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So I got another prime box after getting the first elevator but I can't open it, any you guys have this problem?
It's timed, you can only open one every day
Ah gotcha
When can I use the premium currency for storage space?

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[game title] is [disparaging adjective]

[opposing faction] blown the fuck out.
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These posts keep getting more lazy.
is this a jojo reference?
[greater than symbol] [gender pronoun] bought a [system required to play (game title) in (post x)]

why do people like this game so much?
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It's not that it's some amazing game. It's that it was better than it had any right to be.
>Decent story
>Likable characters
The atmosphere and the pork buns, if you don't like it you're a fucking cunt and should kill yourself right now

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nice game you fucking faggots
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>can't solo carry

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What's the best final fantasy released in a decade and why is it Bravely Default?
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Literally none until FF12 remastered comes out.
>that second half
Alternatively, FFIV Remake. Just about fits in the last decade.

So who was in the wrong here?
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Go away
Link to the vid?

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Spics can't create good gam-
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Who ever said they couldn't?
Streets of Rage Remix was a damn good game.

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>fighting tough boss in turn-based RPG
>boss kills a party member
>use an item to bring them back to life but with low health
>boss kills them again on their next turn before you get a chance to heal them up
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>almost done killing boss
>uses full heal
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>it's not an essential member and you have a shit-ton of revival items so you just use that member as a pseudo-tank
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>not using ress + cure immediately after ressing them
I really like Turn based RPGs, but they're so fucking easy.
I really need to try that tryhard JRPG with bullshit mechanics, don't remember the name tho.

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I'm thinking about getting a PS4 for Christmas because i really want to play Bloodborne but I need more than one game to justify my purchase, what do you guys recommend?
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...That´s about it 2bh m8.

Even Ps3 has miles more games.
FFXV, Until Dawn, Infamous, TLOU, Gravity Rush, Heavy Rain/B2S

that's all the games I own for mine aside from Bloodborne, none are hugely amazing 10/10s but I enjoyed them all nonetheless, would've felt like shit buying the console for literally one exclusive and then playing multiplats on that instead of PC
Nier: Automata demo on the 22nd.

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You know, a video game with critical acclaim is a little like the mule with a spinning wheel - nobody knows how it got it and danged if it knows how to use it.
The name's Lanley. Lyle Lanley and I come before you fine people tonight with an idea. Possibly the greatest.......aw, it's not for you.
It's more of a /tv/ idea.
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Now wait just a minute! We're twice as smart as the people of /tv/! Just tell us your idea and we'll shitpost in its favor!
Go on
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Lanley 3.jpg
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Alright, I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll show you my idea!
I give you..........

We're going to play a little bit of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires as a young hothead named Sia Yei, who travels China in search of big guys for him and hotheads who don't fly so good.

It's 185 AD. The Yellow Turban Rebellion looms. We have 10,000 foot soldiers under our command. We're currently located in Xia Pi in the northeast. We have a couple of options here:

1) Serve Sun Jian
2) Serve Dong Zhuo
3) Serve Yuan Shao
4) Serve Zhang Jiao and the Yellow Turbans
5) Hire our own officers and form a vagabond unit

What shall we do?...
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Go vagabond.
Serve Sun Jian

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Digitalfags pls go
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>all those multiplats
dont you have a computer?
Paying for the inferior version.
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No weeb games?

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The greatest video games ever made according to 2.5 million subscriber Youtuber Dan "Nerdcubed" Hardcastle:

10: The Sims
9: GTA V
8: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
7: Dungeon Keeper
6: SSX 3
5: GTA Vice City
4: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
3: Portal
2: Shadow of the Colossus
1: Bully
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>two rollercoaster tycoon games
>The Sims
>This entire list

jesus christ
Does the jew have autism?

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Good taste
I want to impregnate Iris

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Say something nice to them /v/
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Zero was a mistake.
It had a good run.
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So whichever Overwatch character is the LGBT one?
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Is this even a question?
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judging by their designs propably all of them

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Witcher 2 >>>>>> Witcher 1 > Witcher 3

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witcher 2 is easily the worst of the series.
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>no remakes of W1/W2 with W3 engine and gameplay

Each game is great, but I think 2 > 3 > 1.

Guys I'm desperate. I really want to get my GF to play video games. I got her a 2ds and shes been down to play mario kart all the time, but i want to push her farther. Wat do.

I was thinking about just starting her off with minecraft
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play depression quest! it's awesome!
>depression quest
I don't even want her to be a gamer, I just want her to play games with me!
Download a SNES emulator and force her to play SMT I.

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How do you make a black character without making him stereotypical nor bland?
any examples?
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Write them as a normal person but black
not stealing all the time
How do you make a white character without making him stereotypical nor bland?
any examples?

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>"Ah it's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. On days like this, kids like you....should be burning in hell."

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Fuck you
*teleports behind you*
who do u think wud win in a fight sans or vriska?? xDD

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