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Hello /trv/ I'm just looking for a general consensus regarding a small little town in Canada called Toronto, I plan relocation from the U.S. to there and I have some essential questions such as: are what is the general crime rate and ethnicity of the city, types of culture, job rates for upper middleclass, varying neighborhoods or really whatever useful information you can provide for me on the matter.
the only place to go besides niagara falls in ontario

canada is fucking boring m8, goto vancouver
Vancouver's in Canada...
>regarding a small little town in Canada called Toronto
>4th most populated city in North America

In all seriousness toronto is expensive as shit, if you want to live well as upper middle class go somewhere with <200k people
Has it been a month already?

Kensington market by day, junction Triangle by night.
>general consensus regarding Toronto
Not gonna happen.
Are you going to be in the core city of Toronto or just somewhere in the GTA? Each smaller city that makes up the larger mega city are vastly different.
Guys he said a small little town, I think he's talking about

>I plan relocation from the U.S.
>to Toronto

How could anyone be this retarded?
>what is the general crime rate
By American standards low. Even by Canadian standards, it's quite low. There are some shit neighbourhoods best avoided (still not as whacked out as anything in the US), and in a large city of course there will be the usual daily reports of a shooting here or a stabbing there. I wouldn't worry unless you're a gangster or meth addict.

>ethnicity of the city
Pretty mixed. 50% are born outside the country, but this includes a lot of immigrants from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Balkans, Britain, etc. The largest non-white ethnic group is Chinese, then Filipinos, then Indians, then people from the Caribbean. Lots of Koreans and Persians in some parts, too. Whatever colour nipples you want, you'll find.

>types of culture
standard large cosmopolitan city mix. just about everything.

>job rates for upper middleclass
If you expect that to mean anything here, you'll probably be surprised. Toronto is an expensive city to live in. Credentials are still expected to be local. You can probably find a job eventually, but competition is the most fierce in the country.

>varying neighborhoods
too many to go through. As an upper middleclass person, you should consider an apartment in the Jane and Finch area, Parkdale, St.Jamestown or Regent Park. All very classy places.
>consider an apartment in the Jane and Finch area, Parkdale, St.Jamestown or Regent Park

lol these were historically ghettoes in the 80s and 90s, this guy is bullshitting you into moving to a 'hood.

Ironically, with gentrification being what it is, some of these neighborhoods ARE actually a good idea to move into.

Actually still pretty shit, a lot of niggers and generally far away from anything. Close to York U but far away from anything else. It's not dangerous or anything, just shitty and full of annoying niggers who blast reggae music at 3 AM and never put their garbage in the bins.

90% hipster gentrified. There are still shitty neighborhoods but you'd struggle to find a place to rent in one. LIberty Village, Roncy Village and West Queen West has caused the rent to skyrocket.

>St. Jamestown
Literally 3 sketchy buildings that are still government housing, anywhere else is full of gays or rich yuppies paying condo prices for ghetto buildings in a good location... Jamestown is expensive as fuck nowadays.

>Regent park
Does it even exist anymore? Last I heard they almost completely tore the hood down, sent half the residents to jail, and replaced it with expensive housing. It was so ghetto that they literally bulldozed it.

Toronto is gentrified, pham, if you want true ghetto you have to go to Oshawa, Brampton, or Mississauga.
Honestly bro if you want a good quality of life in the upper middle class, I would recommend moving a little bit away from the city to Burlington, Kitchener/Waterloo or even further.

They have commuter trains from both places that are all timed to people working day jobs and it's about an hour to drive from either one to Toronto (not that you'll want to, Toronto traffic is heavy and stressful). You could even Uber to and from the city at night for about $50 each way.

Burlington is consistently rated the best city in Ontario, and Kitchener/Waterloo is not far behind, AND is almost entirely white. If you can afford rent in Burlington, it is the combination of good nightlife (if not as bustling as Toronto), lots of clean parks, practically zero crime, and much, much more relaxed traffic. It's also one of the only commuter cities that doesn't feel like a sprawling suburban wasteland, it actually has the feel of a seperate city...

Anyways because of its reputation it's tough to find a 1 bedroom apartment in a good building for less than 1200/mo that suits the standard of "upper middleclass". However, because it's full of moderately wealthy whites and families, you don't have those asshole jamaican neighbors trashing the place like >>1077934

Anyways this is my reccomendation based on the assumption that you're a guy who's mature and looking to settle down somewhere calm, without being boring, that has ease of access and no crime.

Here's a start, the site has a god awful layout but it has the most apartment listings of all of them... http://www.viewit.ca/city/burlington.aspx
That was the joke, m8. Congrats on being dense.

Regent Park still exists, but it is/was (underway) redeveloping into a mixed-income neighbourhood.

> if you want true ghetto you have to go to Oshawa, Brampton, or Mississauga.
Nah, you have to follow the natives up to a reserve. Urban ghettoes don't really exist in Canada in the way they do in the US. They're always ethnically mixed, and even the shitty low-income blocks in Oshawa, Brampton or Burlington are – albeit depressing – not that bad.
>Burlington is consistently rated the best city in Ontario,
>literally the authoratitve list that all other news agencies quote

In all of Canada, it was only beaten by Ottawa and Boucherville QC.
Burlington is a fucking dump full of red-neck, pseudo-nouveau riche trash. Avoid.
At the end of the day, you're still in Burlington. Kill yourself, suburban trash. Christ above, actively encouraging people to move to Burlington... now I've seen everything.

The only way you want to move to Burlington OP, is if you've given up on life.
File: Canada-Faggots.jpg (146 KB, 960x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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These guys probably work in IT or possibly systems admin and pay 1500 for a former warehouse converted into a loft with broken toilets and rats. They drink coffee but it has to be the 10 dollar variety and they not only know what "shoegaze indie" is, they think it's great music. In the rare event that they have kids, they will be transgendered hipster drug addicts because they grew up in loony liberal toronto and slept on the couch on the 14th floor their whole life. Their bicycle costs about 10 times as much as their car, if they even know how to drive. They will line for hours for Vietnamese-German fusion pork sandwiches from a food truck.

This pretty much sums up Toronto residents.

Now, let's suppose you like rock music and drive a new model car. You like your own backyard and an apartment or house big enough for a dog that isn't a chihuahua. You'd like to own a house in a good location on a 5 figure income. You are a heterosexual who doesn't need a wardrobe full of designer pieces, you're secure in who you are and would rather spend your money on hobbies. You converse with people, sometimes even strangers. You like to surround yourself with other genuine, easy going people you can do stuff like bowling with. You like to be able to take a 5 minute cab to the pubs and clubs, where you'll meet pretty girls who act normally and aren't vegan feminists.

This is what Burlington has to offer.

The choice is yours.

>Pic related: A typical Toronto public event. Is this where you want to raise your kids?
This exaggeration describes a fraction of a fraction of downtown residents, who in my experience are often ironically 905 transplants. Downtown Toronto is only a small section of the city.

It's hilarious to hear 905ers clueless guesses at what Toronto must be like. I grew up in a semi-detached in North York, big back yard. I live mid-town now. Don't like hipsters, though having them as friends is inevitable, although I'm also in my 30s and such things are more the trappings of youth. I don't own a car because I don't need one, but I've got a license. I ride a bike for sport only, and personally avoid food fads.

Seeing someone shill for the 905 is certainly a novelty. Best stick to your basement and type furiously about blue-pilled libtards on /pol/.

For the uninitiated, the 416 is the City of Toronto proper, and the 905 is the surrounding area. They're the respective area codes.

Think like /lgbt/, /n/, /fa/, or /mu/ . Left-leaning trendy urbanites.

Think /o/, /diy/, or /k/. Right-leaning traditional suburbanites.

Either way it depends who you are. I personally grew up in the 416, but now live in the 905. I like being close to wholesome white families (PROTIP: Don't move to Brampton, Mississauga or Markham if you like white people) and far away from gays and druggies. Having said that, as a teenager and young adult, I loved being around a party atmosphere, hooking up with randoms, and having tons of places to see live music and get shitfaced.
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