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ITT: You are tasked to make the story for...
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ITT: You are tasked to make the story for a new star wars sequel trilogy and you post what you come up with.
The second movie has a family related twist because I'm a pleb
Cancelled it
I rip off ESB and wait for my billions since ANH rip off is doing so well
Rey turns to the Dark Side is the only way to save the story at this point.
No its not you fuckin motherdick
I would rather do another prequel trilogy focusing on qui gon and dooku like reverse anikan and obi wan.

Could show the rise of sheev from simple art collector to power house politician
It's pretty fucking difficult because the OT was closed in itself and you can't really continue the story without being lame (E7) or falling into EU faggotry.

I'd reverse the rolls: The rebels reinstate the republic but there is a small insurgency lead by a sith cult that committs acts of terrorism in different systems. Something something dark side.
they go through a wormhole and end up next to pre ww2 earth, and send general hux to infiltrate the planet as an undercover painter/soldier
>art collector

Ripping off the EU again, JJ?
>A foreign threat from another galaxy appears with the intentions of harvesting the resources of each planetary system piecemeal and start ravaging their way across the galaxy
>they are far technically superior but they are not enlightened towards the ways of the Force
>residual Empire factions scattered across the galaxy, the new Republic, and members of the old Rebel Alliance, have to see common ground in preparing to face this new threat and join arms
>Luke and his Padawan Rowan Solo, who have been training on a remote planet, receive word of this incursion and an appeal to help (Luke has grown much stronger in the force by this point, basically Yoda-tier)
>[Coruscant politics and deliberations and bickering between Republic and Empire factions intensify as Luke/Rowan return to base and get debriefed]
>Rowan/Luke make happy reunion with Han/Leia (who's lives are not ruined and are pleased to see their son becoming an accomplished Jedi)

that's how I'd set it up at least

I'd like a Force vs. Heretic story line as opposed to this pile of fetid rehashed shit I was given
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Instead of ripping off old Star Wars movies I would do away with the force, the Jedi, and the Sith entirely, then rip off Lethal Weapon and Miami Vice to make a series of banter-heavy buddy cop movies about Poe and Finn teaming up to take down drug smugglers and space Nazis and shit.

Han Solo is their shady underworld contact, and Leia is the hothead captain always threatening to take away Poe's badge.
You don't. You simply don't.

The prequels were a bad idea. Sequels to the OT are a bad idea as well. You can only save the galaxy from the Nazis once, and the SW universe isn't interesting enough to justify futher explorations.
9/10, would watch
Stop, my penis can only get so erect!
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Don't know but this guy should be cast as a jedi.
Fund it.
Put in some unintentional wincest
Jesus, this guy is 50 years old. I hope to look like that when I am 50.
Easy. Just let them sith found ISIS in some part of the galaxy and explore that.
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fuckin easy
>they had another death star
Plagueis acquires physical form after decades trying to recreate himself while trapped in the void between life and death. He reveals himself to the leader of the Imperial Remnant and tells him the location of an ancient Sith artifact. This ancient weapon could be used to threaten the Republic and transform the Imperial Remnant from a ragtag insurgency into a major military force. Luke meanwhile has started a new Jedi temple on a hidden world: he is waiting until the current generation has been trained sufficiently before revealing them to the galaxy. Plagueis is determined to discover this hidden temple and either destroy the Jedi or seduce Luke's apprentices to the Dark Side. The story follows a group of Jedi who decide to openly fight against the Imperials, against the wishes of Luke who feels they are not yet ready.
The stormtroopers become tired of being cannon fodder and start their own rebellion, leading to a 3 sided conflict.

- Empire Leaves a power void
- a few systems are still under empire control
- Kamino attempts to control empire
- Crime lords start attempting to take over weaker planets
- new governments propup promising the unification
- The new republic is significantly weaker than old
- Sengoku jidai
- Leia is a commander in the new republic
- Han left the family because he's a fuckup
- Their son joins empire because they have a feeling of brotherhood he never felt
- Luke was a teacher, but went into hiding after son shoots up school

- Leia doesn't think the republic is doing enough
- She has an important battlte without republic consent that shows her ruthlessness
- Han is killed by son
- Empire sends son on suicide mission (they are mostly not force sensitive and thinks he's more a liability than anything else)
- He ends up leaving the empire and becoming a mercenary

- Leia gets ostricized by the new republic
- starts making deals with crime lords to fund her unification campaign
- key planet that leia wants to ensure victory, she requests lukes help in defeating it
- Son gets hired for this battle by the natives under a dictator rule
- There is a face off between two alien factions, Leia is the side of mercenaries for "good", son for the natives for the "bad"
- Son ends up killing Luke
- Kamino feel confident in their current generation of clones and start taking their old empire locations by force
- Cloned jedi are used in spec ops mission to assassinate defiance

- Leia realizes she is becoming a monster and the new republic considers her a threat
- new republic hires son to lead strike against leia
- Kaminoan led empire hears word of new republics attacks and decides this is an opportunity
- Leia recieves a 2 front war
- Instead of fighting furiously, she ends up allowing them to take control without struggle
- Son reaches leia and defends her from new republic troops
- Cloned jedi turn out to be Anikan
- Anikan kills Leia
I would just do a shot for shot remake of starship troopers but have the empire be the federation and the marines be the stormtroopers. Stormtroopers vs bugs, what's not to like?
It will be about Luke's many children and why he chose to run. Late payments of Galactic Alimony to his many wives. Mark's acting skills will be tested to pretend to be a broken man without wealth for the rest of his life.
fund it
rey is fucking poe but then falls in love with a woman and the jedi order or whatever isn't having that so they kick her out and she is trapped in a morally ambiguous purgatory in which she doesn't know whether she needs to redeem herself or do her own thing.
the second movie is her in a space cantina just talking to people - dark side, light side, alien civilians. she comes to realize that the dark side/light side dichotomy is stupid and everything is pretty much the same no matter who is in charge. at teh end of the movie poe walks into the bar and they lock eyes
third movie is just the young people living their lives. the day to day. rey is still really confused and doesn't know what she wants or who she wants to be with, but it doesn't matter. none of it matters.
Its still rehashed shit. "bigger threat" that requires alliance of old enemies. That is a pretty big cliche

Pretty good movie

Pretty cliche. "Old technology is better than new". It doesn't even need to be plagius, there are far more relevent characters from the EU that could be used
I think you mean mace
that is...the most millenial plot I have ever seen
So like the evil Darth Plagueis guy forged a ring that contains all of the evil force but he lost it but now after a few years he gets stronger and the ring is found and lands in the hands of a small Jedi who has to take it to like DP's lava planet to destroy it and so he journeys there with a group of 8 companions but in the meantime DP makes like an army and attacks the republic and things get a bit complicated.
I'd just make a KOTOR 2 film.
Luke becomes the leader of a new jedi order tasked with identifying and training the next generation of jedis. however, given his life experiences he is overly controlling and seeks to stifle any remnant of negative emotion (fear, hatred, jealousy). As Luke grows in years he starts becoming more close minded and more dictatorial in his approach.

A young gifted recruit slowly begins to question luke's oppressive teaching methods. he is conflicted, while fear and hatred lead to the dark side they are also normal human emotions. as the young jedi starts becoming vocal in his criticism, word gets around upstairs. Luke overreacts and fearing that this young padawan is following a dark path banishes him from further training.

... some other shit happens
....... the guy explores the dark side getting a more nuanced understanding of the force
..........luke's oppression spreads further and his school becomes more cult like and weird, infecting the minds of his trainees leading to some sort of conflict

The banished jedi who has seen some shit returns to confront Luke??

Half baked idea here
Luke goes from a grey jedi to the light
Leia was a jedi but turns out to be a pawn of DP

The small jedi finds the ring to attract him and tempt him to the darkside.
they already did that in harry potter and the philosophers stone senpai
is that a bad thing
>Luke becomes the leader of a new jedi order tasked with identifying and training the next generation of jedis. however, given his life experiences he is overly controlling and seeks to stifle any remnant of negative emotion (fear, hatred, jealousy). As Luke grows in years he starts becoming more close minded and more dictatorial in his approach.
Oh good Luke's RotJ arc is ruined because he's evil for focusing too much on the light, you know like that shitty KOTOR II story mixed with the weird prequel sexless version of the jedi.

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All the Jedi and turn up with their lightsabers and bathrobes and miscellaneous fetish gear. And instead of fighting, they have a mass breakdance competition.

Chewie krunks like a mad cunt.
Yes. Not one "millenial" film has ever been considered an all time great. You know why? Because navel-gazing does not make for good cinema
it's about the human condition...
Nothing. Just let the series sleep.
This. One of the biggest problems in Hollywood right now is that people refuse to let the Dinosaurs die. Most stories aren't made to be extended. They have an arch that ends (usually at the 3rd movie or 3rd series), and anything beyond is forced and mediocre at best. Just let it die and wait for something new to come up.
Finn falls in love with Po.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina (Luke) with the Pilot's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls him, and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when Finn recounts the previous day's confessions to Po, he only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the Pilot he called is not the same Pilot he fell in love with. In fact, he doesn't exist in this universe at all. He is Po's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the ex-stormtrooper's AU Self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
i agree to a point, and i hate star wars movies, but the star wars universe is enormous and could even be expanded upon while still being star wars. i think movies set in the star wars universe that aren't about some idiotic dark/light dichotomy could be actually good
is this copied from something because i think it's really good
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darth icky.jpg
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Good thread idea OP. I've had this idea in my head for a while. My new trilogy will reveal the past. In it we discovers how Anakin became Vader (because of a forbidden love with Padme, the queen of Naboo), how the jedi fell (the emperor tricked the people into voting for him by giving the jedi a bad reputation through some means that for now are not important I'm sure we can figure out something good), and the general backstory of the characters.
I think it's a good thing if they are more action packed. For instance, we'd have a scene where we see Yoda fight against the emperor (apart from being really cool to see him pull out that little lazer sword of his and go to town, I feel like the whole "lightsabers are not necessary, the force is" speech he gave was silly. How aren't the sabers necessary? That's what kills the enemy.)
The first film would focus on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jin (his master. I figured we should show a different master than Yoda. Y is gonna gonna be a counselor of sorts) finding Anaking and going in an adventure. I have an idea for a comic sidekick character from another spieces that I'm sure kids would love, he's one of the main keys to all of this (cause he's a funnier character than we've ever had before) and would pull the stories together. The villain is a sith (I believe that name was only in the novelizations right? Well let's put it in it sounds cool loke a jedi but evil) who looks like a demon and is blood red and black, wears a cloak and is a servant to Darth Sidious (the sith lord). He's so powerful his lightsaber has two blades in one.
My favorite part is revealing Darth Vader actually isn't just a fallen jedi. (that makes him feel irrelevant doesn't it?) No, he is the chosen one, told by a profecy that he would bring balance to the force and save the galaxy.
It would be called "Star Wars Episode I: The Ghost Threat".
pic related is what the villain looks like.
>but the star wars universe is enormous and could even be expanded upon while still being star wars

It's actually the exact opposite. Extremely open (literal) universes tend to be suffocating because of the billions of opportunities none of which look particularly interesting. Usually shows deal with this by either creating some structure (distinct factions and races in Star Trek for example) or focusing on the protagonists (Futurama or Rick & Morty).

Star Wars blew the structures with in the OT, and the protagonists aren't good characters. They're archetypes that go through some sort of journey over the 3 movies that culminates with them reaching some sort of higher understanding. They're not interesting per se but just in the context of their development and setting. Not even the force is a particularly interesting subject beyond it's context as an analogy to classic humanitarian or chivalry values.

Sure you COULD construct everything from scratch, but at this point you might as well just start another universe and do it properly.
Gangsters in Coruscant. Make it look like Blade Runner and have a regular cop precinct just trying to keep everything together, while the various power factions fight it out.
They make the whole galaxy into a Death Star and then a group of Rebels finds its weak point and blows it up
This would shit all over the prequels and OT.
Luke, seeing what the force and jedi did to the galaxy (plunging it into civil war and shit) vows to stop jedi from ever happening again and actively hunts them down. And people have to stop him, I guess
>doing away with the Jedi

nah a corrupt Jedi of Lukes new order is the villain
Mass Effect is shit
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I'd set it about as far ahead into the future as knights of the old republic'esque stuff is supposed to be in the past.

I'd cut ties to everything in the first 9 episodes minus the very basic ideas themselves (the universe, the force, good and bad force users, droids, ect)

No skywalkers. Though I'd have them passingly mentioned as one of the greatest legends of all time.

I would have a group of young scientists try to explore the idea of why droids in this universe are so intelligently deficient considering all the technological capabilities (why is it we can make them smart...but only AS smart at best, and usually not even that much?)

Also why is it so many people have been making them so clunky for years? It seems like it's been that way for so long, nobody knows why it's that way even though we clearly have the tech to make them better.

Once the scientists raise the bar for A.I. creating a hivemind that can control all droids, including those that are much more advanced and dangerous physically (ie Terminator/Matrix) it quickly becomes apparent to these scientists the terrible mistake they've made....

It's not that previous generations Couldn't do this.... it's that they knew better, and had learned the hard way.

It's revealed (possibly in the 2nd movie or some kind of prequel related movie) that during the original golden age of technology in ancient times, when faster than light travel was first created and A.I. was first created, A.I. nearly wiped out the galaxy, and only force users managed to barely stop it, after which they imposed heavy restrictions on the intelligence any artificial life was allowed to have, and their physical abilities

It's the reason why the droids in all the movies can never control more than one body and have to actually speak to each other, because even allowing more than one droid mind to meld together could lead to a singularity.

armed with this knowledge, the people of the present, call upon the force users to save them
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but....it's revealed at some point that one of the scientist working on this was aware of what he was doing, a droid actually...he knew what would happen, possibly even what happened before and tried to make this happen so A.I. could rule

the existing force users fail

Therefore the Force itself does something it's never done before.. it reaches out to Artificial Life itself. The main evil, the hivemind cannot be reasoned with, but many androids that have yet to be taken in can be.

They become Jedi. The first ever A.I. Jedi
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jabba 2.jpg
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why would a droid need clothes

and how can he be a jedi anyway

this is retarded you are retarded

grevious used lightsabers that didnt make him a jedi
>The New Republic has formed from the former Rebellion. It is championed by force sensitive Senator Leia Organa.
>The Empire has collapsed into various warring factions following the death of the Emperor. The New Republic's chief diplomatic rival is the New Dawn Coalition.
>Luke Skywalker trains a small contingent of force sensitives including his son, Ben Skywalker (mother unmentioned)
>When the film starts, Luke has left his students and his sister, disappearing from the known galaxy without explanation. Meanwhile, the New Dawn are making aggressive moves against the New Republic and they prepare an invasion of a small but symbolic border planet (Jakku why not).
>Force Sensitives across the New Republic are waking to a strange feeling - something they haven't experienced since the death of the Emperor. They can feel a darkness in the Force and it has them fearful of the coming war.
>Ben and his buddy (a Nautolan Jedi-in-training) defy Luke's instructions to remain in isolation training in order to pursue him. Leia, fearing that the rash Ben could jeopardize his safety asks an increasingly bored Han to bring him back to the New Republic (shades of darker side to NR where personal freedom is sacrificed for security but also hints that Leia has a specific reason for fearing Ben out of her or Luke's control).
>Ben and his buddy make friends with a female pilot (Rey stand-in) and her droid. She pulls them into the conflict with the New Dawn over Jakku and the three wind up taking a soldier (Finn stand-in) captive, forcing them face-to-face with a different side to war (good on both sides etc.)
>Continued quest for Luke leads them into New Dawn territory. Finn and Ben bond. Finn helps them. New Dawn isn't so bad, just different.
>Discover Luke is a prisoner. Liberate Luke. 'There is another'. Ben meets his cousin, Ami Solo.
Luke trained her, she fell to the dark side, tempted by power and fled her family, disappearing. Han searched for her for years - led to the breakdown of his relationship with Leia. Luke finally sensed her and went in pursuit of her. She was held by the New Dawn who sought to use her as a weapon. NotFinn is disgusted and rejects the New Dawn but refuses to ally with the New Republic. Group prepares to flee but are attacked. NotRey's ship is destroyed, all hope seems lost.
>Han and Chewie arrive with a small fleet of New Republic ships. They were tracing NotRey's Droid. Space dogfights. Ami turns on the group, mortally wounds Luke, kills Ben's buddy and reveals the extent of her fall. She plotted to lure the new Jedi to her so she could destroy them while their defenses were down. Ben duels her but is defeated and must flee with the others.
>Luke dies and is given an expansive funeral. Leia prepares for war while Han goes into self-imposed exile. Ben implores Leia to reconsider but she is motivated only by vengeance. Ben, NotFinn and NotRey are stuck in the middle of a war. Ami meets her Master, a supposed Sith Lord and they prepare to destroy the Jedi and claim total power It's mecha-Darth Maul.

I stream of conscienced that and looking back there isn't a clear villain so maybe have Ami as a masked villain introduced earlier. Her using the Force to lure Jedi to save her could even be part of the marketing 'You're my only hope'. Also, it's not really Maul at the end, it's just some mysterious alien that isn't as shit tier as Snoke.
Rehash the plot to the Knights of the Old Republic games.
Kylo Ren isn't a complete fuck up and actually looks like a bad guy
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>A young man with no future, no direction in life finds himself in the middle of the galactic civil war when he stumbles upon an ancient jedi holocron and subsequently becomes #1 on the empire's most wanted list.
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>why would a droid need clothes
not exactly my design. I just googled robot+jedi and thought it looked cool to go along with my story idea
but these are supposed to be extremely sophisticated androids compared to the anything we've seen before so maybe they would wear clothes for the heck of it.

>and how can he be a jedi anyway
well, your honor, if you read what I wrote, once the existing force users of this new era (of the distant future) are defeated, the Force itself reaches out to the few Androids that still have freewill of their own.

Thus for the first time ever giving non-organic life-forms access to the force. If we were going by OT logic, it would be as simple as the Force choosing to let them have the power, but thanks to the PT, we might have to say that the androids cover themselves in some organic material in order to gain access to the midiclorians
(or since the force is reaching out to robots for the first time ever, maybe it can find a way to adapt)

and by adapting, it could cause entirely new powers to emerge.

Also, the hivemind (bad guy) could easily be seen as an Artificial Force since it reaches a point where it's controlling almost all sentient life that non-organic

So it becomes the Force vs Artificial Force

>this is retarded you are retarded
i'm spitballing over here, give constructive criticism, you FAGGOT!!!!! <3
Episode 10
Kotor story, the story of an unknown soldier with an ambiguous past that becomes a jedi, and is revealed to be a supplanted Sith Lord. Travels to various planets on a quest to track down a mystical construct called the Star Forge.
>Episode 11
Kotor 2, Story about an exiled jedi who lost her connection to the force. She slowly regains her connection to the force as she tracks down the last of the jedi, all the while being manipulated by Kreia. Who seeks the ultimate death of the force by eliminating all force users in the galaxy.
>Episode 12
Disregard SWTOR canon, focuses on The Exile finding Revan in the unknown regions.

This is best case scenario for a sequel trilogy

Two years after the rebellion
destroyed the Starkiller Base, The
Knights of Ren have fled into the
far reaches of Empire space,
where the final training of his young
apprentice Kylo Ren, is nearing

Meanwhile, the Last Jedi Knight is
guiding his disciple in the ways of
in order to hopefully rid the galaxy
of THE DARK SIDE altogether,
while the rebels, led by daring pilot
Poe Dameron, attempt to aid the
local population of EMPIRE held


Looks like they are succeeding until Kylo Ren and his Knights come to coruscant and wreck the place with his new power. Leia, on the ground at Coruscant, sends a distress signal to Luke and Rey before being captured by the Knights. Leia attempts to sway "Ben" to the light side but KYLO calmly walks away. Luke and Rey get the distress signal. Luke says she isn't ready, so she leaves without him, angry.

She comes to Coruscant and displays intense power, similar to Kylo. Luke has been training her in use of the Dark Side, which increases her emotions. Enraged, she attempts to kill Kylo who flees. Unbeknownst to Kylo, a tracker has been placed on his ship which gives the location to Snoke and Kylo.

Luke catches up with them because it is too dangerous to face Snoke without him. He reunites with Leia and there is some hush-hush about Rey. Finn wakes up and goes to ground with them to face the Empire. They arrive and after a firefight, Finn ends up alone to duel with Phasma as Luke and Rey go on. They come across The Knights of Ren. They have very similar styles to Luke, which he recognizes immediately.

The Knights of Ren are revealed to be a group of Luke's students that joined Kylo in his massacre. Kylo arrives and gives a speech to his Uncle about his horrible training and it wasn't until he met Snoke that he understood that Luke was holding him down, as well as the other students. Describes murdering the others and Luke gets upset. Rey gets angry. Big fight between a few Knights, Kylo, Luke and Rey. Rey gets her hand cut off. Luke attempts to get her to safety. He puts her on a pedestal, literally, and is caught in the leg by a saber. Luke tells her "I am your father. Find your mother" and dies Boromir style, ending with a massive lightning attack by Kylo. Poe picks her up against her will(able to do so as she is injured from fighting) and they flee.

Snoke is never really confronted and is sitting in old temple ruins and is only seen by Rey before the Knights of Ren get in the way starting the final battle.
I would keep it similar to TFA except I would completely strip out the Starkiller, that CGI alien lady, and Snoke (reference him but don't show him until the second movie). Also add more Poe scenes, more Phasma scenes, and make Finn more hesitant to kill his former First Order squadmates. And in general the pacing should be less frantic, there should be more focus on worldbuilding and establishing the setting.
File: meme pic 674.jpg (48 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
meme pic 674.jpg
48 KB, 500x375
Main characters are an ex-bounty hunter (who laters becomes jedi) and a female togruta (she was Lukes apprentice and later trains the bounty hunter).

The antagonist is one of Luke's apprentices to falls to the dark side.

The empire is invading the new Republic, glassing worlds and taking slaves.

The general plot is about finding the surviving apprentices and Luke. Basically an adventure throughout the galaxy.

Han and Leia die in the first movie.


Ever since The First Order suffered a major defeat, resulting in destroying of the evil STARKILLER battlestation, the remains of it were never found, neither did Kylo Ren make any appearances.

General Leia has focused the alliance forces on finding the mysteriously disappeared First Order.

Meanwhile young Rey, being refused by the jedi master Luke Skywalker to train her, feeling that her parents won't come to her home planet Jakku, takes the place of Han Solo and becomes the Chewbacca's second pilot on THE MILLENIUM FALCON.
>the prequels were a bad idea
In some ways yes, becausd it didnt need to be done, but the story wrote itself and was epic tragedy of huge proportions. It wasnt a bad idea, but lucas wasnt the guy to do it
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Episode VII: A new treason
Episode VIII: The senate strike backs
Episode IX: Return of the Sheev
>Episode 7
>Luke and Leia's kids go off to space school where they study the Force
>Chewbacca has fully integrated himself into human society and shaven off all his body hair and speaks English
>Lando Calrissian clone army threatens the Galaxy

>Episode 8
>Han Solo is found frozen in carbonite, it turns out the one they rescued from Jabba's palace was clone all along
>Luke and Leia's kids rally the senators to end the trading disputes on Mas Amedda, and are quickly assassinated soon after, nullifying all character development they experienced
>The evil mastermind is revealed to be a hologram of Christopher Lee

>Episode 9
>Luke and Leia make peace with the Lando Calrissian army, and together with Han and Chewie, blow up Christopher Lee's fleet of Death Stars
>The movie ends with a 90 minute operatic retelling of the Star Wars galaxy's history with cheaply edited clips from the movies
Episode 8: The Force Goes Back To Sleep
Episode 9: The Rise Of The Droids
10/10 was undecided until the title
Young Sheev trilogy
The story ends with ROTJ. nothing else matters. The prophecy is fulfilled.
The new trilogy is okay in concept, but things need to be changed. Here's how I would do it.

>Rey remains a down-on-her luck scavenger on Jakku. From the beginning, she is shown to be gifted in the beginning stages of telekinesis, demonstrating it in her AT-AT home by moving or pushing something clumsily. If BB-8 is there with her already, she can remark that once she perfects her abilities (she may or may not know about the Force, or that it was wielded by Jedi - living on the far Rim away from civilised society, the only things she knows about the Jedi are hearsay and exaggerating legends), she will take over the whole town, and she'll never have to scrape and pick for food ever again. Again, she's a refugee on a far-away planet, she'd have little concept of morality further than knowing Simon Pegg is a dick. However, we make it clear that while she is skilled, she's still very much a beginner, and she has a long way to go.
>From the beginning, Finn is a double agent for the First Order, working directly under and capable of opening communications with Captain Phasma. This gives CP a much larger and more available role, and lends much more to Finn wanting to keep his past a secret from Rey and the others, rather than the 'oh, I'm not from the Resistance but still want to help!' stuff we got in the film itself. Over the course of the movie/trilogy, he comes to like the others he's with, and turns to the Light. Phasma remains Finn's boss/shoulder devil turned rival, because she is dogmatic and fiercely loyal to the Order and becomes Finn's antithesis.
>Poe Dameron remains with Finn and Rey for the movie instead of disappearing without reason and appearing much later. This was ridiculous to me when watching because we establish that Dameron is a great pilot, giving us the perfect opportunity to pilot the Falcon and not have Rey do everything. Instead of being blindly trusting, he is very suspicious of Finn when they first meet, as any sane person would be.
>The Starkiller is scrapped. Instead, we focus on finding Luke by tracking down leads which eventually deliver the protagonists to a much more widely-reaching and believable threat to the Republic.
>Kylo Ren and his parentage is fine.
>Rey is not a master mechanic, pilot, gunner and Force adept. Her strength is purely Force-related, but we make it clear in several early encounters that she is no match for Ren. Her confidence in her supernatural abilities is severely tested when she first meets someone else capable of the same feats, only much worse. This leaves her utterly terrified of Ren to the point of seize-ups and mistakes when she meets him later on. However, if we really want, we can still have her Force meditation (not in the middle of a lightsaber battle because we don't need one) and she wrestles Luke's lightsaber from Ren's force grip much the same way as in the film.
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