest issue was online, the input lag would occasionally turn my upsmash into his nuke kick, which is pretty much a death sentence. Was there something else to his side B I don't get? I was trying to find something to combo into after you drop them post-choke. I didnt know it overrode counters, thats amazing though.
File: itsokay.png (19 KB, 100x96) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Playing team For Glory
>Teammate is a decent Little Mac, other team has a mean Wario, me and the other guy are rotating characters
>After two matches, decide to switch to Wario myself since he was my main in Brawl
>The fight is Overalls Wario (me) and Green Hood Little Mac vs Biker Wario and Pink Hood Little Mac
>We kick their asses

Felt pretty good. Team For Glory can be a crapshoot if you have a shitty teammate or someone with a bad connection, but the good matches are great. In particular, projectile characters wordlessly synchronizing perfectly with rushdown characters is a beautiful sight.
Gannon's upsmash isn't too great anyways, his up air is more reliable. Down Smash is also good for roll spammers. Side b doesn't combo isn't much, but is still important. If you manage a stock lead as Ganon/are on the final stock for your opponent, you can always attempt Ganoncide. Tricky shit.
File: IMAG0037.jpg (2 MB, 2688x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2688x1520
>Playing Team For Glory and get paired up with this guy
>A combination of us wrecking hard and Charizard killing himself with Flare Blitz leads to us doing a little taunt party with the Lucina flat out giving up while we crouch at the end
>We play a shit-ton more matches and are fucking unstoppable when paired together, taunting all the while
>There's a match with me as Underwear Shulk and him as Pink Falcon, we take that one as well
>Decide to mix things up and pick Pink Falcon, miraculously he picks Underwear Shulk
>There's even a match where we both pick Yoshi
>Get disconnected due to shitty internet after a Ganon/Shulk tag team

I found my Smash Brother and I'll never play with him again. Stay gold wherever you are, mate.
played a few games as him earlier

when my 3ds wasn't shitting packets i felt pretty expanded i tell you what

also it's fun to just tap out a single down+b when you have somebody pinned and they panic roll. nice and easy, no timing required.
>Playing the team attack ON for glory
You deserve it for not seeking out some proper team matches.

Yeah I just felt the weird "choke and drop" thing looked odd, like there was a move you're naturally supposed to follow up with. But I like ganon.

What are some other gems people have found character wise? I like ness still, have every since 64, but I can't get into the "fast" tourney characters. Never really been a G&W fan, ROB also just never clicked, and olimar got crushed to near uselessness.
File: 1411956053696.jpg (437 KB, 1805x1780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>yfw they get scared and start falling back on Counter
>yfw baiting them and punishing the shit out of them for it
>So you can spam dair without worrying of getting punished for it.
This is not really true. A lot of attack trade with dair and some straight out beat it. Your opponent can also just attack you while you appear from shadowsneak, or simply punish you after shielding the hit.

Still, it's better than being stuck in dair lag forever.
>FUN in a fighting game
You found the amazing mirror, nigga
>Decide to play a match or two
>Run into Xpitiful
>Remember this post
>kek heartily
He plays one shit Lucina
Kept trying to spam shield breaker, I even let him break my shield once just to see what he'd do if he actually got one
>follow up with a whole shitload of nothing
>playing Iggy
>not very good
>still win a lot because people are idiots
They always drop their shield just as I'm about to hit them with the clown car, or try charging a beam right in the path of a mechakoopa.
I main Ludwig as well and I feel like it throws people off cause not a lot of people know what to do with the mecha koopas and a lot of people fall for the exploding clown car+the hammer you can do when you fall down for big damage
I've won plenty by baiting them into chopping it down and then reflecting the tree back into their face with Palutena.
Larry main here, people hopping after me after I eject is hilarious

>tfw they never learn
Any tips for getting good with Ganon? He plays a little bit better than how he did in Brawl, but I'm still finding it hard to time his smash attacks just right.

Dude from above who also just learned how to love ganon- lean on his side/down Bs, and use his dashes. Smashes you barely even need with how fucking hard all his other hits knock.
File: hugs.jpg (16 KB, 400x369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 400x369
Discovered ness's nair

Who knew I had a fuck off aerial when people are trying to smash my shit. He's pretty much unplayable without it.
>play online
>live in hawaii so always laggy
>get disconnected
>have to wait ten minutes before playing again
>tfw this was posted right after I lost a match as ness
File: 1345596156590.jpg (11 KB, 211x207) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 211x207
Santiago. I know you're out there faggot.

You're the first guy who's been as good as me playing Mario. It was a shitload of fun playing with you.

That Pac Man vs. Mario match was what dreams are made of.

Smash forever bruv.
Hey, for anyone playing the game a ton, how can you tell when you're Circle Pad's just about had it?

Mine's a little loose (you can move it slightly with your thumbprint) but it doesn't affect any of the inputs.
When it falls off. Only way to get it back on is with a certain type of adhesive. Superglue is too strong and fucks with the plastic
>got all the challenges
well i guess i can say i `beat it`

i dont feel any need or desire to play this anymore.

like all fighters the appeal runs out very quickly

no, multiplayer is not enough to sustain interest
If you don't like multiplayer, fighting games yes I'm implying Smash is like a fighting game in this case fuck probably aren't for you.
But what usually triggers the pad to fall off? Does it just happen after a while?
i like multiplayer, but fighting games have no real point to their multiplayer other than temporary bragging rights
>no real point to their multiplayer other than temporary bragging rights
As opposed to the real point in FPSs or Mobas or RTSs?
>go to online
>it says no connection
>remember i have no wifi
thats my experience with online play
File: AHEGAO.jpg (82 KB, 379x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>play for glory for the first time
>playing as jigglypuff
>my very first opponent ever is a little mac
>I have no experience with this sort of thing; it is only later that I learn about mac's crazy ground game, and how it's best to take the fights to the air
>stand near the edge of the map anyway, because that's how I play my jigglypuff
>he comes running over and does a forward a
>dodge it and short hop, then land a direct backwards kick on him
>he staggers back; I kick him again and now he's over the edge
>float off the edge with him and beat him again in mid-air
>he tries to recover and fails, he's in free fall now
>don't even care that hitting him again will give him more jumps, slap him just because I can
>float back up and grab the edge just as mac plummets
>my face during that entire exchange
>my face when he disconnects seconds later
Ninty stated several times they still want people to play in the same couch, not Online.

My group of friends and me love ninty because nowdays he stills makes local coop games for 4 or 5 players.

But yeah, I can't understand how a company that loves so much having friends doesn't let us make more.
I keep winning as Ganondorf, I don't know what the fuck is going on.
In Glory, the only true assholes are Mac, ZSS, and the majority of Lucina players. The first two because they're broken and the latter because waifu counterfags can choke a dick.
Peach is great but she's primarily a cleric, if you know what I mean.
not at all
She is, try custom moves.
Now try Dark Souls
I lol'd
I miss PM Ness, he was the Bess I ever had after more than a decade of waiting. Now he's C tier or some shit.
Anyone got the comic where it's Dark Pit, Dark Olimar, Dark Jigglypuff, then Dark Ness?
File: patrick-bateman1.jpg (15 KB, 430x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>In for Glory
>Playing several fun matches with a bro Japanese Ike player
>I accidentally SD on the first stock
>He immediately suicides to keep the game even

My nigga
File: 1337803780903.jpg (6 KB, 147x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 147x186
>Fighting game
hope i run into you op so i can grief the shit out of you
File: 2012-10-26-443.jpg (177 KB, 900x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 900x287
File: 1401165450009.jpg (24 KB, 274x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fight a breddy good Cap Falcon player
>I'm getting destroyed with all my mains
>want to beat him so I persevere
>start getting into the secondarys
>try Robin even though I'm not great with her
>lose the first match by elwind having shit priority over Cap's recovery and got bounced off the underside of the stage
>notice I did far better than I did with my mains
>stick with it to see if it wasnt a fluke
>proceed to win the next 9 matches, 2 stocking him 4 times
>the 10th match he just gave up after I Thoron'd his shit beyond hope of recovery
>mfw all those fucking matches

I dont know if its just the fact that the Cap cant deal with ranged faggots as well as he could, but holy shit I completely dismantled everything he was doing to me earlier. Arcfire into Levin Sword Fair is really fucking nasty to get caught with. I need to work on gitting gud with Robin because that was fun as fuck.
>try Robin even though I'm not great with her
Last night I lost several matches with a Little Mac guy, I walked all over his smashes and goofed hard.
Later, I got a guy who switched to Little Mac after two losses and rekt him hard after the asstearing fight the previous guy gave me.

Any good tips for Link vs Little Mac?? I've found arrows and bombs stops them or makes them pop a shield so you can dash attack them, but you have to be on edge all the time. Also, staying at the edge and grabbing works but Mac runs too fast.
>playing the male after whoever the fuck was in charge botched the scale tipping taunt

still mad about that, it's complete bullshit
Anyone got some Dedede tips? I really liked him in Brawl, but he is quite a bit different now, I have trouble finding moves that kill well with him now.
what the heck i'm w, hi.
Side B into down smash combos 90% of the time and can kill at decent percentage
Warlock punch has super armor. most people dont know this and will try to attack you out of it
his command grab (side B) is great against people with counters (like the millions of little macs)
Ganoncide edge guarders. you both lose a stock but they lose it first so you can win
down tilt usually combos after ganons side b
Toon Link can be fucking scary. I fought one who was crazy good, used his aerial hookshot to drop bombs straight down while covering the space in front of him to stuff my approach. Had some awesome matches with him.
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 800x450
>he lost 3 matches
>nothing but laggy games all night

It was working so well before now.
File: 1401364261176.jpg (14 KB, 462x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've survived this long without buying into the hype of Smash 3DS as I already have the Wii U version pre-ordered but I don't think I can live 2 months like this while everyone else I know is playing the 3DS version and I'm just watching or playing on theirs... Would I regret buying the game now?
His aerials are his best approach options (bar dair). Short hop and rush the shit out of them with fair. Use b-air for poking people that chase you into the air. When that gets predictable, start using dash attack.

Opponents that like to run in on you, block em out with PK Fire > Down throw > Fair/PK thunder. Alternatively, shield grab. Alternatively, dash backward then pivot Forward SMASH. This is so good you have no idea. Alternatively, Block, then down Smash. They'll roll onto the yoyo (they always do) and get btfo

Once they begin to get flustered, mix up the throws (forward, back and up) and follow with a bazzilion PK thunders.

If you are getting juggled like a bitch, N-air. Its fast, and can be do twice in one short hop if your fast enough. Also, popping out PSI magnet in the air removes your momentum. Chasing opponents never see this coming and often drop what ever combo they were raping you with.

Lastly, learn to read. Once you notice patterns in your opponents movements, you can land PK Flash, Absorb with PSI Magnet and just straight forward smash heads. PSI magnet is great at a distance from Robin's and Megamen.

For real Lastly. Back throw if they are at hundred percent. Immediately begin the PK flash to scare them. Dash a little closer if you need to. Practise makes perfect (Never fully charge it unless you are sure). Use their fear of the pk flash to dash grab and back throw again.

Anyone who tells you pk flash is bad is a scrub
Unless you already have a 3DS I wouldn't do it.
File: ikeripped.png (354 KB, 1008x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354 KB, 1008x792
>For Glory
>maining Ike to fight for my friends
>against Zero Suit Samus player named "Ken"
>beat, Ken's still ZSS
>second win, still ZSSing
>gets sick of my shit and changes his game up; clench out a win because of fighting for my friends
>another win after with roommate watching the carnage

I liked him. He's probably mad at me though.
File: 1406286288251.jpg (297 KB, 1479x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297 KB, 1479x1100
>play Shulk vs Doc
>the faggot spams literally nothing but pills for fucking ever to stack damage
>the nigger wouldnt even approach, just pills enough to fill a pharmacy
>I get close to him and he's actually skilled but just decided to be a shitbird about it
>eventually lose due to overwhelming anger
>decide to be a bigger faggot than he was and pull out Duh Cunt
>railroad the fucker with a barrage of smash attacks, cans, clay pigeons and gunmen

I seriously hope none of you go full faggot and just spam a single attack for days just because it limits approaching options. That shit is by far the most annoying thing conceivable.

Wanted to main them since initial reveal because they're my main in other games like Golf and Kart. I just cannot into puppet characters though. Sending Luma in battle pretty much never pays off because the opponent just moves 3 steps forward and Luma is punching air until I call it back. I've had to reduce it just to a charging attack.
>Someone could be spectating and betting on your match RIGHT NOW

You're not going to disappoint them and ruin their betting streak, are you?
You could have immediately posted the picture to miiverse. Actually, I'm fairly certain you can check your recently played with
>being so bad you cant approach with shulk
>not using jumping monado and using nair and being safe for days

git gud
>You could have immediately posted the picture to miiverse

Smash doesn't work with Miiverse. Only on New3DS.
Does spectate view 1v1s? Because if not I have no worries about it.

>this battle is part of a conquest

That pulls the will to win out like nothing else
>Tournyfag Link here
Bombs are your best friend, when he does that gay dash just blast him with your bombs. Make sure you are good at shielding too. Also the boomerang is op with arrows, dont be afraid to shield his running attack or gay jump and then grab him or uptilt. Also constantly dodge rolling and baraging with ranged to get his % up. If you are really good, or practice a bit, combine some ranged with the mast sword, your neutral combo , when landed is pretty fast and you can follow up with a boomerang or arrow.
Also once he is off stage throw the boomerang at him if he is close, and if he is far charge our arrows. Arrow gimping is really good this game, and just one or two arrows mid air stop him from recovering
Spectate covers both For Glory and For Fun. It does 1v1's and everything in between. Only thing I haven't seen yet is a team battle.
I tried jumping into a Nair. Faggot would see any intent to approach, stop pillspam, block and then immediately grab into that aggrivating ultiltX3 or aerials and then continue popping pills.

He was a top faggot from start to finish.
I thought the stock messages are under options, internet options, then profile?
kids can crack them. Swapnote was killed by pressure from idiot parents who make the parental lock 0000
Something like that.

What they should have done is what they did with pokemon x/y infrared and local battles
After fighting someone a few times you are given the option to add them to your friends list.
They should do that if you fight a player 5 or more times for example
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>No way to communicate, not even stock messages to say things like "Good match" or "That was close!"
>Once they're gone, they're gone forever

Inherent flaw of gaming on consoles.

Kill all consoles.
>actually falling for counter outside of 4 player

Git gud
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