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Nintendo vs. Capcom: Clash of Hypotheticals
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You know, with Mega Man in Smash Bros. and all, I've been thinking about how fun it would be if there was a Capcom versus game with the other half of the roster being Nintendo. Smash is fun and all, but I hunger for a more traditional fighting game featuring the Nintendo cast.

So I thought, wouldn't it be fun if we discussed a hypothetical game like that? Also assuming modern Crapcom wouldn't fuck it up as they always do.

Discuss possible roster, moves, systems, and the works.

That'd be pretty fun. I'd be up to see Protoman and Groose finally square off again.
If Captain Falcon isn't god tier, it would be shit.
>Samus is ZSS instead of Power Suit

dropped harder than everything.
Mario would be a Ryu clone (I mean seriously look at his moves in Smash already)
Luigi is a Dan clone
>Sonson vs DK
>Megaman vs Samus
>Link vs Dante
>Wonder Red vs Viewtiful Joe
>Mario vs Ryu

If only.
>megaman vs samus

but we already got that
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I honestly think it would be best for this hypothetical game to use a stylized aesthetic to some degree. Like, think Dante in Viewtiful Joe.

The midgets of MVC3 contrasted enough with the realistically-proportioned (more than usual) Capcom fighters, it would look really bad if the same thing happened with Mario vs. Ryu and whatnot.
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blue hmm.png
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>All of Clover and most of Plat's characters potentially in one game
Too bad Capcom probably still doesn't remember God Hand exists
>Gene vs Falcon

File: 1406066222340.jpg (34 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, it would obviously play like MvC, for one.
We would probably see less representatives all around, maybe even more fucked up proportions. Mario would be the main Nintendo character, Ryu the main Capcom character.

Maybe we would get special win quotes, like Wesker wanting to get Samus' chozo DNA or curious about Fox, Gene and Falcon bro-op, Dante commenting on Link's lack of style, Mike Haggar wondering if he could wrestle Bowser, Pit being scared of Firebrand, this kind of stuff.

And obviously

Akuma vs Ganondorf
And of course Link would do all his talking via fairy like in HW. They're already even familiar with the idea from MvC3 Amaterasu.

>implying it wouldn't be Akuma vs. Demise
>Gene vs Falcon
>Viewtiful Joe vs Wonder Red
>Amaterasu vs Fox
>Dante vs Marth or Link or something
>Amaterasu vs Link
>victory quote is Proxi / Navi or Issun trashtalking the other sidekick

>Morrigan vs. Bayonetta
But Sega still owns Bayo

Morrigan vs Samus would be cool though. Missiles fucking everywhere.
This ain't Sega vs. Capcom anon.
Though that would be pretty cool.
>luigi dan clone

I would buy this day one just to main this
If crapcom develops it, expect Mario to be DLC that's already on the disc
So what Capcom vs would it play like? Marvel? Tatsunoko? SNK?
No Power Stone characters no buy

Probably somewhere between Marvel and Tatsunoko.
I would say Tatsunoko because 2v2 would work good with Nintendo characters
Marvel 2
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hero cry.png
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Shit, that just made me imagine Nintendo vs Tatsunoko for some reason
>We'll never be able to have Samus vs Tekkaman Blade

Yeah that'd be cool. Who would they use for giant characters if they still had those? Capcom could still use that Lost Planet mech, but who would Nintendo use? Doshin the Giant?
Would buy. Also they could have appropriately sized Ridley and it wouldn't even be a big deal.

>Captain Falcon - Character Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcRddSEMCqI

>Falcon Punch - QCF + At

Has relatively slow startup, but is very strong as leaves you at frame advantage when it connects, even on block. Hits mid.

>Falcon Kick - QCB + At (Air OK)

In contrast with the Falcon Punch, the Falcon Kick has very fast startup and travels very far , but leaves you at frame disadvantage on block, so you can be punished. Hits low when on the ground. Can be used as a divekick while in the air, in which case can either hit high, mid or low. Both versions can OTG.

>Raptor Boost - DP Motion + At

A flaming uppercut with a very large vertical hitbox, Captain Falcon does this move without jumping, feet planted firmly on the ground. Works spendidly as an anti-air. Can OTG.

>Falcon Grapple - 360° + At (Air OK)

Falcon performs a command grapple which causes an explosion, as he yells his signature "YES!". If done while jumping, it is technically the Falcon Dive.


>Level 1 - Big Blue Beatdown - QCB + At x2

Falcon throws a Falcon Kick, which upon connecting, leads to him performing three Raptor Boosts on the unguarded opponent in quick succession. The final RB sends the opponent flying upwards vertically, whereas Falcon charges a Falcon Punch which connects when the opponent comes falling back down, sending them flying towards the opposite direction.

>Level 1 - Mute City Combination - QCF + At x 2

A flurry of blows similar to Captain America's Final Justice, which ends with Captain Falcon performing a stronger version of the Falcon Grapple/Dive.

Level 3 - True Falcon Punch

This happens.


One of the partners yells "CAPTAIN FALCOOOOOOOON!!" as it is performed.

The damage is suitably astronomical.


>Akuma vs. Ganondorf

You know when you don't know you need something, but then you realize it's a mystery how you've lived without it until now?
>Eighting handles development
>Has an engine somewhere between TvC and MVC3
>Has a Roster size on the level of MVC2 or greater.
>All the characters that weren't considered Smash Bros. material getting playable roles

I'm already having a ball imagining Wonder Red's moves.

Hell, the thought of the protagonist from Famicom Detective Club facing Phoenix Wright would be balls deep awesome.
Ridley would work, but he'd probably function as 2 characters instead of one like some characters on TvC did.
The only reference to God Hand recently is a Gene card in UMVC3, at least is something
nintendo vs marvel would be better. But that's even less likely
Imagine Samus though

>QCF + Attack to shoot, you can hold the button down to charge the shot.
>Bombs can OTG
>Missile setups
>"BEHOLD! OPTIC BLAST!" Superbeam which travels like in pic related.
>Crouching Heavy can work as an anti-air normal .

So would you prefer if characters except Link called out their attacks during fights or keep it like they do in Melee? I think I'd like it better if they yell out. It's part of the appeal of versus games to me.

>Samus yells "GUIDED MISSILE!"
Here's a realistic-ish 30 character roster I came up with.

>Frank West
>Tron Bonne
>Viewtiful Joe
>Phoenix Wright

>King Dedede
>Captain Falcon
>Captain Olimar
>Little Mac
>Donkey Kong

feel free to bitch about it if any of you care.

Guys, guys.

Little Mac vs. Dudley
How would that be better? Would it play like Smash?
I could probably see at least 1 more Pokemon in there, and a terrible lack of Arthur Capcom-side (and maybe one RE protagonist) but overall it seems ok.
Replace Pikachu with Lucario, Yoshi with Wario and Captain Olimar with someone else, preferably Shulk, Isaac or Sami.

Too many Street Fighter representatives and no Cammy to dress up in Rosalina/Peach alts but otherwise it's pretty great.


I think they mean roster-wise. Gotta admit, having Captain Falcon fight Captain America would be pretty fucking awesome.
>over Balrog
Nah homie
you forgot to represent the Zelda series.

True. Swap Dedede for Ganondorf and Olimar for Link.
File: image.jpg (125 KB, 525x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I could care less is Samus is a more fitting rival, Ryu as Mario's rival just does not fit.

Mario vs Megaman. Make X Samus' rival or something.
File: 1405606442846.jpg (190 KB, 853x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 853x480

Ike as Ryu's rival.

Also he's a grappler/swordsman hybrid.
They actually considered Gene and Venom in MvC3 but they cut Gene for Amaterasu. I don't remember what happened to Venom.
File: 1406641082744.png (303 KB, 633x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Venom was out of the picture due to the fact that the symbiote was no longer with Eddie Brock, but rather with Flash Thompson (Agent Venom). They could either put in Agent Venom or no Venom, and the main reason they wanted Venom back was so they could reuse the Venom movelist from previous games in the first place.


One fights for his friends, the other fights for self-improvement.
Where's Samus?

She was the funniest part of this image.

Oh man did they replace her with ZSS that's some bullshit
I can understand using Amaterasu over Gene since Okami is so much more well known than God Hand at least.

I just wish we could've had Gene vs Spencer or Gene vs Iron Fist
My team would probably be

Morrigan/Monster Hunter/Scrafty (or Golurk because he'd have a better chance of getting in because he's basically a mecha)
Ridley would actually fit in perfectly fine in a traditional fighter.
Golurk and Ridley.
It would have to be a 50 character roster like UMvC3 honestly. Too many big characters would be left out with just 15 for each side.
>any Pokemon besides a starter or legendary getting in
I'd doubt it

We could just wait for the expansion. SUPER NINTENDO VS. CAPCOM
that's actually a really good title
But that's gamefreaks lightning
Having Nintendo vs Capcom and not having both Blanka and Pikachu as electric buddies is plain stupid imo.
exactly. on top of that he's a Pokémon version of Ryu.
>Tharja vs. Chun-Li

muh dick
It would probably be more like

Capcom side
1) Ryu
2) Chun Li
3) M.Bison
4) Megaman
5) Zero
6) Protoman
7) Jill
8) Wesker
9) Leon
10) Morrigan
11) Hsien-ko
12) Dante
13) Vewtiful Joe
14) Asura
15) Amaterasu
16) Phoenix Wright
17) Poison
18) Gene
19) Edward Falcon
20) Rouge
21) Ryuu(Breath of Fire)
22) Monster Hunter
23) Arthur
24) Sonson
25) Strider

Nintendo side
1) Mario
2) Luigi
3) Peach
4) Bowser
5) Yoshi
6) Kirby
7) King Dedede
8) Fox
9) Wolf
10) Samus
11) Ridley
12) Marth
13) Ike
14) Donkey Kong
15) Diddy Kong
16) Pikachu
17) Mewtwo
18) *Pokemon starter rep
19) Little Mac
20) Captain Falcon
21) Olimar
22) Pit
23) Wii fit trainer
24) Simon Belmont
25) Wonder Red

If it gets another revision later on, this could be the title.


>Simon Belmont
I can hope
File: 1394828436201.png (7 KB, 430x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 430x449
>Simon Belmont
Why do you Castlevaniafags have to pop up everywhere?
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I've always wanted the merchant from Resident Evil 4 to be a playable character in a Capcom fighter.

>Takes damage but is not killed
"Is that all, stranga?"

>As a super fires from the Infinite Launcher
"Hahaha. Now THAT'S a weapon!"
Golurk is "only" 9 feet tall
That's still about Tron Bonne size at least.
So switch out Simon for Rosalina?
If they did the Capcom vs Tatsunoko style it'd have to be fucking Gold Lightan sized. Well, Lightan as scaled down for the game anyways, since he's normally 30m tall
>Wanting Nintendo vs. Capcom
>Not wanting Shonen Jump vs. Capcom

Ryu vs. Goku
Strider vs. Naruto
Morrigan vs. Lala
Dante vs. Gintoki
Megaman vs. Luffy
Vergil vs. Ichigo

Imagine it.
As long as it isn't in MvC style, and more like cvs2.
Why can it be Namco X Nintendo instead?
Fuck no.


There hasn't been anything decent on Shonen Jump since Dual Arts.
>Shonen Jump

>50 character roster

Yeah, maybe after three rehashes.

Captain Syrup
>Rathalos vs Ridley
>Deviljho vs Charizard
>Rajang vs Pikachu
It's gonna get big.
>Platinum versus Capcom
I would want to see vanquish stages or anarchy reigns characters in the game. Hell if they have Konami's permission, they can probably fit some of the metal gear rising bosses in there too. I wonder what monsoon's moveset would be like
Hope doesn't make him non-Konami you shit nugget.
How big was UMvC3? It will only take one rehash since it's crossover
Oh wow I can't believe I forgot about Mad World + Anarchy Reights
>Blacker Baron vs Captain Falcon

48 at base with 2 DLC, but vanilla was 36 + 2 DLC and that was working with more or less existing characters (thanks to having a similar system to TvC and having 2 prior crossovers full of characters with even bigger movesets to trim down). The majority of the Nintendo side would have to be manufactured for NvC.
You really could just copy-paste a lot of their Smash movesets into a normal fighting game format.

This. See >>255486118
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