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Gamestop stories thread?
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Gamestop stories thread?
>Get bored of Destiny, take to back to trade in
>Pair of girls in line ahead of me
>"Have you heard of that Aliens game? I hear it sucks."
>"Yeah of course it sucks! The alien doesn't even show up until half-way through the game!"
>People in front of them finally finish, they walk up to the clerk and ask for a copy of Deadpool
>walk up to the clerk and ask what the cash trade-in value is
>he opens up the box
>its empty
Fucking gamestop

>Not ordering your games off of Amazon
>Not able to show your face out in public.
>Not being proud of your hobbies despite what society tells you.
>Not having stupid ass stories to tell like OP.
Some things are better to order online.

>showing your face to people who don't give a shit
>being an autistic sperg
>stupid stories are valuable experiences
Some people are retarded
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>Go to Gamestop to purchase a PS3
>Cashier asks me if I want any games with it
>Say "Nope, I'm gonna pirate them as soon as I get home".
>Another fucktard cashier pops up and says "Sir, you know we could report you for saying that"
>Give the fucktard a stare and say "We live in America, I have the right to download my games if I want to, If Sony actually put the effort into making a larger library of games with QUALITY as the PS2, I wouldn't need to do this".
>Cashier says "But these companies are losing money"
>I begin to laugh, "Then they should stop being lazy and make better games, I'm suffering as a college student and worry about my money each day, these companies can survive from a few pirated games and if they can't...then they can just fuck off."
>Cashier stares at me
>I stare at him
>Cashier sighs and says "Look, I won't report you...I understand your situation but just don't go around saying that stuff, you'll get in trouble.."
>I grin and say "I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting."
>I walk to my car feeling proud of what I did.
>Go home to pirate Demon Soul
Your Gamestop still sells brand new PS3 games? Nearly all the PS3 games that haven't been released in the last 6 months are preowned here.
I got second hand embarrassment from reading this
Dear god
Not knowing it's a reused text
>We live in America, I have the right to download my games if I want to,

The scary thing is I have no doubt someone has actually said this without irony.
Fucking Copy Pasta
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>I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting
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>misusing the word irony
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Capture (4).jpg
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ITT: things that never hapened
What's Demon Soul?
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>Mfw visiting my sister who used to work there one day
>Suddenly an entire mexican family comes
>Kids are fucking going crazy taking shit off the shelf and putting it back on and screaming over the demo kiosks
>Just as quickly as they came they begin to leave
>Sister and I are still talking when she stops mid sentence at something she saw
>I turn around and the fattest, youngest mexican child with them had his shirt up and was rubbing his tits on a Rock Band display box
>This goes on for like 10 seconds with audible squeaking coming from him
>He notices us and puts his shirt down and runs away
>Our faces when
This is one of those stories that you cannot believe unless you were there and man were we confused
WTF??? That shit sound hilarious!
>stroll into my local GameStop
>looking to pick up a copy of Persona no Embremu: Waifu Jam! Gaiden
>grab the game and take it to the charming maiden at the register
>"Pardon me, milady...but could you ring me up? A shame I don't have your number or I'd ring you up instead..."
>she giggles and takes the game, blushing as her fingers brush mine due to my fingerless gloves
>her eyes widen as she reads the game's title
>"Wow, I've never seen anyone buy this before! You must have special taste!"
>I smile and ready a witty response when suddenly a voice rings out from behind
>"Hahaha look at what this faggot is buying! That's not Call of Duty! What a piece of shit!"
>I quickly turn around, my cloak billowing behind me, to discern the source of the rude outburst
>generic dudebro caricature with a sports team cap and "the guy that beat you up that one time behind the school in early October" shirt is standing there guffawing
>"Excuse me sir...you may disparage my person if you wish, but it is untoward to swear in front of a lady."
>"Fuck you faggot!"
>I smile quietly and tip my fedora low across my eyes, concealing them
>"As you wish..."
>I quickly swing my cane into his kneecap before he can react
>he bellows and charges forward
>I expertly sidestep him and the cashier screams as he crashes into the counter
>I draw my sword-cane and mutter a quiet oath as I drive it deep into his back
>"...requiescat in pace..."
>As I clean my blade the girl walks out from behind the counter, twirling her hair with her fingers
>"So...maybe you'd like to come over to my place to play that game sometime...?
>"No thanks, milady, it's single player only. Besides..."
>I sheath my sword
>"You probably like cartoons. I'm an anime man."
>skate away on my Heelys
>they walk up to the clerk and ask for a copy of Deadpool

in what made-up universe does anyone do this instead of just bringing the box up to the counter
>no nothing personnel, kid
3/10, it was okay
More fucking Copy Pastas
>expecting oc on /v/
People can't be bothered to search around for stuff apparently
>driving with friend to gamestop
>accidentally grab his leg instead of gearstick
>we both laugh and I unzip his pants
>park the car while fondling his balls
>friend is laughing because he knows it's just a joke
>start sucking his dick on this empty parking lot
>almost choke on his dick because i'm laughing so hard
>friend is also laughing his ass off
>he starts making train noises while yelling "BROJOB BROJOB! CHOO CHOO"
>he cums and I swallow it all like some stupid faggot
>kiss my friend and call him a faggot while laughing

Fucking Gamestop, man
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>playing skyrim
>phone rings
>mom says grandpa is about to die
>rush to hospital
>tears in eyes
>all of my family is in the room crying
>I kneel down and ask him what's wrong
>"I'm dying kiddo *cough* looks like this old bag of bones is movin on ya' know?"
>start crying harder
>"Grandpa everything is going to be ok, you won't leave, you can't leave!"
>"Remember the time we went to the carnival and I won that big Teddy bear for ya?"
>Truth is I threatened to kick that guys ass if I didn't get that god damn bear
>he chuckles and gives me the thousand mile stare
>"you're going to make it far in life kid, your parents might of thought you were weak, but I never lost hope"
>I start clenching him tightly yelling don't go
>"promise me something"
>what is it grandpa in a scruffy voice
>"promise me you'll never give up on your dream"
>I promise him and hug him tightly
>realize he's about to die
>"one more thing"
>"I want you to enjoy your life and act like every day is your last"
>"You too"

Amazon Prime: Preorder your game (if you're into that), and it's at your house by the time you get home from work the day it comes out
It's absolutely wonderful.
yea the same thing happened to me at my gamestop, why cant they sort this shit out?
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Korean Lina.jpg
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>Waiting in line at local GameStop a couple years ago
>The guy in front of me, who is visibly older than me, is waiting in line with his mother to get an Xbox game
>Clearly autistic, he talks like a fascinated 10 year old
>Becomes enthralled with the GBA games in the jewel case under the register and starts asking the person on the cashier about them
>The cashier, obligated by law to ask if he wants to pre-order anything, tries to recommend some other XBox games
>The autist assumes this is genuine interest in conversing with him, and starts talking to him about whatever fucking crosses his mind in slow, deliberate chunks of speech
>His mom isn't having any of this shit, tells him to shut up, and finishes the transaction for him, declining the offer for pre-orders about as politely as it could get at that point

I don't see why anyone would WANT to work there
Did you have sex with your grandpa's dead body after?
>and act like every day is your last"
>tfw ever since then I live a miserable life, thinking I'll be dead soon
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trip to gamestop.jpg
336 KB, 1836x842
>OC from reddit 2.0
That's a good one man.
Remember how /b/ used to call GameStop asking for Battletoads?

oh cool someone has a functional Like Like model from Zelda

Now that i think about it, Demon Souls has been pirated i cant believe some people wont support the best game ever
>Go to gamestop to pick up Akiba's Trip 2
>Bring it to the counter
>QT 3.14 working the counter
>Take off my fedora and set it on the counter as any true gentlemen would do when talking to a lady
>Looks at the game and says "ewww is this some fucking porn game? Akiba strip, what kind of virgin would play this?"
>This upsets me as I was a huge fan of the original
>But am beta so I don't say anything
>"That'll be $60.00" she says with a look of disgust in her face
>Reach for wallet but forgot which pocket of my cargo pants I put it in
>Accidentally pull out Pantsu I bought on my last pilgrimage to Japan (only true otaku carry Pantsu with them at all times)
>She yells: "Oh god what the fuck, I knew you were a fucking pervert"
>This attracts the managers attention
>"N...no I'm sorry, that was the wrong pocket"
>I start searching my pockets for my wallet
>Manager comes over and asks what's wrong
>My spaghetti falls out
>Manager looks in my hand and sees marinara sauce all over the pantsu
>Throws up
>I run out of store crying
>Mfw I forgot my $250 dollar fedora on the counter
>Didn't even get the game

And that's why I order from Amazon
do what you want cause a pirate is free
you are a pirate
You added my part, I love you <3
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>tfw not a single non-pasta in this thread
>Guy comes into Gamestop
>Sweating profusely and wiping it off on his grey stained sweatpants
>He finally musters up the courage to approach the counter
>"I'd like.. A, uh.. Pee-ess tres"
>Look at fellow cashier and hold back a laugh
>"No games?" I ask
>He raises one fat sausage finger and says, "Implying pee-ess tres has games" and nervously laughs
>We shrug and ring him up and he starts shouting
>"I'm going to download games!!!!"
>We shrug again and tell him the price
>"I'm a pirate, hehe. You know what that is, right?"
>Repeat price again
>He pays and mumbles a lot under his breath
>Eventually leaves after stopping to play some shitty Pokemon game on the test handheld
German bro here. spielegrotte.de small online gameshop, the guy running it sends the copies out as soon as he gets them. Finished Uncharted 2 two times before the "game" officially came out in germany.
I've seen at least 2 OC posts
>stale pasta
>on an iPhone
B-b-but only PCfags pirate!

>work in DVD store
>every day this fat guy in the same black clothes and fedora (the only thing he was missing was a neckbeard) hangs around the anime section just staring at the dvds for about 20 minutes before leaving
>staff have constantly asked if he is looking for something but he replies "No, no I am not."
>one day a guy walks past him with a Young Justice DVD
>he grabs him by the shoulder
>"Oh no, no, no, no!"
>yanks the DVD out of his hand, throws it on the floor
>shoves a Clannad DVD into his hands
>actually tips his fedora, I didnt know this actually happens
>"You can thank me later."
>the guy asks him what his problem is and puts the Clannad DVD back while picking up his Young Justice DVD.
>"You are wasting time watching *snicker* cartoons. You should watch anime instead. It's mature. Here..."
>he pulls a pile of dvds from underneath the stand, he's been fucking stashing them, there's like 10 DVDs there including Clannad, Madoka, Lucky Star, Naruto and some other bullshit
>the guy just walks away, the fedora guy yelling "BAKA!" at him
Well at least I haven't seen this one before
Thats because it happened to me last week and I just posted it
do you wear a tricorner or fedora?
>implying you've seen all the green texts in this thread
>Be a trans-Atlantic bi-plane genderqueer
>Go to Gamestop
>Buy an vidya and leave with only minor spaghetti loss
>Decide to take short-cut through alleyway on the way home
>See woman getting mugged by dude in balaclava
>Forget to put quotation marks
>That's what I actually yelled
>"Fuck off, kid."
>He throws the woman down and walks toward me
>I shit my pants so hard
>Grabs me by the throat
>He reaches downstairs
>"You've got a big mouth, lets see if your cock matches."
>Looks down and cops a feel
>"Heh, not bad"
>Looks back up to me
>Stares deep into my eyes
>Lifts his balaclava
>It's Bill Murray
>"No one will ever believe you."
>He pecks me on the cheek then leaps and vanishes into the night sky
>Chick lets me fuck her as a token of her gratitude
>"It was my privilege, babydoll"
>Go home
>Open up my copy of Sengou Dakimoto Waifu Blast Ultra
>There's no Club Nintendo code inside


> Copy Pasta about otaku
> No KissxSis

You fucked up.

They still make Clannad disks?

>Implying you can see greentext if your eyes aren't real
I haven't had this pasta in years

Where did you find this antique? Did you really save it away just to post it at the right time?
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>Be a trans-Atlantic bi-plane
>Back in my non driving days
>Aunt got me from college, so I went to Gamestop to download Jirachi or some 4th gen event. I think it may have been the beasts
>Talking to some little kids that were there about it
>Leave store
>Felt like I was being followed on my way to Walmart
>Tfw I noticed that one of the kids followed me into Walmart later
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>Go to Gamestop to pre-order Bayo 2
>End up grabbing Madworld because it's cheap
>go to counter
>"Hi, I'd like to pre-order Bayonetta 2"
>Cashier girl: "Ok, what system?"
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Post spaghetti pasta.

Or post that story where the guy gets his ass jammed by game informers.
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tipping styles.png
487 KB, 926x938
>"I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting."
What the fuck are you even saying?
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There's a shit ton of pasta in this thread
And a few non pasta
>Not fucking the mail woman every time she delivers a package to your door.
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>I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting
Every time.
Haha, yeah! Only oldfags like you and I remember those good ol' days :^)
>Got text earlier today that my Senran Kagura preorder will be ready for pickup on Tuesday
Sorry, but I'm way more of an oldfag than you. Stop trying so hard. You'll never fit in with the REAL old fags.
File: 1411057462018.png (278 KB, 487x701) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go to Gamestop
>Babymetal playing
>buy Lost Odyssey and Vesperia for 20 bucks
>realize I don't even have a 360
>wait a minute since when have I started going around town naked
>that was last week
>why the fuck is the cashier a ten foot nigger anyway
>wake up
File: 1310483412100.jpg (34 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so random xD *holds up spork*
Hey me too, fuck i hate those bastards!
>Preorder Smash Bros off amazon
>No down payment
>Can cancel at any time
>Delivered early afternoon on the day of release.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
This guy was trying to fix his PS4 at GameStop as if they are Sony. He kept asking if they'd try it on their TV until they eventually caved and let him set the shit up. With a huge line behind him. Took 20 minutes for them to figure out it wasn't powering on because you need to HOLD the ps4 button and not just tap it
The perks are great anon. I mean, yeah dealing with niggers, autists, and people that don't know the first thing about video games is terrible but renting games for free, 15% discount, shitloads of free swag and being able to print-up pre-order codes whenever you want is worth the shit you put up with for anons.

However, the pay is terrible.
>not making friends with the clerks so you can get free shit/pre-order DLC whenever you want
top kek
Some people are morally incapable of offering people 10$ for a 100$ stack of used games though.
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>If I'm gonna play WoW, I'm at least gonna be a little more social about it
>It's my mission to buy time cards every month and go to every midnight lineup
>Some of them are pretty fucking awesome
>Pandaland comes out
>Sorry anon we aren't having a midnight release because everyone's just going to digital download it

Fucking...I don't even know who to blame here, really.
>>Sorry anon we aren't having a midnight release because everyone's just going to digital download it
Too bad you're not c-console master race.
>Sucking off GameStop employees

top kek
I used to care about stuff like that, not that in particular but... After awhile I just said fuck it because I became jaded from too many retards and assholes yelling at me like I'm the one that makes the prices/trade-in values.
>Never go to Gamestop unless I decide to buy a game on release day and Walmart/Meijer doesn't have it
>Only two people work at the Gamestop near me
>Friends ex gf that cut herself over him and her new bf
>Begrudgingly go with best friend to get Hyrule Warriors
>Friends ex
>Do you have game?
>Oh yeah we have tons of copies in, did you bring your pre-order receipt with you?
>No, I didn't pre-order, do you not sell any games without pre-orders now?
>Nope, gotta pre-order for release games
>My Gamestop is basically just a used game recycling bin

>Not wanting to fuck GameStop employees

My local one has this total qt that's almost a full foot shorter than me with the most delicious hips and ass I've ever seen on 3D
As are most of them unless it's a very large store.

Congratulations anon. I have a dyke that would be hot with longer hair, and a boss that would be cute if she wasn't so fucking fat.
Ultra kek
Epic post tryhard
anyone got the *teleports behind you* one?
not the poster you're replying to, but yes
>Go to Gamestop one day
>buy EDF 2025
>thank her for reserving the last copy of the game
>she says "no problem"
>pay for my game
>go home
>play EDF 2025

I feel thoroughly satisfied. You splerglords and your Gamestop stories, ain't got nothing on me.
and there's this dude who takes pictures of random strangers AND doesn't bother to flip his image that he awkward shot upside down
I always see Gamestop employees in this thread that post as if they are just soooooo melloowwwww maaaaannnnnn

When in reality, I worked at Gamestop. My fiance worked at Gamestop for 3 years. All her friends who are also my friends worked there for years.

Every single person, including myself, hated working there and constantly got upset just thinking about working at Gamestop.

I feel sorry for the Gamestop employees in these kinds of threads, especially the ones who post sooooooo melllloooooooww maaaaaaaannnn shit and act as if working there is some kind of awesome super hip place to be.
>gamestop just sent me a text saying shinovi versus will be ready for pickup on tuesday

not me personally and a bit of a weak story
>go to gamestop with offline friends
>one of my beta friends finds a used copy of the metroid prime trilogy
>he takes it to the counter
>i overhere him raising his voice, and i move a little closer to the counter to listen in
>he says he just wants to buy the game
>the guy at the cashier is really pushing him to sign up for services he doesn't want
>he gets frustrated and leaves
>he tells the rest of us later that the guy at the counter "wasn't letting him buy it"
>he got mad, and thought the cashier was trying to stop him from buying it

They did you a service, don't curse them.

>Have had a PowerUp membership ever since I started making my own money
>Pre-order what I want through them
>That feel when they don't ask me a goddamn thing
File: cxvbfg.jpg (7 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go to gamestop
>look around for a bit
>buy a steam card
>cashier doesn't bother me about power up rewards or other service
>Walk into a GameStop
>Pick 3-4 games off of shelf
>New versions
>Cashier tries to tell me they'd cost less pre-owned
>I looked at the same games on the pre-owned shelf
>They were in beaten up cases with that generic GameStop sleeve with their name written on them
File: 1388599824511.png (246 KB, 367x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Walk in and see a pretty cute nerd girl working the counter
>Trade in Destiny towards NHL 15
>"What did you play as anon?"
caught me off guard
>"Me too ^_^ "
>"Did you use Gunslinger or Blade Dancer?"
>She really asking me this? I switched between both. I enjoyed the throwing knives moar
>"Did you watch last nights game?"
>Is she really talking about hockey? Yes I did
>"Who scored the first goal?"
>Nyquist (I'm guessing at this point...Detroit btw)
>I'll sum this up because it goes into sports which was releving to talk about with a girl.
turns out she loves Minasota, even follows them on twitter. I wasn't expecting her to go from Destiny to in depth hockey talk. As I was leaving I thought, "Yeah I'll go online for you if you write down your phone number for me" But it was too late and I was already on my home.

Should I go back guys? Or is she just being open and friendly ?
She may just be open and friendly but the only real way to know is to grow some balls and ask her.
>Go to ebgames
>ask to put a pre-order down for witcher 3
>clerk starts talking about how he comes on /v/ all the time
>say huh you go on /v/ 2?
>start talking about all the cool games coming out within the next year
>get feeling he's going to ask me if I want to pre-order any of them
>politely decline
>say our goodbyes
>go to band practice

fucking ebgames?
>mentioning /v/ in public
wasn't me man..
yeah but still...
I know... you know how many people I hear down here in montreal talk about 4chan ?
no, i'm in Alberta and i've never heard anyone talk about 4chan in public
Fucking everywhere I hear like a group of friends roughly around 12-15 saying

it's annoying
I ordered a game through Amazon Prime on a Sunday afternoon that came out Tuesday, and I ended up getting it Monday morning. I haven't used anything but amazon ever since.
jesus. i'm glad i'm not there. though i do have a friend in florida who said that some 14 year old approached them and bragged about going to /b/
when I was 17 in high school I'd hear all the 13 year olds outside smoking marijuanna and talking about /gif/ lol
That's not misusing the word irony though
>people actually go to /gif/
Don't ask for her phone number. Go back and start up some small talk about the game or sports or whatever, and when you're done talking ask her for her gamertag or twitter handle or something, and then go from there.
Hey man, /gif/ is great for porn and momcest caption threads.
>That feel when have like 10 3DS games on my to-buy list, but would feel awkward going in there one week and buying 5, then going back and buying 5 more next pay
I know this is shit that never happens but I actually do get customers like this
I work at a bookstore that also sells and rents DVDs and holy shit the neckbeards flock there in droves.
Why? If the people working there are cool, it's a good way to have some decent conversation about dem games.

If they're not cool, who gives a fuck, they're stuck working at gamestop.
>work at Gamestop
>autistic 6 year old comes in with landwhale mother
>starts running around the store knocking cases off the wall
>"Ma'am can you please calm your kid down"
>"Oh, he's just playin! He's fine!"
>see him grab a game off the wall
>he starts sprinting to his mom
>trips and slams his head into the metal dump bin we have
>blood everywhere
>mom picks him up
>he projectile vomits into the dump bin
>mom screams and tries to pick him up
>his pants are loose, so when the mom picks him up they fall off
>his stupid baby dick is flopping around and it sounded like he started farting uncontrolably
>mom runs outside with kid while leaving blood and vomit trail in their wake
>they never came back in

Fucking Gamestop
I have a huge amount of game preordered at GS and the employees don't care. In fact, they've told me that they relate to having too many games to play.

People working at gamestop are there because they have some interest in video games. You have no need to be embarrassed.
>gamertag or twitter handle

holy shit v/ you are fucking useless pussies
either ask for a phone number or just ask her if she would like to go for a drink later when she finishes work
i wouldve laughed but the blood made me cringe
Pretty sure I posted this a while ago, but here it is again

>At Gamestop waiting for a movie with my m8
>He's playing the Hyrule Warriors demo, I'm watching
>Some scruffy looking hipster pokes his head into the store.
>He yells "Video games, video games, video gaaaaaaaames!"
>And he's gone
>Five minutes later, I'm playing, pretending I didn't see that.
>Guy pokes his head in the door again
>"Video games, video games, video gaaaaames!"
>Goes back outside
>I watch him push his cart of bottles and cans away
>Shit it was a homeless guy.
did this honestly happen to you? How did you control your laughter?
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>African American
>Walk into GameStop
>Pick up NBA 2K15
>Cashier attempts to give me the usual pre-order spiel
>Stops halfway through the first sentence and rings me up
Like most retail stores, they will do everything in their power to get black people out of their stores.
Asking to do something after she's done is alright maybe, but asking for her number while she's working is dumb. Most girls who work retail hate that shit. The only way you can get away with it is if you're exactly her type, otherwise it sets off red flags.
i thought the cashier would make a joke about a black guy buying NBA
>be le subtle hero she needs

no, ask for her fucking number, that way she knows exactly what you want, you wanna bang or you want to get to know her and take it further, no bullshit.
If he is telling the truth, cleaning up blood and vomit before customers arrive, might wipe the smile off his face. Also a possible frivolous lawsuit.
>Gamestop in my town
>Have tried to apply there for years
>They keep hiring short girls with colorful dyed hair
>Or guys with a shit ton of metal in their face and/or glasses and colorful dyed hair

Its not even personal to me anymore, I've been on and off shopping there for years and they've never hired any normal looking dude, with dignity and lack of enthusiasm to peacock.
>Can't find SMT IV in 3ds section
>ask for it a the counter
>take out of from behind the counter
>purchases it
It may sound funny as a green text story but it probably wasn't funny when blood splattered everywhere and the kid started screaming, assuming it actually happened.
>walk into a GameStop with my mother
>look around at the used games
>see nothing I like
>walk back to the entrance where mom is waiting
>see her inspecting the tv monitors
>she pulls a tape measure out of her purse
>starts measuring the flat screens
>female employee comes all the way across the store like ayyy what? can I help you
>mom says she's looking to buy a new TV
>gets in a lengthy conversation with the lady about plasmas and Costco sales

It was rough. We had to have part of the carpet redone because it was all stained and smelled like shit.
I didn't really laugh about it until everything was cleaned up and I had a moment to process what even happened.
The funniest thing that ever happened that I couldn't control my laughter for was when this black dude was trying to sell his playstation and he left his porn in the system and all the cases.
This nigga had a lot of porn.
I'll be 100% honest. Everytime that I have seen stores hire Hot Topic inhabitants, it's because they are selling drugs on the side.
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>"I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting."
leave now
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>even looking at plasmas
im glad someone gets it
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>Go to gamestop to browse for good golf game, don't know why but I jut really wanted to play some fucking golf
>Grab first golf game I see
>wait in line
>7/10 woman with long black hair waiting in front of me with her son who looked to be about 12
>Fat neckbeard with actual fucking trench coat walks to front of line
>cuts in front of everybody
>woman looked pretty pissed off
>I was pissed off too
>Neckbeard stops when he notices the game the woman's son had
>It was some anime girl game (I can't remember)
>physically knocks the game out of the kids hand and says ''You shouldn't play that shit, anime is for faggots play a good game like League of Legends''
>Look over at the woman who had the eyes of a lioness ready to pounce
>Tells the neckbeard ''If you touch my son one more time I'm going to cut your fucking hands off''
>Whole store looking at the scene
>Manager asks if there is a problem
>Woman explains that he knocked the game out of her sons hands
>Neckbeard says ''I come here all the time I was trying to give him advice on good games I don't deserve to be treated like this''
>Kid doesn't look like he knows what to do, just hangs on to his moms hand
>Manager asks the fedora boulder to leave
>Meanwhile the woman gets her sons game scanned and she pays for it
>Walk out of store after paying for my game
>See trenchcoat man crouched behind a plant outside the store looking through the window
>This Nigga Brought new meaning to the name ''SOLID Snake''
>Go home and play golf
>renting games for free
you mean fucking up "new" copies for the customers
>walk into gamestop
>can't find SMT IV
goes up to 7'4 nigger at counter
>asks if they have the game
>the cute gril next to him hears the name
>"wow, you play SMT? I didn't think there was anyone in this shitthole who played that!"
>we spend half an hour talking about it until guy behind me gets tred of waiting
>gets her number and leaves
>cute girl who works at GameStop
>talk about games every now and then but never anything else because her coworkers are always there
>she's skinny and cute
>fantasize about seeing her in public

>checking out at target today
>randomly spot her girl directly behind me in line
>go through checkout process and quickly leave without saying a word
>tell myself its because I have a gf

Have a pretty shaky relationship currently. Could have been my out,plus it was the qt GameStop girl. We could have played games together.

Why guys. Why. The chances of what happened today are like 1 in tens of thousands. And I failed to even open my mouth.
Don't listen to this asshole. >>267551617
It doesn't get more beta than asking for someone's gamertag. Ask her if she wants to go out sometime. Girls like guys that can just be confident and straightforward. If she's not interested, then oh well, she probably didn't deserve you anyway
Ok, this happened at an EB Games, witch is the Canadian equivalent of Gamestop.

>browse psp games
>find megaman powered up
>sad I couldn't find Maverick Hunter X
>decide to buy powered up anyway
>sitting in the car reading the instruction manual
>game inside is Maverick Hunter X
>Go back in to EB games to ask for the right box and manual
>"You're lucky these cost the same, or else I'd have to charge you extra"
>I laugh at him "If this costed more, I'd just leave
>go home play vidya
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>A fedora neckbeard complaining about anime
>Likes League of Legends
Oh ho ho
>Looking for a game on the wall, gamestop guy asks if he can help
>I say yeah, I'm looking for Deadly Premonition for the PS3
>"Oh man I don't know if I've ever seen that come through, let me check another store"
>Calls a store a few towns over, the have it, it costs about the same as on ebay or whatever
>He offers to have it sent over and takes my number
>A few days later, I get a call and go in
>"Here you go...wait, shit, this box is all scuffed, hang on"
>grabs brand new Last of Us display box and switches everything out
>"Here man, fresh."
>We talk about Twin Peaks for a while and then I leave

f..fucking gamestop....
>Skate away on my Heelys
Only part worth reading,
I kek'd
Even if Hyperdimesnion Neptunia is a shitty game, that fucker had no right to knock the game out of a kid's hand
I once worked a sales job during the winter, in the next town over, but due to train schedules I'd arrive like 30mins before my shift started so I'd hang out in DVD stores just to pass time and stay warm

you'd be amazed about the shit trade-in stores have laying around, I went to my local one and almost burst out laughing from all the hentai stacked under "japanese animation", best part is the store even have an adult section so the owner probably have zero idea
It's a good thing you didn't. If you jumped right into something else with gamestop girl, you'd just end up dragging some of the shit from your current relationship with you. If you do break up, give yourself a little time, mention you saw her at target next time you see her at gamestop, go from there free of guilt.
Anon I couldn't get past the first sentence, I'm laughing like a maniac
>Go to gamestop
>Buy a new game
>Gamestop employee hands me an unwrapped copy which is clearly not new
>I begin to argue with him why this is unacceptable
>He claims that it's no different with a new copy and that there's no damage to the disk
>Notice that he has a cross on his keychain
>I produce a counter argument and tell him that his god is a lie
>He becomes furious and whips out a foam minecraft sword, threatening me with it
>Tell him, "We will see if your god exist in the afterlife"
>I pull a katana from my pocket
>There's suddenly a fedora on my head too
>"Taste enlightenment spiritual scum!"
>With one quick flip of the wrist, I decapitate him
>Spaghetti pours from his neck
>I sheath my katana as I whisper to his decapitated head, "Nothing personal"
>Tears run from his eyes as my two waifus materialize beside me and I exit the store with the sunset gleaming through the windows
When i worked in retail, i loved asking people to leave the store.
>nothing personal

thats everything personal
>At fuckin' WALMART
>Smash Bros 3DS release day
>Ask one of the guys who works in electronics if they have any copies left
>While he's checking in the gamecase a heavyset neckbeard-I kid you not-wearing a trilbly walks up and "ahems"
>"Can I help you sir?"
>Neckbeard rolls his eyes and responds "Can I get Watchdogs for the PS4?"
>"Of course sir, once I finish helping this gentleman get Smash Bros
>Neckbeard rolls his eyes but since all the people working back there are busy he has to wait
>Finally gets both games out of the cases and brings them over to their registers
>Neckbeard is upset that I get to check out first
>Electronics dude is a bro
>He takes as LONG AS POSSIBLE to ring it up
>Asks if I want the protection plan
>Pretend to think about it for a bit while neckbeard fumes
>Finally finish checking out, pretty sure trilby guy is going to have a heart attack from all the frustration
>If only
>As Electronbro hands me the receipt he tells me
>"Let me know how it is, Anon. I might try get a copy once my shift is over if we have any left."
>Wander off a couple shelves over to observe trilby hulk
>He doesn't have his ID
>Blusters and splutters
>"I'm sorry sir, but we can't sell it to you without an id"
>"I'll talk to management about this!"
>Electronbro calls manager over
>Manager confirms that he needs an id
>Trilby storms off in a huff
>Go home, play Smash the whole weekend
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