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ITT: Your dumb ideas for movies
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Bond vs Mission Impossible
>Ethan is on a task to hunt a rogue agent by a new cia higher up
>he encounters bond on way there
>the fight
>Cruise is told hes a rogue too
>eventually Bond and Ethan realize that the rogue agent is a red herrring and that they are played by different higher ups working for Spectre
>Ethan calls in his team to help him and bond beat the baddies

>at the end of the movie they are both called to a secret location
>they meet a hooded man who reveals himself to be the "rogue agent"
>"but i thought it was a diversion" bond says
>"Get some rest gentlemen, you look tired"
fade in from black; AJ, Meadow, Tony, and Carm finish their meal and then are exposed to cosmic radiation and become the fantastic four
you're right this is a dumb idea for a flick
My ideas are not dumb you fucking thumbtack.
A movie theater employee humts magical creatures for bounty, because his theater is a hotbed of magical activity.

A small-time thief is called in by a gangster to help prevent a full-on city-leveling gang war.

An anon realizes he's never had an original thought in his life and promptly offs himself.
A story of the vandals, starting with being driven out by the huns all the way to their fall. Lots of great landscapes to pass through and big battles.

Dumb because people would think its about kids breaking park benches
I can dig that shit OP.

If that ever happened I would cry at the theater and not even be ashamed. Just have a man cry and a huge boner.

>post credits scene.
>the 3 men go about their way
>a figure is watching them with goggles
>cut to a computer
>shows satelitte thermal images
>the goggles go down
>blue eyes
>blonde beard
>the man speaks
>"Chloe are you seeing this?"
>copy that...its them
>We see Chloe standing in the middle of CTU
>You got 24 hs Jack.
>Jack smiles....
>Rappels down water tower.

fucking epic
I just want 5 hour long historical films with 10 billion dollar budgets and no obligation to make any money back
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Salo Vs Predator.
Presidents are powerful wizards and they fight each other countries with armies and magic.

Then the room fills with gas and all three superspies are knocked out. They awake to find themselves hooded and bound, on a plane.

"First one to talk gets to stay on my airplane..."
Predator v avatar
>blue monkey main character had a son
>son is now about 10 years old
>running through the jungle with some girl monkey he loves
>she gets chocked by a booby trapped and is lifted into the air until she siffocates to death
>kid gets scared and runs
>frontal shot of the kid running
>spear through the chest
>he drops like a fag
>glowing predator eyes appear in the background
>thats the intro
>skip to humans who are now returning to fuck up the monkeys
>leader is the brother of the first human leader on the planet
>humans get arrogant and shoot at a predator ship parked next to a moon on their way to pandora
>predators get pissed and drop an alien one of two human ships
>whole alien on a spaceship scene for like 30 minutes (half the humans die)
>remaining humans land and slaughter the natives and don't take no bullshit this time round.
>muh SJW factor comes in so the humans end up getting fucked by predators and monkeys
>predator gets killed lets off a nuke, kills all humans and the female blue monkey from avatar.
>chimp leader is pissed, wants to hunt down the predators.
>leads like 500 chimps after the predators
>the 10 predators on the planet slaughter them
>chimp leader finds his son skinned alive hanging from a tree
>chimp general finds his daughter the same
>chimp leader is killed and his flesh is torn from his skull
>chimp general fucks off to the village
>ohh shit human ship that got fucked by aliens crashes onto muh tree and kills all the blue hippy fags
>you see the predators celebrating in their camp, skulls and all.
>blue general leading his people to another village
>ending scene is a floating jellyfish thing from pandora floating through the wreckage and landing on body
>alien head pops out and kills the jelly fish thing
Next Fast and Furious movie, just involve space in some way.
Considering how each movie has to somehow be more insane than the last this doesn't suprise me
>good enough for tom cruise

ya no, dumb idea indeed
Id pay to watch.this shit
as would many my friend
id make 2 versions
PG version would be as violent as the first one
18+ would have plenty of gore, language that you'd expect to hear in a situation like this. predators would probably kidnap a blue chick and human, rip their clothes off and touch them a bit, then the prisoners would get aggressive so the predators would just kill them.

>Predators actually winning on their own for once

Yes please
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A contented blind black man in his mid 30s life comes crashing down as it turns out that his father -- the only person in his life or family -- had secretly intentionally blinded him as an infant. A young white college girl, 22, meets him by chance at his worst moment and helps restore his faith in humanity by healing his mind and body. An intimate tale of love and devotion rare to find in the modern age.
Rocky spin off where Apollo's son wants to take up a life of boxing and asks Rocky to train him, but everyone in his life warns him not to go through with it cos of his dead Dad
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>Jack smiles....
>He looks to the camera
>"Kept ya waiting huh?"
Jason Y, alternatively Jason vs. Terminator

>Skynet cheats again by going to the future and retrieving the wreckage of Cyborg-Jason
>Can't actually control him because he's super-advanced but he gets rused again when Skynet appears like his mother
>He wrecks the resistance single-handedly
>In the past, child John Connor is going on a trip to Crystal Lake
>Reprogrammed T-800 gets warped in and goes on a road rage to stop him from going there
>Jason's already started killing an ongoing orgy
>Jason and T-800 fight happens
>Cyborg-Jason shows up and is about to kill John
>OG Jason and T-800 are not cool with this and team up on him
>Eventually Cyborg-Jason realizes he got rused and is about to travel back to the future to kill Skynet and become JasonNet
>T-800 unveils new rocket boots and shoots all three into space
>He bails in time, both Jasons stuck in orbit, frozen over in fighting poses
>Post-credits scene has a satellite bump into Jason and send him crashing back to earth
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Thread images: 6
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