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Effective today, ALL steam IDs have been...
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Effective today, ALL steam IDs have been changed. This can be seen when typing "status" into the console.

Example: STEAM_0:1:38235XXX is now U:1:76470XXX (digits hidden to protect identity)

This means that ALL plugins are incapable of reading new SteamIDs. Simplified, they are incapable of creating new data OR matching old data to your client.

This means that, effective immediately, all source plugin information is gone. To simplify even FURTHER: ALL plugin-based player bans on ALL SERVERS have been lifted. What's more, admins are powerless, being unable to ban ANYONE until new plugins are written.

Think I'm trolling?
Just go on TF2 and type "status" in the console. Try and go to a server you've been banned on.

Thoughts on this change?
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Does this mean I'm not banned from all those TF2 servers that banned me for calling people faggots and niggers?
Correct. All steam IDs have changed, so all ID bans are now obfuscated. Admins cannot ban you because your ID will be recognized as an invalid value.
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Can you say... Griefing ?
Holy shit, rev up them loud noises boys
Oh, and all VAC bans are still in effect.
VAC was not neutered in the slightest.
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Yes it does you stupid faggot
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That means GoldSource-based games are also affected. Am I right?

I was banned from a Sven Co-op server for calling the admin "Nigger".
Any inkling why Valve did this?

It couldn't have been due to running out of numbers. It's the same number of digits as the old format.
If it uses Steam IDs, yes.
Probably to prepare for Source 2 or something, I don't know. If you could do some digging on this, I'd appreciate it.
Gearing up for... something?
permanent steam ID's still work, dummy

I just checked a perm ID from before the change and it still links to his account just fine
Well on my server, plugins are broken because the "IsClientAuthorized" check is coming up false.
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Bumping, niggers.
Tell your friends. The more of a shitstorm we can cause out of this, the better.
Console based bans still work, dumbass.
Yes, but plugin-based bans don't, as I mentioned in the OP. If your point is that TF2 can recognize it's own new IPs, thanks for the thought, but we know.
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So I don't know too much about this kind of stuff, but does that mean that all the backpack scanners are perma-dead now? Do they just need to be rewritten to accept the new ID? Am I retarded and they just aren't affected at all?

I need to know if I can still jew kiddies for their pixels
We are talking about the internal steam ID. The one that you can see in the console.

URL SteamID is another thing.
I was just messaged by this bot here a mere hour ago.
Also, nice. Care to tell a fellow godschosenpeople how this enterprise works?
For the record, since this post didn't explain well enough: >>259113094
I am curious as to how the sudden phisher bot boom came to be. We're all over here scratching our heads as to how the sudden influx of bots and fake links appeared.
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>This can be seen when typing "status" into the console.
The console is what I've been using to scan servers, so it would change something, right?
Says the profile is private, what'd they say?
As for making unearned bank there's a link in the /tf2gen/ to a guide on how to do it. I've been using tf2endgame to scan which isn't in the guide, but it's up to preference.
If you're asking about bots I haven't worked with that at all, I just find kids with low hours and offer them standard weapons for their keys/taunts/cosmetics/stranges ect.
I don't have the exact paste anymore, but it was the usual.
"hi i can't add you please ad me at steamcummunity"
ALL phisher bots are private profiles.

And what do you mean by "Scan servers" and "Change something"?
If you type in status, you'll see a list of the new truncated steam IDs.
/tf2g/'s guide said all the scanners were either dead or cost money. Never did google for them.
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There were websites that would use (I was assuming) the steam IDs to list valuable items in a player's backpack in addition to their hours played on TF2 so that you could say "Oh this guy has played for 20 hours, he has no idea his hat is worth 10 times more than this weapon." What I'm wondering is if the steam IDs changed wouldn't the code for the scanners need to be rewritten, or will the new format just plug into where the old ones were? At the moment all of the ones I can find aren't coming up with any any results and I find it hard to believe it's unrelated, but I don't know for sure.
I think HatsDB is also free, but I've never used it so I don't know.
rip tf2 pubs

time to get on the conga train
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>Gearing up for something
That can only mean one thing.
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Oh I probably should have reiterated that at the moment none of the scanners are working at all
and another bump
My friend is telling me that the new formula for a steam ID is STEAM_0 being replaced with U, and every digit in the steam ID being multiplied by 2 with 1 added. If it exceeds 9, it reverts back to 1 and begins counting again.
My fault, it's the very LAST digit that 1 is added to.
So if a steam ID was 123456789, it would become 246913579, I believe. Any admins and owners, take heed, this is how you convert a steam ID.
Another breakthrough, this is all OP, btw
The 1 is only added to the end if it says U:1
If it's a U:0 it won't be added to the end.
This is just fucking pissing me off. There was literally no reason to make this change take place.
Hack attack?
Get in the bunkers?
? wat

Server owners, a sourcemod build has been released as a temporary fix. It converts new steam IDs to old and then uses those for server operations. http://www.sourcemod.net/snapshots.php
Thread replies: 34
Thread images: 12
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