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>liked fighting games younger
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>liked fighting games younger
>get new fighting game I haven't played before
>"boy these computers are too easy, time for some online play with real people!"
>get hit once
>comboed for 80% health
>can't even land a hit without being punished to death
>have to literally spend years learning to even match the average fighting games player skill level
Th-there's still story mode, r-right?
There's local co op.
Actually you're in the perfect place, /v/ is absolutely shit at fighting games.
If you're shit at fighting games you can do the following:

-fuck around in tekken endless fight mode or whatever it's called, that never gets old

-become a mortal kombat fan, 90% of those games is about the SP

-become a weaboo and play BB and P4A, those have meaty sp modes

-become a smashfag (no brainer, this is the most common solution)
Did I say "co op?" How embarrassing. I meant "local multiplayer"
No clue where "co op" came from.
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I've had Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sitting on my shelf for quite a while. I never really liked fighting games.

Is it any good? Can I play without a stick?
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> Never played fighting games before
> Destroy story mode
> go online
> destroy first three opponents
> close fourth game
> winning streak continues
> get bored of winning
> fighting games
> mfw

If you actually like fighters, you will git gud.

It's incredibly satisfying to be that guy punishing people for 80% health.

So many good fighters out right now, and more good ones coming out.
>Is it any good?
>Can I play without a stick?
Yes unless you're on 360, the 360 d-pad is atrocious.
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>Tekken 6
>me and some friends bought it for some fun
>had fun
>before going to I went into practice mode with Alice
>found out about some great moves
>few days later
>got together again
>picked the character I trained with
>wreck everybody
>feel bad
>pick other random character
>still wreck since now I realize how the moves work and can sorta guess
>still feel bad
Good thing I'm on PS3 then. Thanks.
before going to bed*

That's because your friends are scrubs, anon.

Now it's your job to become their sensei.

Alternatively, find something else to do.
>tfw you thought you were hot shit in smash bros cause you beat your friends/siblings, entered a tournament and got raped six ways from sunday

Gotten good at street fighter since then but holy fuck was that an eye opener
It is hard to balance the skill levels. I had a friend once that I played fighting games with every other day. We did this for a few months, without any significant solo training. Good times... Your mistake was solo training. Never solo train.
Quite the opposite for me

>play counterstrikeand wow as a kid
>always thought fighting games were dumb masher games
>pirate sf4 on pc to play local mp with a friend while smoking weed
>start improving
>both buy game a few weeks later and go online
>git gud
>place top 32 Evo last year

Dutch btw
Solo training makes shit so much easier to figure out. You can practice one thing non stop, whereas if you're playing against someone then you have to play according to the situation not according to what you wanna practice.
>Street Fighter 4 on sale on Steam about a year ago for 5 bucks
>Why the hell not, I've got a controller so it won't be unbearable to play
>Breeze through arcade
>Time for some online I guess!
>Get my shit handed to me over and over and over again
>Play one game, get the guy down to fuck all health
>He was toying with me and hands me my shit right back

It hurts...

Friend placed 40th or something
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>tfw my reaction time is so bad that I can't handle 2D fighters

I'm OK at 3D fighters (I guess they're slower?) but holy shit any 2D fighter requires you to notice every tiny frame and react accordingly else you're dead.
>have sucked at fighting games since a young age
>friend convinces me to learn sf4
>play with him, actually begin to understand the mechanics of the game
>get to the point where i can beat him 50/50
>try playing randoms on line
>get my shit handed to me

>almost a year later he's still the only one i can play against and have a chance of winning
Thread full of shitters
You can train, just not alone. Like, give each person 5 minutes to do whatever they want in training mode. Or fight each other in training mode.
Is Killer Instinct on the X-bone worth it for all the characters?

I've played it a few times with the characters you get free but don't really find any appeal when I have no idea what some of the other characters can do without playing as them.
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honestly how can people not be at least half decent on fightan games? Just learn 2-3 combos and I guarantee you wont get rekt over and over.
>be playing Smash 64 back in middle school
>do well against CPU 9s and the friends i played with
>start hanging out with a more nerdy crew
>play Smash with them and get absolutely stomped

Probably my first "git gud" moment in video games.
>Used to go to mini market near my house to play MvC2
>Indian store owner always giving me quarters to watch me play
>Fast forward 2 years
>Jew temple built nearby
>Ass loads of Jews always hogging the arcade
>Get pissed off one day and butt into this fat Jews single player match
>Insert my coin and challenge him
>Completely devastate his ass as he resorts to the same techniques
>His friends try to beat me
>They don't even get close
>Continue to do this until they get so annoyed that they decide to play the racing arcade nearby until I'm done playing

MvC2 was my game.
Always used Gambit, Cable, and BB hood.
Who hype for ggxrd here?
Sol main here.
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my waifu will rek
>tfw good at fighting games
>tfw straining to hide power level in public
How do you do it /v/?
You don't hide your powerlevel in fightan. Never.

pretty much this

/v/ calls itself good, but apparently when they go against a "cheap" strategy or see someone in a competitive scene use a "cheap" strategy (which is a broad fucking definition), they fucking cry and freak out and claim they didn't deserve that win.

/v/ is the very definition of scrub.
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>Play TTT2
>Be great offline, surprisingly good online
>Brother asks to play against me
>Figure why the fuck not
>I actually try to beat him
>He literally mashes buttons
>I lose

what? the only place in public you'll play a fighting game is at an arcade you cheat.
I hate when people do that shit. I got SF4 a couple months back in anticipation of Ultra. I've always been bad at SF, except for 2, but I like fighting games in general and decided I wanted to get decent at 4.

Anyway, I hate when people play like faggots. Like, they'll beat you handedly twice and then spend the 3rd round jumping around like idiots or sitting in the corner crouch blocking. Fuck you, I know you're better than me and neither of us are getting anything out of drawing the last match out.
If my friend also owns the game, I expect solo training to be happening between both of us. Even if I don't own a game, I expect the owner of the game to have more experience anyway. If I cared about getting better, I'd buy my own copy. If either of us aren't having fun, we can play game we both don't know, or both know well.
Oh, what I meant by "solo train" did not include instances where you both train on your own time.
>Play single player
>Wow, these other players are really good!
>Think I'm playing against people from around the world
>It's fucking Mortal Combat 2
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>be playing BB:CS with my bros
>once in a while, win by astral finish
>all dem rage tears
For those who didn't play BB, astral finish requirements are a pain in the ass.
There are those moments in TTT2. You just keep playing against them like they know what they're doing, but you shouldn't. Just wait out and catch them, that's the only way.
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Thread images: 9
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