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>"I know I want this young woman...
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>"I know I want this young woman to be at the center of this thing. I know I want this Stormtrooper to abandon his post. There are just fundamental tenets of what we had come up with that were gonna stick. It just felt like every time Luke entered the movie, he just took it over. Suddenly you didn’t care about your main character anymore because, ‘Oh fuck, Luke Skywalker’s here. I want to see what he’s going to do."

Such a fucking tool.
No shit I want to see Luke instead of Rey. He's actually somewhat fucking interesting, while Rey is the least interesting piece of shit in the movie.

It's so great to know that the OT cast are going to get sidelined into cameos for cheap nostalgia, have all their achievements shit on, and then killed off for manufactured drama so that JJ's shitty new cast of posers and mary sues can take over the franchise.
>JJ afraid that Luke would upstage his precious new Disney Princess
>instead of making Rey a compelling character he reduces Luke down to a fucking plot device
Bravo. It's almost like it all could have been avoided if he set the movies farther in the future, where Luke, Leia, and Han aren't around anymore, so that he can avoid them upstaging his precious princess without shitting all over established characters.
Didn't Kasdan say that?
The only reason I saw this in theaters was to see Luke Skywalker, and he didn't have a single fucking line.

I didn't dislike the movie, but that pissed me off enough to shitpost everyday here about how much TFA "sucks."
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>re-introduce popular main character to a franchise after a 30 year absence

Welp, looks like my hopes of Luke being a grizzled badass Jedi Master to carry the new trilogy like Obiwan carried the prequels are ruined.

Now I'm afraid that he'll say a quip, proclaim Rey the chosen one, and admit that she is simultaneously his, Han's, Yoda's, and Obi-Wan's daughter, and then die pointlessly 5 minutes later.
>Kylo Ren shows up immediately after Rey does,
>His ship immediately shoots at Luke and Rey, they make FORCE SHIELDS for themselves
>Luke's is too weak and he gets btfo while Rey effortlessly protects herself
>Luke gets his other hand blown off, Kylo moving in for the kill
>Rey uses force teleport behind Kylo, and then mindtricks him into leaving the planet
>Luke: Wow it looks like it is I who should be learning from YOU, Rey. Your teachings could come in... handy

At least you got to see the face Mark Hammil makes when he's taking a dump.
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Sup reddit.

Mike already said Luke showing up would've ruined it.

And Rich said him just standing there was the best acting he's ever done.
>Kylo confronts Luke "now I am the master"
>" I feel the good in you kylo, the conflict"
>Sabres clash, Rey looks on from a safe distance.
>"the good in me died with my father" sparking Sabres
>" I will not fight you" Luke goes into obiwans martyr stance.
>kylo slashes him, Luke disappears.
> Ray screams no, kylo looks on amazed.
Pottery intensifies.
He's completely right though. The new leads needed room to develop by themselves without being overshadowed by the presence of the most iconic character in the franchise. I'm sure Luke will have a decent role in the sequels, but saving his reveal for the end of the first movie and keeping the focus of the story on my the younger generation was the best choice he could've made.
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No, no. That's all wrong.
>Kylo confronts Luke "now I am the master"
>Luke smirks, "If you say so, bantha breath..."
>Kylo's face contorts in juvenile rage, "YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
>Luke laughs, glancing at Rey, "You stand no chance nerf-herder, now that me and Rey are back in the hood, the true Return of the Jedi has happened!"
>*sabers ignite, the two circle each other for an awkwardly long period*
>Luke pauses, "so do I go first or do you go first?"
>Kylo takes a moment to consider the question when SUDDENLY Rey interrupts him with a surprise sheev spin, gravely injuring him
>before Kylo leaves, he shouts to them, "I'LL GET YOU NOOBS, THE EMPIRE WILL STRIKE BACK REEEEEE"
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