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So You Didn't Like Star Wars.
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Tell me what you would have done.

>Don't try and fix Ep.VII.
>Don't tell me what you didn't like.
>Don't blame the people in charge of making it.

Explain to me the movie you would have made or wanted to see made. You have the same budget and same story and character restrictions as far as what you can use from EU. You have the option to bring back the original characters or not, it's up to you. But if you do decide to use them, you have to get there original actors unless they were sufficiently hidden behind make up and costuming that a new actor wouldn't be noticeable.

>Give me the characters, setting and story for your Ep VII.
>Tell me what's happened between ROTJ and where your movie begins.
>Tell me the actors you want for your original characters.
>Give me a general idea where you intend for this to go in the following episodes.
Thrawn trilogy.
>You have the same budget and same story and character restrictions as far as what you can use from EU.

>You have the same story
>don't try to fix ep. vii

uh what?
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le TFA was trash meme
le we did it reddit we got the backlash meme
le meme meme
le fuck you cokcsuckers
Finn is a double secret agent for the First Order.
>You have the same story

Maybe there should be a coma in there somewhere. It's the same story and character restrictions. You can't use Stories or characters from the EU. It's like you had the same limitations creatively as JJ did.
>double secret agent
Does that mean he works for the resistance?
Like a secret agent for the First Order would spy on the resistance but a double secret agent says he's spying on the resistance but really he's spying on the First Order. Is that right or am I reading it wrong?
I wouldn't have done anything, because there was literally no reason to create a new trilogy, other than all that sweet, sweet revenue.

Not even Disney could work out an original plot line, they essentially just rebooted fucking episode 4.
Luke did I ever tell you about Luuke Skywalker, your clone made from the hand you lost on Bespin? He was a good friend
>Starkiller base attack fails
>Kylo uses very little to no force powers(suspending blaster shot/mind reading)
>resistance(?) becomes an actual resistance
>Starkiller Base is an old mythical weapon, either ancient or the even MORE super secret the Empire was working on
>Knights of Ren and The Heroes are racing to get the mcguffin that will activate this new superweapon
>meanwhile Leia, Poe and friends are fighting the First Order, who are the new "rebels," with the beginnings of doubt and moral ambiguity brewing in their minds
>It's still kind of a clusterfuck plot so Luke shows up at the end with some big twist/reveal/reason to buy tickets for the next one

Keep all the character development the same. The characters didn't even feel like they were part of the plot of TFA.

>Han Solo is no longer a smuggler
He can still be the wise-ass, but cmon, at least give him some development

>He is still married to Leia
>They are minor characters
>They live as politicians or some shit

Got it so far?

>Luke is a Jedi teacher at the temple, the new Yoda
>the temple is a lot like it was in the prequels
>Han Solo and Leia's teenage son is in the school
There's a few funny scenes between the grumpy atheist father and the Jedi son
>along with some other students, who are minor characters
>Luke has married Mara Jade
>Luke has a son and daughter, but theyre much older than his cousin Han Jr, like mid twenties/thirties
>we don't see them, they're

Now for the story:

>evil bounty hunters are tracking down powerful politicians and businessmen

Rising action:
>Han Solo Jr and his two best friends (maybe there can be a girl in there too) mischievously try to investigate
>they steal a ship and get lost in space
>eventually on some dangerous planet
>fight to survive by using the Force and lightsabre etc
>they learn about life and each other, they cry, they laugh
>discover the source of the bounty hunters

>Luke Jr and his sister show up and save Han Solo Jr and his friends
>Luke Jr and his sister are like really good looking and very powerful

Falling action:
>They temporarily stop the hunters and then go back to report to Luke and Leia
>Starkiller base attack fails

This is what I wanted.
this sounds terrible
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Shit like this makes me realize most TFA haters are retarded prequel babbies
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T8-TR survivors and comes back next film.
I would have liked to see Luke in charge of a renewed Jedi Temple on Yavin4. He's believed to be somewhat paranoid, seeing conspiracies here and there. These concerns are proved to be justified when the Temple learns that the New Republic has stumbled into a cloning crisis of its own, where the last four Chancellors of the Senate are revealed to have been clones. Most people are disturbed by this, but this causes Luke to become scared shitless basically.

Luke's son is known within the Jedi Temple but maintains a low profile despite having a large personal guard, with a number of decoys. The threat level is running high and he can't leave without some sort of cover. He is a Jedi, but he's had numerous setbacks from various extra-judicial missions he's been on in the past. Luke informs him that this is different, and we get a history of the Clone Wars with some additional backstory. People can be cloned via midichlorian count, and there's a rumour that one of Anakin's samples still exists and has been used to clone him. Politically this is an issue because a large section of Coruscant essentially worships Vader's memory, as someone who ended the Temple, the Republic and Sheev. A successful clone of Anakin could mean an immediate movement toward monarchic rule.

This sets up a return to Naboo, getting the story of the Phantom Menace from a slightly different angle, revealing Jarjar to be an altogether different character.
Keep the same first 2/3rds

then introduce some kind of climatic battle on anything but a new deathstar.

the more I think about it the more I rage.
>Tell me what you would have done.
Made Splinter of the Mind's Eye then gone with the Thrawn Trilogy
Plain and simple fact - 99% of people who would be watching ep7 have little to no knowledge of the EU and anything that happened after ep6.

So make a trilogy with some of the plots already written in the post ep6 world. Seriously, that's it, it would be fine.

Or abandon the idea of a sequel trilogy and make a TOR-era trilogy. The source material is already great https://youtu.be/NuNvCOUy1Ts
Kylo and his Knights actually saved little Ren being killed by "security guards" because she went full blown baby Sith.

that's why in the vision she sees Kylo kills the person about to kill Rey. He was protecting her.
> The "Resistance" is now the "Galactic Army" and are just that, an army.
> The old man Kylo Ren kills at the Jakku base is Poe's father.
> Ren can freeze blaster shots with a lot of concentration but cannot freeze people.
> BB-8 has the full map to Luke all in one piece, as the fragmented map idea really makes no sense.
> Poe’s father received the map from Luke Skywalker as they were friends, in case they ever needed to find him. Luke intentionally didn’t want Han or Leia to know his whereabouts.
> Snoke is removed entirely and General Hux fills the position as the one who started the First Order. Hux greatly respects the dark side of the force and the “glorious” empire but he and Kylo Ren still clash. An obvious power struggle between the two. It’s also hinted that Hux was partly responsible for leading Ren father down a dark path.
> Ren was unintentionally lead to the dark side by Luke who began to toy with it. Realising his mistake and being unable to face Han and Leia knowing what he did to their son. He exiled himself, trying to reconnect with the light side. It’s implied Luke was training other Jedi’s and they were slaughtered by Kylo Ren.
> Ren started a group of pro dark side sympathises known as the knights of Ren, responsible for tracking down any light side force uses and killing them. It is revealed that Ren’s saber is a modified version of Vader’s saber as it was damaged, however due to Ren’s inexperience the saber is not correctly made (hence the fiery nature of it) and cannot be ignited for too long as it would react badly and possible destroy itself.
> The First Order are more like the Rebels in the original trilogy as they are way weaker than the New Republic, There is no death star 3.0 or Emperor 2.0. Less rehashing. The Galactic Army has been looking for the Order’s main base for years as they are slowly getting more powerful and they can no longer shrug them off as a non-threat.
> Fin has killed good guys before, and kills on Jakku before stopping and thinking about what he's done, where he is later berated in front of other Stormtroopers by Captain Phasma and they all call him a pussy for having emotions.

> Fin tells Poe that he needs him because he can’t fly. Poe replying that he was hoping he’d say “because it was the right thing to do”.
> When Fin meets Rey, he is discovering his free range of emotions for the first time, a running theme of the film would be Fin realising how certain emotions affect him. Fin can still be a comic relief character, but the comedy should more come from Fin not really knowing how normal people or emotional situations work.
> Fin lies to Rey about being in the Galactic Army and that he needs to return BB-8 for a friend. Rey talks about her depressing past with someone important leaving her and how she's always wanted to be part of the Army, thrilled to hear that she's with a member of the army.
> Rey can't fly at all and hasn't ever used a blaster, however is extremely knowledgeable at mechanics and good at hand to hand combat.

> Fin spots Stormtroopers looking around the village and says he can help her escape. When asked why, he states “Because it’s the right thing to do.”
> When Fin and Rey are escaping, BB-8 see’s Poe who is being questioned by the Scrapyard owner (who wants to trade him to the First Order for a cash reward), a fist fight breaks out to save him, Fin just gets in the way while Rey holds her own.
> They escape in a clunky Scrapheap Collector Ship instead of the Falcon. The ship would be the garbage truck/tugboat equivalent of spaceships. With Poe flying, Fin shooting and Rey trying to remove the hyper drive limiter (That's there to prevent ships from being stolen.)
> Fin has inner conflict about killing other Stormtroopers, having PTSD like break downs confusing him in the midst of the dog fight.
> After escaping they all congratulate each other and see their friendships strengthen, Poe shamelessly hits on Rey, but she's a stronk women and blows him off.
> We get down time on the ship and the three mains discuss stuff. Rey now debates leaving Jakku revealing it was her parents who left her and can’t shake the possibility of them returning to find her. Fin is the one to convince her she’s doing the right thing. Saying that whoever left her there, did so too long ago to come back now. It’s also established that Fin has no idea what parents are, due to the Stormtrooper program where they were stolen as children.
> Poe talks about his family's long history with the rebellion and the Army and how he can't let them down. Here you’d see that Poe’s natural charming and quirky self can get completely overridden when he has a mission to do, going “commando mode” when things need to be done. Making him a little more different from Han Solo.
> We get glimpses of Kylo Ren talking to some off screen object like a madman and only towards the end of the film is it revealed to be the mask of Darth Vader. Ren truly believes he is communicating with Vader’s force ghost.
> Poe says that due to him being stationed on Jakku he has no idea where the secret base is but thinks he might know where to find someone who does know. Landing on the forest planet, getting a scene where an overly excited Rey experiences “greenness” for the first time and Fin has an emotional reaction to being on such a beautiful planet.
> They go to that forest bar place and find Han who looks pretty washed up sitting in a booth with Chewy drinking.
> Han’s still married to Leia but tired of being tied to the rebellion and the Army and has secretly gone back into smuggling on the side, much to Leia's dismay. Their relationship is rocky but still operational.
> Chewie actually looks older and rougher. A budding friendship is implied between Chewie and Fin.
> Han blows them off before they bring up Luke’s map and he takes them to the Falcon. As they leave the bar they are watched by a suspicious alien.
> Han show’s them Luke’s Lightsaber and tells of how Lando found it on Cloud City. Brings up that Lando (who became a well-known war hero and political figure) was assassinated a few years back.
> When recounting the story, Han questions how Poe escaped the First Order at which point it is revealed to everyone that Fin was a Stormtrooper. Rey feels betrayed. Han puts a gun to Fin’s head, saying if he fucks up even in just a small way he will personally kill him.
> The Falcon needs to be repaired slightly before leaving. Han, Chewie and Poe talk while Rey goes to fix something else. Han give’s Poe and Rey guns but denies Fin one.
> Fin show’s Rey how to use a blaster while apologising for having to lie to her, talking about being raised to do nothing but kill and how he couldn’t help but feel different from the others. He asks her to come with him to the outer rim saying that they don’t belong with the Army as they will be hunted down by the First Order. She declines trying to get Fin to do what’s right but Fin admits that he’s always been a coward. Fin leaves to find someone who can take him to the outer rim. (This to give Fin more of a clear arc as he for the first time in his life is not taking orders and doing what he wants to do to save himself, however later will put himself in danger on his own accord for his new friends)
> That suspicious alien and a rival smuggling gang show up and say they are tired of not getting their money and spotted Han with the fugitives so they want him to turn them over so they can take them to the first order.
> First Order arrives and we get a fun three way battle between our main characters and the backup X-Wings, the First Order and the rival smugglers.
> Fin changes his mind and tries to go back, finding the Saber on a dead smuggler who had disarmed Han and the gang.
> Fin subdues a fellow Stormtrooper in the midst of the battle to try and let him see he doesn't have to be a mindless soldier, the trooper doesn't give a fuck and keeps trying to kill him “Traitor!’. Showing Fin that other Stormtroopers are too brainwashed and are lost causes.
> Fin then has the baton vs Lightsaber battle with Captain Phasma, the battle playing out identically as it does in the movie.
> Rey gets captured with BB-8 but, using her technical knowhow, puts BB into a coma like state before being captured. Poe see this. As she is placed on the ship Han sees Kylo Ren points his gun at him but freezes up and doesn’t take the shot.
> Escaping, we get a space dog fight where the remaining Tie Fighters need to be destroyed before they can arrive safely at the base. Fin and Poe use the Falcon gunners. Fin finally works up the courage to take out a Tie fighter.

> Leia berates Han for going missing for two days “as usual” accusing him of smuggling again. Han unconvincingly denies it but tells Leia how he came in contact with a map to Luke. Poe is introduced as the son of the old man on Jakku and its revealed he was a great friend to Luke and Leia. Poe sadly informs them of his death at the hands of Kylo Ren.
> With Fin giving the Army the location of the First Order base, Leia suggest they simply bomb it to stop them from getting to Luke, stating that its worth not finding Luke if it also stops Ren from finding him.
> Fin says he won't let Rey die for the greater good and promises he can get into the base, lower the radars so their ships can get close enough without getting fucked up and save Rey in the process. Fin will have to land far enough away and go to the base on foot to not be picked up on the radar. This would remove the hyper jumping onto the planet as it makes no sense given what we know about hyperspace.
> Han convinces Leia that it’s the right thing to do and elects to go with Fin. Han telling Leia “If we just bomb them you know who we would be bombing” Leia responding with “Bring him back.” (Later on I wanted the son reveal to be when Han and Ren first meet, but that’s a tad cliché and I may put it here instead.)
> Poe gives Fin a GPS like device so he, his squad and any ships with the Army will know where he is and won’t blow him to shit, also being able to send a distress signal with it.
> Rey doesn't break out using the force nor uses the force at all, Ren simply senses it while interrogating her and leaves without a word.
> Fin, Han and Chewy find BB-8 just as some technicians fix him. They lower the shields and then release Rey from her cell from the control tower where she promptly runs off before they can get down to her cell.
> We find out Fin is force sensitive (like Leia) as he senses Rey and goes after her.
> Fin finds Rey who is shocked to find out Fin came back for her. Rey says she needs to kill Kylo Ren, that she feels it’s her calling but Fin informs her the base is about to be bombed and they need to leave. Poe and his squad then arrive and the attack commences.
> Han confronts Kylo Ren, the reveal of Ren being Han’s son would be Han shouting “Ben”. In their conversation we find out Ren had killed Lando in a vain attempt to show the First Order means business to the New Republic.
> This is also the first time we see Ren without his mask.
> Han’s death is largely the same but he doesn't fall into oblivion and Chewy goes on a rampage to recover his body and bring it back.
>reading all that shit

lol no
> Fin uses the distress signal as soon as they come across Kylo Ren.
> Fin and Rey fight Kylo Ren at the same time (Fin with the Saber and Rey with a blaster) he still fucks Fin up.
> Rey is subdued as Ren demands her to join him. She says no and is about to get finished off when she manages to force the saber just a few feet closer in order to block his blow and kick him in his wound, running to Fin’s aid.
> Ren angrily gets back up, starting to charge at Rey. But as his Lightsaber has been deployed to long it blows up in his face. Disfiguring him similarly to in the released movie.
> The Falcon lands nearby due to Fin’s distress signal and Chewie and BB-8 run out to help Rey and an unconscious Fin onto the Falcon.
> When they arrive the whole Army is cheering as Leia waits for Han to emerge from the Falcon, Chewie walks up to her as she begins to silently cry. Placing his forehead on hers in weird sign of respect and sympathy for each other.
> In the medical bay Fin is alive and Rey comes to thank him for coming back for her as people have only ever left her, after embracing (Fin’s first hug ever) she grabs him and kisses him very briefly (also something Fin has never experienced.)
> There's an award ceremony, with Fin, Rey, Poe and Chewie all standing with medals but as it pans out it's revealed to be Han’s funeral. (Also a little nod to chewie not receiving a medal in a new hope)
> Leia decides to let Rey and Fin go find Luke. Poe declines as he has been promoted and has new responsibilities so Chewie must fly the ship.
> Chewie sits alone in the cockpit staring at the empty pilot’s chair.
> The end scene now takes place at night as Rey and Fin approach a black figure sitting in a meditation like position, silhouetted against a small fire. There’s a small camp site with R2-D2 off to the right. The final shot is simply Luke half looking around to see who is there.

The film itself is pretty close to working, just needs reworking. I took a sht
If you can be fucked reading, enjoy
Rey is a scavenger and hunter, she's is plagued by voices telling her where to go, hence she is slight reclusive.
She does not sell the droid (bb8) due to the voice.
When presented with the sabre, she takes it but runs in the face of an overwhelming army of troopers.
Remove scene of Rey/Finn hand holding complaint instead he falls she yanks him up, and vice versa.
She's not good w tech, but makes great guesses that stun han (hey this part does not belong here).
Cut out scene of rey using force speech and instead she is rescued by Finn (who wants to repay her for saving his life by flying him out of there/ guilt of what he did on Jakku).

Remove starkiller base and instead its a modified part of death star attached to a small moon.
Phasma has been tracking Rey based on Ren's orders " the force awakens".

Han saves Finn/Rey from Phasma sniper due to sneaking up on her. Her fighting ability catches him off guard and she escapes due to jetpack (small one).

Rey has no idea who Han, but feels compelled to listen to him. Yet decides to complete his task while thinking if what he (han) said is true.

Final battle Rey and Finn take turns battling Ren in desperation (think asian cinema electric fight scenes).
Rey like luke listens to the voice's call of how to fight (a techinique she believes is crazy) but in desperation gives in, and does force push against a Ren about to deliver a two hand over head chop. It pushes him back, into the trees the ground splits, he is amazed at what she could do.
Chewy flys down they exit with a badly beaten Finn/Rey.

Modified death star is prone to malfunctions and does not work yet it can leave orbit as poe and crew wreck the moon's energy storage the DS weapon lifts off and departs prior to the moons explosion.

Random wild guesses out my ass and I might have a few scenes not in order.
Forgot to add a few stuff:
Add marz saying we will meet again (wink nudge)
Order is composed of Stroopers/Bounty hunters/ others.
Leila is a general, and thinks like one. Hence han and her relationship is strained/ ren.
Rey has no idea who Han, but feels compelled to listen to him. Yet decides to complete his task while thinking if what he (han) said is true.

Meant Ren.

Also Traitor lives and becomes a prisoner ( he will escape later and becomes a B hunter).
this is pretty good desu senpai
autism aside, this is way better

Quit samefagging no one is going to read your shitty autism essay.
>your shitty autism essay
>11 Lines of greentext
Haven't read much but just the presentation is already much better than the garbage we got
I mean I'd say I didn't write those comments but no ones nice on 4chan so I must've blacked out or something
Honestly its only written within the confines of TFA, I'd still only find the movie tolerable. I came up with all of it in 10 minutes while i was bored during christmas and wrote it in an hour
When did you learn you were a contrarians?
I'd kill Leia already.
I'd make it 4000 years in the past, about the Old Republic
>completely new designs
>new characters
>new and old settings

I'm not interestedat all in the post-empire shit
I had a pretty neat idea for a trilogy that would basically cover a 10-year war between the Republic and the First Order, where the First Order are initially a more realistically crippled Empire who are confined to a single star system, left alone mostly because the Republic thinks of them as contained. The majority of the trilogy would be the Republic fighting a losing battle against the First Order due to their overconfidence, with the First Order employing guerilla tactics similar to those used by the Rebels in the OT. Protagonists would be two third generation force-sensitives being trained in a Jedi temple led by Luke on a metropolitan planet and a trainee Republic army pilot. First movie would basically reveal the First Order's aggression through a terrorist attack (basically space 9/11, but probably don't want to make the parallels too obvious - Star Wars shouldn't be a political movie) and the Republic would attempt to retaliate, only to be taken by surprise and defeated by the First Order's unexpected military strength, gained through a clone army. Second mission would have an undercover feel to it, with the three protagonists on a covert information gathering mission on the First Order capital world, ending with their discovery and the death of one of the force-sensitives. Final film would be a First Order attack on the Republic capital.

There'd be a five-year timeskip between each movie, with the First Order gaining more ground in each. There'd be a subplot about an internal rebellion and the Knights of Ren attempting to deal with it, leading to their defeat in the end when it's revealed one of their most prominent figures was in fact also the leader of the rebellion. Han and Leia would have stayed together, Han essentially retiring and Leia becoming a politician - their children would basically just be token cameos.
probably when your mom was handing out free blowjobbers and i declined

1. Make Kylo Ren an actual threatening guy.
2. Give Harrison Ford a more engaging role, so that he can actually become a mentor for those kids, but also show him more conflicted and hurt towards Kylo so that his last scene will be even more hurtful.
3. Have Carrie Fisher play a more engaging role as well, and not just a "oh we're so old, and i'm the comforting mama" role she did. She's Carrie fucking Fisher! I would have Kylo take her away, which would lead to the last scene between Kylo and Han Solo because he wants to save them both but he knows he has to make a choice and he can't.
Basically tighten up all the drama that's already there. Less random action and unnecessary camera moves, but push it all up a notch when there are real fights and battles. More emphasis on the acting and on the characters.
Im gonna pretend this is actually qhat happened
>What happened between ROTJ and VII
The Rebellion spent time finishing off the remaining Imperial element through out the galaxy and restoring autonomy to individual planets as they went. (I don't know how royalty works in SW but for my purposes it's pretty close to the way it does on earth before prime ministers or it just being a title position.)
Leia becomes Queen of Alderaan and while staying with Han never marries him. During this time she spends part of her time lightly training in the force but never fully dedicates herself to it as her time is consumed with her duties as queen and preperations as an expecting mother. Over time she uses her position to construct a relatively small Jedi Temple on Alderaan. In all it's been about 25 years since ROTJ In that time the galaxy has been relatively peaceful. The Temple (with Luke as the only instructor and Master Jedi acts more as an acadamy or trade school for the force sensitive with an option to stay on and teach while seeking knighthood) has had a few graduates.
>Characters and story
Among the Graduates is Leia and Hans daughter, Wanda (feel free to change the name it was this or Benjamina). She is one of the few of Lukes first students who has chosen to stay on and persue a path to Jedi knighthood and hopefully onday master like her uncle. Her main duties are as a beginner to intermediate teacher of younger students and Assisstant to Master Skywalker.

Leia with her royal escort pays a visit to the temple to check up on her daughter and brother. There are some pleasant moments, Lei doing minor force manipulation of small objects with the younglings, Leia hugging her girl and telling her how proud she is of how far she's come and kind of playing around with her brother but once things have settled down and Luke and Leia are alone she begins to warn him about a disturbance she's felt in the force.
Luke has been aware of it for sometime but is having trouble seeing it clearly. He fears there is to be some catastrophe at the temple. Leia gets upset and there is an argument about the queen having no business in Jedi matters and Leia is a mother first and this concerns her this is her family. Luke reassures her he's already called some of the other graduates back just to be safe. The PR thing is back On and the queen is leaving the Jedi Temple and headed to the landing pad when Leia gets a shiver and looks terrified at her daughter who is next to Luke and a few children there see her off, Luke has the same look and immediately reaches for the kids as a ship bursts through the clouds at incrdible speed and firing wildly at everything from Queen Leias transport to the Jedi Temple never once even trying to slow down.
Leia uses a force push with everything she has, a level of power neither Wanda nor Luke ws even aware she had to push her family and the younglings off the landing pad as the ship crashes down and careens into the temple.
The story from there would be Luke, Wanda, and a couple other graduates sent out to find who was behind this attack on the Jedi Temple and who is responsible for the Death of Queen Organa. Wanda would be the best of the graduates having continuasly trained since her graduation in pursuit of knighthood. While they follow the trail to the perpetrator it's
clear that Wandas grief over the loss of her mother is gradually leading her towards the darkside.

At the end it is revealed that an old as shit Assaj Ventress is responcible for the attack. She had been staying hidden for years waiting for Sheev and Vader to die so she could come out of hiding. During the interim or ROTJ and VII she had began training her own apprentices much like Luke starting a school of sorts for force sensitive people and building the the connections she'd need to start her own criminal empire. She took the very best student she came across as her apprentice and trained her in earnest teaching her everything she had learned as Sith and Dathomire witch then sending her out to find a pilot and use the mind trick to get him to attack the Jedi in a Suicide bombing. She had been waiting for Leia to visit the temple so she could frame the Trade Federation and start a war between them and ALderaan that would force the rest of the republic to choose sides while she solling arms and Sith trained soldiers to both with little to no Jedi to stand in her way. But when Luke and Wanda confront her and her apprentice Ventress sees how strong Wanda is and feels the spark of the darkside growing within her trys to tempt her into killing her apprentice abandoning the order and joining her. The apprentice uses the distraction to get the upper hand and Luke intervenes with some force move to save his neice. And that's when the apprentice litterally stabs Ventress in the back. She then calls in some ofthe Sith students and uses them as a distraction to escape.
>General Idea of the next 2 movies
Luke and Wanda know the truth but have no proof. Everything back on Alderaan is quickly growing out of hand. Han isn't in any way legally in charge and even if he was he has little experiance in governing a planet. An independent investigation by the government leads directly back to the Trade Federation like Ventress planned. A war seems almost certain.

The next movie would be Han using his connections to try and get Luke an audience with whomever is in power on Alderaan or in the senate as small skirmishes break out across the galaxy between the two planets
while Wanda goes back out with whoever survived in search of the apprentice and through some adventure finds balance and becomes a worthy Jedi Knight.

The last movie the apprentice who by now I would assume has been given a name has changed the plan to make herself a queen or a warlord(just in general something more loftyand ambitious than I'm going to be
an arms dealer)amidst the rapidly growing chaos of war.
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