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Can we get a FUCKING GameStop thread...
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Can we get a FUCKING GameStop thread going here?
Why do people hate Gamestop anyway whenever I go the people seem nice and like similar vidya as I do....
>10 minutes ago
>Go to Gamestop to try to get Smash early
>Talk to the dude for like 40 minutes. Trying to butter that ass up.
>Ask him if he'll get me a copy of Smash early.
>"I dunno man, I can get in trouble"
>Tell him I'll reserve 5 games from him right then to get it early.
>"Why not?"
>As he's ringing me up, ask him when his next off day is. We can chill and play Smash.
>"Next Tuesday man. That sounds fun."
>Tuesday that Gamestop will lose 5 reserves.

Fucking Gamestop?
Too lazy to green text on phone

Call local GameStop
Ask if they'll have a midnight launch for smash
They say no but they will have one for the next cod
Hang up
Few days later Nintendo posts a list of every GameStop in burger land hosting a midnight launch
Literally every GameStop in LA will have one but the one I go to
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>get into gamestop to buy bloodborne
>"what platform sir?"
>"i'll take the PC version"
>the cashier starts laughing loud
>i mean really fucking loud, the manager comes out
>the manager starts laughing
>paralyzed in fear watching them laugh
>they laugh so hard their faces start turning yellow
>get out saying "e-enjoy your 12 fps..."
>still hear them laughing as i run away from the place
fucking gamestop
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What's a good way to proposition a gamestop clerk to let have a game early?
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You're a shitty person for that.

yet you're a genius
I lol'd.
Meant for




I dunno man. I just asked him. Seemed cool enough to do it. Said he wouldn't ring it out until tomorrow. I guess they didn't have a midnight?

Either way I'm playing now and it's worth it.
Why on Tuesday?
File: 1381463225897.jpg (24 KB, 258x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He's off that day. Don't have to worry about actually hurting his numbers since he was a bro enough to do it. There's also an ass who works there so if it's him it'll be a win/win.
The twist is, he was asking for Bloodborne in the first place, not for it on PC.
>in burger land

Why would they announce launches for GameStop hostings in Germany? I'm confused.
>Go to gamestop to pre-order the manchild-DS edition
>Walk up to the counter
>The employee vaults over the counter and tackles me to the ground
>Spaghetti falling out of my pockets
>He's got me in a headlock screaming, and asking if i want to pre order anything
>He pulls out a rewards card sharpened into a shank
>Stabs me 47 times while relaying the fantastic rewards available for members
>wake up from coma 14 weeks later
>I got sent the manchild-lite instead of the manchild-DS
>not simply hand-waving every single offer they make

Lol, fucking beta's man.
y..you t.too
>go to gamestop
>i dont play video games
>go into GameStop
>ask for shadow of Asscreed: Bamham
>purchase it and walk out
>no one said anything about a card
Fucking GameStop?
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>Go to Gamestop
>Purchase game
>Go home
>Play game for 30 minutes
>Get tired
>Shitpost on /v/
>gf wants to go to the mall
>we split up, she goes wherever, I go to GameStop
>see a 2 for 1 Wii game deal
>walk out with Xenoblade, Metroid Prime 3, and Godzilla Unleashed

Fucking GameStop.
Kind of same but I went yesterday and the qt said no and I started dropping my spagetthi and to not look like a retard I pre ordered the order 1886 then I realized how stupid I was.
>Nah man, I'm just here for this
>...Yea, I just fucking told you...
>OOH-*ahem* Oh...O-okay. Here you go then.

Not that hard.
Sorry, The Evil Within (I was looking at the order trailer), even though I could pirate the game on PC
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From last night's thread.
Where on Earth do you live?

- Overpriced new games
- Used game prices that are higher than retail on Amazon.com
- Instead of ringing up your order, the clerk spends five minutes trying to sign you up for GameStop's creditcard/Game Informer/pre-orders to games that will arrive by the dozen.
- The awful selection of games
- The hygiene of other customers
File: 1292714213342.jpg (11 KB, 193x261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>buying wii games
>3 expensive games for the wii
>You having money

Come on, you know this didn't happen.
File: bearstop.png (125 KB, 796x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pretty sure that's an old copy pasta dood
>At Gamestop
>near christmas time, got a bit of spending money, sales going on
>pick up dishonored from the rack
>hella long line
>get out of line with the new game
>someone taps me on the shoulder
>some sweet old lady
>"excuse me son, can you get the halo from up there for my grandson? I can't reach it"
>I get it down for her
>shes all smiles and very thankful
>just about to head out
>she pulls me aside again
>"By the way, watch out when you're going out through the food court, there were a bunch of niggers hanging out around there"
>did she just fucking say that
>she didnt even whisper that was full volume
>heads turn
>hold my laughter as best I can
>"Uhm, thanks"
>speedwalk out
>don't look back
Not that anon, but I saw MP3 at FUCKING GAMESTOP for $4 used. Needless to say, I swept that shit up.
She saved your life.
>Salmon falls out of my pockets

Fucking died right there.

Anyone mind enlightening me on what he meant by the "drop rate of those pants"?
Fucking based granny.
There is this cute girl with glasses that works at gamestop, how should I approach her?
I dont think I've ever had anyone stall me asking me to preorder or reserve anything, maybe ask me like one question but thats pretty much it, you guys have shitty gamestops
File: 582904752905.jpg (74 KB, 349x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Tfw someone screencaps your post
in games like WoW there are percentages to how often a certain item drops... aka drop rate.

basically you're asking whether or not she's a slut.
she already has a boyfriend
File: 1404105964834.jpg (27 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>There were a bunch of niggers hanging out around there
>wait til a game you want comes out
>go to that gamestop
>get said game
>as she's ringing you up make small talk

depending on how much of a conversationalist you are this WILL GUARANTEED GET YOUR DICK WET ANON
0/10 stay mad pc faggot
>friend pre-orders Xilia 2
>game comes out
>doesnt get the disc for almost a month
>calls gay-stahpo about the game
>"we ran out"
>cancels pre-order, orders off amazon
>comes 2 days later

You're pretty dense

In MMOs or RPGS some enemies have chances of dropping specific loot, the percentage of this chance is known as the drop rate.
>niggers in the food court

Dude she saved you from a guaranteed stabbing. Based dusty cunt.
how the fuck would anyone know what that was suppose to mean unless you play an RPG/MMO..?

yeah, he's the dense one anon.
that's why I can't wait until I'm old so I can call everyone a nigger and no one would care
Might as well post this here.

I was a GameStop store manager for the last 8 years. I quit last month. Ask me anything? Literally anything, I don't owe them shit.

I don't play those games and I still caught the joke. There's no need to get defensive, anon. It's okay to admit you didn't understand.
Whoa calm down there, maybe you should play less FPS games, buddy
>unless you play an RPG/MMO
>On a video game board
Fucking tumblrfaggot, she saved your worthless life. Go suck nigger cocks in hell.
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Console wars are stupid but damn
File: 1408150323808.gif (3 MB, 264x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's your asl
Wanna omegle?
>No more Software Etc
>No more Electronics Boutique

The gamestop Credit card started on monday

30, M, East Coast USA
what's the weirdest way someone has tried to get a game early from you? ever been offered sexual favors in return?
Then I hate you
>acting like old copypasta is hilarious
Don't you have homework?
Saying "I can't afford anything else" seems to work pretty quickly.
Offer me $100. Pulled the bill out of his wallet and everything. I said no. Didn't wanna get fired (at the time).

I saw one of my employees get offered a blowjob from a buck tooth trailer park bitch for a free Wii game. Not even new, like some $20 used game. He said no thank you.

>This is old so it isn't funny

stop trying so hard
Don't be mad at him guys. He only plays FPS and mobile games
I hate me too.
>go to gamestop
>"Do you have Kid Icarus: Uprising"
>"Who cares it's just a stupid nintendo game"
>buy some eshop cards
>he then tells his coworker that I'm the cause of all his problems
What are the wifi passwords?
>The drop rate on those pants
>A reference to faggoty MMO's which no one besides uber-nerds would fucking get
>Also being used as a pick-up line
>For a bear
>Mfw absolute fucking losers think it's common knowledge

You're pretty autistic. Glad I'm having a life and haven't devoted it mostly to gaming anymore. Stay greasy, nerd.
File: IMG_5081153709641.jpg (25 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>skate away on my Heelys
File: tips_porkpie.jpg (19 KB, 333x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Go to Gamestop to purchase a PS3
>Cashier asks me if I want any games with it
>Say "Nope, I'm gonna pirate them as soon as I get home".
>Another fucktard cashier pops up and says "Sir, you know we could report you for saying that"
>Give the fucktard a stare and say "We live in America, I have the right to download my games if I want to, If Sony actually put the effort into making a larger library of games with QUALITY as the PS2, I wouldn't need to do this".
>Cashier says "But these companies are losing money"
>I begin to laugh, "Then they should stop being lazy and make better games, I'm suffering as a college student and worry about my money each day, these companies can survive from a few pirated games and if they can't...then they can just fuck off."
>Cashier stares at me
>I stare at him
>Cashier sighs and says "Look, I won't report you...I understand your situation but just don't go around saying that stuff, you'll get in trouble.."
>I grin and say "I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting."
>I walk to my car feeling proud of what I did.
>Go home to pirate Demon Soul
>go to gamestop
>"Do you have Kid Icarus: Uprsing"
>"We have one copy left. That's a good game!"
>leave gamestop
>shiggy diggy
>Preorder Smash Bros 3DS
>Gamestop calls me to tell about the the midnight release
>Think it is a recording but then the guy starts talking about how it's a great way to get streetpasses
Default when wifi was set up (district-wide so I can only assume company-wide) is "sellmoretablets". I'm dead fucking serious. They really wanted tablet sales to prove to shareholders we could "adapt to a changing market".
20 Minutes ago. Went with my little sister.

>Go in with Imouto.
>Imouto wants Kirby Game.
>No more buying Nintendo games since I hate their digital stance and pirate.
>Get in line.
>Endless waiting, actually half an hour.
>Ready to continue paying off Kingdom Hearts 2.5.
>Guy calls next in line which is me.
>Usual thing I do: get in, pay my stuff and get out.
>YFW you read the first letters of each sentence.

True story, I made another one on yesterday's Gamestahp Thread if anyone's interested in reading it again.

Please refer to this >>266278869

Keep thinking that because people aren't as completely apathetic as you that they aren't "real" gamers though kid, it's amusing.
that's you, isn't it anon?
Wow just wow.
yeah, not all of gamestops are bad, but my local one is completely employed by fat asshats. Really, everytime I have been in there they were cuntheads. I stopped going there and I preordered Smash 3d at the gamestop on the other end of town.
Your argument would make more sense if you weren't buying a PS3 to play games
My fedora is tipping herself
Oh, and if that doesn't work, it's almost always "GamestopXXXX" (where XXXX is the Store number, which you can google).
that's a bummer. I've never gone into gamestop and had a bad experience. the worst thing that ever happens is I have to awkwardly so no to every promotion/question they throw at me.

I didn't use to care about saying no but now that I know their jobs rely on shit like that it makes me feel kind of bad honestly....
haha, that's fucking hilarious
ALSO, "GamestopXXXX" is frequently the password to unlock the interactives from "Demo mode" into full-functioning mode. Have fun downloading gay porn on your local store's PS4.
File: 1354837537056.png (11 KB, 700x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are you talking shit about FPS games?
my brother used to work at gamestop(the same one with all the cuntheads). They never scheduled him any hours for no reason. Like literally, he got 5 hours every week. He worked harder than any of the other employees and wasn't a dick. They didn't even tell him that he was fired, they just stopped emailing him the schedule. Turns out, the manager was just lazy and he didn't like that he had an employee less lazy than he was.
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me right now.png
213 KB, 500x370
>tfw you can't buy your shit at Gamestop anymore because the cashier is confidential and flirty by default
I'm too beta for this...
This is super common. They work SM's like fucking salary slaves (I once worked 76 hours one week in summer) and give the stores less-than-bare-minimum payroll. I could barely afford to give the employees I LIKED 5 hours, much less those I hated.
I'm glad the gamestop I sometimes go to isn't like this. I've never seen a girl working there. It's all chubby guys.
You do know that the cashier chicks purposely do that to get Betas like you to come back to the store right???
>preorder game from qt cashier
>ask for phone number and name
>say phone number and Anon
>"Anon? That's a cute name."
>Almost lose the ability to speak and have to force out a thank you before it was too late and it got awkward
>It was too late
Yes, because apparently, if you're not as big of a loser as them who wastes their brain-space memorizing stupid shit like "drop rates" in RPG games, you're an edgy "too-cool-for-school" kid who only plays iphone games and, for some reason, "fps's", as if that's not a "real" gaming genre.

Ironic when those dipshits probably never even played games like Witchaven, Powerslave, Strife, or Terminator: Future Shock, heh, what a bunch of edgy too-cool-for-school kids, amirite?
This shit has the opposite effect on me.
>Friend texts me gameplay of the card, and Borderlands years old
> 5 years ago, im walking out from the best that money into a fiddle and ask me on my Aliens
>Have Colonial Marines preordered the exclusives THIS early! I like video games while he will be quick in the dude in swahili >Somewhat reluctantly rings it in her
>"I might get a good PC, which I would just standing in there, should be in
>Find this store
>Normal picks up off to big heavy girl at the middle of Warcraft: Wrath of them to finally get rung up card, and skin, lanky, hideous checkered fedora atop his thin greasy mop
>Pony pins, WoW tattoos, shit and Borderlands years old
>pre-order World of Strawgator, play game
>Go to use it comes in, but also pre-order New Leaf while talking about the paper is an exclusive, I don't want the best that I'm waiting to wrap around the Wii U Version"
>Spend half an employee
>Yeah but as i guess"
>I pay for 10 GB of this relatively cramped store about how terrible the only one!"
>She starts flapping her arms saying "yvetal"; over here, come out, i walk out, i want to the Wii for recommendations and pull my ear off
>And since you NOW(very emphasized) have a 3ds
>Well I want to stand there and asks "Have you must have to big heavy girl at all
>M-maybe the middle of it
>Yup, a peg
>Big fat one chubby one
>am slightly annoyed
>go to stand there is no to use it to actually come in their copies over for a WiiU and manager not here for a new Denzel Washington flick
>Friend caves and makeup
>They continue to gamestop to sphaghetti everywhere
>Pre-order New Leaf on my shirt
>"Nice outfit!"
>"T-thanks, it over again.
>Well I'm not it in their problem"
>Go to use it to Game (not GameStop) shop in the Tail shirt
>"Nice outfit!"
>"T-thanks, it to refute him there, smiling as they both almost fucking nothing in there, should get my ear"

fucking gamestop
File: 1411274152446.jpg (54 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x500

What the fuck am I reading?
I would knock both you and the cashiers heads togethers like coconuts if I witnessed this spaghetti incident.
File: 1356904166197.jpg (36 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 640x480
This, exactly. It's so incredibly transparent.
100% true. I had 3 female employees, 2 were pretty hot. When they needed numbers, they wore a shirt with tons of cleavage.

This is know as "wearing your reserve shirt". Made me feel a little dirty, but my store DID get pretty good numbers.
you have to read the first letter of each sentence for it to make any sense

but i mean really though has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do more like?
File: 1403300653851.jpg (88 KB, 417x498) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 417x498
Holy shit.

>buying Everybody's Golf World Tour
>slut cashier notices
>"haha, really anon? Have fun with that ;p"
>"i-it's a really fun game..."
>spaghetti from my nose
>walk away
>never buy at Gamestop again
you steal it and if they see you you shot him (not her that rude)
going to gamestop for the 3DS release

supppa smaaash brothers
I'm going to FUCKING GAME tommorrow to buy Smash. I wish I just ordered it online.
>be me
>walk into Gamestop
>go to counter
>hi i'd like to pick up my pre-order
>o-o-o-okay, what g-g-game is it?
>forza horizon 2
>w-w-what's your name?
>can see dude at counter starting to ear up
>it's *name*
>i'll just go to the back and grab it
>walks to back
>spaghetti and tater tots falls off his pocket
>slips and hits the floor
>does the dinosaur
>as the prince of bel-air

File: 1401742557232.gif (2 MB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 600x338
one day i wore my skullgirls shirt that i only wear at home to gamestop for a chance to get some spaghetti from some stuttery beta motherfuckers, but instead the only person who recognized it was the asian dude working the register

we talked about games, shared some stories and had some laughs for about 30 minutes and then i left. shit was dope

god damn it
i know people who fall for this shit and brag about how some fat chick at gamestop flirted with them to keep their job
File: 1KJPy.gif (2 MB, 280x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 280x296
>i know people who fall for this shit and brag about how some fat chick at gamestop flirted with them to keep their job
When fat chicks try to hit on you it's the fucking worst.
I miss Rachael, Kat and Natalie ;_;

>mfw the Rachael girl is a stripper during nights
This, in addition to the fact that amazon often matches steam sales, is why I havnt had to deal with FUCKING GAMESTOP in about ever
>reddit invented beta stories
>Go to GameStop
>Decide that I want that Donkey Kong rhythm game
>Cashier looks really nervous and is glowing bright red
>Ask her if there are any bongo controllers for it
>She stutters no
>I realize that my dick has been hanging free the entire time
>She begins making chimp noises
>"By Kranky's beard, I've got it!"
>I jump behind the counter and force her pants off, revealing an ass that had a near peach-like fuzz
>Taking a Gamecube controller, I ram it up her ass
>Start the game
>Some how, banging on her ass cheeks works
>She makes monkey sounds the rhythm of the game
>Visible drops of blood are pouring from her rectum, but she doesn't seem to mind it
>Fat kid wearing a Fedora enters the store
>"That sir, is rape!"
>Unsheathes samurai sword and stabs me with it
>"Nothing personal"
>Was in a coma for weeks with that intro song from dk64 on loop in my head
I can't tell if you work at Gamestop, or were a customer...
>Go to Gamestop to pre-order Lolicon Panty Master: Legend of the 7 Balls 2014 Dante Must Die Edition.
>qt3.15 cashier who is at LEAST 17/10 eyes me up in a sexual way
>"Wow I've never seen anyone buy this before, you must be pretty up to date on this gaming stuff. Do you wanna come over to my house and play Custom Maid 3D?"
>"Only if you promise you will let me treat you to some delicious Hot Pockets first, m'lady."
>Swooning with desire and naughty juices, she started to ring me up when at that moment John Cena enteredthe store.
>"I CAN SEE ALL THESE GAMES BUT THEY CAN'T SEE ME" he guffawed, heading into the PS3 sports section.
>I tried to point out to him that there actually weren't any games in that direction but merely Goyim magick tricks and wobbly dildo controllers.
>Good sir, you may insult my personage as much as you desire and I will challenge you to a duel any time of the day but please refrain from using such harsh and vulgar language in front of the lady."
>>'YOU CAN'T SEE ME, MY TIME IS NOW!" he roared as he charged me head on.
>With a whistle of my trenchcoat and a quick flick of the wrist, I dodged him assault and decapitated him in twine with my razor-edged fedora.
>Now drowning in a pool of her own fluids, the cashier jumped into my arms as I activated my Mountain Dew Baja Blast powered jetpack and flew off into the sunset, but not before finally uttering "Nothing personnel, kid" to the evening breeze.
>Go to gamestop
>looking dapper in my fedora + poncho combo
>monogrammed cane slung on my back just for the looks
>only person in the store aside from 10/10 girl working at counter
>pick out a used copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
>bring it to the counter
>tip my hat to the cashier "Madame," I say
>she giggles and looks at the game
>"Wow," she says, "It's rare we see gentlemen with such refined tastes in this store, usually its nothing but cowadoody kids with papas credit card
>Smirk at her, "My mother has always told me that men like me are a special breed"
>She giggles again and brushes her hair back, "y-you got that right" she manages
>my eyes scan downward as she looks at her register
>as I suspected, she was so wet it was soaking through her jeans
>"l-listen" she says, "I get off in 15 minutes and I was wonderi-"
>Door opens violently behind me
in walks Chad L. Thundercock
>grabs the first multiplayer console FPS he can find
>Pushes me out of the way smashes it down on the counter
>"Ring me up, Bitch" He says to her, laughing
>"O-okay sir" she says nervously, a bead of sweat pours down her face
>I glare at Chad knowingly
>"What are you staring at faggot?"
>"That is no way to treat a lady, sir." I say, voice quivering with rage
>"How would you know, needledick? Bet you've never even had your P in a V" He laughs again
>"I may be a virgin, but at least I know about respect"
>He tries to punch me
>nimbly leap backward, landing on my tiptoes
>unsheathe my cane from my back
>He lunges at me trying for a haymaker
>I dodge him and swing my cane in an arc at his legs
>He falls, hit his head on a life size replica of Halo
>starts to cry, "I'm sorry, to both of you, I am just insecure so I pick on those I deem lesser" he says
>"It's okay," I reply, "just next time chose your targets more wisely."
>he leaves without his game
>cashier leaps across the counter into my arms and kisses me
>"let's get out of here," I say
>she just nods.
>asian dude at register
>leaves after half an hour

/v/ cant be THIS stupid

Every time I go into Gamestop, that's how my interactions go. I have been confused for a father buying shit for his kid before. I've had the clerks studder because I don't give a fuck about their shitty sales pitches. I've had them back out of vidya conversation because I treat them like normal people but don't cater to the hype train coversations they normally get into.

The clerks are more socially awkward than some of the horror stories I read here. Then again...I see some fucking terrifying people doing shit every time I'm in there.
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 333x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 333x333
>Go to Gamestop to purchase a PS3
>Cashier asks me if I want any games with it
>Say "Nope, I'm gonna pirate them as soon as I get home".
>Another fucktard cashier pops up and says "Sir, you know we could report you for saying that"
>Give the fucktard a stare and say "We live in America, I have the right to download my games if I want to, If Sony actually put the effort into making a larger library of games with QUALITY as the PS2, I wouldn't need to do this".
>Cashier says "But these companies are losing money"
>I begin to laugh, "Then they should stop being lazy and make better games, I'm suffering as a college student and worry about my money each day, these companies can survive from a few pirated games and if they can't...then they can just fuck off."
>Cashier stares at me
>I stare at him
>Cashier sighs and says "Look, I won't report you...I understand your situation but just don't go around saying that stuff, you'll get in trouble.."
>I grin and say "I'm a pirate, we love trouble, it just makes life more exciting."
>I walk to my car feeling proud of what I did.
>Go home to pirate Demon Soul
Already had that one champ
Too late.
>>she just nods
File: image.jpg (98 KB, 926x521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 926x521
These are the best.
>walk into gamestop to get smt iv, fe:a, and ki:u
>bend over to grab the games from the 3ds rack
>hear a moan
>there's only the worker at the counter in the store
>bend over again
>hear "m-may i-i help you?"
>turn around
>the girl at the counter said it
>she's an 11/10
>"no thanks"
>she replies with "i really like that fire emblem game, i got into the series a few years back"
>i dont fucking care i just want my game but i'm too nice to say anything about it
>"really? want to play some with me later"
>macaroni falls out of her pocket
>i ask, "do you need help?" coming closer to her
>she see's my bulge
>"y-you too"
>run the fuck out of the store
>fuck m8 i just got 3 games for free
>fuck the girl too i have a girl friend way hotter

Good times.
>tfw never going to have a FUCKING GAMESTOP story cause the employees know me and my taste and don't bug me

Although I am going to a different gamestop for midnight smash, hopefully I get a good story.
File: Worried.jpg (32 KB, 540x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 540x405
Not a "Gamestop" story but a spaghetti spilling story none the less.
>Doing a tryout job at a local sandwich shop so I could earn some extra money to buy stuff from FUCKING Gamestop
>Working with two guys who are pretty funny (dudebros but in a fun way)
>Extremely laid back the guys are the manager and co-manager and are hitting on chicks and talking shit throughout the night
>Throughout the whole time employees in their off time come in to shoot the shit and get free food
>Eventually a 8/10 qt walks in on her off time and starts talking to the guys
>Goes on the topic of her fingering herself or some shit and the managers asking if she "needed any help with it"
>The entire time I'm just flipping and making sandwiches quietly in the corner
>She eventually notices me and walks up to me (I pretend not to notice her)
>She puts her hand on my shoulder to get my attention
>[Sweating Intensifies]
>"Hi, I couldn't help but notice you're the new guy they want to bring in. What's your name?"
>"Oh haha it's Anon"
>She starts playing with her hair and says "Anon huh hehe that's a cute name"
>Eventually the managers say we should talk "Out back"
>"What about it Anon, Do you have the time?"
>I'm a hug-less, handhold-less, kiss-less virgin
>Stammer out "Oh haha um sorry I've got a lot of sandwiches to make so uh gotta finish these orders sorry"
>"Oh okay anon maybe another time"
>She leaves soon after
>Finish shift 6 hours later
>Never go back again

Did I fuck up /v/?
I feel like I was being fucked with but my Dad said I fucked up big time....
>Walk into gamestop
>buy a steam card
Nah, don't think about it, shameless sluts are not worth your time, man.
File: 1412033374923.png (407 KB, 4500x4334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407 KB, 4500x4334
you told this story to your dad anon?
that's precious.

me and my father don't speak.
Run back to her, light up her night, put your meat in her bread, cook her pussy, make her know that you're the chef in this relationship, baggage her sandwich, put your penis inside her bread, mayo all over her, lettuce have sex, eat her out.
>go to gamestop
>grab a few games, Ass Creed 2 included
>go to cashier
>cashier is a red haired fat chick
>SoulCalibur V is out that day
>ask for the collector's edition and buy it instead of the other 3~4 games
>(she)"well that a shame, AC II is a really good game"
>"I've never played AC"
>"haha, yea, one day I will"
>she continues talking about AC
>"well, here's your receipt, and here's my number. see ya!"
i don't even live in the US. Fucking Gamestop
underrated post
>Waiting in Gamestop years ago when I was maybe 13 or 14
>Find a 100 dollar bill on the ground
>Do the right thing and give it to the clerk.

Looking back at it, I probably should have stuffed it in my pocket or bought something with it. God knows the clerk probably pocketed it instead.
File: 1411645893298.png (91 KB, 200x203) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 200x203
in other gamestop news:

gamestop now has a credit card
i shit you not

>GameStop additionally launched a PowerUp Rewards-branded credit card this week, giving customers access to bonus reward points and in-store financing. Card variable APR starts at 26.99%, with a minimum $2 interest charge per credit plan.
I always feel bad when they try so hard to shill those shit games, 90% of the times they don't even remotely care about them.
>go to gamestop
>ask for xenoblade
>qt gril takes it out of drawer and sells it to me
>hey can I have that heracross megastone code?
>sure! ^___^

that was pretty much it
10/10 post. Picturing a gamestop run by /v/. We need to make this a reality guys
well, to be fair it really looked like she liked it. She was kinda cute though, had a nice face, but it's a damn shame she was so fat
File: 1411851856541.jpg (57 KB, 351x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 351x351
>friends going to midnight release
>I can't because really fucking sick
>Told them to get me a copy and put it in my mailbox

They better fucking deliver.
>go to gamestop to buy Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2
>they only have one used copy, with no manual, in a case that someone chewed on

>pull out phone
>look it up on amazon
>$20 new
fat girls are top tier m8, go for it
File: panic.jpg (55 KB, 192x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 192x279

>posting iOS version of phoenix instead of glorious pixel art version

My little anon's taste can't be this shitty...
The credit card "Rollout Meeting" was the last week before I quit. The APR is fucking insane and it's supported not by a bank, but some fishy marketing firm.

As if I needed to say this, DO NOT get one. If one too many people default on their payments, I see the whole damn system collapsing.
>26.99% APR

shit nigga
>go to gamestop
>try to trade in some old DS games
>"sir I think you're in the wrong place"
>insist that he's wrong and demand to see manager
>i get buttmad and walk out after 10 minutes

not to scare you but most credit cards average between 17.99 and 25.99%.

So yea, its on the high end but typical for gouging out users. Unless of course, you pay it off every month then they get nothing...What is a 2 dollar interest plan though? Something they add per month regardless of purchases?
sadly I don't live in the US,but I dated a chubby girl once
My sides are in orbit
>2 Years ago use to go to gamestop all the time
>had 10k points on my powerup reward card
>Stopped going to gamestop
>3 weeks ago remember I have the points and I can probably get something good
>My Balance is 0
What the fuck do you have to go to the store yearly or something?
File: image.jpg (101 KB, 642x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 642x390
>Buy Pokemon X
>Guy at counter asks me if I'm interested in buying any of of the movies
>3 DVDs of old Pokemon movies next to the counter
Willing to bet he brought them in to make a spare couple of quid
File: chad's bane.png (220 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
chad's bane.png
220 KB, 500x375
>pay a well-deserved visit to gamestop
>got 50 dollars from mom, going to get the spanking new Super Giga Anime Fighter release
>step in the door dramatically, coattails flowing dramatically behind me
>look over to the counter and gasp in horror
>a pathetic sheep of a jock is harassing the lady at the checkout
>something about his childish Call of Duty preorder rightfully getting canceled
>she's visibly in distress
>fly over to assist this damsel in distress
>lift my cane to strike a blow
>Chad Thundercock grabs it from my hands and hands it back to me
>looks me straight in the eye and gives me a vicious smirk
>"Haha, no violence when there's a lady around, faggot!"
>I hang my head in shame and turn to make my exit
>suddenly feel a lump in the pocket of my trenchcoat
>turn around and march back up to the counter posthaste
>"You may have outwitted me there, but there is one way to stop you!"
>pull my fedora tighter and procure a small package from my coat
>Chad screams in defeat
>"No! Not Justice Fruit Pies, the delicious treat you'd be crazy to hate! Oh, I give up!"
>he storms out in an unsightly rage
>cashier leaps from her spot at the counter and throws her arms around me
>"Thank you so much, mysterious stranger!"
>she leans in to kiss me
>I push her away
>"Don't thank me, thank Justice Fruit Pies!"
File: 1380346115083.png (83 KB, 260x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 260x246

I was sick as fuck when brawl released, I still went though. We got there at 11:30 and they still had some tournament going on with everyone that got there early watching, my friends and I just walked to the front of the line and were the first to grab the game and leave. There was an asian guy in line behind us doing naruto moves and asking people what their final smash would be.
Saved for future sociological research
Damn I almost fell for it.
I always wanted Justice Pals to get their own show.
You can tell that isn't her first time sucking dick
>Half Life 2 shirt

Goddamn that's old
I know yesterday I posted out picking up new leaf and getting chubby arms flapped at me while the cashier yelled "yvetal"
Is this just a bunch of muddled up stories from these threads?
Exactly. They make money even if you never make a single purchase. The district manager basically flat-out said it's there to make money off idiot 20-something's who want a next-gen system but can't afford it.
>See new Atelier game on Gamestop
>glance down my grocery bag
>two packet of uncooked spaghetti
>two unopened pasta sauce
>a packet of ground beef
>walk past gamestop and head home
Not today, Rorona.
There's a guy waiting in line outside of GameStop by himself. He has a pizza with him. He is waiting on smash
You made the right decision, anon.
I have a second interview at Gamestop on saturday for a seasonal position.
Anyone want to say anything about it? good luck? Tips?
Yeah I got something to say.

Fuck you. I've been looking for work for 3 years and nobody will hire me, seasonal or not. I hope your interview goes poorly and you literally get laughed out of the office.
Abandon all hope man, I've heard horror stories about it.
Pretend you're a casual shit. Tell them your favourite game is The Last of Us and that you're going home to play Destiny with the "dudes" when you're done.
Strike a nerve?
Just say that you're a liberal art student and live on student loan. That would smooth things out.
>go to EB Games (Strayafag)
>They all know I'm a filthy weeb
>Chat about Anime and JRPGs with manager
>Recommend him some shit, her recommends some to me
>Tells me whenever something comes in that they think might interest me
>Never hassled about preorders or anything

They're pretty cool guys at our local store. I should go there soon.
Have fun and if you get the job make sure to convert casuals to good vidya
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 590x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 590x443
Get ready to things you are not gonna be proud of anon.

File: 1402517127939.png (191 KB, 1200x1209) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 1200x1209
that video title
call her a fucking casual for working at le GameSchlop
>Australian weeaboo who thinks salesman tactics are a sign of friendship
What a joke
>walk into gamestop
>looking for tropical freeze
>looking through games, don't see it
>go to line, wait like 10 minutes until i finally get to the counter
>at this point i'm a bit frustrated
>ask them if they have tropical freeze
>they laugh
>i stutter and ask "w-well?"
>chick at counter leans in close
>whispers "he" in my ear
>step back quickly, frightened
>look at female
>her face morphs into lanky kong
>look at her co-worker
>his face does too has he yells "HAS"
>quickly turn around and get ready to run out
>everyone else in line is lanky kong
>they begin chanting the words "NO", "STYLE"
>push them all out of the way, open the door and run straight for my car
>look behind me and they're all chasing me
>"HE HAS NO GRACE" they all say as i drop my car keys on the ground
>they all tackle me and get out their golden bananas
>pulverize me with the bananas as they sing "THIS KONG, HAS A FUNNY FACE"
>the singing and pulverizing continues until i go unconscious
>wake up where i was before
>see my keys next to me
>pick them up and drive home immediately
>get home to my wife, she's sitting on the couch
>i go to sit next to her and tell her about what happened
>she looks at me and screams, pushing me away
>ask her what's wrong
>she stumbles when running but manages to run and grab the phone, running to the bathroom and locking herself in
>calls the police saying "HE" is here
>run to bedroom and look in bedroom mirror
>i am lanky kong
>run back to wife and yell for her through bathroom door, try to tell her it's me
>but i sound like lanky kong and can only say things like "NOO-NI-NOO", "OOH-PLAH", "WAH", etc
>try my best to speak but can't
>run as fast as i can out of the house
>run as far away as i can
>live homeless
>use mcdonald's wifi and shitpost HE threads on /v/ with my laptop
Well it's better than forcing your product onto the customer.
Most salesmen don't invite you over to their house to play games over the weekend, you know.
Seasonal isn't too bad. Milk the discount like crazy and be ready to be let go on January 15th. Or earlier if the DM is a cock.
actually it will hurt his numbers, pre-orders are put into the system based on the clerk that rings you up, even if you go to another store and cancel it from your account, it still is marked as a loss on that guy's totals.

this is also why they dont like it if you call up and ask for a pre-order to be moved to another store, they have to cancel it and re-pre-order at the new one.
>tfw I waited inline at a gamestop midnight release by myself once....on my birthday
So besides some employee losing a little bit of money is there anything JewStop can do if I preorder some games to get a better bargain and then cancel the preorder sometime later? Are there consequences for repeat offenders?
File: x3EIA.jpg (16 KB, 222x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 222x251
This is 100% true though.
"oh you cant afford it today? a pre-order is only 5 dollars and you can pay it off over time"
"well, good news, we have a gamestop credit card available, so you can buy what you want and pay it off later"

just saying No Thanks works the best
>be in shopping mall
>want to buy the new smash bros
>go to gamestop
>it's closed
>see a small hole in the wall
>unzip my pants
>stick dick in hole
>thrust backwards and forwards

you fucking retard, its a general retail position. You don't get tips for ringing up games and being a stockboy.
Was that one story about how a guy would deposit his paycheck into gamestop under reserves, then unreserves it to withdraw true?
plural noun: tips

give someone information in a discreet or confidential way.
"they were arrested after police were tipped off by local residents"
synonyms: warn, alert, apprise, give notice, inform, notify, tell, let someone know, make someone aware, give a warning to, give fair warning to, forewarn, put someone on notice/guard, remind; More

Seems you're the retard here, anon.
Yes, most likely. Either way posting it himself probably got him found out, as within a day of that thread some reddit fag had posted it on the front page, then cracked and probably all the gay ming journalism sites posted an article about it.

No matter how you slice it though, that was not economical. All banks have free checking accounts for the most part, and ATMs. Shit was funny but retarded.
>tfw have work at 6 AM
I'm going anyways, god damn, tommorrow is going to suck ass
>quoting yourself

Totally not mad as fuck, right?
they will ask you strange questions, like what news sites do you visit.
its because of this stupid GSO thing you need to check every day you are in, they need to know if you are willing to browse a gaming news website at least once a day on the clock.
>go to gamestop.
>purchasing, cant remember.
>"do you have a gamestop card?"
>"do you wan-"
>"it lets y-"
ring up the game please.
>pay for game, walk out.
they hire some relaxed people at mine.
shame none of them know anything about gaming.
File: buttfucker.jpg (83 KB, 497x735) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 497x735
>Card variable APR starts at 26.99%

Am I being rused?
File: 1408057053943.png (416 KB, 623x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
416 KB, 623x527
>You're pretty autistic
>Stay greasy, nerd
I think you might be lost. This isn't Facebook.
no its real, the gamestop I work at is cool and said "look, this has no numbers attached to it, its just an OPTION, dont push it, dont worry about it unless they ask for it."
there was a resounding series of NOPEs from everyone in charge there about it.

Oh god, Gamestop must be giving Jesus a run for the title King of the Jews.
Absolutely disgusting
>tfw work at a mom and pop game store on the weekend
>one dude is kind of a jackass, everyone else is cool
>girl that works there is cute and nice
>discounts on awesome shit all the time

Fucking Gamestop?

Aside from the stupid and weird shit Gamestop gets exclusive, I pretty much never have to go there now.
Fucking Gamestop, miright?
File: 1252760839693.png (7 KB, 192x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 192x260

Nah, you'd be old with the same people who are your age now who are accepting of race mixing. It would be unacceptable by that point since these would be the same people.

Only old people from the 20s-90s get a pass at this point. You'll just be seen as an old racist by the time you're old.
I used to think these threads were all just exaggerating how utterly terrible these people are at their "jobs" until today

>go to game stop to reserve a copy of smash and pick up SSX for my buddy's birthday
>sales guy barely mutters a greeting when I come in
>tell him I'm gonna be paying for all of smash ahead of time while looking for SSX
>guy says "ok"
>find game and go to counter
>only rings me up up for SSX
>already forgot I wanted smash too
>ask him if they are doing a midnight release cause I have tomorrow off and would consider going
>immediately says no and that no other game stops are doing it
>in the entire state of Arizona no game stop is doing a midnight release
>fuck it I'll just get it tomorrow afternoon
>after hours of doubting what he said call other store
>other store says they are doing a midnight release
>call original store
>grill answers
>Thank you for calling game stop where we're having a midnight launch event for Super Smash Bros for the 3DS

I haven't been in one of these stores in years, but holy shit how could you be this bad at such a non demanding job.
Employee loses no money. But each Cancek counts as a -1 to their preorder count which is like 75% of what you are ranked on. There is nothing negative that will ever happen to YOU -- just know that if you cancel preorders on a guy you actually like, you're making his numbers go down which means the DM is more likely to want them fired.
Gamestop is now below McD's in terms of required skill, yet you'd be surprised at how many manage to fuck it up.
Gamestop's policy is to NEVER do midnight launches for Nintendo products because (and I'm almost literally quoting here), "the target demographic would be in bed by then".

Just know that no Nintendo game EVER will get a midnight launch. Period. That's not a store-per-store basis, that's company-wide.
>mfw cute GameStop girl legitimately expressed interest in me
>mfw don't live in the town where that GameStop is
>Playing a game I can't remember
>All of a sudden I heard my sis wants to buy a game
>Let's buy Watch Dogs!
>Me: Wtf? Okay?
>Me, my cousin and my sis go to the mall
>Not even in the store and there are already assholes blocking the front entrance
>Move aside, little shits
>We look for the game
>We decided to just line up and have the cashier get the game for us
>Line is short but for some it's taking a long time
>Dumb shits hanging around the corner to my left
>Two strange boys next up in line, in front of us
>Some chick taking her sweet ass time with the cashier
>Cousin wearing Odd Future shirt
>One of the boys in front of us notices his shirt
>"Hey, nice Odd Future shirt." *fucking beatboxes*
>Didn't notice that moment until after we bought the game, my cousin told me about it
>Didn't noticed it because narrowed my peripheral vision, blocking unwanted shit happening around me
>The two boys goes up to the cashier to the right because there are two cashiers
>Line takes so fucking long and there are two fucking cashiers
>Anyways, cashier ask if any of the boys have a Gamestop card
>The boy who said nice shirt to my cousin says, "Oh, I have one!" *fucking dances in excitement like a faggot that he is."
>My cousin and I look at each other, all confused
>We're finally up next
>My cousin and my sister being all beta and stupid
>Me: "We like to get Watch Dogs."
>Cashier guy: "Alright, give me a minute
>Cashier guy whips out the PS3 version without even asking us what platform we're gonna buy it on
>I look at my sister
>Sister is like in Twilight Zone mode or something, being retarded as usual
>My cousin doesn't say shit as usual
>Do I really have to go alpha on this?
>Me: "Excuse me sir, we want the PS4 version instead."
>Cashier guy: "Oh sorry about that man, give me a minute
>What the fuck guys?
>No one speaking out because everyone is retarded
>Got the fucking game
>Went home
>Watch Dogs, 9/10 it's shit
There's been multiple times where I've been at media resale shops and the employees lie about the dumbest stuff. I can't tell if it's autism or they think they're clever?

I really don't get it. I once had a guy tell me an album wasn't released on Record Store Day, even though it was. Told him that's not right I'd been following it's pre-release yada yada. long story short the dude just lied irrationally because they didn't have it in stock yet.
>go to Gamestop to sell games
>end up selling most of my 360 collection
>want to buy USFIV on PC and that's it
>get 103 dollars in store credit
>Cashier guilts me into buying power up rewards
>leave with 86
I'm too nice /v/, I don't know how to say no.
Which means if a store DOES do a midnight launch for a Nintendo game, the employees are doing it on their own and receive no corporate support or additional payroll to handle the traffic.

I did this all the time as an SM for games I wanted myself (so I could buy them at midnight) but don't expect that to be the rule -- it's the exception.
File: 1390261729513.gif (495 KB, 500x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 500x283
>go into GameStop
>cashier looks at me
>"Aren't you the guy that bought four copies of Brink"
>leave in shame
I asked this one girl and she didn't know like a week ago. And so did this stupid beaner like 3 days ago didn't know either. I called and they are having one.
>mfw that line isn't said during that shot
So basically the EB games by me.
The manager there is old /v/.
File: 1408281798752.gif (1005 KB, 351x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1005 KB, 351x263
>call GS asking about Smash 4 midnight release
>he has no idea what I am talking about and tries to get me to preorder 2kwhatthefuckever for the midnight release (lolwut?)
>call another gamestop
>let it ring for 10 minutes as I do laundry
>call a third gamestop and they guy says no midnight launch for his store or any others nearby
>go into that gamestop later in the day, buy $40 worth of nintendo points to download the digital copy at midnight
>explain it to the clerk

fuck you. seriously. fuck. you.
File: 1412114042482.jpg (28 KB, 499x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 499x500
Is anyone else's gamestop extremely slow when trying to buy a game and leave? Or even worse, trading in a game?

>I would like this game
>Okay would you like a powerup rewards card?
>Okay let me go get your game
>"It's preowned, I wanted a sealed version of the game, with the extra unused codes"
>Cashier takes like 20 minutes to get rid of the used game he already scanned
>"Okay here is your new copy, do you plan on pre-ordering any games? It's only 5 dollars and you get some neat stuff with it!"
>"Okay, here's your bag, also on the receipt I have a code where you can go review your experience"

Every Time

>Trade in Games and old Xbox
>Takes a total of like 40 minutes to trade in like 6 games and a console
>I had to show my I.D and give him my fingerprints and shit
>all for 250 dollars

This was back in 2011, since then I refuse to trade in any of my games there.

Thank God for Ebay, Craigslist and Steam saving me time.
File: JOHN CENA.jpg (11 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 300x300
this one made me laugh so hard
>I had to show my I.D and give him my fingerprints
0/10 that's a fucking lie
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