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>Try to genuinely help people around you...
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>Try to genuinely help people around you and be a better person
>Just get into worse shit every damn time.

Will he ever catch a break guys?
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Why was this show so good?
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muh smalltown ennui

and desu
it had poor/lower class people like Riggings and Colette that looked like fucking white trash
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>Saracen makes you a State champ & in the 3rd. season (second was Smash injury) gets you 3-1 in official games.

>Better demote him to QB2
I just don't

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Also to add
>It's 'Tim Riggings stops drinking and plays like bigger faster meaner Smash' episode
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Coach moves to a new school filled with a bunch of losers and dipshits.

By end of the season you love them all.

>Truly GOAT Tier writers
Wait are you telling me the show moves away from Dillon Panthers etcetera?
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Yes. I mean the original cast moves on to college aside from a few that we keep tabs on like Saracen,Landry & Riggins.

Doesn't matter the writers make it work.Hell they make us cheer AGAINST the Panthers!
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>Moving on from Dillon HS
;__; i'm at S03E09 right now, Riggins just got the agent from some uni to come to tell him he is first priority

He is gonna make it right?

Jesse Plemons as Landry is fantastic, I love him.
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>Making it

You already know the answer to that one senpai.
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Oh for christ sake he is gonna fuck himself up and get no redemption, goddamn I knew it.
Tammy Taylor is a contender for GOAT tv wife.
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Wouldn't go that far, but NFL superstardom was never going to be in the cards for Riggins.
Her and Coach bits are one of my favorite bits so far and I'm finishing up season 3.
>tfw you will never have relationship like that.
>Starting a thread without finishing the show
You're asking for it senpai
>It's a Landry kills a dude episode
>It's a coach's daughter fuck's things up with Saracen for no reason episode.
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>It's 'Saracen and Coach's daughter are fucking and Coach runs in to the middle of things' episode
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>It's a Buddy gets too passionate about high school football episode
I love how he just does a 360 and walks out of there

He has hilarious facial expressions in the show
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>it's a Landry gets cucked by the superior black bull episode
please say it aint so landry is a bro
Nice. Impressive.
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>It's a Landry gets cucked by a woman episode
>It's a Landry starts a band with a QT lesbian bassist episode
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>Dislike Smash in the show
>When he is gone the show feels bit emptier

There's no better CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS CANT LOSE than the ones Smash yelled

at least he got into the college with little post-high school help from the Coach.
>tfw he saves you from getting raped so you have to date him at least a little bit
>MFW i finally realized Buddy molested Lyla and that's why she has such trust issues with men

How come Saracen never got any offers to play College ball? Surely IRL if you won state and dragged the team within a couple of points another year you could get a few spots.
It was bit weird, like I stated. State and then on 3rd season as QB1 they went 3-1 before switch for some reason.

Doesn't make whole lotta sense from writing perspective of the show now does it?
Question time, who was better?

Vince or Street?
Too small and couldn't run, he was basically a game manager that had good talent around him. He did have dat heart and the clutchness tho
Vince. Even if he did look like Pharrell

Street was a bitch
>tfw every time Riggins goes 'lets go make memories'
>tfw I remember I have absolutely nothing to recall from HS, no friends whatsoever.
I was such a fucking autistic shut-in retard of the highest level
so a high school eli manning
Pretty much
Texas forever.
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>yfw Coach gets a flag for himself
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>It's a players disobey Coach's instructions in a game episode
Who did this? Someone didn't call out Coach's play but I can't recall who it was now. He got a lot of shit for it too.


what ever that black kid who played one game for them is called
Oh yeah VOODOO he was the retard I saw disobey coach
mud brawl games > any other game
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Holy fuck
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>Saracen gets the team go 3-1
>Saracen nearly carries the final game vs. state
>J.D. named QB of the Yea
u wot writers?
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Welcome to my blog.
>Season 4
>Suddenly Michael B Jordan running from coppers
This season is going to be a blast ain't it?
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