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I haven't seen one in forever, Advance...
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I haven't seen one in forever, Advance Wars thread. Fire Emblem a shit.

Who's your favorite CO, /v/? Favorite Force? Why was Days of Ruin made?

Green Earth Masterrace
I remember playing the one for the GBA before my brother lost all my games when he was traveling out of state.

Favroite faction was Green but I had a soft spot for that afro girl who was part of the Black group. Always liked to play the samurai dude who troops cost more but damn were they powerful
>people still denying DoR is the best AW by far
you can't be serious
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Sasha master race here

>enemy about to super co
>power not charged
>attack with all my units
>get 2star and pop co power

such amazing denial

These two were siblings, right?

Sasha is a QT
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I want lewd art of the AW girls...
I only played 1 but I heard Max gets shitty in 2, is that true
Yes they are. I hate how Sasha treats him in Dual Strike though. I mean, the kid is a fucking war hero from the Cosmo Land invasion! One she didn't even help repel!
best song
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There's a lot of lewd for Nell. I can't say much for the others though, sadly.
I like Nell's Nells
Who doesn't love Nell, really? Lady Luck is on her side, after all.
Tabitha is best AW grill
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>mfw Nell x Rachel's Windfall
I want to see Nell x Jess lewdness.
Back then, Max. But now, Sami, her Mechs are a nightmare for the enemy if build them by the numbers, just expect a lot of casualties, also dat victory march.

DoR was good, but it's balance made game feel flatter in comparison to the rest.
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>You will never a Lash
Why bother living?
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So the fact that all COs were viable was a bad thing to you?

Let's face it the COs in the first 3 advance wars were cookie cutter and I didn't care for them. Drake should have tucked in his bear bullet too.

Meanwhile Days of Ruin have characters you can relate to and creates two people who you really hate and want dead. One of them actually dies shitting on the ending of DS and the whole 'if you kill him, you'll be just like him' trope.
>tfw I'm the only one that wanted Will to represent AW if it ever got a rep in Smash
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I'll see you hanged for shitposting in an AW thread.
I agree with him
DoR is the best
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Jokes on you, I'm behind 50 MegaTanks
>Favorite CO

Green Earth

Because it's the best game in the series
What the fuck are talking about? We're talking about gameplay and CO balancing, not the story, not yet.
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Everything is superior. So what's your point?
what if there was a mode with huge ass maps and the ability to make alliances and shit like that?
maybe units like carriers would be useful there since it wouldn't be all about rushing the hell out of a map
>So the fact that all COs were viable was a bad thing to you?

Not at all, I just preferred the previous games because of how its imbalance lent itself to ridiculous moments like >>259713957, especially with tag powers in dual strike.


>Nintendo probably won't make a Advance Wars title for the 3DS

Figures, Fire Emblem has a wider appeal, but I'd take a trigger-happy teen goth inventor over a yandere dark mage any day.
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>mfw I played the modern combat mod in wesnoth recently
>mfw it's a serious advance wars with nukes and stormtroopers
DoR > AW2 > DS > AW

Drake is more likable than Days of Ruin's Waylon and Tabitha.
>liking imbalanced games
I bet you like Awakening too
I'd put AW above DS but other than that I agree.
DS was just way too imbalanced.
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>There will never be a Wars character in Smash despite being one of Nintendo's oldest series.
Drake is an ally, hard to make a proper comparison. Also I'm just shiting on his awful design.
I remember using ar codes to put stuff like Black hole cannons and volcanos in my custom maps.

Where the fuck is my AW3DS
Felt kind of "meh" in terms how it presented itself in combat, but once you used megatanks to stomp shit, anything feels flatter by comparison. Also, some units weren't that useful when it comes down to brass tacks. Even so, it's pretty good and I rank it up with 2, which both are much better than 3.

Now I'm not crazy in saying that Lash and Sonja are twins in AW, right?

I think I remember in the instructional booklet in AW2 saying that they were twins and Lash was the evil twin
it's coming, IS said so during the STEAM reveal
btw, are you guys looking up to that?
Did you even play AW1?

Max had a FIFTY PERCENT bonus to direct fire damage.
All Advanced Wars were serious. DoR was just more waifu friendly and serious
I disliked how the game was missing all the charm of the previous games and as a result is felt like the game was trying too hard to be grimdark and edgy.
Though the gameplay was the same the artstyle and entire attitude was that much different that it felt like someone was using that advance wars name to push their idea that had been denied by higher ups to be its own game.
It was still alright in the end but it was just so different to what the previous games had established and if it was a company like EA or something everyone would want their heads for ruining yet another franchise
>muh charm
biggest buzzword
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>early AW
pick one
No anon.
I hope so, if only to possibly hear Jake's hilariously awful slang fully voiced, though they'd probably have him act like he did in the Japanese version.
Gameplay kinda riminds me of Valkyria Chronicles (sp?)

Looks okay, I might check it out.
>implying it won't be a DoR sequel

they series has been rebooted under slightly different names since the famicom. the GBA one was just the first time it had a western release
and you know tha game battalion wars for the gamecube and wii?
the gamecube one was going to originally be called advance wars
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Posting best CO theme, motherfuckers

Forgot to post best CO theme, fuck
Best CO theme

Fixed that for you.

"Give me my ukelele, 'cuz imma drop this shit."
>claims that best song is not from AW1

anon pls

>mfw dat solo
You know what he means though. It's a valid argument. The colors were brighter, the characters were more comical, and the story more lighthearted in the old games.

Not saying it wasn't fun or cool, but it was a very different presentation.

All the other ones are translated. You guys should check them out. Game Boy Wars 1-3 and Famicom Wars. But Super Famicom Wars looks awesome.
>FoW level
>indirect spam music starts playing
what did you do

I mean full serious, minus all of the chitchat, straight to fucking war. No holding back either. Chemical weapons and nukes.
>All Advanced Wars were serious
I see ridiculous claims on /v/ every day but I have to balk at this, we are now entering crazytown

Some of the campaign missions in Dual Strike are against allies just because they're bored

Best end credits music of any game.
meanwhile in DoR you have to deal with the death of your commander, being outnumbered and chased by the enemy, a mortal virus, lack of supplies, low morale, useless civilians, etc
and eagle could move twice on a normal CO power
Time to jam.

Most hype theme.
>Running neotanks twice over everything
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Thread images: 19
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